Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Appeal Was Approved

These are FACTUAL DATA that can be verified.  According to Tim Rohr:
Let's make this very clear. An appeal is not an appeal when it is filed. An appeal is an appeal when the appellate court agrees to hear it. Said court may also refuse to hear it. In either case, just as with the sentence, the Vatican will announce it via the same sort of Bulletin.
First of all, this is the same man who manipulated people into believing that there was no canonical trial.  In his blog, Rohr wrote:
TimDecember 26, 2016 at 7:44 AM 
He's in the area. I have "hard copy" evidence. He's not in Rome defending himself at his canonical trial because there's isn't one.
The only who said that there was a canonical trial was Archbishop Apuron.  Today, Rohr is saying that there is no appeal. He believes that the Vatican must publish that there is an appeal.  Did the Vatican ever publish that there was a canonical trial? Today, we know for a FACT that there was a canonical trial.  Today, we know for a FACT that Rohr was incorrect when he said there was no canonical trial.  The evidence and facts presented speaks for itself. 

Today, Rohr says that there is no appeal because the CDF did not accept it; yet, he showed absolutely no evidence that the CDF did not accept it.  It is the same with the canonical trial.  He said there was no canonical trial; yet, he showed no evidence that there was no canonical trial.  Rather, he called Archbishop Apuron a liar.  Today, we now know that there was a canonical trial, and this truth came from Archbishop Apuron.  While Rohr continues to say that there is no appeal, this is what the CDF stated according to Catholic News Agency:
Until appeals are resolved, “the imposed penalties are suspended until the final resolution” of the trial, according to the CDF.    
Until appeals are resolved, the imposed penalties are suspended....ACCORDING TO THE CDF.  The CDF says the sentence is suspended and Rohr says that it is not suspended.  So, who should you believe????  The answer should have been obvious.  Again the truth was found with Archbishop Apuron who stated that he had already filed an appeal.  

This news report came in on Friday, March 16th.  Coadjutor Archbishop Byrnes addressed the media on Monday, March 19th and declared himself Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Agana three days after the CDF already stated that the imposed penalties are suspended until the final resolution of the trial. Again, the evidence and facts presented speaks for itself. 

Furthermore, Rohr stated in his blog (Capitalization and bold is mine):
 "The canonical process in relation to the accusations, INCLUDING those of child sexual abuse, charged against the Reverend Anthony Sablan Apuron, OFM Cap., Archbishop of Agaña, Guam, has concluded." The Italian translation leaves no question as to what Apuron was tried for and found guilty of.]
Rohr deliberately misinterpreted the translation.  The word "including" is used to include the child sexual abuse charges.  This means that there were other charges.  "The canonical process in relation to the accusations, INCLUDING those of child abuse...."  The Vatican never stated what the charges were that Archbishop Apuron was found guilty of and of which he is now in appeals.  

If the guilty charges were child sexual abuse, then why didn't the Vatican tell Archbishop Apuron to stay away from children??????  Why a much lesser sentence?  As the article pointed out, if the guilty charge was child sexual abuse, it did not match the sentence.  

And Coadjutor Archbishop Michael Byrnes judged Archbishop Apuron guilty of child sex abuse without actually knowing what he was found guilty of.  Because the Vatican never publicized the charges he was found guilty of, the Coadjutor Bishop should have refrained from judging a brother bishop. Instead, he should have turned to Jesus Christ who said, "Do not judge, and you will not be judged."

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Lust For Power

The Vatican press release stated (The bold is mine):
“The sentence remains subject to possible appeal. In the absence of an appeal, the sentence becomes final and effective. In the case of an appeal, the imposed penalties are suspended until final resolution.”
 According to news report, Archbishop Apuron had already filed an appeal once he learned of the verdict. The Code of Canon Law on Appeals was pointed out by an anonymous poster.  According to the Code of Canon Law:
Can.  1638 An appeal suspends the execution of the  sentence.
And what did Coadjutor Archbishop Byrnes have to say about this?  
Apuron is now being addressed as "bishop," since his removal from office includes the removal of his title, but he remains a bishop by ordination, Byrnes said. 
"The removal of office means the removal of title. He's still a bishop by ordination, but he's not the archbishop," Byrnes said. "It's a very slight little thing, but that's the way I'm taking it."
So, what part of the Canon Law did Coadjutor Archbishop Byrnes not understand?  The canon law is made perfectly clear in one sentence.  Someone should CORRECT the Coadjutor Archbishop of Guam.  He spoke about moving forward into "post-Apuron."  Since when is a person used in such format?  I have heard of post-Vatican II, post-confirmation, and the post-911 GI bill.  How degrading to place  Archbishop Apuron, the Archbishop of Agana in such format as though he were a thing or object rather than a person. 

He spoke about reconciliation.  He made the same mistake when he announced a year of healing and reconciliation on July 6, 2017.  Obviously, he did not learn from his previous mistake.  In 2017, he opened the year of healing and reconciliation after criticizing and judging Archbishop Apuron. Today, he has done much worse. Upon hearing of the verdict and Archbishop Apuron's appeal, the Coadjutor Archbishop then spoke of penance and reconciliation after he STOLE the title "Archbishop of Agana" for himself.  Does he hate Archbishop Apuron that much?  Or is it the title and throne that he seeks for himself?     

Monday, March 19, 2018

Archbishop Apuron Appeals Verdict

Through a statement with his attorney Jacque Terlaje, Archbishop Apuron still maintains his innocence.  According to KUAM news (the bold is mine, and the black are my comments):

"God is my witness; I am innocent and I look forward to proving my innocence in the appeals process" - those words from suspended Archbishop Anthony Apuron in a statement to the press mere hours after a papal bulletin announced a guilty verdict for certain accusations against him.
Though it's never specified, Apuron maintains his canonical trial, in part, cleared his name. His civil attorney, Jacque Terlaje, confirming this with KUAM, as well, saying, "First of all, I want to reiterate that Archbishop Anthony was actually acquitted of the majority of the charges against him. I think this is an important fact that has been underplayed by many of the media outlets that are out there."
Suspended since June 2016 as archbishop, the papal bulletin states he is to be stripped of his title and removed from the local Archdiocese as a result of the Vatican verdict. That is, unless he appeals the sentence, which he has.
"There is an appellate process in place," Terlaje reinforced. "And he has already appealed the finding of guilt."
No word on how long that appeals process would take - but Attorney Terlaje expressing she's disappointed in the local Archdiocese for jumping to condemn their former shepherd. "I was a bit disheartened and disturbed by Coadjutor (Michael) Byrnes' statement," she stated. "To publicly condemn Archbishop Anthony without having the full information, for me, it's an unjust condemnation of him."
Archbishop Byrnes would have shown a better example had he said to pray for everyone including Archbishop Apuron.  Healing begins with forgiveness, not condemnation.  
"We don't know today which of the accusations Archbishop Anthony was found guilty of."
Attorney Terlaje reiterates - she's only Apuron's civil attorney. In Rome, he has canon lawyers working for him. "I don't even know what the grounds of appeal are. I'm not a canon lawyer, so I can't even tell you what Archbishop Anthony has the ability to appeal on," Terlaje said. "His canon lawyers are the ones handling that entire process, and this is the nature of the Vatican process as well - that we don't have information,"
Apuron hasn't been home since 2016, when the first allegations of clergy sexual abuse were made against him. Since then, we've only heard from him via video and e-mailed statements to Guam media.
In January, he reacted to his most recent accuser, his nephew Mark Apuron, who alleges his uncle raped him. Again, Apuron maintained his innocence, but also disclosed his deteriorating health, stating, "As I lay sick after another surgery and I face the final judgment approaching evermore close, having lost interest in this world, God is my witness: I deny all allegations of sexual abuse made against me, including this last one." In February, he was spotted in Rome amongst other priests, sitting in a wheelchair.
His last sighting prior was over a year ago, in Fairfield, California, after the plaintiffs' attorney sent private investigators to locate him. He was seen answering the door for investigators who faked a story about a missing dog.
Far from home, Attorney Terlaje reported he's never been far from heart and continues to pray for the local church, saying, "Archbishop Anthony has been consistently praying for the people of Guam. He has been consistently asserting his innocence. And he has been praying that this suffering, this problem this hurt that we have on this island is healed."
To each of his accusers, Apuron maintains it is he who is victim, stating, "As the Church in Guam is being destroyed by people who have only their power agenda at heart, may God have mercy on us all and save His Church from the powers of darkness. I pray that the truth may prevail; I pray for my accusers: fill them with what they desire; as for me, when I awake, I will be satisfied with Your face, oh Lord. (Ps. 17, 15)"
Arcbhishop Apuron showed the better example as a shepherd and a man of God, praying for his accusers.    
Even with a Vatican verdict, Attorney Terlaje says it doesn't mean much for the civil lawsuits he faces here at home. "The reality of the that this particular verdict doesn't necessarily have a very big impact on the civil case," she said.
Brothers and sisters, continue to pray for our persecutors, Archbishop Apuron, and Coadjutor Archbishop Byrnes.  

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Archbishop Byrnes' Press Release?

The jungle has published Archbishop Byrne's press release today, March 17th.  See the screenshot below:

I went through Guam's media and newspaper. The press release of Archbishop Byrnes has not been published yet. As of now at the time of composing this post, the media has the following latest news, but no report of Archbishop Byrnes press release. The Guam Daily Post, the PDN, PNC, and KUAM did not publish the press release. But the press release was in Junglewatch for quite some time now. 

So the question is WHO gave the press release to Rohr and WHY?  

Update On Appeal

The following article can be found here:

.- On Friday the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith announced the conclusion of a year-long trial against an archbishop in Guam, stating that he has been found guilty of some charges stemming from allegations of sexual abuse of minors and has been removed from office.
A source close to the case has confirmed that the archbishop has already appealed the decision.
According to a March 16 statement from the Apostolic Tribunal of the CDF, Archbishop Anthony Apuron, 72, was found guilty of “certain” accusations and penalized with removal from the office and prohibition from residing within the Archdiocese of Guam.
The CDF did not state the charges for which the archbishop was found guilty. Sources close to the case told CNA that the archbishop was found guilty of a minority of the allegations leveled against him.
If the archbishop has been found guilty of sexual abuse of minors, the penalty leveled against him is unusual - often a cleric found guilty of such crimes would be "laicized," or removed from the clerical state, sources say.
Sources also noted that the archbishop has seemingly maintained his ecclesiastical faculties, and though restricted from residence in Guam, is apparently able to exercise ministry as a priest.
A source close to the case told CNA that the penalty is "a complete contradiction" to the sentence.
The source said that if the archbishop is guilty of sexual abuse against minors, "justice would demand the strongest possible penalty," adding "this punishment maintains the status quo."  
One expert suggested to the CNA that the five-judge panel may have been divided on the archbishop's guilt, which could explain the disparity between a guilty verdict and an unusually light sanction.
One source questioned whether pressure to quickly resolve the matter might have influenced the sentence.
Cardinal Raymond Burke, former prefect of the Vatican's Apostolic Signatura, is the case's only judge to be publicly identified.
"It is difficult to explain how such a serious-minded and competent canonist would put his name to something like this," a source close to the case said of Burke, noting questions raised about the sentence and delays in the case's adjudication. 
Apuron was relieved of his pastoral and administrative authority by Pope Francis in 2016, in the wake of the allegations, and was effectively replaced by Coadjutor Archbishop Michael Byrnes, formerly of Detroit.
The canonical trial against Apuron began in October 2016, with Cardinal Burke appointed by Pope Francis as the trial’s presiding judge. Byrnes told reporters that the Vatican reached a decision on the case in October 2017, though no information regarding its outcome had yet been released.
Sources question why the CDF delayed finalizing sentences apparently completed in mid-2017. The archbishop is reported to have been notified of the court's decision only recently, and it was not made publicly known until today.
One source close to the Archdiocese of Agana in Guam questioned whether Archbishop Byrnes pushed the Vatican to release the sentence in order to resolve public concern about the matter in Guam.
However, the source questioned whether Byrnes has been appropriately advised on the matter. "Most of the people who were opposed to [Apuron] in terms of governance" have become advisers to Byrnes, the source said.
"The curial advice Byrnes is receiving is institutionally and personally opposed to Apuron."
In the early hours of March 17 on Guam, Apuron released a statement through his attorney.
"I have been informed of the conclusion of the first instance canonical trial against me. While I am relieved that the tribunal dismissed the majority of the accusations against me, I have appealed the verdict. God is my witness; I am innocent and I look forward to proving my innocence in the appeals process," the statement read.
"Today, my prayers are with the Church in Guam, which has been suffering greatly. I pray that Santa Marian Kamalen may intercede for the healing of our island," Apuron continued.
Until appeals are resolved, “the imposed penalties are suspended until the final resolution” of the trial, according to the CDF.  
A source told CNA that the credibility of the witnesses will be a major factor of the appeal. Questions have been raised regarding connections between the witnesses, attorneys, and real estate developers on Guam.
The prefect of the CDF, Archbishop Luis Ladaria, will determine whether or not to accept the appeal, and then be responsible for appointing judges to consider it.
The most recent allegation against Apuron was made Jan. 10 by the archbishop’s nephew, Mark Apuron. He filed a lawsuit Jan. 10 claiming that his uncle raped him in a Church bathroom in 1989 or 1990. This was the fifth lawsuit to accuse the archbishop of sexual abuse of minors during his time as a pastor and bishop.
The archbishop denied the allegations in a statement Jan. 18, writing, “God is my witness: I deny all allegations of sexual abuse made against me, including this last one,” according to Guam Pacific Daily News.
In addition to this claim, Apuron also faced four other accusations from former altar boys, who charged the archbishop with abuse in the 1970s when he served as a parish priest in Agat.
The first allegations against the archbishop were made public in May 2016. Mark’s attorney, David Lujan, said that his client was too ashamed and embarrassed to tell his family about the alleged abuse until recently.
Archbishop Byrnes, who is empowered by the Vatican to oversee the Archdiocese of Agana but has not yet formally succeeded Apuron, has since implemented new child protection policies in the archdiocese, including a safe environment program that Byrnes said will “help to instigate a change of culture in our Archdiocese.”
Byrnes adopted in February 2017 the US bishops’ conference’s Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People and its essential norms on dealing with allegations of sexual abuse of minors by clerics.

The Archdiocese of Agaña is currently a defendant in 96 sexual abuse lawsuits, involving Apuron, 13 priests, a Catholic schoolteacher, a Catholic school janitor, and a Boy Scout leader. Most of the lawsuits were filed after 2016, when Guam’s territorial legislature eliminated the statute of limitations for civil lawsuits involving child sexual abuse.

Appeal Has Already Been Done

It was brought to my attention that the CDF has found Archbishop Apuron guilty of sexual abuse; however, an inside source revealed to me that an appeal has already been done.  In other words, the Archbishop still remains the Archbishop of Agana because he has already started the appeals process.  Therefore, the battle still continues.  

According to the Catholic Herald (the bold is mine):
A source told The Catholic Herald that Archbishop Apuron will appeal the verdict, and remains Archbishop of Agaña while he does so.
The accusations against the archbishop ranged from the most serious allegations of child abuse to less serious accusations. The CDF rejected most of the accusations, and has not revealed which ones he is guilty of. 
The archbishop denies all accusations against him.
The fact that he is allowed to appeal implies that there are some lingering doubts to the sexual allegations.  What I placed in bold are the doubts.  It appears that the Tribunal rejected MOST of the accusations, but they did not reveal what accusations he is guilty of.  In fact, even the Vatican press release stated that the Archbishop has been found guilty of SOME of the accusations, but did not say which ones.  So, the battle continues on until the final resolutions of the Appeal.  Let us continue to pray for the truth to prevail.

In other News:

The Vatican on Friday removed the suspended Guam archbishop from office and ordered him not to return to the Pacific island after convicting him of some charges in a sex abuse trial.
The Vatican didn't say what exactly Archbishop Anthony Apuron had been convicted of, and the sentence was far lighter than those given high-profile elderly prelates found guilty of molesting minors. It amounts to an early retirement anywhere in the world but Guam, a remote U.S. Pacific territory.
Apuron is 72, while the Vatican retirement age is 75.
The Vatican spokesman declined to comment. Calls placed to the tribunal judge weren't answered. Apuron's whereabouts weren't immediately known.
Pope Francis named a temporary administrator for Guam in 2016 after Apuron was accused by former altar boys of sexually abusing them when he was a priest. Dozens of cases involving other priests on the island have since come to light, and the archdiocese is facing more than $115 million in civil lawsuits alleging child sexual abuse by priests.
Apuron strongly denied the charges and said he was a victim of a "calumny" campaign. He wasn't criminally charged. The statute of limitations had expired.
A statement from the tribunal in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which handles sex abuse cases, said Apuron had been convicted of some of the accusations against him. It said he had been ordered removed from office and could no longer live in the archdiocese of Guam.
The conviction and sentence can be appealed. If Apuron appeals, the penalties are suspended until the case is resolved.
In the past, when an elderly or infirm priest has been convicted by the Vatican of sexually abusing minors, he has often been removed from ministry and sentenced to a lifetime of "penance and prayer." Younger priests convicted of abuse have been defrocked, removed from ministry or forbidden from presenting themselves as priests.
Francis, however, has intervened in a handful of cases to lower sentences, and several high-ranking Vatican prelates oppose defrocking convicted molesters and have long lobbied for more lenient sentences.
In the case of Apuron, no restrictions on his ministry as a priest were announced.

Friday, March 16, 2018

My Response To Grow Up

The following was made by Grow up in faith, which can be found here.  His/Her comments are in red, the blue are quotes from articles, and mine are in black:
Please do not overdo this dear Anonymous! Do you have the blood of Christ circulating in your veins? Really? What you eat or drink goes to your stomach for digestion. This is human biology. 
When we consume the Body of Christ and drink His Blood, it does flow in our veins.  Human biology shows that after the food is digested in the stomach, the food molecules are transported throughout the body via the blood stream.  According to science:
Digested food molecules are absorbed in the small intestine. This means that they pass through the wall of the small intestine and into our bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the digested food molecules are carried around the body to where they are needed.
Since it is Christ's Body and Blood that we consume during the Eucharist, then it is His Body and Blood that flows in our bloodstream.  
Protestants do have their own churches! Why would they need the Catholic church? Why would they follow the Catholic hierarchy when they have their own? If you ask them they'll tell you all churches are the Body of Christ, because all churches are part of the Universal Church of Jesus Christ. All churches are part of the Kingdom of Jesus. They follow their own church, not ours.  
Christ built only ONE Church.  He did not build 25,000 different Christian churches.  It is only in the Catholic Church that one will find the fullness of truth.  Protestant churches only have part of the truth because they have sacred scripture.  And even with that, seven books from their Bible is missing along with parts of Esther and Daniel. As Catholics, Christ called us to evangelize so that the TRUTH would be known.  Can you imagine how Protestant converts like Tim Staples, Steven Ray, and Scott Hahn felt when they realized the truth?  They cried because they finally came home.  We Catholics are called to bring the Truth to our Christian brothers and sisters so they also can come home.  According to Steven Ray:
Our journey to the ancient Church of the first centuries began by seeing the problems within Protestantism — problems that were incurable. If they would have been corrected it would have become Catholic. Sometimes one has to realize they are very sick before they visit a doctor. Janet and I came to realize over time that something was dreadfully wrong with Protestantism.
Protestant converts like Steven Ray have gone on to evangelize our brothers and sisters in other Christian denominations so they can also come home.  The problem is why can't the so-called "traditional" Catholics do the same?  Do you not want them to know the truth?  Do you not want to help our brothers come home to the Catholic Church....the ONLY Church built by Christ?
Protestants are Christians, just like we Catholics, they are our brothers in Christ even if we disagree on things. Christian is who has faith in Jesus and the Creed. We are followers of Jesus who died on the cross for our sins. Jesus died for both Catholics and Protestant. It is not necessary to convert to be saved. It is our hope that we'll be together with our Protestant brothers in heaven. 
Because they are our brothers in Christ, it is all the more reason why we should have an interfaith dialogue with them.  God is the judge.  Yes, it is our hope that we will be together with our Protestant brothers in Heaven, but that does not excuse us from keeping the truth only to ourselves.  
If you want to lay down your life for your enemy, then please do so and I'll admire you for that. How do you do it? Are you going to the war zone? It is not a requirement for either faith or salvation to get killed. Many saints of the Catholic Church lived a long life without sacrificing their life for someone you may call an enemy.  
Who is your enemy if everybody is your neighbor? 
The enemy is Satan who is the deceiver and father of lies.  He deceived our Christian brothers and continues to deceive them to this day. That is the job of Satan.  The question is....what is your job as the member of the one, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church?  The Catholic Church is the only true Church built by Christ Himself.  And this is not an arrogant saying.  That is the truth.  

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Boom Time For Seminaries

Many of us are aware of the shortage of priests.  However, God never abandons His Church.  The growing number of seminaries is an indication that God is calling men to the priesthood.  The Redemptoris Mater Seminary is unique in that it is not only for the Diocese, but also for the universal Church.  The RMS train its priest for missionary work worldwide.  You can find the following story here.

The Seminary of the Good Shepherd in Homebush, which produces priests for service in archdiocesan parishes, is experiencing a renaissance of interest with 51 seminarians from ten dioceses in formation – the largest number the seminary has had in over a decade.
“I believe there was a similar number about ten years ago,” Fr Danny Meagher, Rector of the seminary, told The Catholic Weekly.
This year eight new seminarians entered the Homebush seminary. There will also be two ordinations to the priesthood and seven to the diaconate in 2018.
The seminarians range in age from 21 to 41, and while most were born and bred in Australia, many are from diverse ethnic backgrounds including Vietnamese, Filipino, Iraqi, Ugandan, Nigerian and Italian.
There are also three Sydney seminarians currently undertaking studies in Rome.
“We try to help them come to know themselves better,” Fr Meagher said. “To come to know God better, understand the Church, so they can freely choose to give themselves to God and the Church. And to grow in maturity, goodness and holiness in order to become good compassionate priests.”
Meanwhile, the Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary in Chester Hill – run under the auspices of the Neocatechumenal Way in Australia – has 22 young men from all parts of the world studying for the priesthood.
Founded in Spain in 1968, the Neocatechumenal Way is one of the newest and fastest growing movements in the Church.
While priests ordained from Redemptoris Mater always belong, once ordained, to the Archdiocese of Sydney, they can be released to serve in missionary roles all over the world.
Rector Fr Eric Skruzny said they are expecting another two new-starters to join them this year. The seminarians undertake their studies at the Catholic Institute of Sydney and Notre Dame University.
“The aim is to prepare them to be missionary priests in a changing world,” Fr Skruzny said.
“To prepare them to be ready to confront the challenges of a modern and changing society. To confront the challenges of moral confusion and ignorance. To be merciful and understand the difficulties and pressures for people living in the modern world.”