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Message From The Archdiocese Of Agana

                                                 May 31, 2016

Another malicious and calumnious accusation against the Archbishop has surfaced; this time from the mother of a man who has been deceased for eleven years. The Archbishop strongly denies this accusation as he had done so before.

The fierce attacks against the Archbishop exploded three years ago when he removed the administration of the Cathedral-Basilica, the Museum and the Catholic Cemeteries of Guam for reasons of financial mismanagement.

Tim Rohr and his associates launched a vicious and calumnious attack on the Archbishop and the Church. They demanded that the Archbishop return to the former ways of financial administration, when the archdiocese was increasing debts every year because of mismanagement. They wanted to sell the seminary in Yona to cover the substantial debt accumulated by the previous administration of these three entities. The Archbishop was adamantly opposed to the idea of selling the seminary to cover these debts. Thus began a malicious campaign to denounce and attack the Archbishop at whatever cost to get him out of the way.

The perpetrators of these calumnies have resorted to insults and violence revealing their true intention to destroy the Catholic Church and discredit the Archbishop by whatever means. Their method is to confuse and mislead the faithful, even to the point of inducing some to bring false testimony. This was predicted even before the first accusation was revealed.

Those who are orchestrating this campaign are inciting people into hatred of the Archbishop and the Catholic Church. They have produced scandal, confusion and grave errors with the cruel intent to injure the Archbishop, the Catholic Church in Guam and many other people of good will who have been outraged and harassed. Therefore, the Archdiocese of Agana is in the process of taking canonical and legal measures against those perpetrating these malicious lies.

Archbishop Anthony urges the faithful not to be afraid, and to stand for the truth and he asks for your


                  Celebrating our Golden Jubilee as a Diocese 1965-2016

So Far Only One Alleged Victim

An anonymous commenter made the following statement, which can be found here:

Diana. This came from JW:


CNMI LawyerMay 31, 2016 at 9:33 AM

The decedent’s statement is admissible hearsay.

When molestation survivor Joseph A. Quinata made his statement to his mother Doris Concepcion about what happened to him at age 11, he expressly did so because he was about to undergo surgery for a perforated intestine, with only a 30% likelihood of survival, and did in fact pass away shortly thereafter.

Under the law, statements made under the belief of imminent death about the cause of death, such as “He shot me,” are an exception to the normal rule excluding hearsay testimony from court proceedings. Fed. R. Evid. 804(b)(2).

Statements in the face of imminent death about other matters are also admissible under the Residual Exception, where “the statement has equivalent circumstantial guarantees of trustworthiness.” Fed. R. Evid. 807(a)(1).

This is significant because it greatly increases the likelihood of admissibility of Joseph A. Quinata’s statement in any civil or criminal case where it may be relevant.

The hearsay statements of other survivors who are now unavailable (whether through death or an unwillingness to relive the psychological trauma) may very well also be admissible under the Residual Exception, based upon independent indicia of reliability.

But because Joseph A. Quinata’s statement was made under the belief of imminent death, it is quite literally a nail in the coffin of the clerical careers of Guam NCW Cult leaders Archbishop Apuron, Father Sammut, Father Cristobal, et al.

St. Thomas Aquinas posited at least four possible reasons for human suffering, as when a loved one passes away. (1) Free will. (2) Imperfect knowledge. (3) Good from evil. (4) Redemptive suffering -- in union with Christ.

The grief and sorrow experienced by his family upon the death of Joseph A. Quinata may indeed lead directly and proximately to a great spiritual good (# 3), the dissolution of the Guam NCW Cult Leadership.

They should step aside temporarily before they are removed permanently. Let us pray that their counsel gives sound legal advice.

May the faithful of the Archdiocese be strengthened to stand up and speak out for what is right, and to support those in our midst who have suffered and continue to suffer from this criminal conspiracy.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!

This is my response:

First of all, the Federal Residual Exception is rarely used.  According to Birdsong's Law Blog:
 It was intended that the residual exceptions would be used sparingly by the courts and only in rare and exceptional circumstances.9  The Advisory Committee cautioned that the residual exceptions “do not contemplate an unfettered exercise of judicial discretion, but they do provide for treating new and presently unanticipated situations which demonstrate trustworthiness within the spirit of the specifically stated exceptions”10
Secondly, in my country, a man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  And the accusations are called "allegations."  The judicial system of Guam and the United States was established to protect a person's rights especially the rights of the accused so he/she can get a fair trial.  This does not mean that the person accusing is telling a lie. 

Recently, I posted a story about Cardinal Bernardin and Cardinal Pell.  Bernardin was also accused of sexual molestation in the 1970s by Stephen Cook.  However, this does not mean that he was lying. Cook later dropped the charges.  Cook later said that he had relied on people who told him things that were not true, "asserting that he is absolutely convinced of Bernardin's innocent.

Although the statutes of limitation prevents Mr. Quintanilla from bringing the Archbishop to court, it does not prevent the Archbishop from bringing Quintanilla to court.  For the past three years, we already know that the jungle has been desperately trying to remove Archbishop Apuron.  This was not the first time the Archbishop was accused of sexual molestation.   These are things that has happened so far: 

  1. The first charge of sexual molestation came from John Toves in November, 2014.  John Toves was not molested, but he claimed that his cousin was sexually molested by Archbishop Apuron.  He spoke on behalf of his cousin whom he had never spoken to for several years.  And he heard of the sexual molestation of his cousin from other people. John Toves is known to be a good friend of Father Paul who even walked with him to the chancery and who was with him at the cathedral.  What does John Toves want?  He wants Father Paul and Monsignor James to be reinstated, and he wants the Archbishop to step down.  Although his relative never came forward, John called on other victims to step forward.  The Archbishop, on the other hand, said that he did not sexually molest John's cousin.
  2. Then on May 17, 2016, Roy Quintanilla came into the limelight of the media's cameras claiming that he was sexually abused by Archbishop Apuron.  His lawyer, who happened to be a relative of Monsignor James, was there representing him.  His reason for finally coming out after 40 years was because he learned that he was not the only victim, and has called out to other victims to step forward.  And what does Mr. Quintanilla want?  He wants the Archbishop to apologize to him and to step down.  The Archbishop, on the other hand, said he did not sexually molest him.
  3. Now today, a dead person from the grave comes out to claim that he was sexually molested by the Archbishop.  Of course, the dead person cannot speak for himself.  His mother spoke on behalf of him.  Doris Concepcion is also a very close friend to the family of Roy Quintanilla.  And what does she want?  She wants the Archbishop to admit the truth and do what is best for the people of Guam.  The Archbishop, on the other hand, said he did not sexually molest her son. 
So far, only ONE person has come out claiming sexual abuse.  John's cousin did not come out and neither did Joseph Quinata.  Only Roy Quintanilla came out.  The reason he came out was because he now understands that he is not the only victim and even continues to call for other victims to step forward.  Forty years ago, Mr. Quintanilla thought that he was the only one.  Today, he says that he is not the only victim.  However, he is the only alleged victim who came out. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Six Seminarians Closer To Holy Orders

Six seminarians from the Redemptoris Mater Seminary of Guam were publicly admitted to candidacy for Holy Orders, for the service of the Archdiocese of Agana, during the rite known as Admissio ad Ordines on Friday, May 20, 2016 at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary of Guam's chapel in Yona. 

The seminarians were Cesar Javier Izaguirre Gonzalez of Nicaragua, Kenneth Paul O'Reilly of Ireland, Preston Daniel Peredo Perez of Guam, Victor II Luna Vitug of the Philippines, Jose Santos Hernandez Jejia of Mexico, and Wilmer Alexander Chirino Gonzalez of Venezuela. 

His excellency Anthony Sablan Apuron, OFM Cap., D., Archbishop of Agana, presided over the Eucharist within which the rite took place. 

The seminarians, from this point onward, are official candidates to receive Holy Orders, and as a sign of this admission they begin to wear the Roman collar. 

All six candidates receive formation toward the Sacred Priesthood at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona, which currently is forming 42 seminarians from 17 nations. 

The Archdiocese of Agana rejoice once again as new seminarians move closer to Holy Orders! These are men who are willing to give their lives completely for the service of their brothers and sisters are a sign of God's love for our island and the Universal Church. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spreading The Gospel

After Easter, the NCW communities would form the Great Mission by speaking in the public squares.  Some of them go on two by twos, knocking on the doors of neighbors spreading the Good News: Christ is risen.  Although some people may find that routine, there is always something new in it because the neighbors we see as we go door to door are not the same.  The places where we spread the Gospel is also not the same. 
ON a windy Sunday afternoon along the foreshore of Brisbane’s bayside suburb of Wynnum, a procession of the faithful walking behind a crossbearer, playing guitars, beating drums and singing songs of thanks to the Lord.
It is quite a spectacle for onlookers – the families of picnickers on their blankets and those out stretching their legs along the esplanade walking track.
The procession stops and the group from the Wynnum parish gather on a spare patch of grass to begin giving their experiences of conversion.
Some of the experiences are brief, some are full of life’s detail, others highly charged and passionate. 
Every Christian experience is different.
As the stories are told, passersby stop to listen, drawn in perhaps by the way the stories resonate – the familiarity of personal struggles of faith, of family and community. 
It’s exactly what Pope Francis described in Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love) as the “messiness” of our lives.
Then the microphone is passed to anyone who might wish to speak – and they do – welcoming the chance to have listened to others, and then give their own experience.
By this time, a large crowd has gathered. 
It’s an inclusive community event, which concludes with more singing, Latin-step dancing and an open invitation to come to church – in this case, Wynnum’s Guardian Angels’, which stands on the hill overlooking the esplanade.
Each year, on the Sundays of the Eastertide (this year in April and May), parishioners belonging to the Church’s Neocatechumenal Way take part in the “Mission in the Squares”, taking the Good News out into the community, to people who may not regularly attend church, and probably don’t read the Bible.
On April 9,  Archbishop Mark Coleridge celebrated Mass in St Stephen’s Cathedral with Brisbane’s Neocatechumenal communities – within the parishes at Wynnum, Newmarket and Loganholme – offering a blessing and officially dispatching  them on their Eastertide missions. 
Fr Tony Trafford, a catechist of the Neocatechumenal Way, said more than 20,000 communities in 120 countries take part in the “Mission in the Squares” announcing the risen Christ.
“All around Australia some 70 communities are doing this, because it is important to ensure that mankind everywhere (Luke 14.23) can hear the Good News: that Christ is risen from the dead, which means our sins are forgiven and there is the possibility of a new life if we convert,” Fr Trafford said. 
“This is done in obedience to the command at the end of the Gospels (Mark 16.15-18) to go out and preach to all nations … St Paul speaks of salvation coming from ‘the foolishness of the kerygma’: it seems something unbelievable, that a poor person with no special education, gifts or merits, but with a real experience of Christ, can bear witness to him by preaching this Good News – and people convert.”
By Mark Bowling


Dear readers,

One line insults will not be published.  Please stick to the topic of discussion.  Try not to deviate from the OP. 

Thank you,

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Time For Prayer

Some of you have brought up prayers and fasting.  It is a time for prayer.  Pray deeply and sincerely with your heart.  This is a time for prayers.  Pray for the Archbishop, and pray for those who persecute us.  Pray for those who hate us.  Christ instructed us to love all people including those who hate us, and this is the life of a Christian.  Pray the Lord's prayer slowly and with your all your soul, all your mind, and all your heart.  Tis a time to pray.  :-)  Believe in the power of prayer. 

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18  Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Note From Father Edivaldo

Last year, Father Edivaldo sent a message to my blog due to the fact that a photo of him and his family was stolen and used inappropriately.  Father Edivaldo had delivered a letter to Tim Rohr warning him that he will take legal action if the photo of him with his family is not removed. Father Edivaldo is not going to give Tim Rohr a second letter.  A screen shot and print out was taken of the post from the jungle. 

And to the junglefolks, I am not May.  It appears that this lady have decided to use my name in the same way that Holly and Jessica used my avatar for their facebook.  This lady is probably not even aware that she is being stalked by Tim Rohr.  

 The following message was written by Father Edivaldo: 

Dear Diana,
It was brought to my attention that a picture of my family and me was posted by the junglewatch blog again.  The picture is of me with my nieces  and my sister during a trip home.  The junglewatch did not get my permission to use this personal photo.  The junglewatch did not get permission from my sister and brother to use their children's picture. I am writing to give you permission to post the picture so that the truth may expel any misconception anyone may have because of the Junglewatch's intentional misstatements about me.  I have also taken a screen shot of the post in junglewatch for the purpose of taking legal action.  

Thank you, 
 Fr. Edivaldo

Playing Devil's Advocate

According to the Pacific Daily News:
In response to the deacon’s video, Quintanilla said that he respects Tenorio, but his comments in the video were offensive. Quintanilla said the deacon should’ve waited for results from an investigation before coming out and disputing Quintanilla’s allegations. 
While Tenorio is calling for people in the church to “stop this nonsense,” Quintanilla continues to urge people who also may have been molested to come forward and speak out. 
Apuron denied the molestation allegations in a video released hours after Quintanilla delivered a letter detailing the alleged sexual abuse to the archdiocese’s Chancery Office. Apuron hasn’t been charged with a crime and no lawsuit has been filed against him. Quintanilla has said he wants closure and an apology from Apuron and for Apuron to step down as archbishop.
This is the very reason why it is unheard of for victims of rape and sexual abuse to come out publicly the way Mr. Quintanilla did.  In the newspapers and media, the victim is often identified as a 15 year old male or a 42 year old female.  The media often protects their name unless the victim reveals it on his/her own decision.  And even then, the media usually do not publish their photos without their consent due to the nature of the crime.  We also know that it was Tim Rohr who convinced Mr. Quintanilla of going public after much of their "strategizing" together.  The PDN further states:    
On Tuesday, Quintanilla said the first person he told about Apuron allegedly molesting him was another priest, the Rev. Jack Niland. Niland died in 2009, according to a memorial from the Capuchin Franciscans website. 
Tenorio on Thursday questioned if Quintanilla had “really told Father Jack” about Apuron reportedly molesting him. 
The deacon asked why Niland didn’t report the alleged molestation to the archbishop at the time. 
“I believe that Father Jack was mentioned because he is dead and cannot testify to the truth,” he said.  
Rev. Niland was a newly assigned priest at the Agat parish working under Apuron at the time of alleged abuse, according to Quintanilla. 
“I don’t know if Father Jack reported this to anybody, but if he did, obviously nothing happened,” Quintanilla said. “I was 12-years-old; I don’t know what the procedure was.” 
Quintanilla said it’s not unheard of for priests to “cover up” for other priests. It appears to him that this is what’s happening with Deacon Tenorio “trying to find a way to defend his friend” Apuron. 
Rev. Edivaldo da Silva Oliveira, who identified himself as a personal secretary for the archbishop, spoke on behalf of Apuron on Friday. 
When asked if Rev. Niland told Apuron what Quintanilla told Niland, Oliveira said, “(Niland) never reported because it never happened.” 
“This accusations (sic), as Deacon (Tenorio) says, was orchestrated. As the bishop himself said, they are all false,” Oliveira said. 
The deacon said he knows Apuron to be a person incapable of sexual abuse and that he never heard any reports or rumors accusing Apuron of sexual misconduct. 
Quintanilla said: “Deacon Tenorio spoke about what Apuron is capable of doing. Well I think that’s very different from what Apuron actually did—there’s a difference.” 
“I was there and I’m talking from experience, what he did to me,” he said.
Deacon Tenorio was also speaking from his own experience with Apuron, who was a priest at the time.  After all, they worked in the same parish.  As I mentioned in my previous post, it is unheard of for a victim who was sexually abused by a priest to turn to another priest.  Also, if there was something amiss, Deacon Tenorio would have noticed it.  Why? Because victims of sexual abuse display certain behavioral signs that a person cannot miss.  Children who were sexually abused are extremely withdrawn.  They isolate themselves, are emotionally frightened, and have difficulty socializing with others.  There would also be physical signs such as constant aches and pains.  However, Deacon Tenorio said he never observed anything out of the ordinary.  

Interestingly enough, Mr. Quintanilla also said that at the time he did not know that the other boys were abused.  Why is that?  Could it be because the other boys were acting normally as they always do?  A dramatic change in behavior in children is always a red flag.  Therefore, it seems that both Deacon Tenorio and Mr. Quintanilla did not observe anything out of the ordinary in the boys or classmates.       

Furthermore, sexual predators are serial offenders.  They do not commit a crime only in 1977 and then suddenly stop.  Sexual predators will continue to commit sexual offenses even after they are transferred to another parish.  The sex scandal in the Catholic Church showed that priests who were guilty of sexual molestation and transferred to another parish still continued to act on their deviant behavior.       

Friday, May 20, 2016

My Take On Rohr's Interview

I do not know how many people actually heard Tim Rohr with Phil Leon Guerrero yesterday.  If not, you can listen to the interview in the jungle. 

According to that interview, Tim admitted that he was the "mastermind" behind everything.  He arranged for obtaining a publicist, arranging the media, finding the lawyer, getting the ad published, and everything else.  He even went to Hawaii, convinces Roy to talk, and brought him back to Guam a month ago. Obviously, someone paid the airfare.  Was it CCOG who paid the airfare?

I did not hear anything in that interview of providing counseling for Roy.  One then needs to wonder.  During that month that Roy was here with Tim Rohr "strategizing" their move, I cannot help but wonder.......did Mr. Quintanilla receive counseling or coaching???   

Tim admitted that Roy did not want to go public by bringing out the cameras.  But he only made this announcement after I stated in my blog that it is unheard of for a victim to go public the way Roy did with the cameras following him as they recorded him giving the letter to the Archdiocese and with family and friends shouting behind him.  In his interview, Rohr said that he managed to convince Roy to go public with the cameras the way it was done.  Since it was Tim Rohr who arranged everything and claimed credit for all this......is it then safe to say that the letter Roy submitted was also written by Tim Rohr?  Perhaps, the credit also goes to Tim Rohr for writing the letter that was submitted by Mr. Quintanilla?  

In addition to going public the way it was done, another thing that is baffling is the fact that Mr. Quintanilla turned to another priest (Father Jack) to confide about his sexual abuse.  Deacon Tenorio stated that Father Jack was chosen because he is already dead.  Psychologically speaking, a victim who was sexually abused by a priest would NEVER turn to ANOTHER PRIEST to confide in.  After being sexually abused by a priest, the very last person a victim would turn to would be another priest.  So, what is wrong with this picture?

Whenever the police responds to a rape case, a female police officer always conducts the interview with the victim.  Why?  Because after a female victim is raped by a man, the very LAST person she would talk to would be a MALE officer.   Think about that for a minute. 

Tim also admitted in his interview that it was HIS idea. He admitted that everything was his idea.  So, is it safe then to say that it was his idea who "created" a victim by putting this idea into Roy's head?            

Deacon defends archbishop, condemns accusations

The Archdiocese of Agana has released a video of Deacon Francisco Tenorio defending Archbishop Anthony Apuron and condemning what he says are false accusations of sexual abuse. Earlier this week former Guam resident 52-year-old Roy Quintanilla alleged that he was sexually molested by the Archbishop when he was 12 years old.

Quintanilla says the alleged incident occurred when the Archbishop was a priest in Agat and he was an alter server at the time. The Archbishop denied the allegations.

Deacon Tenorio in his video said the Archbishop is deeply hurt by the accusations.

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Recent Comments Widget

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Another Precedent


Clerical abuse scandal

Bernardin implemented a policy concerning priests accused of sexual misconduct with minors. He removed more than a score of priests and established a new review board, made up primarily of lay people.[3] Bernardin's reforms concerning this issue soon served as a model for other dioceses across the nation.[5]
Bernardin himself said in a press conference that he had been accused of sexual misconduct. Former seminarian Stephen Cook, claimed to have been abused by Bernardin and another priest in the 1970s. However, Cook subsequently dropped Bernardin from his lawsuit, being no longer certain that his memories, which had emerged while he was under hypnosis, were accurate. The two later reconciled. Cook later said that he had relied on people who told him things that were not true, "asserting that he is absolutely convinced of Bernardin's innocence".[6]
From Wikipedia

The following was taken from the jungle.  Praise the Lord that there are some people who do not swallow everything the jungle feeds them and can look at things differently by playing Devil's advocate.  Bear in mind, that for the last 3 years, the jungle has been desperately trying to remove the Archbishop at any cost starting on the day that John Toves appeared making allegations against the Archbishop of sexually molesting his relative......a relative he had never spoken to. 

Sorry but we have to be objective to this and someone has to play devil's advocate on this side of the fence. I just feel these facts are too convenient for Roy:

#1 It has been 40 years since this alleged molestation occurred 
#2 The only person you supposedly confided in about the abuse passed away years ago
#3 Only after dates and locations of Apuron's priestly assignments were released did this man come forward

Additionally, there are others I spoke to that used to spend personal time with Apuron that feel this allegation is false, it is just not like him and they never felt this 'sexual' vibe from him. I just find it too convenient for Roy.

To be honest this is the perfect time to make fast cash off the Church. Even I can go up there on the Hill and do the same thing, people will believe me because there's nothing to prove that it didn't happen. 

To be clear: I am against the actions of our Church leaders these past few years. I just feel this guy is a phony.

Just my two cents. 




Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Archbishop Denies Allegations

Archbishop Anthony Apuron denies all allegations that he sexually abused Roy Quintanilla. 
Guam - Archbishop Anthony Apuron is ending his years-long silence, speaking to the media for the first time since a series of allegations were launched against him; the most serious of which is from Roy Quintanilla who accused the archbishop of sexually molesting him 40 years ago. 
PNC obtained the archbishop's exclusive statement. Below is a transcript of Archbishop Apuron's statement.
My dear faithful,
As you know there has been a series of attacks against myself and the catholic church in these past three years. As predicted just four days ago, these malicious ads have now resulted in a false accusation of sexual abuse. To be absolutely clear and to avoid any misinterpretation of my statement, I deny all allegations of sexual abuse by Roy Quintanilla. I humbly ask for your prayers and encourage all our faithful to pray for me and for those behind this concerted effort to injure our catholic church. I will continue to defend the faith and give my life for the truth. Thank you. Si Yu’os Ma’ase.

A Precedent

A precedent :

Accusations against Pell of sexual abuse[edit]

In June 2002, Pell was accused of having sexually abused a 12-year-old boy at a Roman Catholic youth camp in 1961 whilst a seminarian. Pell vigorously denied all the accusations and stood aside as soon as the allegations were made public,[101] but he did not resign as archbishop. The complainant agreed to pursue his allegations through the church's own process for dealing with allegations of sexual misconduct, the National Committee for Professional Standards (NCPS). Justice A.J. Southwell, hired by the church to investigate the matter, found that the complainant gave the impression of "speaking honestly from actual recollection".[102] Justice Southwell concluded, however, that notwithstanding this impression, he could not regard the complaint as established:[103]
In the end, and notwithstanding that impression of the complainant, bearing in mind the forensic difficulties of the defence occasioned by very long delay, some valid criticism of the complainant's credibility, the lack of corroborative evidence and the sworn denial of the respondent, I find I am not satisfied that the complaint has been established.
Pell claimed to have been exonerated, while the complainant's solicitor said his client had been vindicated.[103]
In February 2016, it was reported that Pell had been under investigation for the past year by Victoria Police over multiple child molestation allegations. Pell issued an immediate and vehement denial.[104] It was reported that Detectives in Victoria wanted to fly to the Vatican to interview Pell regarding the allegations, which were of the sexual abuse of "up to 10 minors between 1978 and 2001", and were waiting for "senior figures to 'give them the go-ahead'".[105] Frank Brennan SJ, AO criticised the timing of the media report, saying that it may undermine the Royal Commission proceedings.[106]
From Wikipedia

Church Refers Civil Lawsuit To Attorneys

The Archdiocese of Agana last week announced plans to file civil lawsuits against those who’ve been spreading “malicious lies” about the local Roman Catholic Church, as well as taking cases through the church’s own court system.

The announcement was made in a media release issued Friday. In the release, the archdiocese doesn’t clearly state who it specifically plans to take to court.

Pacific Daily News on Monday asked the archdiocese in an email questions regarding the civil suits and whether the charges will be related to slander and libel. The church on Monday said the matter has been referred to its attorneys.

“The media will have to be patient until the matter takes its course through its formal proceedings,” the church wrote in an email.

Friday’s media release addressed and refuted several claims made against the church and Archbishop Anthony Apuron over the past three years.

The church continued to dispute the allegations that Apuron had given away control of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona to the Neocatechumenal Way, a group within the Catholic Church.

Citing the deed of the property, which the church released to the public late last year, the archdiocese notes that the deed lists the church as the sole owner of the property. The church also defends the Neocatechumenal Way, arguing that five popes have approved the Way and more than 100 dioceses in the world, including Manila, have Redemptoris Mater seminaries.

Concerned Catholics

The church’s media release also addressed what it called “criminal sexual abuse” accusations directed at Apuron.

In recent weeks, the Concerned Catholics, a local group that has held protests targeting the archbishop, took out a full-page advertisement in the PDN that showed the back of a person wearing Catholic clerical attire and asked readers “Were You Sexually Abused? Molested?”

The ad also stated: “If you or someone you know was the victim of sexual abuse during these periods and at these locations, you no longer have to suffer in silence.”

Below the statement was a list of dates ranging between 1974 and 1984. The locations included Father Duenas Minor Seminary, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish in Saipan, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish in Agat and the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica.

The archdiocese said the Concerned Catholics’ ad targeted Apuron.

“This demonstrates that they have no proof to substantiate any allegations and that their purpose to confuse and mislead the people or, even, to induce some to bring false testimony,” the church wrote.
Days later, Vice Speaker Benjamin Cruz made the comment on a local radio station that Apuron instructed some senators to attach “poison pill” amendments to a bill he authored relative to helping victims of sexual abuse crimes come forward and file civil suits.

The bill in question, which was enacted in 2011 as Public Law 31-07, was a “window” measure, wherein victims of childhood sexual abuse who were then adults could have a two-year period to file civil actions against the individual that preyed upon them, suspending any statute of limitations.

While the church does call Cruz’s claims “outlandish” in the press release, it doesn’t deny that Apuron had any influence on the measure while it was being deliberated in the Legislature’s session.


Friday, May 13, 2016

Non Praevalebunt

Church fires back, says protesters will be sued

They've taken the hits, but now they're fighting back. In a press release, the Archdiocese of Agana wants to set the record straight - that the last three years of allegations and protests against the local Catholic church have been mere attacks to undermine the authority of Archbishop Anthony Apuron. 

Enough is enough  this from the Archdiocese of Agana which issued a press release stating they're preparing to file a civil lawsuit against those who have spread malicious lies concerning the local Catholic church. We've seen it unfold over the last three years: concerns about transparency, concerns about the ownership of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona, and most recently, allegations that Archbishop Apuron has a history of molestation dating back 40 years.

According to the release, "For the past three years the Catholic Church in Guam has been constantly targeted by a series of lies destined to undermine the authority of the archbishop. In order to help the people understand the defamatory nature of these attacks, let us review the series of intentional and malicious lies that have been spread by the media." One by one, the release debunks the allegations and contends the Archdiocese of Agana remains the sole owner of the RMS as supported by the title deed of property, which was made public.

As for transparency, the release states Archbishop Apruon is available to the people - as seen almost every night celebrating in different parishes, visiting schools, and celebrations on Sundays.

The release alleges that the attacks on the archbishop are a result of his stance against abortion, casino gambling, legalization of marijuana, and same-sex marriage. "It is clear that his efforts displeased many people whose interests are not for the common good of Guam, but for their own personal interests. Whoever joins in this attack against our Catholic faith, our Catholic Church, is neither Catholic nor Christian; this kind of malice lacks the spirit of Jesus Christ. After keeping silent for a long time, since those who are orchestrating this campaign are inducing people into scandal, confusion and grave errors with the malicious intent to injure the archbishop, the church in Guam and many other people have been insulted and harassed, the Archdiocese of Agana is in the process of taking canonical measures with the Sacra Rota - the competent canonical tribunal - and filing civil lawsuit against those perpetrating these malicious lies."

Apuron's Aggressive Fight Against BJ Cruz

Bill 185 was introduced into the Guam Legislature in 2009.  If passed, it would recognize same sex partnership or union.  In PNC news, Vice speaker BJ Cruz accused Archbishop Apuron of "pulling the strings on a bill passed six years ago that sought to lift the statute of limitations on sex abuse crimes".  It is understandable why BJ Cruz appeared extremely annoyed at the Archbishop.  After all, he and the Archbishop went at each other tooth and nail over Bill 185. 

While Senator Cruz spoke out against the Catholic Church, the Archbishop's letter was being read in all Catholic Churches on Guam, and petitions were being circulated among the faithful.  The Catholic faithful were urged to sign these petitions which opposed Bill 185.  According to KUAM news:
The Archbishop stated, "Homosexuals' acts are sins gravely contrary to chastity."  His Excellency has made it clear that the Catholic Church opposes homosexuality and alternative lifestyles.  Even during Sunday mass, the leader of the island's Catholic faithful used the pulpit as his platform, urging parishioners to voice their opposition to Bill 185, saying if they don't, they will be condemned. 
"If this law passes, I really give up," said the Archbishop.  "I cannot go.  I mentioned even in the pastoral letter, that my soul is in peril if I remain silent.  You cannot remain silent, your soul will also be in peril.  God will condemn us." 
"It's not being insensitive to those who are homosexual," the Archbishop noted.  "We're asking them to convert, to change, to try to find a way out of to be helped out of this homosexual activity and homosexual lifestyle.  We need to pray for them.  We need to pray for each other and we need to act now."
The Archdiocese of Agana has urged parishioners to sign a petition to senators, urging them to oppose Bill 185 and other similar legislation.  Apuron is hoping to gather more than 10,000 signatures......... 
For the time being, the Archbishop is scheduled to meet with members of the Guam Legislature tomorrow morning to discuss his concerns. 
Later, Senator Cruz publicly revealed that he was sexually molested when he was 13 years old by a priest.  After his public confession, Archbishop Apuron then met with BJ Cruz along with other senators during a breakfast meeting at the Guam Hilton Resort and Spa.  According to Marianas Variety dated October 21, 2009:
Apuron, who has mounted an aggressive lobbying effort against Bill 185, on Tuesday had an audience with senators during a breakfast meeting at the Guam Hilton Resort and Spa. 
“It was an occasion for us to share with them the reasons why Bill 185 represents a concern for the society of Guam under many profiles — moral, religious, health,” Apuron said in a statement read before members of the media. 
He said the meeting with the senators resulted in “the willingness to defend marriage on Guam as the fundamental institution of our society." 
The archbishop did not entertain questions from reporters, but in the same written statement, Apuron responded to Cruz’s revelation about his troubled youth.  
“I reiterated my personal regret for the event that painfully affected the life of Sen. BJ Cruz,” Apuron said. “Unfortunately, sins committed by individuals from every walk of life bear consequences that are painful and should be prevented.”
During this heated battle with the Archbishop, Senator BJ Cruz said that the Archdiocese needed to clean up their act.  He said that sexual molestation by priests have also occurred on Guam.  According to KUAM news dated November 2, 2009 (the bold is mine): 
And, a self-described, 30 year veteran of the Guam police force, who called into my radio show, stated that he had arrested a Catholic priest who molested a young alter boy on Guam. He stated that after his arrest, the priest admitted to molesting multiple victims on Guam.  
According to the retired police officer, this entire incident was covered up by former Archbishop Flores. The alleged offending priest was, according to the retired officer, promptly shipped off-island shortly after his arrest, and never faced justice on Guam.
According to the testimony of this retired officer, there was a priest who admitted to molesting several victims on Guam; however, it was the former Archbishop Flores who covered up the crime by sending him off-island. 

The weblink I provided also mentioned Archbishop Apuron's apology to the community when he made a terrible statement about the Islamic fundamentalists who killed homosexuals.  As a result of the heated arguments between BJ Cruz and the Archbishop, the Senator introduced two bills in February, 2011:

  1. Bill 34, which would provide a two-year window for victims of child sexual abuse to file cases in the Superior Court of Guam
  2. Bill 33, which would abolish a statute of limitations on sex crimes committed against victims under the age of majority.
During the discussion of these two bills, Deacon Jeff Barcinas spoke on behalf of the Archdiocese of Agana.  According to testimonies given by Deacon Jeff Barcinas in Laitytude (the bold is mine)::
Archdiocese of Agana spokesman Deacon Jeff Barcinas announced that the archdiocese does not support Bill 34-31, introduced by Vice Speaker BJ Cruz. 
“Bill 34 is [an attempt] to get back at the Catholic Church for rightfully advocating the views of our faith, a faith that is shared by most people on our island,” Barcinas said. 
He said Bill 34 clearly targets the Catholic Church and called it “window legislation.” He said this is because the bill retroactively suspends the statute of limitation for childhood sexual abuse damage claims so lawsuits could be filed........ 
.Barcinas cited several cases in which advocates of window legislations defended similar bills in the U.S. claiming that these measures do not specifically identify Catholic institutions by name.
It was Deacon Jeff Barcinas who spoke out against Bill 34 and said that the bill should exclude "institutions."  He spoke on behalf of Archbishop Apuron and the Archdiocese of Agana.  Archbishop Apuron also came out to speak to certain senators and even the Governor's office.  According to Marianas Variety dated February, 2011:
Bill 34 will give a two-year window for victims of childhood sex abuse to pursue civil actions against their perpetrators. 
It is a companion legislation to Bill 33, also authored by Cruz, which removes the statute of limitations on sex crimes against minors 
“Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron has spoken to a number of senators about the archdiocese’s concerns and also shared the church’s view with the governor’s office,” a press release from the Archdiocese of Agana stated. 
“We are hopeful that Governor Calvo will veto the bill,” it added.
 As you can see, from past news reports, Archbishop Apuron has been extremely aggressive in his fight against same sex union that it is no wonder why BJ Cruz mentioned ONLY the Archbishop's name and accused him of "pulling strings" on bills he sponsored six years ago. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kiko Arguello In Japan


Enthusiastically embraced the Japanese symphony creators of the Neocatechumenal Way 
Kiko Argüello - "The suffering of the innocent" (The Suffering of Innocent). it is made 7 May in the prestigious concert hall of the Tokyo Suntory Hall with the participation of the composer.

This gala concert dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the tragic earthquake in Japan, assembled set - 2006 students, who came from both the Tokyo and other Japanese. Among them were several bishops, many priests and nuns as well as the ambassadors of several countries.

First stage, decorated with icons of the Mother of God, spoke the Apostolic Nuncio Japan Archbishop Joseph Chennoth reading the letter he wrote on behalf of Francis Cardinal.  Fernando Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. After him spoke mayor Iidate municipalities that suffered most as a result of nuclear disaster.
Also commented the creator of the symphony, making a passionate profession of faith in redeeming power of the passion and resurrection of Christ and participate in this work His mother, Mary. It was the same time - in the context of the place, which in a certain sense for many Japanese temple art - great manifestation of the Church in Japan.

The song, composed of 5 parts (Gethsemani, Lament, Forgive Them sword, Resurrection)
It is based on fragments of the Book of Ezekiel (22, 1-2,7-9, 21, 1; 13-22) and the Gospel Luke (2, 34-35).  Orchestra, who had come from Spain and Italy (approx. 70 musicians) and local choirs conducted by Czech Tomáš Hanus.  Earlier symphony performed this week still in Fukushima and Koriyama. These concerts have accumulated so many listeners that it was necessary to prepare them for special screens outside meeting concert.

In preparation for these events he took part m.in Polish priest Fr.. Matthew Parson, associated with the Neocatechumenal Way.  He lived for several months in Nara, where teaches the Japanese language. In an interview with KAI stressed that "our message for the Japanese is the beauty that has "power saving", as once he remarked writer Fiodor Dostojewski".  I admire the faith of those musicians who came to Japan for own money, to give witness to the beauty of God and of Mary "- said the priest.
Paul Janociński (KAI Tokyo) / Tokyo

Kiko in Japan

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

NCW In Maylasia

Neocatechumenal communities participate in YoM pilgrimage to SHC

More than 400 members from the Neocatechumenal communities in the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu participated in a pilgrimage to the Holy Door of Mercy at the Sacered Heart Cathedral (SHC) on 2 May 2016, a public holiday.

KOTA KINABALU: More than 400 members from the Neocatechumenal communities in the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu participated in a pilgrimage to the Holy Door of Mercy at the Sacered Heart Cathedral (SHC) on 2 May 2016, a public holiday.

The pilgrims, from parishes of St John Tuaran; St Paul Dontozidon; St Thomas Kepayan; Stella Maris  Tanjung Aru; and those from the SHC parish itself,  gathered at the car park behind the Emmaus House.

After listening to a Word from the Gospel, Fr Paul Lo, spiritual adviser of Lay Associations and Movements in the archdiocese, led them in procession to the entrance of the Cathedral singing songs along the way.

Upon reaching the main entrance of the Cathedral, the pilgrims knelt momentarily in silence before entering the Door of Mercy and chanting the Litany of the Saints as they moved to take their places inside the Cathedral for Holy Eucharist.

Fr Edward Raymond, Rector of St John Tuaran, concelebrated the Mass with Fr Paul, who told the pilgrims that it was through the grace of God that they were able to enter the Door in this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

The pilgrimage took place on the feast day of St Athanasius, a bishop and Doctor of the Church who tirelessly combatted and rebutted the heresy of Arius that denied the divinity of Jesus.

Noting that St Athanasius was expelled many times, Fr Paul told members of the Neocatechumenal communities doing the pilgrimage that they too would have to experience rejection and sufferings before they could enter into the kingdom of God.

“That is why God the Father has to send the Holy Spirit who defends us. That is why the Holy Spirit is also known as the Advocate.

“The evil one does not want us to believe in God and today at this pilgrimage, God reminds us not to believe  the devil but to take courage and learn from St Athanasius to be strong in faith in the face of many hardships,” said Fr Paul in his homily.

NCW in Maylasia

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Liturgy

Throughout the centuries, the liturgies of the Catholic Church has changed.  If you do not like the way the NCW celebrates its Mass, then do not attend.  I certainly do not attend the Traditional Latin Mass, and I do not need to complain about a Mass I do not attend.  For those who are so bothered by the liturgy, you are only beating a dead horse. 

There are people who actually like the two hour Mass that we have.  In fact, you would be surprise to find that people actually stay for the entire Mass and do not leave before the blessings.  Our youth are very active in the Way, and they sit in the front, not the back. 

Not only do they participate in the Eucharist, but they are looking forward to World Youth Day, which is coming up very soon.  There are approximately 300 Guam youths going to Poland on WYD. 

Also, some are complaining that the celebration is being held on a Saturday night rather than on a Sunday.  The approved Statutes say that we can celebrate Saturday night; yet, that still becomes an issue???  If you have an issue with a Eucharist that you do not even attend, please take it up with the Vatican.