Wednesday, August 30, 2017

My response To 5EE445

This is my response to  5EE445  who made the following comment:

Diana, I already gave you a solution. Get the leadership of both groups to meet and discuss their differences. We are all adults rooted in the Catholic faith and yet we can not get along. At the present time, which group is causing the division in the church. I think that AB Byrnes is an intelligent and rational individual. He can make his own decisions consulting the CCOG or the LFM. Did Ric Esebuios group or any member of the NCW tried sitting down with AB Byrnes to discuss any of the problems the NCW is encountering here on Guam? What about AB Apuron, where is he at? Why isn't he communicating to his flock here on Guam. I think there is a lot of problems the NCW here on Guam has to address and it starts with AB Apuron. Just saying.

This has already been done. On June 2015, there was a question and answer forum at the Toto Church between Archbishop Apuron and the parishioners. The parishioners were more interested in humiliating the Archbishop. One parishioner even called him a liar after the Archbishop answered a question. After listening to the question and answer forum with the Archbishop, these were some of the comments on Rohr's blog regarding that dialogue:

I listened to the Q&A on sound cloud.( )...We now can conclude that NEO CULT Chief Presbyter Anthony Sablan's Apuron is a deceptive liar when answering the questions from his flock. Could not help but to laugh when he stated that Very Reverend Monsignor James and Reverend Father Paul's Case is at Rome. We all know that it was never forwarded to Rome. Additionally, He stated that he is not forcing the NEO religion on anyone; everyone has the freedom to choose how to worship.... REALLY!!!! Then why are the local seminarians forced to be formed in the NEO/NCW CULT Seminary..... We all know where our future stands as we see the increase rate of NEO Presbyters being incardinated in Guam. The people will have no choice but to abandon the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and become a member of this NEO CULT. Wake up Guam and stop the money!!!
The Archbishop does not have a spiritual bone in his body. And I have seen him in public many times over the years. He is as insincere and fake as they come.
Wow! Toto Parish showed they got balls!! And apuron showed he doesn't have any!!

I can't wait for the report on the next "pastoral visit"! 

In April, 2016,  Professor Giuseppe Gennarini (the head catechist of the United States) invited Tim Rohr to meet with him to discuss the issues he had with the Way and RMS. Tim Rohr refused. Professor Gennarinni also went on the talk show to answer questions. Bob Klitze, a member of the Jungle called up.  During the course of the conversation, it was obvious that Mr. Klitzkie did not care to listen. He was told on air that he was holding the wrong document about 5 times. It was not until the next day when he realized that there was a new document and he was holding the wrong one. Another junglefolk called on one talk show to ask a question, which Mr. Gennarini answered. In a second talk show, the SAME person called and asked the SAME question. Apparently, some of the junglefolks saw this as a joke, asking the same questions over and over.  

To bring some unity, we first need to understand our brothers in the jungle.  The comments they make reveals a little of who they are.  This comment taken from the jungle gives us some understanding of their mindset:

Fr. Danny will have to prove his loyalty to Bp. Byrnes and that will take time.

There are a lot of Filipino priests where I live. Excluding 2 fine older ones who have lived in the US most of their lives, there are serious complaints about their poor training, lack of orthodoxy and extreme clannishness. Basically, only Filipinos like them and vice-versa. They don't like Americans and they tend to be Charismatic.

One high profile Filipino Pastor of a huge parish insists on using non-Catholic altar servers! To him that's easy evangelization and the bishop won't stop it. None of the altar servers convert. That same Pastor also has a thriving NCW group at his church. I went to 2 funerals there and won't go back.

There are many similar comments like this from the junglefolks, but they are not only targeting Filipino priests. They say the same things against priests of different ethnic groups. Therefore, many of the junglefolks are racists.  They mainly favor local priests like Father Mike Crisostomo and Monsignor James Benavente who are not walking in the Way. Local priests who walk in the Way are also a target of their hate. 

So, how does one deal with hate? We already saw that civil dialogue with them does not work.  Appeasement also does not work.  The only way to conquer hate is LOVE.  That was how Martin Luther King Jr. did it.

When CCOG had demanded the removal of Monsignor David and the rest of the RMS priests from the councils, the mistake that Archbishop Byrnes made was giving in to their demands. He should have said, "Monsignor David is my brother. If you hate him, you will have to hate me too.  We are brothers in Christ and united together in Christ."  Can you imagine the effect and impact it would have if the entire council of priests stood up and told CCOG the same thing?  If the clergy can show this kind of love, imagine the impact it would have on the laity especially the junglefolks. But that is not what happened.  Instead, a priest wrote this in my blog (the bold is mine):

Monsignor resigned from his curia office because it was the correct position to do so.
No one,including Diana,rejoices in the resignation of a priest.However,there comes a time in the life of we priests that for the good of Holy Mother Church we do remove ourself from situations where by our very presence is the cause of growing disunity to the Body of Christ.
The Monsignor made a good action infact he should remove himself from the Archdiocese for an extended time. That is not to say he is in any wrong it is simply the most prudent action to take for the good of Mother Church.
I hope others who need to resign/retire who are a part of this problem will have the humility to do so.
Fraternally, a brother priest.None Neo.

As you can see, there is disunity among the clergy. Removing a priest simply because he walks in the Way is discriminatory and an injustice. Whoever this brother priest is, he would have done better if he had stood up and said, "These priests who walk in the Way are our brothers. If you hate them, then hate us too. We stand together."  

After all, that was what Martin Luther King Jr. did.  He chose to go to prison with his brothers.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Update On Case Dismissal

The following is in regards to the case dismissal by Jacque Terlaje. According to KUAM news:

There's still no action from the Vatican on Archbishop Anthony Apuron's canonical trial, but some progress was seen here at home relative to the clergy sex abuse lawsuits against him filed in the District Court of Guam. The much-anticipated motion to dismiss hearing ran nearly two hours, with parties at odds over the interpretation of a recent Guam law that lifts the civil statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases.
It was controversial legislation then. Now, it's Public Law 33-187 and still sparking plenty of heated debate.
In federal court on Tuesday, defense attorney Jacque Terlaje argued in support of her motion to dismiss the clergy sex abuse lawsuits against her client, Archbishop Anthony Apuron. "The plain statutory reading of the statute, it did not apply to old cases such as the one Archbishop Anthony is involved in," she detailed outside the federal courthouse this morning.  "We've also asked the court to dismiss it because its unconstitutional. It's inorganic.
"And basically what happens is when there's a law passed, there has to be a retroactive expressed provision. If there's no retroactive expressed provision, it does not apply retroactively - laws are intended to apply prospectively - that means moving forward, and not backwards and that's essentially what the plaintiffs are arguing in this particular case. That somehow it goes backwards."

Time was the recurring theme today. Terlaje argued the cases are "stale" having allegedly occurred nearly 40 years ago. Time, she argued, is not on Apuron's side. Now in his 70s, she cited loss of memory, loss of witnesses, and loss of records.
Also citing the passage of time, Terlaje stated "We already have a dead plaintiff" referring to deceased Joseph "Sonny" Quinata. But the passage of time, plaintiffs' stateside co-counsel Gregory Nicolaysen argued via telephone, has been "Apuron's best friend."
Had the alleged victims come forward sooner, plaintiffs argued Apruon would've never ascended to the ranks of Archbishop.
As for local law, plaintiffs had a different reading of the 2011 law that opened the window for child sex abuse civil suits and the 2016 law that made retroactive claims open-ended.
Nicolaysen further cited that Guam lawmakers were simply acting on a compelling public interest.
"The goal to doing this was not do damage, but the opposite," he said. Parties now wait on a report and recommendation from the court.
We should note, only three of the four cases against Apuron were heard today. Roland Sondia's case was set aside having not yet met jurisdiction requirements.
As for Apuron, Terlaje said, "My client is doing well. He's looking forward to a determination by the Vatican."

Monday, August 28, 2017

De Ja Vu

On July 6, 2017, news reports quoted Archbishop Byrnes:
“The past has to become the past so that we are able to move forward in peace and continue the real building of the church” and doing what Catholics depend on the church to do, “even on the nitty gritty, administrative, financial, pastoral infrastructure of the island,” he said.
A few times, I have said that one cannot move forward without addressing the issues of the past.  What started the controversy needed to be resolved. This statement made by Archbishop Byrnes was made on the same day that the year of reparation started.  In that same press conference to the media in which he made this statement, he also said that Archbishop Apuron's return would be a disaster.  

A year of reparation should start with compassion and forgiveness. There is no compassion when you judge a brother bishop behind his back to the public media.  

So, in terms of healing and unity, what has been accomplished so far? 

1.  Archbishop Byrnes instructed the NCW to celebrate inside the Church building and follow the rubrics of the Mass.  So, the NCW is doing that. And what is the jungle doing?  They continue to tell their members NOT to contribute any money to the church. Is Archbishop Byrnes addressing that issue with them? Did he tell the jungle, "Come on guys. It's time to let go of the past and build up the Church. Contribute in helping your church."?

2.  Archbishop Byrnes suspended the NCW from recruiting for a year while they review the catechetical directory of the Way, which was already approved by the Holy See.  So, the NCW is currently not recruiting. And what is the jungle doing? They sent threatening emails to Father Danilo “Danny” Ferrandiz who was first appointed to be the delegate for the Way.  The threatening emails caused Father Dan to resign.  Did Archbishop Byrnes do anything to the jungle to help them move forward and put the past behind them? Actually, he appointed Deacon Steve Martinez to the position, but in no way did it help them move forward and forget the past. Instead, they jumped with joy.  While many in the NCW disapprove of the appointment of Deacon Steve, they did not take up picket signs to protest in front of the cathedral. They moved forward.

3. Archbishop Byrnes gave 4 priests who walk in the Way positions in the Presbyterial Council and Council of Consulters.  CCOG demanded the removal of Monsignor David and the other priests walking in the Way.  Did the Archbishop say, "Come on guys. Let's move forward. It's time to let go of the past."?  No. Instead, he asked Monsignor David to resign "in light of the current climate." Apparently, he was concerned about how CCOG felt. Did he feel any compassion for Monsignor David?  Did he stood by and support his priest in this attack by CCOG? What is a bishop supposed to do when his priests are unjustly being attacked by CCOG simply because they walk in the Way? Did it ever occur to him to defend his own priests against an injustice rather than give in to the demands of a mob?

Unlike the jungle, I have never advocated for disobedience to the Bishop . The only time a priest can rightly disobey a bishop is when the bishop is commanding the priest to do an immoral act (steal, murder, etc.).  I have not yet heard the side of those 4 priests. If they are indeed guilty of insubordination, then Archbishop Byrnes is within his right to remove them. Even David Sablan recognize this TODAY. How unfortunate that David Sablan did not recognize that Archbishop Apuron also had this same right when he removed Father Paul for disobedience.  Such double standard. Perhaps, God allowed this to happen to show Sablan and the jungle their hypocrisy.  De Ja Vu.......we are back to where we started. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Shepherds In The Streets

Shepherds In The Streets

Priests take confession to 16th Street Mall, laypeople help announce Gospel

For the last several years, the Neocatechumenal Way, a charism of the Catholic Church that aims to bring people to mature Christian faith, has announced the Good News of Jesus Christ in public squares across the archdiocese during Easter season. This year, for the first time, the “Great Mission” evangelization project took place on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver.
Since it’s inception 35 years ago, the 16th Street Mall has remained one of Denver’s top visitor attractions, drawing both tourists and locals to the mile-long corridor that offers a wealth of restaurants, shops and businesses. It was the perfect place for the Great Mission, said Denver priest Father Grzegorz Wojcik, a native of Poland, who was the priest on the Way team from St. Louis Church in Englewood that announced the Good News at the mall.
“It was great … to show [people] the Church is looking for them!” said Father Wojcik, pastor of St. William Church in Fort Lupton. “It showed that even in Denver, a modern city, Jesus Christ goes to them.”
It was the most incredible moment of evangelization that I’ve ever experienced.”
On May 14, the fifth Sunday of Easter, the Great Mission team provided five Catholic priests who offered confession on the mall.
“I’ve never seen that before, that the sacrament [of reconciliation] comes to the street,” said Flora Potter, a member of the Great Mission team who was tasked with holding a sign that said: “Confession is available with a Catholic priest, TODAY.”
“It was the most incredible moment of evangelization that I’ve ever experienced,” Potter said. “Taking the love of Christ to the people on the street. Shepherds, smelling like the sheep!”
Pope Francis is known for encouraging “shoe leather” evangelization and for urging priests to “be shepherds living with the smell of the sheep.”
“As people read the words on the sign their faces expressed awe, disbelief, sadness, suffering, joy, anger, sorrow, delight, disgust and gratitude. I realized that this was true evangelization!” Potter said.
“It was taking God to the streets,” she added, “where people can see him.”
Father Wojcik said the experience reminded him of scenes from the Scriptures where people are going about their daily lives, and, suddenly, Christ appears.
Father Grzegorz Wojcik hears the confession of a young girl during the Great Mission on 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver. (Photo by Roxanne King)
“Jesus was present right there,” Father Wojcik said. “He was looking for them. He was giving happiness, the opportunity to be free.”
Despite the wealth of willing priests, Father Wojcik said only about 20 people availed themselves of confession.
“The few people who came, despite the distractions of the 16th Street Mall, was amazing,” he said.
“It was a great privilege to make this announcement that changes lives,” he asserted. “How can you live the same after you know that Jesus is right here on the 16th Street Mall, on 16th and Champa streets?”
Most passersby, the priest said, found the evangelization effort curious and entertaining.
“Some stopped for a minute or two,” he said. “Many took pictures, but very few stayed to listen. That was a great discovery: that Jesus is like a spectacle—as if they didn’t need him. There is no time for Jesus—I have to live my life.”
What may have appeared foolish to many people, wasn’t to the evangelization team.
“We were able to talk to students, homeless, veterans living in shelters, people who live downtown who are affluent. Every walk of life passes through there,” said Sue Van Doren, coordinator of the Way’s 16th Street Mall 13-member Great Mission team, which was supported by a community of some 40 people.
“We were announcing the Good News that God loves you and knows you by name,” she said. “There was prayer, singing and dancing—people from our community were speaking to … those on the street. It was really wonderful.”
The effort wasn’t to proselytize or to make new Way members or Catholic converts, Father Wojcik said.
“It was to show the face of Jesus Christ,” he said. “To make the announcement of the Gospel. It was the Church being present, reminding people of the love of God.
“Just like a lighthouse that shines to ships in the sea,” he added, “people don’t have to come in [to the Church], but they need to see Christ [so] they can be saved.”

Putting Words In People's Mouths

The jungle is well known for putting words in people's mouth.  For example, Archbishop Apuron never said that no one can get him. That came from Tim Rohr himself. In fact, Rohr cannot even cite where and when Archbishop Apuron made such a statement.  The reason is because Archbishop Apuron never made that statement. 

Now, Rohr is trying to put words into Jacque Terlaje's mouth.  According to Tim Rohr:

It appears to me that the "trained lawyer" is admitting that her client is guilty......
 So the "trained lawyer's" statement tells us that she knows Apuron is guilty, guilty, guilty.
This is actually "wishful thinking" from Rohr.  The truth is Mrs. Terlaje NEVER said that her client was guilty.  In fact, there is a video of her clearly stating that she believes her client Archbishop Apuron is innocent.  You can listen to that video by clicking on the weblink below.

What you heard in the video came from Jacque Terlaje herself.  That is the truth.  So, the notion that Rohr is trying to sell you about what Mrs. Terlaje said is incorrect.

On May 13, 2016 Archbishop Apuron stated that he intended to seek a canonical trial and a civil trial.  The canonical trial came at the REQUEST of Archbishop Apuron, who maintained his innocence. He also swore before Pope Francis that he was innocent and did not sexually molest or abuse any child.  

On August 25, 2016, Archbishop Apuron stated that Pope Francis granted his request for a canonical trial.  If he was guilty, why would he pursue a canonical trial?  A canonical trial is the same as a criminal trial in which he can be found guilty. So, why pursue a canonical trial If he is guilty? Why did the Archbishop request for a canonical trial If he is guilty?  

The Junglewatch Nation, on the other hand, never had anything to do with the canonical trial.  In fact, they never requested for one.  Tim Rohr even stated that there was no canonical trial. 

Rather, the jungle sought a civil trial and judged him guilty without due process of a trial.  In other words, the Archbishop was already branded guilty by the jungle before he was even brought to trial.  

According to the Guam Daily Post:

At the status conference yesterday, Terlaje said mediation sessions with retired Judge Hogan would cost approximately $10,000 a day.
She also said it is not in her client's best interest to agree to settlement protocols. If mediation attempts are unfruitful in Hawaii, Terlaje will discuss options with Apuron for moving forward in court.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Due Process Is A Right

The reason for having statutes of limitations is so that justice can take place.  There is no justice if anyone can bring a lawsuit from 50 years ago when the evidence and witnesses are long gone. It would be word against word.  It is also ludicrous to bring a lawsuit against the dead who cannot defend themselves. According to the Guam Daily Post:

Suspended Archbishop Anthony Apuron believes every citizen should be afforded due process and the right to defend against a cause of action that has long expired, according to court documents filed in four civil suits filed against the leader of Guam's Catholic Church.
In a motion filed by his attorney, Jacqueline Taitano Terlaje, Apuron contends the District Court of Guam must dismiss the lawsuits filed against him and the Archdiocese of Agana because the victims' claims are time-barred and Public Law 33-187 is "inorganic and unconstitutional."
Apuron and his attorney maintain that the law that amended Guam's statute of limitations for child sexual abuse did not "retrospectively revive" the plaintiffs' time-barred and lapsed claims to file suit against him.
Terlaje wrote, "Every person who cannot defend him or herself due to the passage of time and loss of evidence suffers extreme hardship and oppression."
Allegations of sexual abuse
Plaintiffs Walter Denton, Roy Quintanilla, Roland Sondia and Doris Concepcion, on behalf of her late son, Joseph "Sonny" Quinata, filed lawsuits against Apuron and the archdiocese. The four alleged they were sexually abused by Apuron when they were young altar boys in the 1970s.
The plaintiffs' attorney, David Lujan, alleged that Apuron's motion to dismiss was being used to "scare" the plaintiffs into a quick and cheap settlement through mediation. Lujan accused the defendants of choosing to dodge responsibility by challenging the legality of the law that allowed sex abuse victims to sue for past abuse.
Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan of the District Court of Guam is scheduled to hear arguments on the motion to dismiss on Aug. 29.
Apuron has declined to participate in non-binding settlement discussions and has asked the court to act on his motion to dismiss. He is also awaiting a decision from a Vatican tribunal regarding his canonical trial for sexual abuse.
The parties in the other 73 child sex abuse cases have agreed to a stay of the cases to participate in mediation that will be held in Guam beginning Oct. 30.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Archbishop Apuron Did Not Run Nor Hide

This is in response to Vince D. and Anonymous 12:08 pm who made the following comments: 
  1. So what are you trying to imply? If Apuron is not guilty why did he run in to hiding? I'm just wondering.    

  2. So if brother tony is so innocent and falsely accused as you neos proclaim, then why doesn't brother tony take it to court? Why try to get his case thrown out on a technicality of the law? Why not let the truth speak for itself if he's so innocent? From an outside point of view, it seems as if brother tony just wants to avoid going to court and letting the truth come out.
  3.  On May 13, 2016, Archbishop Apuron responded to a sex abuse ad that was placed in the newspaper by Tim Rohr and CCOG.  You can read the Archbishop's response here.  According to Archbishop Apuron: 
  4.  .......the Archdiocese of Agana is in the process of taking canonical measures with the Sacra Rota - the competent canonical tribunal - and filing civil lawsuit against those perpetrating these malicious lies."
    On June 3, 2016, a press release from the Archdiocese of Agana also mentioned that Archbishop Apuron was taking steps to have a canonical trial and civil trial to clear his name.  
  5. On August 25, 2016, Archbishop Apuron came out in video and through the news media stated that Pope Francis has granted his request for a canonical trial.  So, since May 13, 2016, the Archbishop and the Archdiocese of Agana has made it clear to the public that Archbishop Apuron went to Rome to request a canonical trial to clear his name.  This was made public THREE TIMES!!!  It was made public on May 13th, June 3rd, and on August 25th that Archbishop Apuron intends to pursue a canonical trial in Rome to clear his name. 
  6. And what did Rohr say?  He claimed that Archbishop Apuron is not going through a canonical trial.  According to Rohr (the bold is mine): 
  7. He's in the area. I have "hard copy" evidence. He's not in Rome defending himself at his canonical trial because there's isn't one.
    Today, the truth has revealed itself.  Archbishop Apuron is going through a canonical trial just as he says.  Therefore, Rohr is now claiming that the Archbishop ran away or is in hiding.  He emphasized this simply because he does not want anyone to question his mistake when he claimed that there was no canonical trial.  It is unfortunate that the junglefolks never questioned Rohr about his claim that there was no canonical trial. They also did not question why he suddenly changed his story the moment he learned that there was indeed a canonical trial.      
  8. Furthermore, the Archbishop is not having the case thrown out due to a technicality.  He is dismissing the defamation lawsuit by the four accusers because he has every right to say that he is innocent.  Cardinal Pell also said that he is innocent, but his accusers did not file any defamation lawsuit against him.  At least, they understood that the accused have a right to say he is innocent, a right to defend himself.  As a matter of fact, Roland Sondia and Walter Denton also filed a 2 million dollar defamation lawsuit against Archbishop Apuron.  Never mind the fact that the Archbishop NEVER said anything to these two accusers.  I have no idea what defamation Sondia and Denton are referring to when Archbishop Apuron never spoke to them.   
  9. As for challenging the public law lifting the statutes of limitations, that is also within the right of Archbishop Apuron.  The fact that Rohr, CCOG, LFM, and SNM worked for the passage of a FLAWED AND DEFECTIVE LAW was their problem. They should have worked in getting a just and fair law passed.  That would have been the right thing to do. 
  10. Nevertheless, Archbishop Apuron DID say that he was pursuing a canonical trial AND a civil trail.  The canonical trial is only half of it.  The other half is the civil trial.  If found not guilty, the Archbishop intends to pursue a civil trial and file a libel and defamation lawsuit against all his accusers.  And in this civil trial, there will be no dismissals.  As I have pointed out in my last post, priests who have been falsely accused are now fighting back through the civil justice system because it is their name, reputation, and position that was damaged.  

Falsely Accused Priest Sue RTE

Some falsely accused priests such as Father Joseph Jiang are now fighting back through the civil justice system. Father Kevin Reynolds is another priest who was falsely accused by the RTE news (Ireland's local news media) of sexually abusing a teenage girl and fathering a child by her.  Father Reynolds took a paternity test, which proved that he was not the father of the child. Nevertheless, the media labeled Father Reynolds guilty of sexual molestation and fathering a child before the results of the paternity test came out. Consequently, the priest filed a libel and defamation lawsuit against RTE.  He also won the lawsuit.  According to news report:
An action for defamation taken by a Co Galway priest against RTÉ over a Prime Time Investigates programme has been settled at the High Court.
Fr Kevin Reynolds, 65, the parish priest of Ahascragh in Co Galway, sued RTÉ in relation to the programme broadcast in May. 
The programme falsely alleged that he had sexually abused a teenage girl in Kenya in 1982, fathered a child by her and abandoned the child.
The false allegations were also broadcast on RTÉ's Morning Ireland the following morning. 
A paternity test showed Fr Reynolds was not the father of the child.
RTÉ has apologised fully and unreservedly to Fr Reynolds and has said the programmes should never have been broadcast. 
As part of the settlement a lengthy statement was read to the court, a correction order has been made by the High Court and substantial compensatory and aggravated damages are to be paid to Fr Reynolds as well as his legal costs. 
The amount of damages being paid to Fr Reynolds is confidential as part of the agreement. 
The defamation action was due to begin this morning, but just after 2pm, Mr Justice Eamon De Valera was told the matter had been settled. 
The lengthy statement outlining the terms of the settlement was read to the court by lawyers for Fr Reynolds. 
The statement said RTÉ had been afforded every opportunity to review its position and remove any reference to Fr Reynolds before the programme was broadcast. 
A Prime Time Investigates team first approached Fr Reynolds on 7 May 2011 without any notice and put the allegations to him. 
He denied the allegations and his solicitors then wrote to RTÉ on a number of occasions repeating the denials. 
He offered to undergo a paternity test before the programmes were broadcast, but RTÉ refused this offer. 
The statement said RTÉ and reporter Aoife Kavanagh had choices: choices prior to the broadcast, choices in the manner in which the case was approached and the paternity test addressed after the broadcast. 
The choices made by RTÉ were utterly misjudged and wrong, the court was told, and had an utterly devastating impact on Fr Reynolds. 
He was removed from public ministry following the programme but returned to his parish last month. 
The statement says Fr Reynolds suffered irreparable damage to his reputation. 
His life was utterly altered and he was removed from his home and his community. 
Upset and stress were caused to his family, friends, parishioners, fellow priests, members of his missionary society and members of the Catholic Church in Ireland and abroad. 
Despite his vindication through the results of the tests and the retraction of the allegations by RTÉ, he still feels very upset by the damage to his good name, reputation and network of relationships in Ireland and in Africa. 
The court was told that despite his reinstatement as parish priest he feels personally damaged and the scars remain. 
His 40th Jubilee year as a priest has been marred by "the enormity of the abhorrent crime of which he was publicly and globally accused". 
The statement read in court said RTÉ now stated that the programmes ought never to have been broadcast. 
It said all the allegations against Fr Reynolds were baseless, without any foundations whatsoever and untrue and the allegations should never have been put to Fr Reynolds without prior notice. 
It said the programmes should not have been broadcast following on the denials from Fr Reynolds himself and the denials in his solicitors' letter of 11 May. 
RTÉ said the programmes should not have been broadcast in light of the fact that Fr Reynolds offered to undergo a paternity test before the programmes were broadcast, and RTÉ refused this offer. 
RTÉ also said the programmes ought not to have been broadcast in light of the correspondence that had passed between RTÉ and Fr Reynolds' former bishop in Kenya, Bishop Sulumeti, stating the allegations were untrue. 
RTÉ also stated Fr Reynolds was and always had been a priest of utmost integrity and had an unblemished 40 years in the priesthood and had made a valuable contribution to society in Kenya and in Ireland both in education and in ministry. 
Fr Reynolds did not comment after the case but Fr Sean McDonagh of the Association of Catholic Priests said they were delighted that Fr Reynolds had been totally and absolutely vindicated. 
He said they were happy that the correction order made by the court would allow the public record to be corrected and was very important. 
He said he hoped Fr Reynolds could now get on with the rest of his life. 
Fr McDonagh said he hoped this would be a wake-up call. He said he would not prejudge the results of the review being carried out by Press Ombudsman John Horgan.
Mr Justice De Valera said it was clearly important that appropriate lessons from this affair were learned and acted upon. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Neocatechumenal Way In Detroit

Every year, the Neocatechumenal Way would hold its annual 2X2 convivience. In these 2X2 experiences, missionaries carry little to no money, no cell phones and with only the clothes they wear.  They also do not take their cars with them.  They are to rely on the providence of God. At the end of the retreat, they would return to share their experience with the rest of the group and later with their communities.  Last month, the Archdiocese of Detroit in Michigan was visited by missionaries from the Neocatechumenal Way.  The Archdiocese of Detroit was also where Archbishop Michael Byrnes came from.   According to the Michigan Catholic, the official publication of the Archdiocese of Detroit:  
Missionaries from the NCW outside the Archdiocese of Detroit Chancery building
With no money, cellphones or itinerary, D.C. group arrives to share the Gospel 
Detroit — The Archdiocese of Detroit got a surprise visit on Monday, July 17. 
Travelling at the “spur of the moment,” Fr. Bill Acevedo of the Archdiocese of Boston and 10 people from the Neocatechumenal Way showed up unannounced at the Chancery’s doorstop, ready to share the Gospel in Detroit. 
The missionaries came by bus from Washington, D.C., from the “2×2 Convivence,” the annual Neocatechumenal Way retreat in which participants gather and are sent at random to a diocese to spread the Gospel. 
“I’m here on a mission with a group of young people on a special mission of the Catholic Church to spread the good news of the Gospel,” Fr. Acevedo said. “We showed up in Detroit by pretty much a random choice. None of us knew where we were going.” 
At the mercy of a blind draw, Fr. Acevedo and 10 conference-goers, most of them in the 20s and late teens, embarked on a 15-hour trip that included taking the Amtrak and Greyhound to Toledo, another bus to the Amtrak Station on Woodward Avenue in Detroit and the QLine to the Chancery Building on State Street. 
“When I found out where I was going, I didn’t know where it was on a map,” said Mariam Ramos, a 19-year-old from the Archdiocese of Newark, N.J. “Whenever I asked people where Detroit was, they gave me the sign of the cross and a chuckle, so I got nervous. But every single person who looked at my face when I was getting on the bus told me to have courage, to be not afraid.” 
The pilgrims set out from Washington, D.C., with very little money, no spare clothes, no cellphones and no set itinerary. Just the Gospel message. 
“The purpose of the retreat was to go out and announce the Gospel,” said Fredy Calderon, 25, from the Archdiocese of Washington. “I had nothing in my mind when I found out I was going to Detroit; I haven’t been here. But I knew it was a city that’s had many struggles. It’s difficult to listen to the good news in a city that has had many sufferings. But this is following the command of the Lord, to announce the good news.” 
Armed with a list of every single church and parish in the six-county archdiocese, Fr. Acevedo said the group planned to visit as many churches as possible without the use of a car or any other reliable transportation. 
“Our plan is to visit as many priests as possible and share what the Lord has done in our lives,” Fr. Acevedo said. “We’re going to a town we don’t know, without any money, without any change of clothes, without anything really, no cellphones.” 
Indeed, the pilgrims’ plan seemed to be ripped straight out of the Acts of Apostles, journeying a great distance and relying on the Lord for all they would need. 
“What we’re doing is what they did in the time of Jesus, when He gave a mission to His twelve apostles,” Fr. Acevedo said. “If we were to analyze all the things that could go wrong, we could probably come up with a hundred different reasons not to do this.” 
After staying Monday night at the rectory of Most Holy Trinity Church on Porter Street, the pilgrims began walking through the city. 
“I go to announce how God has saved me from many years of suffering,” said Jane 
Thornton, 19, from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis but who lives in Detroit with her parents, who serve as missionaries in the Neocatechumenal Way in Detroit. 
Thornton added she preferred to go “anywhere but where I was from,” but saw her mission to Detroit as providential. 
“I have the chance to tell others about my life. That I was in hell; that I was suffering. That there was a time when I didn’t see God in my life.” 
Recalling the times when her own faith was tested, Thornton said her experiences make her a better witness to God’s message. 
“For a while, I was really hurting,” Thornton said. “I hated God, hated my parents, always felt angry for what was done to me. But I was able to reconcile with them and with God. I’m still a sinner today, but this is why I came to the city. To tell them something, I’ve received and I’ve come to give it to them. That no matter who you are or what you did, God loves you.” 
After spending Monday night at Most Holy Trinity Church, the group of 10, who were joined by six more pilgrims the following day, dispersed throughout the city, relying on the good deeds of others to feed and shelter them. 
A group of three evangelists were reported to have slept a night at the Solanus Casey Center on Tuesday and on Wednesday slept outside Most Holy Trinity, sharing blankets and pillows with a homeless man. 
Without much of a plan and next to nothing in terms of supply, the group relied on God to provide them with all they needed, as they carried out the mission Jesus provided for all Catholics: Go out and make disciples. 
“For whatever reason, God has chosen us and given us strength, the courage and the zeal to carry out this mission,” Ramos said. “To do everything that I’m doing in spreading God’s message, I’d say to any Catholic: pray, pray that God gives you the strength and the truth to spread His message. And He’ll do anything you ask Him to do.”

Monday, August 14, 2017

Setting The Record Straight

It was brought to my attention that Tim Rohr is once again smearing the good name of Father Edivaldo and Father Luis Camacho.  This is the third time he has misrepresented the stolen photo of Father Edivaldo's family and purposely depicted him as a womanizer, surrounding himself with young girls. It is unlawful to use someone's photo and deliberately misrepresent them in such a way so that their name and reputation becomes tarnished.  Nowhere in Tim's post did he mention that the young girls in the photo are his family members. Rather, he implied that Father Edivaldo would be accused of being the next wave of abuse (See weblink here). 

This is the truth. Below is the photo of Father Edivaldo posing with family members when he was home in Brazil and the note he sent on May 21, 2016:

The following message was written by Father Edivaldo last year: 

Dear Diana,
It was brought to my attention that a picture of my family and me was posted by the junglewatch blog again.  The picture is of me with my nieces  and my sister during a trip home.  The junglewatch did not get my permission to use this personal photo.  The junglewatch did not get permission from my sister and brother to use their children's picture. I am writing to give you permission to post the picture so that the truth may expel any misconception anyone may have because of the Junglewatch's intentional misstatements about me.  I have also taken a screen shot of the post in junglewatch for the purpose of taking legal action.  

Thank you, 
 Fr. Edivaldo

Furthermore, the name of Father Luis Camacho is also being deliberately defamed by Tim.  And all because he was upset with what was written in my previous post New Approach To Molding Future Priests.  I guess that really got to him.  :-)  Father Luis was arrested of custodial interference by the Guam Police Department, but even those charges were cleared and GPD did not pursue the case.  The only person who accused him of having sexual relations was Deacon Steve Martinez, who was a member of CCOG.  ONLY those who are members of the Junglewatch Nation, which includes CCOG, LFM, and SNM, have been spreading the false information against Father Edivaldo and Father Luis Camacho.  Father Luis was also cleared of any charges of sexual misconduct by the Holy See.  See the letter from Bishop Ballen: 

Deacon Steve Martinez, who was a member of CCOG, was the only one who publicly accused Father Luis of having sexual relations with a 17 year old girl.  KUAM news reported of a plot to remove Archbishop Apuron.  The Archdiocese claimed that Deacon Steve Martinez was part of that plot. According to KUAM news:
The church further claims Martinez, who was the former archdiocesan financial officer was incompetent in his position and for six years in a row failed to submit required financial reports to the Vatican.  The archdiocese alleges this finance council conspired to sell the Yona seminary property in order to cover their financial misdeeds. So where does Rohr fit in?
According to the church they allege he had a personal interest in the plan and was supposed to be involved in the multi-million dollar sale as a real estate mediator. You may remember the sudden removal of Monsignor James Benavente - the archdiocese now claims that his removal allowed the archdiocese to uncover the mismanagement and angered those who had a vested interest in the sale of the seminary property, "Thus the group condemning the archbishop today is working towards his demise and has continued with a relentlessly malicious smear campaign".