Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Archdiocese Seeks To Dispel Lies

Archdiocese seeks to dispel "lies"

Posted: Apr 12, 2016 1:20 PMUpdated: Apr 12, 2016 1:20 PM

Fr. Edivaldo da Silva and Father Adrian Cristobal spoke before island Rotarians this afternoon about the history of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona.  The property has been at the center of controversy for several months as many have questioned whether the property still belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana.   Former Sen. Bob Klitzkie discovered an error on the certificate title for the seminary property.
The Department of Land Management worked with the Archdiocese to correct the error.  Sen. Klitzkie however believes the matter should have been resolved through the judicial process rather than administratively.   Attorney Jackie Terlaje also appeared before Rotarians saying they want to dispel the lies. She says they can reassure the public the seminary property is owned by the Archdiocese, and they have the legal documents proving it.  

Update:  KUAM has corrected the error in their news report.  KUAM previously wrote that Jackie Terlaje stated that she does not officially represent the Archdiocese. Jackie never made that statement, and KUAM has corrected the error.  


  1. For someone who is not the attorney for the archdiocese, Jackie seems to be involved more then she lets on.

  2. Diana here are the real facts:

    YOU ordered the certificate of title with the missing memorial.
    YOU paid for the certificate of title with the missing memorial.
    YOU received the certificate of title with the missing memorial.
    YOU knew the memorial was missing (or else you are a really bad attorney).
    YOU gave the certificate with the missing memorial to the Vicar General.
    YOU saw that the certificate with the missing memorial, which you gave to the chancery, was published in the Umatuna.
    YOU were sent the amended version of the certificates with the handwritten INCORRECT memorial by the Deputy Registrar of Titles.
    YOU did nothing about the error until Bob Klitzie made the issue publicly known (I will detail later how we know this).
    YOU "worked something out" with the Assistant AG, Kristan Finney, which circumvented the law for correcting certificates of title.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:32 am,

      So now, you think I am Jackie Terlaje????? I am not Jackie. And it does not matter to me whether you believe that or not. The jungle has always been playing their guessing game, and they are still wrong.

    2. Everyone can detect now the insanity of accusations these people keep making. But Rohr has true allies who genuinely want to help him. It is his family who do worry about his mental condition. There is an assumption that key players in this story have obtained some interesting information, probably leaked by Rohr's family, in order to save him and bring him back home.

      A senator downgraded his inquiry from oversight to information meeting. He and others must have heard about the history of Rohr's mental state from genuine sources, clarifying the reasons of his one-sided actions and manipulative zeal. We start to see a person completely transparent in front of you. This person is in bad need of mercy and a protection to save himself from his own escalating actions.

    3. Yep, this is the correct diagnosis! The guy is falling apart in front of our eyes.

  3. Trolls at the jungle troll blog continue trolling their souls away to the devil. Their frustration is blowing out in desperate trolling. But this won't help. Whatever a troll is able to do is just trolling. It is amusing they think they are good Catholics. Good Catholic trolls?! Rofl!

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:18 am,

      They always say that they are going to bring a lawsuit against the Archbishop to get the property back. So, what is keeping them? It has already been three years. Here is a suggestion, CCOG can hire Bob Klitzke as their lawyer. Money should not be an obstacle.

      I have noticed that when the Archdiocese remains silent, the jungle gets angry. But when the Archdiocese comes out to speak, they get hysterical.

    2. What the jungle is producing is nothing more than typical troll behavior. They are out there to cause damage to the church and create scandal by any means possible. They don't have to pay the price as they hide behind the skirt of their chief puppet troll master.

      Well, if so, then they should all be treated exactly as trolls: shut the wagon door on them so they remain inside trapped in their troll asylum forever!

    3. I have an idea of what may happen if this matter goes to court with Bob Klitzie representing the jungle, CCOG and LFM. If the court rules in their favor, they will praise the court for their wisdom in rendering a great decision. But if the court rules in favor of the Archdiocese, they will accuse the court of being in the back pocket of the Archdiocese and criticize the court's inept thinking in reaching a stupid decision. And should this go to the Guam Supreme Court, the same thing may happen. When does this lunacy end? Yes, I believe there are trolls creating a firestorm just to destroy our local Guam church.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 1:08 pm,

      I see your point. When the courts rule in favor of the Archbishop, they will only end up accusing the NCW of infiltrating the courts.

      Yes, they are trying to destroy the local Church. I read in Tim's blog that he is encouraging people not to donate to their parish at all so the parish would close down. He said if closing down the parishes is what it takes to get Rome's attention, then so be it.

    5. Trolls JW work 24/7
      When do they eat or sleep?

    6. Trolls don't sleep

  4. Yes Diana, they should all stop donating to their parishes. Wait, what parishes do they attend? Friary aint a parish. Most of them (jungle bloggsters haha) go to the capuchin parishes, so I guess they'll be the first shut down. What are they gonna do then? Toto can only take so much, they already have a growing number from the migrant community but as Rev. Fr, Michael says, "ALL ARE WELCOME". Saint Anthony's can take them also but its already a "fill up and go" at the parish mass, everyone speeding out after communion, no one waits for the end of Mass.
    These people dont realize that in their attempt to kick out the NCW, the only ones they are kicking out are themselves thereby making Pope Francis' ministry easier. Hes only been saying this since the beginning of his pontificate, that the church needs to move.

    What Rome will see is this:

    1. The traditional Parish approach is no longer working.
    2. There is an even greater rise in baptized who are not practicing.
    3. They are no longer going to the temples.
    4. The temple must come to them.
    5. Smaller intimate communities must be formed.
    6. Missionaries must go out more even into civilized areas.
    7. There needs to be more vocations to fill the needs of these smaller communities.
    8. The NCW is the only vital answer to this problem.

    So let us just wait and watch it all unfold.

    -Jokers Wild

    1. Your arrogance is unbecoming of a priest. If you think the NCW has clean hands in all of this, you are lying to yourself as well as to others. It is quite clear that the NCW is an infection that causes its members to lose all common sense and all morality except that which is given to them in the official party line. Yes, let us wait and see - I suspect your laughter and self-satisfaction might be cut short.

    2. What arrogance? and I aint no priest by the way. Who fed you that information? Do I have to be an ordained priest to know what I am talking about?
      Your response is very defensive because you see the possibility, wait, the reality!
      I dont laugh at any of this Im instead quite saddened at how many victims have fell for the pyramid scheme of Ror. You are nothing but numbers to him. You do not represent the church, rather you represent a rise in page views, his latest boast is that he has reached 5 million views. If you want to continue being referred to as a mere number on a page then proceed to the jungle.
      Now if you want to be enlightened spiritually, if you want to experience faith then come on over. The NCW has three more sundays of the great mission and numbers dont matter. The communities evangelize whether there is 100 or even 1. Didnt Jesus leave the flock to seek out that one lost sheep?
      If you'd rather accuse me of loosing all common sense than realize that my comment was ALL COMMON SENSE then so be it.
      Let me remind you again, the Archdiocese has been upfront about everything but no one has chosen to see the truth. People would rather listen to a blogger who comes up with the most entertaining propaganda. A blogger who at one time was one of the best AMWAY reps on island. If you didnt know, that company was found to be a front to recruit unbeknownst people to their church. So if this is the history that you would rather depend on then go right ahead.

      -Jokers Wild

  5. It is important that these incidents of priests be aired out as that is the only responsible way to draw these immoral priests.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 5:17 pm,

      It is important to let the authorities do their jobs rather than play vigilante.

    2. What are you talking about 5.17pm?
      Who are the immoral priests you refer?