Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Banning Casino Gambling

Casino Gambling had been proposed as a referendum a few times on Guam, and Archbishop Apuron had always been an outspoken critic against it. But the supporters of gambling has once again tried to bring it in at the Liberation Day Carnival. The carnival is supposed to be a place for kids and families. If Archbishop Apuron were here, he would have led a campaign against casino gambling in the carnival.

However, thanks to Telena Nelson, her bill to ban casino gambling at the Liberation Day Parade was passed unanimously by the Guam Legislature. If the Governor were to veto this bill, he would have to convince at least six members  in the Guam Legislature to vote against the override. 


  1. Bravo)>>>>> Telena Nelson...... for what it's worth I think this is what it's all about!! the Archbishop did not want a casino on the inland because of the corruption,get you thinking about Tim Rohr and the Jungle Nation, a real estate man

  2. CASINO ????????????? Just giving people false hope!!!

  3. Tim Rohr trash taking, Banning Casino Gambling, your blog pushes his hate button o}}}

    1. In the Philippines the Casino get robbed 13 Employees and 22 guests dead 54 people injured, ''NO CASINO IN GUAM'' THIS IS WHY THE ARCHBISHOP DID NOT WANT A CASINO IN BELOVED ''GUAM'' THANKS TELENA NELSON