Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Looking Back With Hon

According to the Guam Daily Post: 
To the community of the Neocatechumenal Way, Hon said he had another message.
"Number one, I pray for them, I really pray for them," he said.
Hon's second message to NCW followers was to be more open and inviting and that, in addition to having good intentions, the leadership within the NCW needed to develop a willingness to talk and open lines of communication. He explained that while he had undertaken efforts to contact NCW leadership, he was unable to really establish a dialogue with them.
This is my response: 

Dear Archbishop Hon, 

Let us be honest here.  It was NOT difficult to contact the leadership of the NCW.  As a matter of fact, you removed him.  Father Pius was the Head Catechist of the NCW in Guam and the Rector of RMS.  You were able to contact him and tell him that you are removing him as Rector of RMS.  Father Pius was obedient and stepped down.

What good intentions did you do?  You removed the leadership of the NCW and targeted the parishes that have the NCW in them.  You took out RMS priests without their knowledge.  You never contacted them nor wrote them a letter, telling them of their new assignment.  And you were fully aware of where to find them.  The first time they learned of their new assignment was through the Umatuna. 

Imagine waking up in the morning and opening up the Catholic newspaper only to find that you were assigned to a different parish or to DOC effective about TWO DAYS AGO!  And to top it off, you replaced these priests who were walking in the Way with a Parochial administrator as if they were being removed for doing something wrong.  These two priests have appealed their case, which you refused to listen.  With all due respect, the person who was unwilling to talk and open lines of communication was YOU.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What Byrnes Said About The NCW

There were several comments coming in threatening that the NCW is about to come to an end.  Some comments even mention death to the Way.  That is not going to happen.  Furthermore, these hateful comments are very offensive.  Here is an excerpt from Archbishop Byrnes. 

Taken from the Guam Daily Post:

In response to questions about the Neocatechumenal Way, Byrnes said he would continue to allow the NCW to operate within the local parishes.
"The Neocatechumenal Way is a movement within the church that's been highly valuable throughout the world, so I don't think it's a question of removal in any sense," he said.
As we already know, Archbishop Byrnes is not all that familiar with the Way because it is not a movement.  Nevertheless, his superior Cardinal Filoni whom he reports to is very familiar with the Way.

Monday, November 28, 2016

My Good News

I have been holding back on my good news.  Now that it has been made public in the news, I can revealed it.  After the deed restriction was rescinded by Archbishop Byrnes, Archbishop Apuron met with him, and they had a good long talk.  Since that good long talk, Archbishop Byrnes was a little bit more aware and informed of things from our side.  Now that he is here on Guam, he will listen to all sides just as he said in his interview.  According to the Associated Press (the bold is mine):

HAGATNA, Guam (AP) — The new leader of the Catholic church in Guam will meet with his brother priests as his first order of business on Monday as he attempts to heal this U.S. territory rocked by allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy, even the current archbishop.
"I have been praying for those who have brought forward the allegations, who brought forward their own experience. I have great compassion for that," Archbishop Michael Byrnes, 58, of Detroit told The Associated Press in a phone interview. "I've been praying for them."
Byrnes has been sent by the Vatican to replace current Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron on an administrative basis. Apuron, 71, has been Guam's highest Catholic leader for 30 years but faces a church trial over multiple allegations of sex abuse of altar boys in the 1970s. He denies the charges, and has not been criminally charged.
Byrnes said he had a conversation with Apuron and knows he is somewhere in the United States. "The tribunal investigation and trial of the archbishop has already begun," Byrnes said.
Byrnes will have the right to succeed Apuron if he resigns, retires or is removed. Byrnes was auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of Detroit before Pope Francis appointed him to the Guam post.
While Apuron remains the archbishop in title, Byrnes said he has already been exercising pastoral responsibility for the archdiocese, and that he will continue to include Apuron in his Eucharistic prayers.
"Irrespective of guilt or innocence, we should always pray for each other, especially in difficult times," Byrnes said.
Several civil lawsuits have been filed against the church after the governor this year signed a bill lifting the statute of limitations to sue alleged abusers and institutions that supported them.
Byrnes wants to reach out to as many parishioners as possible in heavily Catholic Guam, located about 3,700 miles southwest of Honolulu. About 80 percent of the western Pacific island's 160,000 residents are Catholic.
"I want to hear from the people of God on the island, what are their concerns, what are their hopes. In a time when there has been a kind of polarization because of the archbishop, then it becomes difficult for people because you have to choose," he said.
"It's not like a panacea or a quick fix but unless we bring all this to Jesus then we're going to just be left to ourselves," he said.
It will be a steep learning curve all around for Byrnes. He had never met anyone from Guam before being named to lead the Catholic church here, and the only thing he knew about the place was gleaned from World War II history books.
Byrnes will travel 15 time zones from Detroit to arrive on Guam on Monday, when he will participate in a day of recollection with Guam's clergy.
Two liturgical celebrations are planned on Wednesday, including when he takes his oath of fidelity. Later that day, he will join parishioners as they begin nine days of masses honoring Guam's patron saint, Santa Marian Kamalen, also known as Our Lady of Camarin.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Big Families, Big Faith

The following article was taken from the Denver Catholic.  In the Neocatechumenal Way, families eat together at the dining table using china plates and glasses.  We do not use paper cups and paper plates.  


Large families know that God provides

Jim Major, center above, and his wife, Teresa, left of Jim, and 11 of their dozen children-one no longer lives at home-gather around their dining room table for breakfast May 24. The Majors say God has provided for them in caring for their large brood. 
Everyday Jim and Teresa Major do the impossible.
They take their budget fit for two children and stretch it to provide for their brood of 12.
The Majors place their openness to life first and budget second, having faith that God will provide. And he has.
“Here I am everyday living the impossible,” said Teresa, who attends St. Louis King of France Church in Englewood. “So I know God exists.”
They call finances the “boogeyman that the devil holds up” to scare a couple into restricting their family size.
“Being open to having a big family is being open to faith from God,” Teresa said.
Families like the Majors, who are members of the Neocatechumenal Way catechumenate, said they’ve overcome fears and found the joys of a larger-than-life family.
Some are well aware of the secular world’s opinion that it’s financially irresponsible, maybe even negligent, to be open to more than one or two children.
Kali and Lane Reagan, who also attend St. Louis, will get stares over their four children. Reagan is expecting their fifth child in September.
“We get strange looks,” Kali said. “People have asked us if they were accidents or if we had them on purpose. Others have asked ‘Do you know what birth control is?’”
The Reagans have a different view.
Lane and Kali Reagan with their four children. They are expecting a baby in September.
Lane and Kali Reagan with their four children. They are expecting a baby in September.
“I think being open to life can mean so many different things,” Kali said. “For us it means five children. We’re happy to give up some of the things people think they can’t live without to have these kids.”
Budgeting to meet the needs of a growing family requires a more intentional approach to their spending, they said. They look at their budget and determine wants versus needs. They try to pay in cash. They won’t buy a new car until it’s a necessity. Going out to eat and the movies is an infrequent event. When they buy something new, they share it. The important thing is that they’re together, they said.
They love their oldest, 10-year-old Brooklyn, who keeps to herself, and Jersey, 6, and Staten, 3—their two other girls—who are “rambunctious and feisty.” The baby, 8-month-old Bronx, gets all the attention.
“For us the joy we get from our children is way more than you can put a monetary price on,” Kali said.
Lane, 33, added, “With God’s help anything is possible.”
Discovering God’s planEric and Delores Benedict of Immaculate Conception Church in Lafayette are no strangers to the fear of a large family.
After child No. 6 was born, relatives and doctors urged them to choose sterilization. Delores succumbed to pressure and decided to have a tubal ligation.
“My husband and I could just sexually satisfy ourselves. No guilt—no babies,” Delores told the Denver Catholic Register.
But their marital union felt empty and their marriage suffered.
“I didn’t want Eric to touch me. Without the possibility of a child, the act was meaningless. I was so sad.”
Then Delores discovered the Neocatechumenal Way at her parish, and she and her husband had a conversion of heart. They fell in love with Christ, they said.
Eric Benedict, center above, and his wife, Delores, to the right of Eric, and six of their 11 children seated at their dining room table.
Eric Benedict, center above, and his wife, Delores, to the right of Eric, and six of their 11 children seated at their dining room table.
After attending a liturgy with their Way community, Delores asked how she could find peace after choosing to be sterile. Their pastor advised them to consider a reversal.
“We decided it didn’t matter whether we had more kids or not, we were going to get the reversal done,” she said.
In 1995, her fallopian tubes were repaired. They were blessed with five more children.
Eric said being open to God’s plan may be difficult but “God has always, always provided.”
They shared their experiences with life in a letter addressed to the pope in April.
Delores said, “We chose life instead of material things. We put God first and he has provided for everything.”
The Majors had the same experience.
While it may be scary to be open to life, it’s only led to blessing after blessing for their family, Teresa said.
Being open to life has been a true walk of faith.
“The Christian has to know that God will provide. He has to know that. That’s what faith is,” Teresa said.

The Reagan Family’s Expenses
Kali and Lane Reagan shared a breakdown of their regular monthly bills in providing for their four children. They trust that God will provide.
Typical month
Groceries: $500
Target and CostCo for bulk items: $275
Diapers: $85
Clothing: $30-40 for miscellaneous needs
Recreation for children: $140
Phones: $150
Cable: $150
Insurance: $150
Gas: $200
The family also pays for medical bills, car repairs, school tuition, parish tithing, birthday parties and entertainment.
Free family activities in Denver
Denver offers free activities and attractions for the whole family that won’t break the bank. Below is a list of ideas for this summer.
Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Park in Morrison—Visit the museum and Performers Hall of Fame or take a hike through the colorful red rocks of the park. Visit or call 720-865-2494.
Denver U.S. Mint downtown—Take an hour-long weekday tour of one of only two mints in the United States. Reservations required. Visit or call 303-405-4761.
Denver Art Museum downtown—See the latest art exhibits during the museum’s free days the first Saturday of the month. Families may play games in the galleries, make art or take a tour in Spanish. Visit or call 720-865-5000.
Hammond’s Candy Factory in Denver—Satisfy the family’s sweet tooth with a behind-the-scenes tour of the candy factory. Visit or call 303-333-5588.
Washington Park in Denver—Enjoy the expansive lawns, gardens and lake at the 165-acre park ideal for picnics, games or relaxing in the sun. Visit
Celestial Seasonings in Boulder—See first-hand the workings of a tea production plant at one of the company’s free tours.  Visit or call 303-581-1266.
National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder—Learn about tornados, global warming, lightning and other acts of nature at its visitor center. Visit or call 303-497-1000.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Summary Of Press Release

Below is a comment showing the summary of Dr. Eusebio's press release:

Let me summarize:

1. A subversion of moral authority has occurred from within the Catholic Church led by Archbishop Hon. They have neither addressed grave moral issues nor supported the moral authority of the Archbishop of Agana. This shows Hon's obvious moral depravity and bias.

2. The toxic environment has been fueled by Mother Dawn Marie's own desire to seek public attention and provide her rendition of the truth in regards to the seminary. The alleged "request to lie" by Archbishop Apuron has never been substantiated.

3. The email interchange between Archbishop Anthony Apuron and Mother Stella Maris leaves no doubt that the intention of the Carmelite nuns was to pay off the debt that was incurred in the acquisition of the property for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.

4. The Redemptoris Mater Seminary has been the only archdiocesan seminary in Guam and its relationship with the Neocatechumenal Way has been public. Therefore Mother Stella Maris most certainly knew it! So who is not telling the truth here?

5. There was no truth to the accusations and threats by various organizations and individuals that the property was “given away” to the Neocatechumenal Way by Archbishop Apuron and alienated from the Archdiocese of Agana. This threat must be rejected. The Deed Restriction was about the right to use the property and not about owning the property.

6. The property was never alienated, the authority of the archbishop has never been challenged and the new Archbishop Coadjutor, with a simple stroke of his pen, demonstrated the toxic nature of this gigantic mountain of lies.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Dear Brothers, 

There is a lot to be thankful for.  As our priests said, be thankful for the persecutions.  Remember that Christ was also persecuted, and this persecution brings us closer to Him.  We are thankful that we have a new Archbishop.  He appears to be a strong Archbishop and a man of God.  Continue to pray for Archbishop Apuron, our local church, and the seminaries.  

Thanksgiving Turkey

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dr. Eusebio's Press Release


A few months ago, a minor delivered a dead fetus in our hospital. The staff thinking it was a simple miscarriage however, noticed something strange in the chest of the fetus. There were multiple puncture marks present which later came to be revealed was the technique utilized to kill the fetus in utero. Because partial birth abortion is a crime in Guam, this is the technique utilized now to perform late term pregnancy abortions to give the appearance of a miscarriage rather than an abortion. 

Today in addition to abortion, same sex marriage and casino gambling also exist in Guam. For years, Archbishop Anthony Apuron successfully led the battle against these moral issues and they were defeated.  Unfortunately, a subversion of his moral authority has occurred from within the Catholic Church where a few organized vocal groups along with some clergy led by Archbishop Hon have neither addressed these issues nor supported the moral authority of the Archbishop of Agana. 

Yes, Mother Dawn Marie (former Malojloj Carmelite prioress) claims we live in a toxic environment. It has been fueled however, by her own desire to seek public attention and provide her rendition of the truth in regards to the seminary. She attempts to discredit Archbishop Apuron  and deems him guilty in regards to the sexual abuse allegations against him without a trial.  My recollection of this truth is substantially different from what she professed.

On February 2, 1999, Archbishop Apuron requested for a Redemptoris Mater seminary on Guam to the initiators of the Neocatechumenal Way in response to the shortage of vocations and to form priests for the new evangelization. He believed in the vision of the Pope and recognized the serious challenges facing Micronesia and the Pacific today. 

On September 8, the request was granted and the decree for the erection of the Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary of Guam was signed on December 8, 1999, the feast of Santa Marian Kamalen. This marked the beginning of the first major seminary in the 300 plus years of Catholicism in the island. 

Initially, it was located in Tai, Guam, in a small one floor building and the seminarians were housed by members of the Neocatechumenal Way. With the increasing number of seminarians, it was clear that a new facility was needed to board the seminarians, provide classrooms for their courses of theology and create an educational institute for their academics. 

This was identified in August 2002 to be the Yona property of the Hotel Accion and over the ensuing months Archbishop Apuron was able to obtain approval from the various committees and apostolic delegate Archbishop Coveney to purchase the property for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary securing a loan from the Bank of Guam for $1.9 million dollars which was finalized in September 16, 2002. 

The Redemptoris Mater Seminary has been the only archdiocesan seminary in Guam and its relationship with the Neocatechumenal Way has been public, open and clear since its origin: the Neocatechumenal Way has helped in the formation of the seminarians. While this fact is well known, it does not entirely diminish the diocesan nature of the seminary.  Jesuits or Sulpicians are formators in other diocesan seminaries as well but  does not make those seminaries Jesuit or Sulpician. 

Benefactors to provide assistance to pay this debt were sought and the Carmelite Sisters of St. Joseph in St. Louis, Missouri, in the person of Mother Stella Maris, O.C.D. generously offered to initially pay off the loan with an interest free loan and then later made it a gift instead. The email interchange between Archbishop Anthony Apuron and Mother Stella Maris leaves no doubt that the intention of the Carmelite nuns was to pay off the debt that was incurred in the acquisition of the property for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. 

On January 2, 2003 Mother Stella Maris wrote to the Archbishop: We would like to help with the seminary situation and thought we could possibly loan you some money, interest free to use there. 

On the same day Archbishop Apuron answered Mother Stella Maris writing: The loss of the temporary house of formation where the rector and the sixteen seminarians were residing only three weeks before the Dec. 8th super-typhoon, is really a miracle as we look back in that we were able to move the seminary to a new location about 10 miles south in a former Japanese Hotel which the Archdiocese purchased for about $2 million dollars. Over the last two years we had been making plans of just extending the formation center to accommodate up to 24 seminarians (living two by two in a room= 12 rooms), the rector, a visitor's room, a conference room, a chapel and a library.

On January 6, 2003, Mother Stella Maris wrote back:
Our wish is to pay off entirely the loan on the hotel building with this interest free loan. …We will be sending a total of two million dollars ($2,000,000) so after the loan is paid off whatever remains we give to you as a gift, not a loan, to use for repair work on the hotel building or whatever is needed there.

On the same day Archbishop wrote: I will share it soon with my quick visit to the seminary to inform the Rector, Fr. Raymond and the 16 seminarians for our archdiocese. 

(See attachment with the complete exchange of letters between Archbishop Apuron and Mother Stella Maris).

Fr. Raymond, rector of the seminary at the time, wrote to us from Canada confirming these facts:
I feel compelled to speak  out by the love of truth. I believe that Mother Dawn is not well informed since the donation was given not by her but by Mother Stella Maris (may she rest in peace) who knew very well that the building would be used to form missionary diocesan priests and that the ones in charge of the formation would be priests from the Neocatechumenal Way. 

Before Archbishop Byrnes lifted the deed of restriction as the corporation sole of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary, the Yona property was an asset of the Archdiocese of Agana. After this was accomplished, the property remained an asset of the archdiocese. 

There was no truth to the accusations and threats by various organizations and individuals that the property was “given away” to the Neocatechumenal Way by Archbishop Apuron and alienated from the Archdiocese of Agana. The Archbishop of Agana remains its owner with full authority and jurisdiction. This authority includes dissolving the Boards as he has demonstrated. 

So, paradoxically, we are extremely happy that all the lies involving  the loss of the property of Yona,  that the Board of Guarantors authority superseded the archbishop’s authority, etc. (published even in the Archdiocesan newspaper) have been revealed for what they are: lies and calumnies. The property was never alienated, the authority of the archbishop has never been challenged and the new Archbishop Coadjutor, with a simple stroke of his pen, demonstrated the toxic nature of this gigantic mountain of lies.

While the truth has now been substantiated, we are disappointed that this castle of lies jeopardized two of the greatest assets of our island: a seminary and an Institute of Theology affiliated with the Lateran University, the University of the Pope.

The members of both Boards have always served at the Ordinary’s pleasure and discretion in an advisory capacity. This fact has never been disputed. These members were never monetarily compensated for their service, volunteering their time simply for the love of the seminary and its role in evangelization. These former Board members look forward in anticipation to the arrival of the new coadjutor Archbishop Michael Byrnes and will hopefully be granted an audience with him.

R. B. Eusebio, M.D., FACS
President, IFamilianMangatolikuSihab

Monday, November 21, 2016

Dr. Eusebio Produced Evidence

Former member of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary's board of directors hasdisputed the claims of a Carmelite nun who said Archbishop Anthhony Apuron asked them to lie about a $2 million gift to buy the seminary. 
Dr. Ric Eusebio says Mother Superior Dawn Marie may have been misinformed when she said Archbishop Apuron asked them to confirm that the Carmelites knew the money would go specifically to a seminary for the Neocatechumenal Way. Dr. Eusebio produced email, which he says shows Mother Stella Maris, now diseased, did know from the start.
"You cannot say 'Redemptoris Mater Seminary' without saying the Neocatechumenal Way - is not involved because the vocations for the seminary mainly come from the Neocatechumenal Way," said the physician.
But Bishop Michael Byrnes last week dissolved the board, and asserted his control over the seminary.  Dr. Eusebio says he knows of no plan for any lawsuit to stop what Bishop Byrnes  has done. "He has all the jurisdiction, the authority, the everything," said Eusebio. "If he decides that he wants someone else that's up to him. But what we would hope is that we could have an audience with him so that we could explain what our position is."
Dr. Eusebio also countered critics of Apuron, who claim that he transferred control of the seminary to the NCW through a 2011 deed of restriction. Eusebio said Apuron never relinquished his control, and sought the deed to protect the RMS, adding, "The common knowledge is that I hear is that the Archdiocese Financial Council was concerned about  debts of the archdiocese."
Dr. Eusebio also said Apuron believed there was an effort to sell the seminary to pay the debts, to which Apuron replied, "Over my dead body."
This is my take on this whole thing.  Archbishop Apuron was NEVER dealing with Mother Dawn.  He communicated with a Mother Stella Maris, who is currently deceased. The emails that Dr. Eusebio produced showed that the Carmelite nuns in Missouri DID know that the money was for a Redemptoris Mater Seminary.  Now THAT is what Tim Rohr and Mother Dawn did not know.  Tim Rohr got the wrong nun, which would explained why she was unaware of the name of the Seminary.  She simply did not have the full information.
However, it was Mother Dawn who came out and revealed the donor in 2014.  She informed both Tim and Patti Arroyo.  In 2016, she decided to have a press release and blame Archbishop Apuron and Father Pius for going against the donor's wishes.  The truth is they followed the donor's wishes.  The donor was fully informed that the 2 million dollars would be going to purchase the property to house RMS, and they never revealed that the donor were the Carmelites in Missouri.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Silence Broken Two Years Ago

According to KUAM news (the bold is mine):
In a rare press conference, Mother Dawn talked to local media to share her side of the story relating to the RMS property in Yona. You see, after years of speculation about who was the mystery $2 million benefactor that allowed for the archdiocese's acquisition of the RMS property. 
She finally came out, saying all it took was a phone call to her Carmelite sisters in the US mainland. "There was no he, it was a she - and it was me," she said. "So the truth of where the money came from is as easy as that."
According to the mother superior, her wish to remain anonymous was not respected. 
Father Pius and the NCW never revealed who the donor was.  In fact, it was Mother Dawn herself and Tim Rohr who revealed it two years ago.  Mother Dawn spoke to Tim Rohr about the donor and Tim published the information in his blog on August 6, 2014.  Therefore, the news report is incorrect.  Mother Dawn did not just FINALLY come out now.  She came out two years ago.  According to Tim Rohr, he wrote on his blog dated August 6, 2014:  
The 2 million dollar gift to purchase the Yona property did not fall from heaven. Mother Dawn, because she is devoted to our Catholic Church, spearheaded the effort to find a donor through her order and specifically through her fellow Carmelites in St. Louis, Missouri. 
Through the Carmelites in St. Louis, Mother Dawn was able to identify a donor, a private person, who agreed to give the money on two conditions:
  • That the gift be used to purchase a defunct hotel property for the "purpose of a seminary"
  • That the identity of the donor NOT be made known 

    Below is a screenshot taken from the jungle:

    Therefore, the person who broke the silence and told about the donor was Mother Dawn.  How else would Tim get the information?  Mother Dawn broke her silence and gave the information to Tim Rohr two years ago.  Tim then published it in his blog for the entire world to see.  Patti Arroyo also interviewed Mother Dawn, and the next day she made a comment in the jungle about her interview with Mother Dawn.  You can find that comment here. (Note the date and time):  

    1. I have spoken personally with Mother Dawn Marie on this. All reported above on the "deal" for Redemptoris Mater Seminary is true, especially the part about the notion that the Carmelites had an extra 2 million laying around. Because the conditions of the "gift", not loan were violated people think the Carmelites don't need help. In fact, they live on $30 each a day and Mother Dawn Marie is currently scouring the country for financial support. If anyone is interested in a the Carmelites. It's the most productive, personal effort you can make to help fix an otherwise out of control holy war.

    So, the media already knew two years ago.  Nowhere in this blog was it ever published that the donor were Carmelite nuns.  Father Pius never revealed that the donor were Carmelite nuns.  In fact, some members in the NCW speculated that the donor must be walking in the Way or some rich benefactor.  Why the speculation?  Because Father Pius and the Archbishop kept the donor's identity a secret, which is why we had different notions as to who the donor was.  

    Was the donor's wish to remain anonymous violated?  Yes, but it was not us who violated it.  Father Pius and the Archbishop protected the donor's identity. In fact, to protect the donor's identity, the pronoun "he" was used instead of "she." So, who was the FIRST one who broke the silence and violated the condition that the donor be made anonymous?  Who was the FIRST one who said that the donor were Carmelite nuns?   

    Friday, November 18, 2016

    Repeat Post

    The following was posted in my blog on August, 2014.  I am reposting it again as a reminder.

    INTERVIEW OF FATHER PIUS TO Pacific Daily News(Integral version)

    This is the entire text of the interview given by Father Pius to PDN. PDN has taken it upon itself to filter or simply discard anything in favor of the Neocatechumenal Way. Even this interview was truncated by the PDN Editorial staff.  

    What is your response to those who say that theNeocatechumenal Way controls/has a major influence on Archbishop Apuron?

    Sincerely I believe that these comments demean Archbishop as if he does not have a mind of his own. I am confident that Archbishop takes his own decisions and he does it after long moments of prayer and consultation with his various organizations.

    Many times the media refer to the fact that he did not sell the seminary building in Yona. This seems to be the moot point in many journalistic articles. I think that he did not sell the seminary building, not due to any external influence, but due to the simple fact that a Seminary and a Theological Institute are an immense spiritual wealth for the Archdiocese and Canon Law (the Law of the Church) enjoins all Bishops to open a seminary to form priests. The Archbishop has opened two seminaries, one missionary inYona and one specifically for the archdiocese in Maloloj, and this was possible because the first Pontifical Theological Institute of Oceania was opened in Guam.

    There are some people in the Guam Catholic Community who believe that there's a rift between those who are and aren't part of the NeocatechumenalWay, and examples of this divide include the recent removal of Msgr. James Benavente and FatherGofigan. What are your thoughts on this?

    The removal of Fr. Gofigan and Mons. Benavente have nothing to do with the Neocatechumenal Way. In the first case the motivation, as far as I know, was that he was harboring a convicted sex offender. Father Gofigan, I believe, made an appeal to Rome and we have to wait for their decision.

    In the case of Mgr. Benavente, I believe, it was a matter of putting in order a situation of improper accounting as the recent documents released by the Archdiocese show.

    To attribute these decisions to the Neocatechumenal Way seems to me that it is an effort to try to find a scapegoat and not deal with the reality of the problems; to second guess the decisions of the Archbishop is not the way to answer to these problems which seem serious and in need of an answer, especially by the authority who has the responsibility of the Archdiocese.

    Going back to the “rift”, we need to keep in mind that many of the people in the communities are people who were not going to Church, or who were in crisis and youth: these people are coming back to the Church. I like the image of Pope Francis where he compares the Church to a field hospital: in a hospital there are many units but there must be a ward also for those who are very seriously wounded or need an emergency room.

    If you do not mind me saying this, recent discussions regarding the Neo-catechumenal Way smells of racism, xenophobia and hatred of non-islanders as if they should not be here: curiously enough, those most vocal in this “debate” are people not born in the island! Catholic means universal and I believe that this petty parochialism is not the spirit of Guamanian Catholics.

    To the lay people’s understanding, what is theNeocatechumenal Way, and how does its practicesdiffer from Catholic traditions on Guam, including how Guam families pay respect to the dead?

    The Neocatechumenal Way has been recognized by Pope Paul VI, Saint John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Pope Francis as a "gift of the Holy Spirit " for the Church. Saint John Paul defined the Neocatechumenal Way as an “itinerary of catholic formation valid for our times and our society". TheNeo Catechumenal Way is an instrument to reach out especially to the people who have left the Church and the youth.

    The Holy See has allowed a few concessions in the liturgical celebrations to help especially those who are returning to religious practice after years of being away so that they can participate more actively to the sacraments. 

    Regarding the respect of the dead the NeocatechumenalWay teaches the traditional Catholic doctrine and the importance of honoring our dead ones and praying for them.

    Did the Neocatechumenal Way attempt to influence the transfer of title to the former Accion Hotel property inYona from the Archdiocese of Guam to an entity whose officers are members of the Neocatechumenal Way?

    Actually it is the other way around. The purchase of theAccion Hotel was proposed by the Neocatechumenal Way to the Archbishopbecause in order to start the Seminary and an Institute there was a need for rooms for 30-40 seminarians, 10 Faculty Professors, four classrooms, a library for twenty thousand volumes, a chapel. The money for the purchase of the Hotel was donated to the Archdiocese by an off island benefactor who offered it withthe explicit intention of erecting the Seminary and the Theological Institute. The previous owner of the hotel sold it for just 1.9 millions with the proviso that the building be used as an educational facility. Actually the Archdiocese did not put down a penny.

    Regarding the transfer of the title, the legal advisor of the Archdiocese, five years ago, asked that the title be transferred to the Redemptoris Mater Corporation to respect the intention of the donor and to safeguard the property. This Corporation is a corporation sole where there is only one member, namely the Archbishop who hasall power.  He is assisted by a Board of Directors whooverviews the daily administration. The only member, namely the Archbishop, chooses all Directors. Then there is a Board of Guarantors that guarantees that the Corporation follows the original purpose for which it was createdTheArchbishop chooses, confirms or dismisses freely these guarantors.

    So the Neocatechumenal Way does not and cannot (by reason of its Statutes) possess the seminary but simply ensures the formation.

    The Neocatechumenal Way has helped in fact form one hundred seminaries worldwide, the most recent being in Seoul by Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-Jung, Primate of Korea. This means that around 30 cardinals and 70 bishops consider the formation in these seminaries excellent. In the past there were many seminaries conducted by Jesuits orSulpicians and nobody ever thought that entrusting a seminary to a religious order would violate the diocesan nature of the seminary.

    The whole discussion on the property of the Accion Hotel began two-three years ago because certain individuals wanted to sell the building to pay their debts. Actually the Archdiocese is only supporting 3 or 4 percent of the seminary’s budget, while the rest is supported by Catholics from all over the world including different foundations and Propaganda Fide.

    What message would you like to send to Guam as a community of diverse faiths?

    I think that this campaign of disinformation is detrimental to everybody. Hate speech is always bad and does not help. The fact that in Guam has arisen a Seminary, which is helping the formation of priests for Guam and for the entire Pacific, is a sign of the importance of this island in the plan of God.

    Father Manuel Solorzano, a Jesuit priest who who was killed in 1684 in Hagatna while preaching the Gospel,wrote to his father who tried to convince him to abandon the mission,“cielo son las marianas” “paradise are the Marianas”.  By this he meant that giving his life to announce the Gospel and being killed for it, was his paradise.

    We all need to go back to this spirituality: to save one soul is worth my life. We should help each other in this because our youth and the families are all suffering today in an environment, which preaches relativism and hedonism.Saint Pope John XXIII died sayingsouls, souls, ut unumsint,  that they may one”.

    Thursday, November 17, 2016

    Day To Day Operation In RMS

    According to KUAM news:
    "While the governance has changed the administration and the day-to-day operation has not changed," said Father San Nicolas.
    But while the church says for now RMS will continue as it has, critics of Apuron and the NCW say the seminary has been used for the formation of off-island priests, not local priests which they believe it was intended for.
    Members of the NCW continue to maintain the upkeep of the RM seminary, and we do it without costing the seminary anything.  Our services are free.  The day to day operation of the RMS continues as always despite that the two boards have been removed.  The seminarians continue their studies according to the format of the Lateran University in Rome.  The seminarians are being trained not only as diocesan priests, but also as priests who will be sent out on missions.  The seminarians continue to be in community with us with the celebration of the word and the Eucharist.  They not only stay in RMS, but also interact with the people of Guam.   

    The critics of Archbishop Apuron do not tell the whole story.  Yes, we have priests in other countries.  Father Jason, for example, is in Saipan serving our sister island due to a lack of priests there.  Father Santiago is on mission in Japan together with a mission family.  What our critics left out is the fact that we have RMS priests also serving Guam's parishes. 

    Nevertheless, now that Archbishop Byrnes is the Sole Director of RMS, he makes the decision from now on.  Of course, with the deed restriction removed, the critics of Apuron will now pressure Archbishop Byrnes to close down the seminary and sell the property.  In fact, the jungle have already said that their next agenda is to close down the seminary.

    However, there is GOOD NEWS COMING!!!!!  So, brothers in the Way....continue to pray and praise God.  :-)  
    Big Dancing Banana


    Tuesday, November 15, 2016

    The Truth Exposed

    After the press release, many comments have been coming out in this blog, which delineates away from the last OP.  Therefore, I will address those comments here such as the comment below:  

    What's up Diana? No response to the TWO (count them 2!!) press conferences about the Yona property??
    No response to Mother Dawn who revealed the LIES told by Brother Tony and Pius (who kept calling the Donor a "he" even though it was Mother Dawn)???
    No response to to Fr Jeff who revealed that Archbishop Byrnes signed documents that made him the SOLE DIRECTOR of the Yona Property and returning it to the Archdiocese????
    I'm waiting 

    For three years, we have been telling you that the only one who can rescind the deed restriction is the Archbishop of Agana and his successor.  If RMS was in control as the jungle and CCOG claimed, then Archbishop Byrnes would NOT have been able to rescind it.  Now, the truth is exposed.    

    For three years, we have been telling you that the RMS property belonged to the Archdiocese of Agana.  If it did not, Archbishop Byrnes would not have been able to rescind the deed restriction.  Now, the truth is exposed.  

    For three years, we have been telling you that control of the property was always in the Archbishop of Agana and his successor.  If control was in the RMS, Archbishop Byrnes would not have been able to remove the Board of Directors and the Board of Guarantors.....simple as that.  Finally, the truth is exposed.   

    The truth is....Archbishop Byrnes is able to do those things because as we have always been saying ONLY the Archbishop of Agana and his successor have the authority and control.  The authority and control was NEVER in RMS or the NCW, which the jungle have misled you to believe.  

    And if CCOG had taken it to court, they would have learned the hard way exactly what we have been telling them all along.....that ownership and control had always been in the Archbishop of Agana and his successor.  

    As for the donor, anonymous is saying that the donor is Mother Dawn.  I would like to know how a Carmelite nun who took a vow of poverty had 2 million dollars in her possession?  Father Pius is a Carmelite priest and he does not even have 2 million dollars.  What a coincidence.......that Father Pius is a carmelite priest.    

    This came from Father Jeff, which I copied from the jungle:

    Fr. Jeff: "There has never been a dispute that the Archbishop of Agana was in charge of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary and its incorporation. That was never under dispute. "

    This is why I never had any problems if CCOG had taken it to court.  The dispute over the property was with CCOG.  The authority and control had always been in the Archbishop of Agana and his successor. The truth has finally come out.  

    Thursday, November 10, 2016

    Why The Rush?

    One has to wonder why the jungle is in a rush to "defrock Apuron."  Archbishop Hon had already asked Pope Francis to remove Archbishop Apuron so that he no longer holds the title "Archbishop of Agana."  He failed to do that.  It was Pope Francis who made the decision to allow Anthony Apuron to continue holding his title, so why are the protesters going against Pope Francis' decision.  Archbishop Hon already accepted the pope's decision.  The Sunday protesters should also do the same.  

    After all, Archbishop Apuron is already undergoing canonical trial.  If he is found guilty, then he will be removed as Archbishop of Agana, and they will receive what they wanted.  All the Sunday protesters had to do is wait for the outcome of the canonical trial.  So, why are they in a rush?  Why not wait for the result of the canonical trial?  What are they afraid of that they cannot wait?  

    Is it possible that the reason they want Archbishop Apuron's title removed NOW is so they can implant into the minds of ALL people that Apuron is guilty even without having gone through a trial?  If his title was removed, it would be easy to spread the propaganda that Archbishop Apuron is indeed guilty of those sexual allegations and even pressure the next Archbishop (his successor) to rescind the deed restriction. The fact that his title was removed would speak volumes and leave no doubt as to whether he was innocent.  Nevermind the fact that he did not go through a fair trial. 

    Is it also possible that they are afraid that he would be found not guilty? Lately, Tim Rohr has been voicing his opinion that Archbishop Apuron will be cleared of sexual molestation and that Rome cannot be relied on.  This raises some questions.  First, how would Tim Rohr know that Archbishop Apuron would be cleared, and secondly, if we cannot rely on Rome, then WHO are we supposed to rely on?  Surely, the jungle is not saying that we should rely on Tim Rohr over Rome? 

    Perhaps, it also time to re-visit this post that I published on June 19, 2016, which can be found here.