Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jungle Abuses The Elderly

There was a protest by LFM this morning at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.  This protest was held by elderly people.  The police was called because it was not a peaceful protest.  They have gone inside the property of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary and even BLOCKED traffic.  

The law states that all demonstrations are to be conducted on public property, and that all demonstrations are to be peaceful.  There is nothing peaceful about blocking traffic and not allowing people to pass through to get to their destination.  LFM has violated the law. 

On the other hand, another issue has been raised.  These protesters from LFM are elderly folks protesting under the hot sun and rain.  If one of them collapses due to weather conditions, the jungle would jump at the chance of blaming the Archbishop.  But WHO was the one who brainwashed them to protest in the first place?  It was the jungle. 

They have targeted the elderly folks and brainwashed them just like Adolf Hitler targeted the impressionable youths (18 and 19 years old) into his army.  Where are the younger folks of the jungle who brainwashed the elderly folks?  Why are they not out under the hot sun and rain protesting and blocking traffic?  Why are they sending out the elderly folks?  Where is Monsignor James?  Where is Father Paul?  Where is Deacon Steve Martinez?  Where is Tim Rohr?  Why are they abusing our elderly by sending them out under the hot sun and rain and in the midst of traffic to protest?  Why are they recruiting the elderly folks to do their dirty work?   

I have said this before in my blog.  The protesters are violating the law when they are on church grounds distributing their pamphlets.  Freedom of expression is allowed, but there are certain restrictions.  One cannot protest on private grounds without the permission of the owner.  The pastor has jurisdiction over his church grounds and has a duty to protect his flock.  People cannot just walk into Church property and do whatever they want without the permission of the pastor. 

The reason the protesters are getting as bold as they are now is simply because they saw that they were able to get away with violating the law. It will only be a matter of time when they enter INSIDE the Church before or during Mass to distribute their pamphlets.  All they had to do was brainwash the elderly into thinking that all "Neo parishes" are not Catholic, and this is already being done by both Tim Rohr and Chuck White.  Once they are brainwashed into believing that Barrigada Church, Chalan Pago Church, Agana Church, Agat Church, etc. are not Catholic, it will make it easier for them to distribute their pamphlets inside the Church.      

Calling the police on the protesters who blocked traffic this morning at the RM Seminary was the proper thing to do.  It was done not only to protect the seminary, but ALSO to protect the elderly protesters who stood in the way of traffic.  The jungle, on the other hand, are abusing our elderly by sending them out to protest in such manner where they can be hurt or killed as they block traffic.   


  1. And describing these "elderly" people as being brainwashed is not abusing them?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:46 am,

      The truth is not abuse. It was the truth that Hitler brainwashed a lot of 18 and 19 year old teenagers into his army and into killing millions of people. It is the truth that Rev. Jim Jones brainwashed his congregation into committing suicide. It is the truth that the jungle has also brainwashed elderly folks into endangering their lives by standing in the way of traffic.

    2. It is the truth that you and the other die-hard NCW members have been brainwashed, but I have heard you and others object to that description - even calling it "persecution".

      Your implications that these "elderly folks" can't even manage to avoid traffic is highly insulting. They ought to be commended for standing up for what they believe in, even if you don't agree with them.

      I can certainly commend the NCW mission families and catechists for having the courage to speak about their faith - even given the fact that it is not the Catholic faith that they hold, and that they have been railroaded into heresy.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 11:10 am,

      The NCW is not being persecuted because of the "name-calling." The persecution takes place when the Archbishop's tires are slashed, when a petition is circulated banning the NCW from their parish, when pamphlets are distributed illegally in our parishes, when protesters show up to disrupt birthday parties or travel, when confidential information of our travels are stolen and published, etc.

      What is insulting is SENDING out elderly folks to block traffic. I would never send out my grandmother to protest under a hot sun. I would do it myself.

    4. Yes, but would you stop your grandmother if she wanted to do it herself? Which would be more insulting - allowing your grandmother to do what she believes is the right thing, or telling her she is too old and weak?

    5. Dear Anonymous at 11:54 am,

      Yes, I would because I care about her health. Being much younger, I would take her place. And my grandmother would be in the comfort of her home praying for my success. So, where is Monsignor James, Father Paul, Deacon Steve, Tim Rohr, and the younger folks of the jungle? Why are they recruiting the elderly for their army to do their dirty work while they sit in comfort?

    6. 11:54,

      Your logic is dumb. Just stop.

    7. Where is there Tim Jones Rohr leader,I don't see Tim holding up no sign, the Roads were made for cars.... what's next Tim Jones have the old folks drink poison Kool-Aid, and blame it on the bishop to.just leave the Guam people'' A L O N E''


  2. There is nothing wrong in sending lolas to block traffic. What is wrong with this. The cars need only blow the horn and they will move. This is not an traffic violation. What is the problem?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 1:50 pm,

      As a person gets older, their hearing and eyesight tends to go. In other words, many of our elderly cannot hear very well. And you think that all the cars needed was to blow their horns???


    2. I agree diana there must be safety measures for old. Hooting a horn may not be the best way. It sounds ridiculous mentality to me.
      I suggest you do not encourage horn blowing. Cant you just ask them not to protest. This is dangerous on that curved road around RMS gate. Thank you. Concerned person.

    3. Old people have poor hearing diana. I do not think it safe to say blow car horn and they will move. The road to RMS gate twists turns. I do not feel safe leting my mom drice their alone early morning.
      It be best to ask our lolas not to attend.

    4. Dean anons,

      I'd be pissed if I had nothing to do with this situation and people were blocking the road! Why do I have to blow my horn? Just GET OFF THE ROAD! Simple. Don't go making me, someone who isn't even involved with this, have to do something for you all. GET OUT OF MY WAY. I WANT TO DRIVE HOME WITHOUT THE OPTION TO BLOW MY HORN.

    5. Thankyou 11.28pm. Horn blowing is to protect our old people as they protest. Hearing horn they will move away from the gate. Only protection.
      My advise is to still blow your horn in the area of RMS. Protestors will move when horns are sounded.
      I hope this helps you. Archbishop also asked for horn blowing to safe guard the old.

    6. 1:50 PM did you get a permit to block the road ? and to protest. the road are for cars not for people to block it with Tim-R signs.very dangerous to the old folks,but you think Tim cares,just nothing but getting back at the bishop.just a man with no Horn >>>>>>>>>>>>


  3. Diana the old people can sit at the gate. Infact more old people want to attend the gate coffee gathering. Yes i am concerned about safety but im asking that drivers to and from the RMS gate please sound their car horns for precaution of the elderly who will sit their. Im being told many more to jointrying to.atrange coffee donuts for 100 old people planning to join.
    RMS is respinsibke for safety also so. please ask drivers to be careful. Should an old person be hit by a car Archbishop is responsible.


  4. Its on Kuam evening news again.
    Now this is second time. Protests should stop now.

  5. They claim to be part of the church as catholics wich is good.... but i would worry about thier motives which was exposed at airport... i would have called police too as precaution...
    Not acting like a catholic.....christian to be exact...
    What a shame.....I dont want to be a part of them anymore......
    Im out.....
    Will pray for them and also the ncw....

  6. Im a young person and didnt agree with what my elders are doing....doesnt seem right....just my personal gut feeling.....but they are thier own person with thier own mind....
    Lord hear our prayers.....

  7. For the first three centuries, the Church was persecuted.

    The first 33 Popes were all martyred.

    We, the NCW are happy that we are being persecuted. We do not deserve this honor.

    John 15:20 : Remember what I told you: 'A servant is not greater than his master.' If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.”

  8. This is embarrassing. This is just hatred. I used to admire Tim Rohr and Chuck White for their previously thoughtful words. Now it is just plain hate and twisting of the truth for their own vengeful purposes. Why? I don't know anymore. I'm out. No more following them or being part of the once peaceful protests. I'm really ashamed now of believing these guys.

  9. Klitzkie saying that protesters have a right to be at seminary because they are catholic. Who is he trying to fool?? Hah....what a joke!! On local TV too.....Give it up already.....
    An excuse on TV to cover how foolish the protesters look.....
    I would call police too.... as anon 6:16 said...

  10. Now they are throwing the "its our right, since its ours". That has childish written all over it but then again as you get older the mind tends to reverse to younger years. If we were to use their logic then every parish and its rectory should be open for all who claim to be Catholic, to roam freely because we own it.
    There wouldnt have been any problem if in fact they were peacefully protesting but the truth revealed itself in their embarrassing protest at the airport arrivals area then repeated again that morning at the seminary.
    In a recent protest a woman had entered the church and began yelling at the priest only to be reminded that they were in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and if they could relocate to an area to avoid the disrespect towards Jesus' real presence. Her tone of voice and words were not needed to draw any more attention because the congregation had already exited and only the priest and one other non-neo parishioner remained inside.
    Our call to not resist this evil is allowing the truth to be revealed.
    God definitely has a plan in all this and who knows maybe we will see saints come out of it as did happen when the first foreigners came to our shores to plant the seed of faith. Now the foreigners who have come to maintain, to nurture, to turn the stagnant soil are being persecuted, being murdered. This time again there are the locals who support but there will always be resistance from some.
    History repeats itself!

    -Jokers Wild

    1. Dear Jokers Wild,

      They are losing ground ever since that incident at the airport. Members of LFM are embarrassed by the childish behavior and leaving. It is the "hardcore" participants (such as the officers of LFM) that will remain. They are now resorting to violence because they are losing ground.


  11. Situation is embarrassing
    Protestors look foolish
    Protestors only a face of ones behind this. Real haters behind this never seen at RMS property.

  12. Protestors losing ground.
    They are deludional closed to reality.