Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Dear brothers,

Courage!  I have it on high authority.  Persecution makes us stronger.  Let us look at the facts.  It is almost three years and what has the jungle, CCOG, and the Laity Forward Movement accomplished so far?  NOTHING!  That is the truth.  Archbishop Krebs visited the island twice and still Father Paul and Monsignor James is in the same position where the Archbishop put them.  The Vatican delegation visited Guam.  Has anything changed for Father Paul and Monsignor James?  NOOOOOOO!  Absolutely nothing!  They remain in the same position where the Archbishop put them.  They have written letters to the Vatican.  Did they get any positive response from them? NOOOOO!  In fact, they heard nothing from the Vatican, and Father Paul and Monsignor James remains where the Archbishop placed them.

And most important of all, Archbishop Apuron continues to be our Archbishop.  He was appointed by the Pope and as long as Pope Francis have not removed him, he is legitimately and legally the Archbishop of Guam by canon law.  Anyone who says otherwise is only going against the Catholic Church.  It is almost three years, and the jungle has accomplish nothing.  So courage brothers!  They can brag about their page views all they want.......but these are the facts: 1) Archbishop Apuron remains the legal Archbishop of Guam in the eyes of Rome, 2) Father Paul and Monsignor James remains where the Archbishop placed them, and 3) the RM seminary continues to remain operational.  

After almost three years, they have accomplished nothing, which is why they are so frustrated to the point that they have resorted to breaking the law.  So, they can scream, shout, and protest all they want.  It never got them anywhere anyway.   Courage.  As you know, the devil always seek to destroy the Church since her birth.  And the only way to defeat the devil is through humility.


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    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:31 pm,

      I will take that as a compliment. After all, even my husband enjoys my sense of humor. :-)

    2. Yes he does, kaylyn

    3. Dear Anonymous at 10:23 pm,

      I am not Kaylyn.

    4. It's Funny they hate to hear the ''TRUTH'' :-)))))

  2. Funny.

    Which Diana wrote this one? If you're going to have multiple authors under the same pseudonym, at least try to be consistent.

    Anyway, after wallowing in the pride of the NCW, you then want us to believe you are defeating the devil through humility.


    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:38 pm,

      I am still the same Diana as always. And for your information, that was not pride. That was encouragement to the brothers. Humility is the only thing can defeat Satan.

  3. After three years they have accomplished nothing and God has accomplished so much through the activities of the NCW.
    In three years numerous lives have been saved from the brink of death.
    In three years many have began to reconcile broken marriages.
    In three years there have been many youth that have turned away from drugs, sex and alcohol.
    In three years there have been more entering the seminary and religious convents.
    In three years there have been men ordained to the priesthood.
    In three years couples have opened up to life through the birth of numerous children. In three years there have been children who were abused and broken that finally reconciled with their parents.
    In three years there have been more christian communities formed to walk by the example of the Holy Family of Nazareth.
    In three years there have been unwavering support towards youth who will celebrate World Youth Day in Krakow with Pope Francis this July.
    In three years the parishes abandoned by their parishioners have survived through the providence of God.
    In three years families have abandoned themselves to support the mission in foreign lands.
    And the list can go on and on but one thing remains,
    In three years the Archbishop has not once abandoned his responsibility to us. Despite all the hatred and spew of curses, he remains faithful to all his people. Despite the nasty name calling and wrongful accusations, he remains steadfast in his vocation to be our servant.

    Servus Tuus!

    -Jokers Wild

    1. Dear Jokers Wild,

      I would also like to add on the list that in three years, Kiko Arguello made many accomplishments. For example, within three years he received an honorary doctorate from the Catholic University of America and was able to bring a historic event of interfaith relationship between the Jewish rabbis and the Catholic Church. So, even Kiko Arguello was able to accomplish something within three years.

  4. Yep. Rohr constantly brag about his pageviews. So, what did his 4 million pageviews produce? Nothing! LOL!

  5. Diana/Susana, and it was the Law that Jesus be put to death for breaking the Sabbath ordinances and declaring himself God's son and forgiving sins. Evidently, following your logic, Jesus had accomplished nothing in three years.

    1. Dear Tim Rohr,

      The moment Christ was conceived in the womb of Mary was already an accomplishment, and his incarnation did not take three years. It only took Him a few seconds. The moment the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary, she became pregnant. And for your information, Jesus was ALREADY declared God's Son by the angel Gabriel when he made the announcement to Mary (See Luke 1:32.)