Tuesday, May 30, 2017


When Ramon De Plata came out publicly, he was also interviewed in the Patti Arroyo talk show.  Toward the end of the interview, Ramon De Plata admitted that he had been talking to Richard Untalan, whom we know is well acquainted with Rohr and the Junglewatch Nation. Mr. Rohr can claim all he wants that John Toves did not know Ramon De Plata, but the wheels continue to keep turning to the very same people over and over again.......always the same people. Mr. De Plata admitted in his interview that he talks to Richard Untalan.

In other words, Mr. De Plata was already connected to Richard Untalan.  And when it came time for Mr. De Plata to come out to the media, he was introduced by Tim Rohr through his blog.....in exactly the same way Roy Quintanilla was introduced with written statements already in hand. Therefore, all the accusers of Apuron are connected. You can listen to the interview of Ramon De Plata in the following weblink:

Interview of Ramon De Plata


  1. Let's not forget that all the accusers of Fr. Louis Brouillard are also connected.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 12:50 pm,

      Actually.....no. They are not connected to any circle, only one priest, Father Broulliard.

  2. number of connections between Jungle nation members.

  3. So, de Plata didn't just come off the street to meet John Toves like Rohr says. He was already connected to Richard Untalan, the guy who wanted to shut down and sell the seminary. Are there any Apuron accusers not connected to the JW group? JW is starting to look suspicious.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 2:01 pm,

      All the Apuron accusers are connected to the jungle circle. Since De Plata was already connected to Richard Untalan, he may have been introduced to John Toves.

  4. Untalan is friend of MonsignorJames.
    Together their plan to Remove Archbishop Anthony.

  5. Nothing but a ''CONSPIRACY''What if it was a Conspiracy by Tim Rohr, Toves, and the alleged victims,and the money hungry lawyer, can charges be brought against them for defrauding the Church for money?? 40 years and nothing, and the last 4 years look what happens

  6. For those who believe that the lawsuits are all the result of Tim Rohr: You're giving him way too much credit. Check this out from the PDN:

    Guam is a great example of how changing the law can provide enormous but long-delayed benefits to clergy sex abuse victims, according to the publisher of one of the most comprehensive databases on Catholic clergy sex abuse of minors worldwide.

    G.R. Pafumi, publisher of Victims Speak Database or VictimsSpeakDB.org, said Guam alone has 75 Catholic clergy sex abuse cases involving 70 unique victims and 15 clergy.

    The bulk of the alleged abuses are contained in 69 clergy sex abuse lawsuits filed so far in local and federal courts since Guam lifted on Sept. 23, 2016 the statute of limitations on childhood sexual abuse.

    The law allows victims of child sex abuse to sue their abusers, and the institutions with which they are associated, at any time.

    When victims come forward, it encourages other victims to come forward who otherwise might have continued to remain silent,” Pafumi said. “Guam has demonstrated that justice delayed is not necessarily justice denied.”

    But the Guam law’s constitutionality is now being challenged by the Archdiocese of Agana and other defendants such as the Boy Scouts of America and Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron, through their separate counsels.

    VictimsSpeakDB.org includes a database profiler called the Survivor Accounts of Catholic Clergy Abuse, Denial, Accountability and Silence, or SACADDAS, which contains summarized abuse data for a region, state or province.

    The website provides profiles to victims, victims' groups and the media at no charge, Pafumi said.

    "Every news story has the potential to reach more victims," he added.

    A sample profile focused on Guam, for example, shows nine victims out of 75 records reportedly were coerced to not reveal the abuse. There also is data on the ages of victims, the offenders, and the type of abuse.

    Pafumi said VictimsSpeakDB.org also has a profile for each cleric or offender. For example, a profile on former Guam priest Louis Brouillard shows 42 identified victims, based on the database.

    He said Brouillard is "one of, if not the most prolific, clergy abuser in Guam." Brouillard is named as the offending priest in dozens of clergy sex abuse cases on Guam. All his victims were minor boys, as young as 7 years old.

    “As shown in the sample state profile on Guam, over 98 percent of the 75 records of abuse in Guam occurred prior to the year 2000. On the other hand, 85 percent of the first accusations of abuse by victims occurred in the 2015-2019 time period category. These new accusations are the result of new lawsuits filed against Catholic clergy within the last nine months due the enactment of Public Law 33-187, enacted in September 2016,” Pafumi said last week.

    VictimsSpeakDB.org is separate from BishopAccountability.org, which tracks abuse of individual Catholic clergy primarily in the United States.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:50 pm,

      Actually, it is Tim Rohr and his jungle group who took the credit for themselves. You can check out what Tim Rohr says in the weblink below:


    2. At 9:50PM giving Tim to much credit he said that he did it all,ME ,I myself,Rohr, Tim,jungle watch, did it all, and what if the so-called victims are fake?for Church money!! that will make more fake victims to come forward it's seems the Church doesn't like to fight back,makes it easier for the fake victims to sue,suing the church what a shame

    3. Yeah especially Byrnes when the archbishop was still here he would fight against it and like what the archbishop would always say I'll die fighting for the church and be a martyr the badge of honor

    4. Die for the very church who hid all these pedophile priests and then be a martyr, the badge of honor? Really? Need I remind you all that Troy Torres's father had file a police report back in the day and NOTHING ever came about that? Not even brother tony or the sisters of mercy did anything to stop the abuse. You think the Lord Jesus would stand for this? REALLY!!!

    5. 1:14pm:

      Well in Troy Torres' case why didn't anyone else in the church do the right thing by reporting it and putting that man in jail? If you blame the archbishop you have to blame the rest of the church, every single person in it, for also failing to protect him. That's the whole purpose of the law.

      You know what's ironic, how it's so easy to blame and sue the church yet not one victim wants to sue their own parents for their failure to protect them in the first place.

    6. 7:51 PM:

      So you think that victims should "sue their own parents for their failure to protect them in the first place?"

      In Troy Torres's case, it's clear that his parents/father did what he could to protect Troy. Once he found out what happened to his son, Troy's father followed the correct procedure to the point of reporting the perp to the police. I don't see any reason why Troy would feel the need to sue his parents because as soon as they discovered what happened to their son, they took action.

      It's easy to blame the archbishop (Apuron) in Troy Torres's case because Ray Caluag's parents had easy access to Apuron since they were involved in the Family and Youth Ministries up at the Chancery. The jungle posted a letter from Fr. Adrian Cristobal complaining of how much the Caluags were making ($80,000 a year) compared to what he and Fr. (now Msgr) David were being paid ($26,000 a year). Clearly Apuron valued the Caluags much more than he did Frs. Adrian or David. And because Apuron valued the Caluags so much it's no surprise that he would wield whatever influence he could to make any problems with the Caluags' son go away.

      As for the other victims, I guess they would have grounds to sue their parents especially if the parents told them they were lying when they told their parents about the abuse, molestation or rape by the perp(s).

    7. Sue the parents fir failing to protect them in the first place? Are you really that naive? Troy's father filed a police report and it disappeared. His parents entrusted the school to protect their child WHILE HE WAS IN SCHOOL. Just like ANY parent would trust the INSTITUTION which they sent their child to in order to get an education.

      The administration and the diocese was well aware of what had happened yet NONE did nothing to protect the child.

      It's even MORE IRONIC that it's so easy for any priest or bishop to HIDE behind the cloth they are supposed to represent. It's also been easy for these pedophiles to manipulate situations as if the victims are attacking the church.

      Easy for you neocats to revictimize the victims rather than see how easy it's been for these pedophiles to use the church and hide behind the cloth.

      What have you done to protect ANY child who lost THEIR childhood at the hands of these sick priests?

    8. Anon 10:09pm:

      What did YOU do?

    9. I MARCHED and supported the bill to hold the INSTITUTIONS which covered up these pedophiles while YOU criticized the victims AND THEIR PARENTS. Whom by the way are fighting for their children till this day.
      It's mentality like yours which revictimizes the innocence of these victims again.

    10. Dear Anonymous at 11:35 am,

      The first teacher and caregiver of the child is always the parents. When I read these testimonies, even I have to wonder about some of these parents. For example, where were the parents of the person who claimed he was raped and stayed in the jungle for a few days because he had to heal?

    11. Right Diana I would notice any change in my child behavior 11:35 Am may you need to stay home, and watch your kids, and not going marching

    12. Well, that's great that you are standing up for what you believe in, but where were you when these men were being raped not just once, but multiple times by the same man?

      Let me guess, you were like the majority who had no clue what was going on at the time. And who sufferred the most, the victim. I am not saying you are wrong to want justice. I agree with you. Nobody deserves to be abused. No one deserves to be violated. But guess what, just because there are victims who sufferred in the past doesn't mean that they should continue to suffer by taking revenge on the church because the church has sufferred the consequences to this day.

      You know how the church suffers? When her people lose their trust in her. When her people are divided. When her people fight amongst themselves about who's right and who's wrong. And guess what, that is exactly what is happening today. People have lost their trust in the church. People are fighting against the other. People are divided. And that is not something that can easily be fixed. Trust once broken is the hardest thing to restore. But the church is trying. She is doing her best to show you that she is not going to let what happened decades ago ever happen again. The archbishop has made it very clear. The Pope has made it very clear.

      If you want to sue the church to find peace, then that's up to you. But I think the result is that you will only be driving the knife that had been lodged into her heart even deeper. Why do you need millions of dollars to heal the scars of the past?

  7. Valid point 1:14pm.
    Where are Troy's parents?