Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Failure Of Mr. White

In his attempt to destroy Father Luis and remove him from youth ministry, Chuck White wrote to the Bishop of Qatar.  However, his efforts to have Father Luis removed FAILED. The Bishop wrote back to Chuck White.  The following letter was from Bishop Camillo Ballin to Chuck White:

Subject: Re: Fr. Luis Camacho, Our Lady of the Rosary, Dofa, Qatar
From: Bishop Camillo
To: Charles White
Mr (?) Fr. (?) Charles White,
I received your e-mail with the links.
Why do you spread over all the world what is strictly personal to Fr. Luis? I am now his Bishop; do you think that I don’t know his situation and why he is here in my Vicariate? Do you think that I am so imprudent as to accept a priest without knowing his personal background? So, why, do you send to me and to others all this information which is very partial? What is your aim in doing that? The good of Fr. Luis, or of the Church? It is not you who is in charge to save the Church in my Vicariate. Be ashamed! If you are without sin, be the first to throw a stone at him!
+ Camillo Ballin
Bishop Camillo Ballin, mccj
Apostolic Vicar of Northern Arabia
(Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia)
Bishop’s House
P. O. Box 25362
Road 4603, House 137 / 125 Block 946
AWALI (Bahrain)
Website: www.avona.org
Kudos to Bishop Camillo Ballin for his courageous reply!!!  Furthermore, I also found Joker's comment very interesting.  His comment can be found here. (The spacing is mine.)

Easter Greetings!

I apologize for not having been around for some time but I was off-island preparing for our WYD pilgrimage to Poland. In spite of this I would like to relay some important information.

As you know, Father Luis has been under attack over at that other blog and this is only because they are very desperate and have become reckless in their efforts to destroy the local church. Although their attempts will go down in history, it should be everyones hope that it stays only in those historical files, never to be opened again.

I would like to share that one of their last attempts to destroy was thrown out the window again. In an attempt to tarnish the reputation of Father Luis one of their cohort members was able to get a correspondence with Bishop of Qatar, Bishop Camillo Ballin. It was unsuccessful because in it Bishop Ballin only reminded the poor guy that Father Luis does not pose any threat to his youth because there is no history of Him being a sexual predator. In Bishop Ballins response he also shares yet reminds the poor guy of the GPD report that we already know of.

You see this will never make the headlines of those blogs because it discredits them yet again.

It is very sad what these people are doing and I can only HOPE that Father Luis is not discouraged by the attacks brought on by these sick people.

I also would want to point out that it has always been their scheme to apply a sexual context to every situation. This only means that they are deprived, purely perverted or they have a closeted sexual identification.

As I have said in the past, Mr. Ror sent a FOIA letter to GPD and in it he found nothing and yet he continues to imply that Father Luis was caught in a sexual act with the girl.

They were always wrong since the beginning. They also said that the girl and her family are under the control of Father Pius hence them not pursuing any legal action. This wasnt true again. In looking into this further I was able to find out that the girl nor anyone in her immediate family members were members of any NCW community. The other thing I found ironic, was that because of the media coverage and attacks from that blog, this girl and her family should be traumatized by the whole situation and would stay clear of anything having to do with it. Well, as we all remember, the sandwich shop in agat was said to be one of their stops before the beach, low and behold, the young woman soon after becomes an employee of the restaurant. Very ironic dont you think.

They should be reminded that in their attempts to crucify Father Luis they are forgetting about the girl and her family. Selfish I'd say.

-Jokers Wild


  1. Thank You Diana for sharing the email. Be ready for them to drag it into junglewatch again. I can almost predict the commenters. I wonder what will Ror say now?
    I laugh every time they assume Im Father Adrian.
    I always wondered why they have a problem with the Archbishop and the NCW. I figured it out a long time ago. As long as they think that the NCW is not within the Catholic Church then everything we do will be a problem. End of story, no need to try and convince them otherwise. So of course they will have a problem with the RMS being given perpetual use of the Yona property. They will never understand the way in which we receive communion in the Saturday Eucharist too. My worry continues to be on all the poor/gullible/uninformed victims of their plight. What will they do in the end? They say the end will be when the island is rid of the NCW, this will never happen. The Holy Spirit is upon the NCW and none else will prevail. Poor souls! The church will always be open to them. Little do they see that all they have begun is to start and promote the protestant movement. They are doing nothing but protesting against the church. The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, founded on Jesus Christ. God be with them!

    Let us continue to pray for Archbishop in this time.

    -Jokers Wild

  2. Chuck white is nothing but a second hand to Tim Rohr

  3. If he was so innocent, why did he resign and leave the island?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 5:50 am,

      To save the soul of the girl who had a crush on him.

  4. Oh Dear...foot on both of their mouth!

  5. In one of the passages of “El Quijote”, Don Quijote in his quest, when passing through a village in Spain was encountered by a pack of dogs barking at him and his assistant, and he told Sancho Panza, “Sancho, the dogs are barking, it means that we are moving forward.” Keep this is mind, as Rohr's dogs bark at you in your search for truth, dear Diana

  6. Chuck white was not the only failure. LFM fundraiser on Sunday was a total flop. It was unsuccessful. Another failure is Bob Klitzke. He failed big time because the AG has spoken.

    1. Aren't they (Jungle)tired dung keep hitting them a face? Rohr called Bishop Ballin a donkey? He lost it to use profanity in his blog. Tai respetu! Hey CCOG, LFM or whatever you are... is this a leader you follow????

  7. Dear Anonymous, the way Rohr is treating Archbishop Ballin of Quatar is simply inadmissible. Rohr now complains that he feels alone because he was abandoned by the clergy an the religious. It is too bad he does not want to look into the reason.

    The reason is his losing of all moral boundaries resulting in an unmitigated flood of hardcore profanity in furious anger. JW people are competing now in how lower they still can go. It is very disappointing. Nobody can truly identify with this furious anger that is clearly taking the better half of Rohr.

    Whatever happened between Fr. Luis and the 17 years old girl on Guam is none of the business of JW. The family did not pursue legal action. Who is Rohr to demand legal charges against Fr. Luis? In the Year of Mercy, Archbishop Ballin showed great mercy toward a honestly and deeply repentant priest, Fr. Luis by giving him another chance of proving his priestly abilities. Who are these JW people to demolish God's mercy on Earth and to destroy a life by merciless character assassination?

    This is not the first time I am saying that JW is not the proper place for reasonable and meaningful criticism of the practices of NCW. I could bring up many issues that in my opinion NCW does not treat right as a Catholic organization. However, I keep silent now because I am abhorred by what I have to read from the most vocal adversaries of NCW over at JW. I want to keep distance from that extremely vicious influence.

    Perhaps, we need to wait a little more until a meaningful and constructive conversation between the NCW and the Catholic people at the parishes could be initiated.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:02 am,

      Perhaps, you need a new leader who is willing to listen to reason. The person currently taking the lead is mentally unstable and in need of help, while his closest companions (Chuck White and Bob Klitzke) are in total denial.

    2. Tim Rohr has never been my leader... He is a gifted person though. Unfortunately, he is misusing what was given to him and this will be his undoing.