Sunday, May 28, 2017

Historical Timeline 2

As we have learned in the first historical timeline, John Toves was the first person to accuse Archbishop Apuron of sexually abusing his cousin.  His accusation came on November, 2014.  However, his cousin never came forward. Toves flew to Guam afterwards to confront Archbishop Apuron, but the Archbishop would not entertain him.  So, Toves resorted to harassment.  In fact, he even went to the police asking about whether he would be arrested for harassment.  According to Pacific News Center (the bold is mine):
Before going to the Chancery, he visited the Hagatna Precinct to discuss the issue with police. He was advised, however, to take the matter up with the Attorney General’s Office instead.
"I did ask [the police] if I shortcut the Attorney General and go straight up then the scenario would be that if it was deemed harassment in nature in their perception then they would call [the police] and then they would have to come up and remove me. Either way I look forward to being removed," announced Toves after meeting with authorities at the Hagatna precinct.
Toves says the AG’s Office advised him that because the Chancery Office is a private entity, the AG cannot get involved in the matter. Toves is scheduled to leave the island tomorrow and return to California, but he warns that his mission is not over.
"My message to the archbishop, that he’s only in the eye of the storm. The rest of the typhoon will come back and the back end usually hits much, much harder than the first," warns Toves.
John Toves was unable to remove the Archbishop, which was his intention as shown in the first historical timeline. Nevertheless, he left a warning to the Archbishop before he left Guam.  That warning is what I placed in bold.

During the time that Toves was on Guam, he was disappointed that no one else came forward to accuse Archbishop Apuron of sexual abuse.  On November 21, 2014, John Toves wrote in the jungle:
However, the single most important phrase is that "no one has come forward".
John Toves continued to harass Archbishop Apuron even while he was in California. However, a month later, Toves revealed the very FIRST glimpse of the connection between himself and Ramon De Plata.  In the first historical timeline, John Toves knew the alleged victims because all of them were altar servers from Agat.  But in December, 2014 while he was in California, Toves gave the first glimspe that he may have known Ramon De Plata.  On December 20, 2014, John Toves wrote in the jungle (the bold is mine):

John C. "Typhoon Toves"December 20, 2014 at 4:48 PM
I just spoke directly with Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron. (Phone records will prove the conversation.) 
(Toves) "Archbishop, I will persist in trying to meet with you. I am thoroughly disappointed that you had been unable to meet with me each time."

(AAA) "I am following the advice of my attorney." "I cannot talk to you." "I have to go." (starting to hang up)

(Toves) "I know about Chalan Pago."
(AAA) (breathing heavier)

(Toves) "I know about you and Father Tony Cruz, and the altar boys." "I have met with persons directly involved."

This begs a couple of questions:  1) How did Toves meet them when he admitted a month earlier that NO ONE came forward to accuse Archbishop Apuron of anything while he was in Guam, and 2) How did he meet them while he was in California and Mr. De Plata was in Guam? 
Two years later, Tim Rohr INTRODUCED Ramon De Plata in his blog BEFORE Mr. De Plata came out publicly. Below are screenshots from the jungle showing that Rohr knew Ramon De Plata and the blue corvair before it even hit the news media.  Notice that Rohr published these posts before Mr. De Plata came out publicly.

Then on September 12, 2016, Ramon De Plata came on KUAM and shared his story, reading his written statements. Tim Rohr also admitted that he knew about Ramon De Plata since 2014.  According to Tim Rohr:

Yep. I learned about it in 2014. It's taken awhile. Many thanks to David Lujan.

I am not certain whether Rohr made the mistake of naming David Lujan when it was John Toves who revealed that information on his blog on December 20, 2014.  At any rate, below is a screenshot of that comment:

So, Ramon De Plata is also connected to John Toves and Tim Rohr.  It appears that all the accusers of Archbishop Apuron all had a connection to these two. 


  1. I'm not sure I understand what your post is trying to say? What does them knowing each other (clearly Rorh had been investigating this so he would get to know the people and the names) have to do with this and the many other allegations of rape against Apuron?

    1. It means that it was a set up. If your goal is to remove someone, you do it with people you know rather than strangers who can turn on you.

    2. Timmy admitted in the media that he went through John Toves to find these people. Why didn't he get a list of the names of altar servers in Agat and Agana where AB Apuron was assigned? That would have been an investigation. Instead, he relied on Toves to provide names. It can be seen that he was looking for people willing to take out the archbishop. In Diana's first post, see what Toves wrote about taking out AB Apuron.

  2. Tim Rohr slip and faltered. If only this findings can be expose via media. Boy he will dance around with his manipulative lies!

    1. Sounds like a''CONSPIRACY''

  3. His mention of David Lujan is probably no mistake.

    1. You're right. Tim misled everyone into believing that he got David Lujan for the victims when they came out, but Lujan was in on it since 2014.

  4. Geez who cares who went to the media first. If AA and the crew truly believe he is innocent, then have him return to Guam and face the truth. The truth will set him free!!!

    1. Dear Anonymous at 3:36 pm,

      He already said that he is innocent, but the jungle called him a liar. So, he went to Rome to request for a canonical trial.

    2. Who Cares... the jungle cares, Crybabys