Friday, March 31, 2017

EWTN Episodes Of The Neocatechumenal Way

Dear Brothers,

We were contacted some time ago by EWTN following up after the first episodes that they broadcasted about the Neocatechumenal Way, they told us that they received a lot of positive feedback from everyone and were interested in doing a couple more episodes that would present different aspects of the Way. We suggested two ideas: The Missio ad Gentes and The Transmission of Faith to our Children. They were enthusiastic and asked us to proceed.

We wanted to send out the information to view these new episodes for all the brothers and sisters in the communities who are interested:

Currently the first episode for Neocatechumenal Way is scheduled to air beginning Sunday, April 2. The second episode is scheduled to begin Sunday, May 7. It will be available at the below times for everyone who gets the EWTN chanel on their cable system:

Sundays at 5:00pm Eastern Time
Tuesdays at 5:00am Eastern Time
Fridays at 10:00pm Eastern Time

For those who do not get EWTN on their cable system, The Church Universal can be live streamed on the internet at the above times/days by going to the link at

Please send this information to the brothers and sisters in your communities.



  1. Is it Sunday Guam time or Sunday state side time

  2. Dear Diana,
    When we are teachers, we are responsible before God for presenting the Truth. With EWTN's upcoming broadcast re the NCW's teachings, and the viewing public's inevitable acceptance that what EWTN airs is True, I hope those responsible for sharing what is true will make it known that the NCW does not have permission for the additions and deletions in their Mass. Then let the people decide if they want to join a group that forbids worshiping Our Lord on our knees during the Eucharistic Prayer, and that forbids Communion on the Tongue, and that insists that everyone consumes the Eucharist sitting down,together with the priest,......etc
    This important fact was conveniently left out in their first show on Church Universal.

    1. Anon @151pm

      And where did you find that the NCW has added and deleted certain parts of the Mass?

      1. The NCW shares a brief introduction/invitation before the readings. This is not something just allowed for the NCW specifically. Actually this is afforded to everyone, your pastor just has to want it. refer to the GIRM
      2. The NCW moves the Kiss of Peace to right after the Prayer of the Faithful/Universal Prayer right before the Liturgy of the Eucharist. refer to the statutes of the NCW.
      3. The NCW receives the Eucharist standing, remaining at their place with the presider approaching the communicant, the Eucharist is consumed while still standing. refer to the statutes of the NCW.
      4. Try to understand that the Eucharistic celebration we are to be a sign of unity, that although very much diverse we are united. Our postures should try to reflect that unity. Im not sure if you see how at any regular parish mass, every one is doing their own thing. Some stand & Some Kneel, some bow & some genuflect, some sing & some dont, some receive on the tongue & some on the hand. You see where Im going with this? Wheres the sign of community? of unity? None. Wala! In the NCW community Eucharist, everyone is of one accord and it is beautiful. refer to the GIRM.

      The problem is that yes we(you and I) were taught Catholicism by our grandparents and there is nothing wrong directly with that. They transmitted what they knew and were taught. The thing we have to realize is that that way of practicing our religion was not the only way. Just because the NCW approaches catholicism from a different angle doesnt mean that it is wrong. All the NCW is doing is trying to increase our faith so that we can enter religion with a better of understanding. The reality is that we were given a religion and were told to gain faith afterwards, can it be the reverse? Gain Faith and practice religion. Then we can enter the sacraments more fully, truly believing.

      -Jokers Wild

  3. Dear Anonymous at 1:51 pm,

    Church Universal did not conveniently leave that out simply because the first show was about the Great Mission, not about the liturgy.

  4. Dear Diana, in regards to your not posting my entries.(which are not mean-spirited or foul-mouthed)
    Please post the truth so that the NCW members can make up their own mind.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 1:44 pm,

      Your posts were not published because they were accusations against the Way without any substantial evidence. If you want to post accusatory comments against the Way, you can always go to the Junglewatch blog and post there.

  5. Looks like Rohr's Junglewatch Followers are posting in AP.
    Small in number loud in social media. Rebels trouble makers to highest degree.

    1. Anon @ 2:53 AM are you referring to the article "Guam Catholic Church sees a "perfect storm" of controversy "? I'm sorry to disappoint you but it wasn't the Small in number loud in social media who are posting in AP as you claim.
      It is a news article that was carried by Associated Press, Fox News, and other respected international newspapers.