Saturday, May 13, 2017

False Allegation?

636292064542867380-zoilo.camacho.jpgA 53 year old man who goes by the initials H.J.C. filed a lawsuit through his attorney David Lujan against the Archdiocese of Agana.  The alleged victim claimed that he was sexually abused by Monsignor Ziolo Camacho (deceased) from around 1974 to 1978 when he was 11 to 15 years old.  He also claimed that Father Raymond Cepeda (who was defrocked in 2010) sexually abused him from 1978 to 1980 when he was about 15 to 17 years old.  He is demanding 10 million dollars.  

You can read the story here.  H.J.C. claimed that the sexual abuse took place in Santa Barbara Church.  However, a person who obviously knew Monsignor Ziolo Camacho wrote that the time of the accusation does not match Monsignor Ziolo's place of assignment.  According to Richard who wrote in the comment section of the news article as well as in JungleWatch: 

The PDN article showed that the sexual allegation against the late +Monsignor Zoilo Camacho happened in Santa Barbara Church, Dededo in the late 70's. Everyone knows that the late +Monsignor Zoilo was not assigned to Santa Barbara Parish until 1981. Father Tom (a priest from India) was the pastor before +Monsignor Zoilo took over. After successfully spear heading the reconstruction of San Vicente Church in Barrigda, he was a blessing to the parishioners of Santa Barbara as they finally had a pastor that spear headed the reconstruction of their parish after so many pastors had failed.

If this is true, then a false accusation has been discovered.  And if one false accusation is found, the possibility exists that there may be others as well.  This is what happens when there are no investigation.  Apparently, it was not only the PDN who did not do any investigation, but Attorney Lujan also did not do any research on the allegation before filing a lawsuit.  

Archbishop Apuron had nothing to do with the law that lifted the statutes of limitations.  Those who pushed for the passage of this law and endorsed it are responsible for the 65 or more lawsuits, of which some may be false allegations made to defraud the Archdiocese and the Catholic people of Guam. 


  1. Diana do you not think that the false accusations will be weeded out in the process? As you pointed out in this post there are problems with the timeline about Msgr Zoilo Camacho and Sta Barbara.
    FYI: Lawyers do not do research when people hire them. The research will happen when the cases actually go to court (if they make it there at all).
    If Richard is correct (and of course you assume he is the only one telling the truth in the jungle because it fits your agenda) then this lawsuit won't make it into court. It will be settled out of court OR it will be withdrawn.
    And even if Richard is correct and this is a false accusation by HJC, that does not mean that all the other accusations (especially the one against Archbishop Apuron) are false.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:04 am,

      What makes you think it will go to court. Have you read any of the previous posts I have published? The Catholic Church settles out of court because to go to court would be a very lengthy process and too costly. Thus, there would be no investigations. My previous posts pointed out that the lifting of the statutes of limitations opened the door for scammers and opportunists to defraud the Catholic Church. Why do you think we are getting some law firms in the U.S. interested in the Guam sex abuse case? The only winners in here would be the lawyers and the scammers. Even David Lujan admitted that he is only in it for the money. According to Pacific News Center, David Lujan was quotoed:

      "They're taking out whole page newspapers saying, "Call us if you're suffering so we can deal with your pain." Lujan pointed out. "Why do you think that ad is out there? It's because they want to get to the victim before the victim gets to a lawyer. It all boils down to nothing but money...simple is that."

      PNC: "Would the reverse be true; though as well? The church can turn around and say it's the same for attorneys."

      "Well, of course it's true. I mean do you think I'm doing this for free?" Lujan retorted. "At least I'm honest. But you know what, in my case, [I'm] representing the victim and in my case, I don't win, rather I don't get paid unless my victim gets money. So if there's one that's taking a chance, it's me."

  2. Diana, I would thread here with caution. This might be one false accusation against a priest. How about the others? Do you say all of them are false? No, Diana, you know very well that the majority of accusations might be true. More and more will come out as the time passes.

    It seems to be established beyond doubt that Guam had been a safe haven for predator priests for a long time. If this is a Catholic thing or more general among denominations or civil organizations, I don't know. But it reveals at least an awful defect inside the church hierarchy that allowed this to happen.

    I don't know who is responsible, how many bishops knew about the problem and kept silence. Perhaps no bishop of Agana is clean from the last few decades. What is for sure is that as soon as the church starts to pay off these plaintiffs, it admits guilt. This will be a sign of admission by church officials of the awful defect inside its hierarchy that allowed to young to be tortured for decades. What do you think, Diana, won't the church pay any penny to them?!

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:13 am,

      Please read the OP. I specifically stated: "And if one false accusation is found, the possibility exists that there may be others as well."

      You stated: "It seems to be established beyond doubt that Guam had been a safe haven for predator priests for a long time." And how did you come to this definite conclusion when there are were no investigations on any of the allegations? Have you read any of the previous posts I published? The reason the Church settle out of court is simply because it would be too costly to go to court.

    2. Yes, Diana, going to the court and losing the trial, this is way too costly.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 12:27 pm,

      Going to court and winning the trial would still be very costly. Attorney Doug Moylan pointed out that the only ones who will get paid will be the lawyers like him. And the more it drags out in court, the more the or lose. It would be cheaper to settle out of court and that is why scammers and the law firms like this law.

    4. Except when you win you are not liable for the incurred expenses!

      Diana, are you serious the church did not want to win? If the church would have had a chance to win it would have taken it. Simple as that.

    5. Dear Anonymous at 12:40 pm,

      How do you expect the Church to win when the law already made it possible for anyone to bring up a sex abuse charge when the witnesses are dead and there are no substantial evidence?

  3. The easiest targets for would be those priests who are already dead and those like Fr. Brouillard who already confessed. No priest is safe from this law. If a priest dies, then a sex abuse charge can be brought up against him many years later in the future. And he's not around to defend himself.

  4. I find it very disturbing that not many people are concern that the Church could be duped into paying millions of dollars for false allegations.

  5. Diana, it happens as predicted, following a timely schedule. Now, not only priest and the church but also teachers and schools will be accused and sued. This had been the plan from the beginning, not to destroy the Catholic Church only, but also damage the Guam education system beyond recognition. It is just the beginning...