Saturday, January 21, 2017

Interesting Discussions In The PDN

Alexander Chen
In other words...

CCOG are the new Bishop of Guam.
Accept it, this is the new protestant Catholic Church of Guam.

CCOG despises the Catholic Church; They only obey to their thinking; they stir dissent; they accuse based on 'allegations'; they want everyone to agree with them; they are the Despot's in Command of the Catholic church or else they let their smear-dog (Tim Rohr) lose who with his JungleTrash sewer-machine smear and throw mud at anyone who opposes their hateful rhetoric.

Sadly, and because the real Christians are the silent majority, they have become the face of the Catholic Church in the public-sewer sphere.

My condolences to the Guam faithful.

Tim Rohr
Well since the bishops are either busy grabbing pre-pubescent genitalia or ramming the rectums of 12 years olds, and guys like Byrnes and Cristobal are more interested in covering for their brothers arses, well, yah, then we'll do this ourselves. LOL
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Alexander Chen
@Tim Rohr - Your sincerity would indeed 'appear' genuine if you did not resort to shocking and vulgar images in order to argue your opinion. Moreover, your indiscriminate generalization of all clergy, including Bishops (saints and sinners) does not help your cause either as it seems that you are more desperate to bring people to hate rather than to genuinely solve any problem(s) with the Church in Guam.

If you would at least deny your Catholic Faith or stop professing that you really care for the Church that would be more cogent, as it is you are a hypocrite professing to care, because if a new Bishop arrives that is more merciful and compassionate than your pre-ordained-hate-filled conclusions, then the real Tim Rohr comes out of the shadows and starts spewing vulgar hatred.
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Jose Martinez
Alexander Chen LOL. Good times.
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Danny Sabato
Alexander Chen You are the one supporting a child molester from the beginning, so you should stay out of anything, since you are on the wrong side of the fence!
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Alexander Chen
@Danny Sabato - What you arrogantly call a child molester, to me is as much a victim as the victim of a pedophile. Apuron is a victim of smear and character assassination by PDN/JungleTrash fakeNews (and its followers) as long as Apuron calls himself innocent, he is worthy of being believed given his loyal and faithful public record. You may not agree in the direction Apuron led the Church, but that does not mean he is a pedophile. I will only change my mind if he confesses to the crimes or until a sentence from an impartial and fair trial has passed a guilty verdict.
In the meantime, the vitriolic and irrational hatred from you and Tim Rohr continues to give evidence that you both are either unwittingly naïve, guided by a piously intended error [and ‘enjoy’ the use of a bully pulpit] or have an invested interest to protect, a corrupt ulterior motive that influences you. I called your piously intended error “irrational” because you have NO PROOF but driven only by serious 'allegations', yet you incite vicious hatred without any of the prudent restrain that this delicate situation demands, as both ‘human’ lives are at stake of being equal victims of injustice. Given that I do not think that Tim and you are idiots, this inspires an air of suspicion, corruption or malice in your intentions. If only you would offer solutions not vulgar jokes, reconciliation not dissention, you would be more credible.
As for Apuron, he has already paid a high price, albeit unwarranted, for all the vitriol from Tim and his PDN friends is all hearsay and smear. He has paid a high price for no proved/evidenced crime whatsoever; Yet Tim and his followers continue to enjoy freedoms and rights. Is this fair? Is this Christian? In order to understand this injustice you need to be a Christian and be able to put yourself in the shoes of BOTH victims. Evidently, Tim is unable or will not do this. Moreover, as if this is not enough, Tim make no excuses as he relentlessly uses Apuron as the bottom of vulgar distasteful puerile jokes, smearing the whole church and anyone that does not agree with him in the process – to call Tim a bully is very appropriate and well earned/deserved. Tim laughs that Apuron, a Guamanian, cannot even set foot anymore in his own land, not even if he is proven to be innocent. Even if he is proved to be innocent in the Vatican trial, PDN and the JungleTrash will always spin the facts to spread distrust towards the Church or any jury whatsoever.
In the end, what does Tim do with his privileges, freedoms and rights? It is self-evident in every posting you read from him which, if you ask me, he is driven by demonic wounded pride. A poor lonely soul.
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Danny Sabato
Alexander Chen You are really a fanatic
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Alexander Chen
@Danny Sabato - I am not the one LOLing at vulgar jokes, nor condemning or ridiculing anyone without the Christian decency of giving them the benefit of the doubt and a fair trial.
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Tim Rohr
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Tim Rohr
Alexander Chen

It's not me:

“In addressing the situation of Anthony S. Apuron, after hearing all of the accounts of sexual molestation and rape that have been publicly disclosed by the victims that have bravely come forward, I have no doubt that Anthony Apuron can be considered a serial child molester who has perpetrated his criminal sexual conduct behavior undetected and/or unreported over many years.”

- Public Testimony on Bill 326-33, Vincent Pereda, Board Certified Clinical Social Worker by the AmericanBoard of Examiners, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, 30 years of clinical experience as a professional counselor, program manager and clinical administrator, worked in juvenile and adult corrections, mental health and for the Judiciary of Guam, worked 20 years as clinical social worker and counselor for Department of the Navy and Veterans Affairs, continues to work as part time counselor for the Superior Court of Guam in which he works with both juvenile and adult sex offenders performance clinical evaluations and providing direct treatment intervention.
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Alexander Chen
@Tim Rohr - So in your world, these individuals could NEVER be bribed or bought in a defamation campaign against a public Catholic Church official huh? that NEVER happens, right? Here is where you lose your marbles.
Read the story of Susana and Joseph (the son of Jacob) for reasons why in Christianity, outside of a fair trial, we do not engage in witch hunting, this is 21st-Century-AMERICA not the middle ages.
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More on Public Law 326-33

After signing Bill 326 into law, Governor Calvo admitted that the law has some legal issues.  According to Governor Calvo:
I recognize tht Bill 326 has several legal and technical concerns.  A major concern is over the bill's retroactive application of the civil statute of limitations for child sexual abuse cases.  Whether such retrospect will pass constitutional muster is unclear.  Also unclear is what tpe of actions or omissions constitute "child sexual abuse."  For example, does the definition of "child sexual abuse in Bill 326 include child pornography for which, unlike other sex crimes against minors, there exists a three-year criminal statute of limitations?  Additionally, how far does an individual or institution have to go (or not go) before being considered an "enabler" or an "aider or abettor" under Bill 326? 
Were these concerns ever addressed in the Guam Legislature? Did they discuss the retroactive application of the civil statute of limitations?  Did they specifically define "child sexual abuse" as Governor Calvo pointed out?  Did the Guam Legislature discuss how far does an individual or institution have to go before being considered an "enabler"?  

I think that we can surmise that the 33rd Guam Legislature was in a hurry to get Bill 326 passed simply because it was election year, and they hoped that the passage of the bill would earn them more votes.   JW, CCOG, LFM, and Silent No More, on the other hand, were also in such a hurry to get this bill passed and one has to wonder why?  As a matter of fact, they were in such a hurry that according to Zoltan, Tim Rohr came up and stood behind him as he was giving his testimony in the public hearing.  According to Zoltan:
It can be seen on the video recording of my testimony on Bill 326-33 at the August 1st public hearing that Tim Rohr, who was present at the hearing, stood up one point and approached my seat from behind in a threatening manner while I was reading my testimony. His intention of intimidation can be deduced. Chairman Aguon would have had the duty to ask Rohr to sit down and not make any threatening move toward the person who was making a public testimony. Chairman Aguon failed to do so.    
So, what are they afraid of that they have developed a climate of fear and intimidation in these public hearings and accuse anyone who oppose the bill as supporters of child abuse?  Are they afraid that inconsistencies will later be found in their testimonies in both the media and public hearings?  Now that the legal counsel of the Archdiocese have requested all information regarding Public Law 326-33, let us hope and pray that the law can be found inorganic.    

Friday, January 13, 2017

The REAL Strength Of The Church: Jesus Christ

It appears that the jungle along with CCOG is questioning Archbishop Byrnes' decision to send Father Adrian to Canada to pursue a canon law degree.  They complained that they are paying money for this.  In truth, it has more to do with the person.  If the priest was Monsignor James, there would be no complaints.  According to an anonymous poster:
Dave Sablan is making a fool of himself again. He is acting like a cry baby. There is no litmus test on an Archbishop by disgruntled laity in the Catholic church! How could be? For what purpose? It was decided that Fr. Adrian will pursue studies of canon law in Ottawa. So why don't you just accept this as a solution and shut up?

CCOG has the wrong idea of leadership and holy order. Catholics are led in faith by priests and bishops. It has never been that angry picketers tell the Archbishop what to do. Was it not at Golgotha that our Lord was crucified while an angry crowd cheered? It was not the vilified crowd that made the decision of eternal salvation. The decision belonged to God! Jesus prayed for the wicked, forgive them Father, they do no know what they are doing.

If Archbishop Byrnes made a decision, you'll need to live with that decision even if you don't like it. It is not up to the laity to decide in matters of governance of the diocese. A handful of radicals keep pushing wrong buttons. Now, JW is demanding Hon back to replace Byrnes. OMG, this is way beyond being ridiculous. It is tragic! Are these people nuts? How could Hon be back when Archbishop Byrnes was appointed by Pope Francis as Coadjutor Archbishop of Agana? CCOG demands a reversal of the decision of Pope Francis! They even want to override the Pope! How arrogant is that?!
In the radio talk show with Patti Arroyo, Dave Sablan even admitted that CCOG has plans for the Yona property.  Who is he to make such plans?  Is he the Archbishop of Agana?  

The jungle recognize only themselves.  According to Tim Rohr (the bold is mine): 
Frank Perez donating concrete, James Santos helping out, Greg and Vangie on the picket line, Vangie singing in the Cathedral choir, Greg serving on the Finance Council at St. Anthony and the efforts of thousands of others going back hundreds of years are emblematic of the real strength of the Church: THE LAITY. 
This is false.  The real strength of the Church had always been Jesus Christ.  It is Christ, the Head, who protects His bride, the Church.  It is Christ who leads His Church where He wants her to go.     

If the jungle and CCOG believe the money they donate will be used for purposes they do not like, they simply do not need to donate.  No one is forcing them to donate their money.  They can keep their money for themselves.  However, they cannot force others NOT to donate to the Church. Any person is free to donate to the Church in accordance to their free will.   

Saturday, January 7, 2017

RMS Stays The Same

In the past, the jungle had expressed what they wanted to see come from the Yona property.  They wanted the RMS to shut down.  Some wanted it converted back into a hotel and turn it into a profitable business for the Church.  However, the good news is that the RMS will continue to operate as it always has been.  According to The Guamanian Magazine:
Still, the archbishop will approach the seminary he now controls with an open mind. “I have every intention that the seminary will continue. The action that I have taken is mainly to clarify the ownership of the property, and not so much over the seminary activity. So there’s a difference,” Byrnes explained. 
“The seminary has produced, from what I understand, good fruit, good priests, not only for Guam but other diocese in the Oceana region. And so it’s another place I need to hear from, to see for myself. But I have at this point every intention to continue its service, and I certainly want to continue supporting the institute. It can be a tremendous source of grace for the Archdiocese. I have plenty of experience in the seminary, and I know the good it can do. I’ll know more [about the seminary] and I have no intention of changing its activity at this point.”
The RMS will continue its operation as it always has been even without a Board of Directors and Board of Guarantors.  There will be no changes in its activities.  As for the Neocatechumenal Way, this is what The Guamanian Magazine reported:
He is well aware of the deep rift between the traditionalists and the followers of the NCW, but again he is not ready to take any sides. “I can tell you this, I know the NCW. It’s highly respected, and it’s a movement within the Church, a movement that is meant to recharge, to refocus the faithful on important charisms of the Church. So I would hope that the priests that are formed in that seminary would take the growth that they receive and donate it to the parish.”
Byrnes said there are so many different spiritualities, and there should be a place where there are a variety of spiritualities. “You know I’m not part of the Neocatechumenal Way, but they’re Catholics. They’re the Neocatechumenal way, but theirs is not the only way. There’s definitely room for them on the island. But we’re Catholics, we’re not becoming something else. I will celebrate the mass the way the mass is celebrated.”
 Archbishop Byrnes was incorrect when he said that the NCW is a movement.  It is an itinerary of Christian formation. Nevertheless, he is aware that there are many different charisms in the Church.  The Charismatic Renewal is one of those charisms.  Archbishop Byrnes was never a member of the NCW, but he was a member of the Charismatic Renewal.  It was that movement within the Catholic Church that brought him closer to Christ.  

Friday, January 6, 2017

Rome: The Seat Of Peter

Image result for st. petersburg basilica, romeJesus Christ established a Church.  Christ said, "You are Peter and upon this rock, I will build my Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it" (Matthew 16:18).  It was on the Apostle Peter that Christ built His Church.  Rome is where the seat of the Apostle Peter is and there sits the Pope, the Vicar of Christ.  History has shown that we have had bad popes in the past that do not deserve to sit in the chair of Peter.  Nevertheless, Christ has always been the one steering His Church on where she should go regardless of how sinful a pope is. Evil can never prevail or take His Church for Christ is the Head and is in charge. 

Pope Alexander VI was one of the worst pope in Church history. He fathered several children by different mistresses. (See the weblink here.) Despite that the Catholic Church had this immoral pope, that did not change the doctrines of the Church. The teachings of the Church remain intact to this day. Popes can make mistakes and be justly reprimanded as Paul did to Peter (Galatians 2:11), and they are sinful human beings like the rest of us, as Peter himself admitted (Luke 5:8).  

The jungle is now criticizing Pope Francis, which is not new  Other bloggers have also criticized him. For example, the Rorate Caeli blogger have been known to criticize him.  Tim Rohr is not the only Traditionalist who has criticized Pope Francis.  Although he and other Traditionalists have a right to their own opinions, it is important that one does not give in to apocalytic warnings or support schism.  Unfortunately, the jungle is supporting schism. According to Tim Rohr:
Again, my admonition: DO NOT TURN TO ROME.
If one is not to turn to Rome, who then is one supposed to turn to???  Are people supposed to place their trust in Tim Rohr to withhold obedience and support for the Church simply because they do not like the Bishop or the Pope? Are people supposed to place their trust on a man who says not to turn to Rome?  We know for certain that anyone who tells us not to turn to Jesus Christ is a false prophet.  But what about the person who says not to turn to Rome, the seat of the Apostle Peter?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Truth Is.....

There are many misconceptions in Tim Rohr's latest post "Apuron on the brain".  The words of Tim Rohr are written in red. Quotes taken from other sources are in blue.  Mine are in black. According to Tim Rohr:
It appears to me that Pope Francis has "Apuron on the brain." The letter is addressed to bishops and right now there is only one bishop who is at the center of the Catholic world's attention in matters related to the sex abuse of children, there is only one bishop who is on trial in the Vatican, and there is only one bishop who the pope has asked twice now to resign and still he refuses. That's Apuron.
This is false.  According to the Bishop Accountability website: 
The following list includes 84 bishops worldwide who have been accused publicly of sexual wrongdoing – 57 (names in red) allegedly abused minors, and 27 (names in black) are publicly accused of sexual abuse/sexual misconduct with adults only. To date, a mere 4 accused bishops have been laicized: Fernando Armindo Lugo Méndez of Paraguay (2008), Raymond J. Lahey of Canada (2012), Gabino Miranda Melgarejo of Peru (2013), and Jósef Wesołowski of Poland (2014).
Pope Francis is fully aware of these figures; therefore, he did not have Apuron in his brain.  Archbishop Apuron is not the only bishop who is at the center of the Catholic world's attention.  In fact, even Cardinal Pell of Australia was accused of sexual allegations.  Tim Rohr further states: 
While I welcome the pope's call (again) for zero tolerance, he is appealing for help from the very people who are most responsible for the scandal. While most of the abuse was committed by "priests gone wild," we now know what an integral and secret role the bishops themselves have played in permitting, covering for, and perhaps even cultivating the abuse.

Apuron's refusal to resign in the face of the pope's twice request is an example of just how powerless the pope really is when it comes to exercising administrative authority over bishops. Thus the power to hold bishops to account falls to the people, the laity, the parents whose children and grandchildren were ravaged and wounded by by the very men they entrusted them to. 
First of all, the pope is NOT powerless in exercising administrative authority over bishops.  Pope Francis does not need the people's help in getting rid of Archbishop Apuron.  He is, after all, the Pope, and he is fully aware that he is the only authority to laicize Archbishop Apuron.  The laity never had the authority or the power to defrock the bishop.   

It was only three years ago that Pope Francis laicized Josef Wesolowski of Poland.  Yes, indeed....It was Pope Francis who laicized Joseph Wesolowski in 2014 and Gabino Melgaejo in 2013; yet, Rohr wants to deceive people in thinking that the Pope is powerless.  If it is true that the pope is powerless, how then was it possible for four bishops to be defrocked by the pope?  The laity does not have the authority to defrock a bishop.  However, they do have the responsibility to correct their bishops and priests with love.  They also have a responsibility to notify Rome and the civil authorities if their bishops and priests have committed a crime.  

Secondly, Pope Francis mentioned "zero tolerance."  The pope believes in this; yet, Archbishop Apuron is allowed to leave Rome and even attend a Bishop's conference.  Does this sound like "zero tolerance"?  No.  It sounds like Pope Francis is giving Archbishop Apuron the benefit of the doubt.  It sounds like he is not judging Archbishop Apuron and will wait for the results of the canonical trial.      

The fact is.....Pope Francis never asked Archbishop Apuron to resign.  It was Archbishop Hon who asked Archbishop Apuron to resign.  And it was Archbishop Hon who flew to Rome to convince the Pope to remove Archbishop Apuron.  

You see......even Archbishop Hon knew very well that ONLY the pope had the authority to remove Apuron, which is the reason why he went to Rome to convince the pope to remove him and appoint another bishop in his place.  Instead, Pope Francis allowed Archbishop Apuron to keep his title as Archbishop of Agana and appoint a coadjutor Bishop to take his place until the results of the canonical trial are in.  If he is found guilty, Archbishop Byrnes will automatically become the Archbishop of Agana and Apuron will lose his title.  On the other hand, if he is found not guilty, Archbishop Apuron will resume his position and authority over the Archdiocese of Agana, and Byrnes will remain the next of kin until Archbishop Apuron retires.       

Sunday, January 1, 2017

$25,000 Given To Archdiocese By CCOG

Image result for Redemptoris Mater Seminary, GuamSome people say that with the new year comes a new start, a new beginning. Most of us look forward to the new year with hope and unity with both the NCW and non-NCW working and being together side by side.  After all, we are one family of God.  Only the jungle, CCOG, and LFM seeks the demise of the NCW and the shutting down of the RM Seminary.  

An anonymous poster made the following in my last post, which can be found 

Diana I have something disturbing to tell you on jw they posted that ccog had paid archbishop Michael j byrnes $25,000.00 for what

This is my response:
CCOG did not give Archbishop Byrnes $25,000.  They gave the Archdiocese the money.  According to Tim Rohr:
P.S. As mentioned several times already, we need and want Archbishop Byrnes to succeed. However, despite the "listening to both sides" posture, I am unaware that Byrnes has met with anyone from the CCOG except for a casual run-in at the chancery with CCOG President, David Sablan, even though the CCOG gave the archdiocese TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS to help with the legal fees associated with the return of the Yona property.
The money was given to the Archdiocese during the time Archbishop Hon was still here managing the Archdiocese while Archbishop Byrnes was still in Detroit.  The money was given to help with the legal fees associated with the "so-called" return of the Yona property.  I say "so-called" because the property was already under the Archdiocese of Agana.  Therefore, the money was not used for the return of something that the Archdiocese already has.  Most likely, it went to the paperwork and processing fee in getting the deed restriction rescinded and drawing up a new Articles of Incorporation.  

Nevertheless, nothing has changed even with the deed restriction rescinded. This is probably the reason why the jungle is still angry and frustrated.  They got the deed restriction removed, but the RMS continues to operate as they have always done.  In fact, the removal of the deed restriction did not even affect their Christmas concert, which they planned for a long time.  They held their Christmas concert and even had a silent auction.  

In his press release, Archbishop Byrnes stated that he would like the Laterian University to continue to be affiliated with the seminary.  This is already an indication that he intends to utilize the building in Yona to remain a major seminary, and he made no mention of closing it down.  Tim Rohr and David Sablan can propose their own ideas of what they want done with the seminary, but Archbishop Byrnes makes the ultimate decision because he is the Coadjutor Archbishop of Agana.   

A Long Day

We held the Eucharist last night at one of the homes of the brothers.  Earlier in the day before New Year's Eve, we helped the couple set up at their house.  The couple had already moved some of the furniture the day before, but they needed the community's help in moving the bigger furniture such as the sofa.  

The Eucharist started at 10:00 pm.  By the time, it was finished, it was a little past the new year.  Firecrackers and a lot of noise were heard outside.  After the Eucharist, everyone sat down for dinner.  In the Way, we called this dinner "agape".  It is always great to start out the new year with the Mass and a formal dinner with the community.  

The next day, my family and I went to a new year party held by close relatives.  Many of our relatives do not walk in the Way, but we find some time to get together with them.  This year, the new year fell on a Sunday so families were able to get together for a party especially since most of them have the day off tomorrow.  This new year have me and my family eating a lot of food.  We also took some balutang home so I do not need to cook breakfast and lunch tomorrow. 

My new year's resolution: Exercise and eat healthy......that is after the balutang is all gone.