Thursday, March 30, 2017

Catholic Teaching

This post is in response to an anonymous poster who stated the following:
Diana no doubt in my mind I know Catholic Teaching much better than Pope Francis or Bishop.I have crystal clear vision into Catholic theology which is inspired by my prayer through the Holy Spirit. This makes me inspired to teach through my baptism confirmation. On these grounds alone my inspired thought directs me to teach the way is against the authentic catholic faith. This is why Michael Jude Byrnes and his team are questioning the way.
As one who is inspired by the Holy Spirt I am duty bound to say the way is not Catholic and it's Sacraments are nothing more than cheese wine evenings with bread. My inspired thought guided by Holy Spirit.
This is my response:

Dear Anonymous at 6:09 AM, 

First of all, we know for a fact that Christ made the Apostle Peter the leader of the Apostles.  In the Gospel of John, Christ instructed Peter and only Peter to take care and feed His entire flock. He also gave Peter and only Peter the key to Heaven. This key symbolized authority. Therefore, Christ did create a hierarchy within His Church.  Your saying that you know better than the Pope and the Bishops indicates not only pride (which is the worst sin) but against the teaching authority of the the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. By declaring that your insights of knowing more than the Pope and the Bishops comes from the Holy Spirit, you are essentially saying that everyone should listen to you rather than the Pope and Bishops.

Secondly, the Holy Spirit never inspired anyone to go against the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Nowhere in Sacred Scripture or the Catechism of the Catholic Church does it ever say to disobey the Pope and the Bishops. This is not Catholic Teaching. Even Christ instructed His disciples to listen to the Pharisees because they sat in the chair of Moses (Matthew 23:2-3). Today, that chair is the seat of the Apostle Peter.  Today, Pope Francis sits in that chair as the Vicar of Christ.

Finally, all four Popes including Pope Francis approved of the Neocatechumenal Way and regard it as Catholic. Archbishop Byrnes have also publicly stated that the NCW is Catholic.  Their declarations carry more weight.  Why? Because Christ told His Apostles (who were Bishops) that whoever listens to them listens to Him (Luke 10:16). 

You are following a leader who have already declared Rome to be corrupted. You follow a leader who made himself to be God because he believes he is the only one who can cleanse and save the Church. 


  1. 6:09am.
    Are you saying you are inspired by the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit inspired the sacred writers of Scripture. Are you saying your inspiration is on this same level of inspired teaching? This is dangerous thinking. Pride yes. You are placing yourself above the Church pope. Serious sin.
    NCW is Catholic. You have no authority to teach anything other. you are in serious sin to go around teaching what you do.


    1. anon @ 8;18a,
      You know what your problem is, that you attribute it to us. We aren't saying anything. The POPEs, and the Holy Roman Catholic Church are saying the NCW is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Unlike you, we do not confirm ourselves. It is the CATHOLIC CHURCH which confirms that the NCW is inspired by the holy spirit. The minute they say otherwise we will happily obey.
      BTW if you knew history you would know it was also the Popes and Church who confirmed what texts from Gospels where inspired by the Holy Spirit and which where not. Ever heard of the New Testament apocrypha, which where other Gospels that where not considered inspired by the holy spirit.

  2. He/she Rohr Disciple.

    1. Better to be a Rohr Disciple than a Kiko worshipper.

    2. Dear Anonymous at 12:44 pm,

      The NCW never worshipped Kiko. That is simply another false rumor spread by the jungle. However, the fact that you admit to being a disciple of Tim Rohr only proves that we are correct in that you follow him.......and that is not a false rumor since you just verified it.

    3. The problem is an unconditional obedience to someone who has dubious understanding of the Bible. The Catholic Church laid out point by point what should be taught at catechism. The Directory of Kiko had to be corrected by Vatican Dicasteries before they were ever approved. His interpretations go against the Church's teaching. He refused to publish the corrected version.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 9:15 am,

      The OP is not about the Directory. Please stick to the OP. It should be obvious that some Catholics on Guam believe that they do not need the Pope and Bishops to guide them so long as they claim to have the Holy Spirit. This is not and never has been Catholic Teaching.

    5. Anon @ 9:59 am
      The current directory is the corrected version. I have read both, and other than some grammatical changes, and rewording they are almost identical. You make accusation based on information you do not have. They are all assumptions.
      The vatican has read all the directories of the NCW, approved and written side comments on how joyful and refreshing the NCW is. These where responses from the congregation for the doctrine of the faith, which is the highest authority on Catholic Doctrine.
      So again you are spreading lies based on assumptions with lack of information.

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