Monday, March 13, 2017

Jungle Lies

The jungle have been telling lies about Father Edivaldo mainly because they see him as an enemy.  And people usually tell lies about their enemies.  First, they stole a photo from his facebook page of him and his family.  They blurred out the faces of his female relatives in order to mislead people into thinking that he is a womanizer. 

Now, they are spreading false rumors that he was a drunk.  According to Tim Rohr: 
Reading the aviso carefully, it says Waldo was "granted one year leave of absence." This can be interpreted in several ways. But here's what I know. Waldo refused to comply with his assigned duties at DOC. Reports say he showed up drunk often, and often drunk in general. When you have a priest who never should have been a priest in the first place and doesn't want to be a priest anymore, what does a bishop do?

In this case I think Byrnes took the right route of letting Waldo make that decision. Waldo wants out. He didn't go to Denver. He went to Miami which has a bishop who used to "walk" in the way. Next best thing to Apuron. Perhaps this bishop will be the "benevolent bishop" who will take Waldo in, which is necessary before Byrnes can excardinate Waldo. The only other option would be to laicize Waldo, and that would take a lot of work, something Byrnes doesn't want right now. Meanwhile, though, yes, Agana is still responsible for his health care and other stuff, but not his pay because this leave of absence was not the choice of the archdiocese. It was Waldo's own.
Below is a screenshot of Tim's comment in his blog:

There are no reports of Father Edivaldo being drunk.  Father Edivaldo had to pass three or four checkpoints in the Department of Corrections in order to see the inmates.  If he was drunk, he would have been turned away and reported. But there are no reports of him being drunk.  You can also ask Father Jeff personally if there are any reports of Father Edivaldo being drunk.  So, go ahead ask for those reports.  You will not find any.  Do your research instead of swallowing everything the jungle tells you.  Since Father Jeff likes to clarify things, go ahead and ask him yourself if there are any reports of Father Edivaldo being drunk.   


  1. Why does Tim Rohr call Fr. Edi Waldo?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 8:34 am,

      As I mentioned in the OP, people usually tell lies about their enemies. In addition, they also ridicule their enemies through name calling.

    2. One big lie: There is no such thing as absolute truth.
      “There are those who hold to the position that truth is completely subjective, that truth is within the mind of the individual,”
      ”What that ultimately means is truth to a particular person is essentially whatever he wants it to be.

      But may I suggest to you that when it comes to spiritual matters there is an absolute and objective truth, and that truth is very must attainable and understandable.
      It is the truth of God’s word, and we have that truth preserved for us right here in the Bible.
      And please be advised that the truth of God’s Word is infallible and unchangeable.

      It doesn’t change according to one person’s view.
      It doesn’t change according to time or season.
      Truth is truth and will always be truth regardless of our attitude towards it or ignorance of it.

      Likewise, the truth of God’s Word, no matter how it is viewed, will not change.”

    3. Dear Anonymous at 11:45 am,

      Please stay on the OP.

  2. The Jungle is Nothing But Lies

  3. The criminal mindset of Jungle people is duly revealed by their ear deafening silence on this lie. People who lie in the public and then run away as if they did not say anything are not only cowards, they are also criminals! Actually, they always remain silent about all their lies!

    This is so typical of white collar criminals who think they are above the law of the land and the commandments of God.

  4. Sit tight y'all. As Gomer Pyle would say, "surprise, surprise, surprise."