Friday, April 15, 2016

Another Lie Found In the Jungle

Under the thread of my last post, it was made clear that it was the jungle who created the sex abuse allegation.  This allegation never came from the police or the Archdiocese of Agana. However, the jungle is trying to blame the Archbishop for something they are responsible for.  According to Tim Rohr (the bold is mine): 
It is not we who have incriminated Father Luis, it is the Archbishop of Agana. And here's why:........... 
On March 18, 2015, the Archbishop of Agana announced that he had "initiated a canonical investigation" into the matter which led to the arrest of Fr. Luis Camacho. In doing so, the Archbishop implicitly admits that there was "suspected sexual misconduct."

 The following is what the Archbishop ACTUALLY stated in his letter:
The archdiocese has initiated a canonical investigation and is cooperating fully with civil authorities.
The phrase "into the matter which led to the arrest of Fr. Luis Camacho" was put in by Tim Rohr himself.  The police made the Archdiocese aware of Father Luis' arrest, which was "custodial interference." No mention or implication were ever made of any type of sexual activity by the police or the Archdiocese.  A canonical investigation was conducted because ANY ARREST of a pastor is a scandal.  For example, if a pastor was found inside a strip bar, that is a scandal which can lead to disciplinary measures.   

 The FIRST time any implication of sex was mentioned between the girl and Father Luis was in the jungle.  On March 18, 2015 (the day after Father Luis was arrested), Tim Rohr wrote in his blog (the bold is mine):
Archbishop Apuron, 

You have a responsibility to confirm or deny the veracity of this incident. Because the girl was of the age of consent, there is no crime (if in fact she consented), and no way for the public to verify the truth or falsity of this incident.............I can tell you exactly how the chancery is going to spin this.

There's no getting around the truth of the matter. So they are going to say that they are taking this very seriously, that they have a policy of zero tolerance, that they will investigate the incident, blah, blah, blah....and then he'll disappear like Wadeson.

As anyone can clearly see, the very FIRST implication of sex between Father Luis and the girl was made in the jungle on exactly SAME DAY that Deacon Steve Martinez submitted a child abuse report against Father Luis to the Archdiocese and to CPS.  These allegations came from the jungle, and these allegations were made without any investigations on their part.  

Therefore, Tim Rohr lied when he blamed the Archbishop for implying sexual abuse.  It was Tim Rohr who perpetrated a horrific injustice on Father Luis by creating this scandal of sexual activity and finding him guilty without the due process of a trial.  In fact, they even identified the sexual ACT!!!  Imagine that!!!  It was Deacon Steve who actually identified the sexual ACT.  According to Pacific News Center (the Bold is mine):
 Deacon Steve alleges that, based on his understanding, Father Luis and the student engaged in oral sex.    
BASED ON HIS UNDERSTANDING?????  In other words, the jungle conducted no investigation nor did they witness any sexual activity.  The Deacon's  "understanding" was enough to incriminate Father Luis of a sexual act. 

Furthermore, this comment made by Joker's Wild says it all.  His whole comment can be found here: 

Readers need to be reminded that the scandal of sexual activity was created by the jungle. GPD never said that Fr. Luis was caught in the act. It was the popular commenters over at the jungle who started that rumor. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Its understood when silence brings reason for scandal but to place scandal because of outward motives is scandalous in itself. They are responsible for that and should take ownership of the scandal they created. Instantly, the archdiocese released a statement on the matter but they( jungle people) decided they were not satisfied with it as in all things and took the matter into their own hands. So the Archdiocese did their part and have no fault in the rumors that are being passed around.


  1. You know Diana, the whole point is a priest was caught at a beach with a minor and eventually arrested. It shouldn't take over a year to investigate if there is no wrong doing. Wouldn't you think?

    Why also would brother tony accept Louis's resignation IF you believe he'd done nothing wrong?

    Then why would brother tony send Luis into hiding only to be found while an investigation is still ongoing? Shouldn't any investigation be completed first before allowing the accused back to work? Even normal people accused of anything are automatically removed from their duties till an investigation is completed. That's just the right thing to do. Especially when a minor is involved. Management has a responsibility to investigate and if you honestly believe Luis is so innocent, then why would management still be dragging its feet on a simple investigation that would've cleared him of ANY wrongdoing. Wouldn't you think?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 4:19 am,

      Please stick to the OP.

    2. Dear Diana, I did stick to the OP. You just never answered any of the questions. Why are you avoiding it? Is the truth and a complete investigation warranted when a priest is arrested?

    3. Seems like you Diana are just looking to protect the handling of Luis's case when brother tony was the one who initiated the investigation after Luis was arrested for being with a minor at a beach. Does it really take that long to investigate if you honestly believe Luis is so innocent? Remember, the world is reading and watching. I just hope you, Diana, are honest about your views on the handling of this case by the archdiocese. The point is there was an investigation into Luis and till this day it's still not resolved and it doesn't matter whether it's petty or very offensive, someone needs to complete the investigation and put this whole issue to rest.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 7:30 am,

      No, you did not. The OP is about the jungle claiming that it was the Archbishop who FIRST brought up the implication of a sexual activity when in fact it was the jungle who did that.

    5. Dear Anonymous at 9:40 am,

      Why are you so anxious for the investigation to be finished. Let us hope that the investigation is thorough and every basis covered, especially since the case is going to be expunged. According to the news report, the Archdiocese is also investigating the reason for the expungement. Perhaps, that would explain why the girl and her parents decided not to press any charges. By the way, the girl and her parents are not in the NCW.

  2. But I'm in the NCW and I'm just curious to see all this end with the truth.


  3. AnonymousApril 16, 2016 at 10:13 AM

    But why remain anonymous?....Courage.....why are we afraid?

  4. Rohr's open letter to Fr. Luis perfectly shows what is wrong with the jungle. This letter is an exhibit of a sick mind and all the vices a pervert minded person will throw in to bring down others with whom he cannot compete.

    Showing fake sympathy in once sentence and then viciously attacking and humiliating in the next. Trying to talk compassion in once second but then launching a vitriolic joke to mock and ridicule in the next. Playing the guard of good intentions one minute just to make accusations by the most obnoxious things in the next. This is not making justice. This is a demoniac in service of the troublemaker, creating mess and deceiving people.

    This open letter is the product of the vilest mind of a sick soul. Someone is so convinced of his moral superiority that he feels free to mentally blackmail, intellectually abuse and morally terrorize others. How to call this kind of people? How to call Rohr? How to call these jungle maniacs?

    Poor souls in great need of repentance.

    1. Wow! What kind of superiority does Tim "I enjoy my superiority" Rohr have? Is he better than the other faithful? Is he smarter than those who walk on the path of the Lord? Is he more pious than the religious? Wow!

      The only thing Rohr seems to be superior is that he has no moral limitations. He is an uninhibited liar. Are we allowed to worship you, Mr. Rohr? Lol.

      The fact that Rohr is enjoying himself on his blog 24/7 and trolling his enjoyment publicly to the world is a disservice to his camp. The mentally vulnerable and unstable men and women who feed on his trash would deserve much better. His addiction to self-seeking enjoyment and vile satisfaction on the expense of his followers is not very nice. They will notice.

      Rohr says: "I caught them with their pants down and they have no defense."

      Whom did you catch, Mr. Rohr? I just imagine as he is desperately trying to catch ladies and gentlemen "with their pants down". Only in your dreams, fool! Folks, this is called voyeurism, pure and simple, an unhealthy desire to peek at others' private moments, a kind of aberration you don't wanna talk to your kids about.

      It is just sad that Rohr is promoting his moral superiority by exhibiting his freedom to go aberrant by his wish.

  5. As I said Rohr is spilling all his beans now, showing his massive folly and indecency.

    TimApril 17, 2016 at 3:58 AM

    "But it's true. I do enjoy being superior to them. I do keep them busy, don't I! ROTFL"

    This should be a key admission from Rohr when we look at the animosity generated among the faithful on Guam. Rohr says he is, indeed, superior to the other faithful, for whatever reason, and he enjoys this much. It is such a big fun for him to destroy, humiliate and demolish. How sad!