Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Disciples Of Christ

We are called to live out our faith as Christians.  As followers of Christ, we are called to imitate Him and develop an intimate relationship with our Lord. The fruits of the Neocatechumenal Way are found in the conversions of its members and in their humility and love for their neighbors.  It is found in their love for God as they abandoned everything to announce the Gospel to all the nations just as Christ commanded us to do.  According to Catholic News:
Archbishop William Goh shared his vision for the archdiocese and  the New Evangelisation with the Neocatechumenal Way during his first pastoral visit to the group.

Conversion is the “critical point in which a person really becomes a true disciple”, he told the seven communities of the Neocatechumenal Way of Singapore, who are based in the parishes of St Bernadette, St Francis of Assisi, Holy Trinity, Nativity and St Anthony.

True conversion demands an interior conversion of the heart, he said during the meeting at the Office for Young People premises on Dec 16.

People can be traditional Catholics, doing things as a routine with no inner conviction and a lack of an intimate relationship with the Lord, he noted. 

However, radical conversion comes takes place only when the Lord teaches people humility, when God allows events in people’s lives that compel them to rely not on their strength but on His.

The archbishop said that the fruits of deep interior conversion within the Christian community are vocations to the priesthood, and individuals and families who are ready for mission.

He encouraged the Neocatechumenal Way, saying that members are blessed with belonging to a supportive community that will help them grow in discipleship.

During the meeting, the various communities of the Neocatechumenal Way were presented to the archbishop.

 A married couple and a young adult also shared their experiences of how each had experienced Jesus in their crises of faith, sufferings and struggles.

They shared how with the aid of the Word of God, the Eucharist and the community, they were able to experience reconciliation and forgiveness. 
The late Archbishop Gregory Yong welcomed the Neocatechumenal Way to the archdiocese in 1978. The community now has about 300 members comprising families, adults and young people from different walks of life.

The Neocatechumenal Way began in Madrid, Spain, in the early 1960s. Its charism is “to form Christian communities like the Holy Family of Nazareth. That they may live in humility, simplicity and praise and where the other is Christ.”


  1. As in the book of St. James which says "Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works."
    Truly the fruits of the NCW shows the deep faith it holds and it's authenticity. Authenticity which so many holy leaders of the Catholic Church have come to see and confirm.
    John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Pope Francis and so many bishops and cardinals around the world.

  2. “In multi-racial, multi-religious Singapore,” he said, “we cannot afford to be overly permissive in favour of artistic expression at the expense of one’s religion.”

    Madonna’s music and performances were described as blasphemous and disrespectful because of her use of Catholic and Christian symbols.

    There is no neutrality in faith, Archbishop Goh said.

    “Being present at these events is itself a counter-witness.”

    The archbishop added: “Obedience to God and his commandments must come before the arts.”

  3. Church needs correcting Diana. Problem today is pope fails to understand Catholic teaching as our group does. Same with the way lack understanding of Catholic Faith.
    I on the other hand have crystal clear insight into the faith. The church should not support the way. It fails to teach as Christ taught.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 4:08 am,

      You stated that you have a crystal clear insight into the faith. Yet, God never chose you to be the Pope or a bishop. That says a lot.

    2. Ha-ha-ha, that is a good one! The Pope does not understand the Catholic teaching?! Really? Then you should go and tell him what IS Catholic teaching, my friend. Perhaps, he would appreciate it from you!

      Then, perhaps, you should also go to Jesus Christ and tell Him what is true Catholic teaching, because He might also be in error. According to you who has such a crystal clear insight... Thanks God you are around my friend, so you can go and tell everybody about it. Lol.

    3. Diana no doubt in my mind I know Catholic Teaching much better than Pope Francis or Bishop.I have crystal clear vision into Catholic theology which is inspired by my prayer through the Holy Spirit. This makes me inspired to teach through my baptism confirmation. On these grounds alone my inspired thought directs me to teach the way is against the authentic catholic faith. This is why Michael Jude Byrnes and his team are questioning the way.
      As one who is inspired by the Holy Spirt I am duty bound to say the way is not Catholic and it's Sacraments are nothing more than cheese wine evenings with bread. My inspired thought guided by Holy Spirit.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 6:09 AM,

      See my response in the following weblink:


  4. Why are you just posting this pastoral visit from December 2014 now?
    This article was published in January 2015.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 2:20 pm,

      I posted it because it tells the main purpose of the Way. Its purpose still holds true today.

  5. To 6;09am.
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