Thursday, January 21, 2016

Prayers Needed For This Priest

Priest Anonymous but Ever GratefulJanuary 20, 2016 at 3:56 PM
Hurrah for the Laity Forward Movement!
As a priest I am unable to speak freely, but am delighted to see the laity fulfilling their important role in the Church. It is a role our current Pope has urged on many occasions. Pope Francis wants the laity "to tickle the ears of their bishops". So tickle away, and God bless!
To the priest who made the above comment in the jungle, this is my message to you: 
Dear Father, 
I will be praying for you.  May God have mercy on your soul.  You stated: "As a priest, I am unable to speak freely..."  This is false. You are able to speak freely, but you are not prepared to face the consequences for it.  This is nothing new.  There are always consequences for everything we do.  It is a matter of whether we are prepared to face the consequences of our choice.  You remain anonymous by your own choice, so you can still remain a priest.  But God knows who you are.  He knows your heart. 
I will also offer you my correction, Father.  It is wrong for any priest to encourage the laity to oppose the Archbishop, who is the local Vicar of Christ.  Every baptized Catholic does not belong to himself or herself.  Through their baptism, they belong to Christ.  Church teaching is very clear that every baptized person is called to obey and submit to the Church leader (See CCC 1269).  And Archbishop Apuron is the local Vicar of Christ in the eyes of the Holy See.   
I would also like to know where Pope Francis told the laity to "tickle the ears" of their bishops because I could not find it.  The only thing I found is the following:
At a prayer vigil on Saturday evening, Francis said that only by paying close attention and understanding real people’s lives would the church earn credibility on issues which he did not name but which are thought to include cohabitation, second marriages and gay relationships. 
“We must lend our ears to the beat of this era and detect the scent of people today, so as to be permeated by their joys and hopes, by their sadness and distress, at which time we will know how to propose the good news of the family with credibility,” he said in his address, heard by tens of thousands of people in St Peter’s Square.

In no way is Pope Francis implying that the laity is to oppose their Bishops.  It is the bishops who are to listen to the laity's experiences of cohabitation, second marriages, gay marriages, and other issues they encounter in their everyday life in order for the Bishops to propose the Gospel teachings.  It is the Bishops' role who must "tickle the ears" of the laity to help them meet the standards of the Church rather than for the Church to lower their standards to accommodate the laity.  Church teachings have not changed in regards to cohabitation, gay marriages, homosexuality, contraceptives, etc.  It is the role of the Bishops to "tickle the ears" of the laity in getting them to meet the standards of the Catholic Church in regards to these issues.  After all, it is possible for single people to practice chastity because with Christ all things are possible. 


  1. This "priest" could very well be just another perverted incarnation of the puppet master himself. Lol.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 6:23 pm,

      You are assuming that this person may be Tim Rohr posing as a priest? That could be possible. On the other hand, if it is a priest who wrote the comment, he is guilty of disobedience in his heart, and God knows the heart of every person. The priest must lead the Catholic faithful TO God and His Church, not AWAY from God and His Church. We need to pray for this priest.

    2. Dear Diana, the point of reference is that Tim Rohr is capable of anything, literally anything, to make a noise. If he thinks that disguising himself as a priest or even as the Dalai Lama would help him to stir more scandal, then I'm afraid, he would not hesitate to do so!

    3. Diana, it seems as if you are very quick to judge this priest. Who are any of us to judge what this priest does? If you believe that God is the only one who judges then why are you making a big deal about his freedom of speech? Why are you concluding that he is guilty of disobedience? When the neos go before the parish, they publicly confess about their marriages and how the way saved them. Do you judge your fellow neos?

    4. Dear Anonymous at 7:38 pm,

      I am not judging him. I am correcting him. As a priest, he should not be supporting any group or organization who opposes and seeks the removal of the Archbishop. By correcting him, I hope he will be able to see that his support for the Laity Forward Movement not only goes against the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but also against civil laws of free expression in that the LFM is protesting on church grounds without the approval of the parish priest.

  2. Diana, the anonymous priest responded to you in Junglewatch. Do you have anything to say to him?

    Priest Anonymous but Ever GratefulJanuary 21, 2016 at 4:17 PM

    Diana quotes CCC 1269. While I am no canonist, my earlier comments were based on the following in canon law. Book II, Part 1, deals with the obligations and rights of the Christian faithful:
    Can. 212 §3. According to the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they possess, they have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church and to make their opinion known to the rest of the Christian faithful, without prejudice to the integrity of faith and morals, with reverence toward their pastors, and attentive to common advantage and the dignity of persons.
    Key here is a duty to make known to pastors and the rest of the Christian faithful...and it must be done with reverence. What I know of the LFM, they have acted respectfully, and I implore them to continue this way. God is with you when you act in charity to defend His church.
    Canon 229 §1. Lay persons are bound by the obligation and possess the right to acquire knowledge of Christian doctrine appropriate to the capacity and condition of each in order for them to be able to live according to this doctrine, announce it themselves, defend it if necessary, and take their part in exercising the apostolate.
    The key here is that all Catholics have an obligation to defend the Church, which I encourage them to do. By the way, that Jubilee prayer at the end of is illegal since no prayers are to be added to the mass that are not a part of the roman missal.
    Diana is typical of many of our protestant brothers. They look at one scriptural passage and ignore the entire text. Such is the richness of the Catholic Church that it has studied sacred scripture for two millenia, taking every piece of this amazing quilt into account. One panel cannot be interpreted without understand the whole fabric.
    So, yes, CCC 1269 talks about obedience to the Church. But if Diana could look at CCC 907 she would see that the CCC also refers to canon law and 212.3. Obedience, yes, but not blind and absolute obedience. Wrong is wrong, and we must not be obedient to wrong, no matter who is directing the wrong. Infallibility does not apply to bishops and priests, and only applies to the Holy Father in very limited circumstances.
    I wish you all luck, and encourage you to continue to spread the news, to insure the news you spread is correct, and to spread with a spirit of love...even if they spit in your face do not lose the spirit of love.
    God bless.

    1. Oh come on, anonymous! Reverence toward your pastor does not include making anonymous comments dissenting from the public good. Making anonymous comment by a priest behind his bishop and against his bishop is backstabbing, a betrayal of trust and integrity. It is morally unacceptable!

      On the one hand, if you believe in your truth then you should come forward with openness and honesty. Being a no-name accuser of your spiritual father is no way openness and no way of honesty! It is more like coward and shameful behavior. On the other hand, if you don't believe in what you say, then you should not say it.

    2. Dear Anonymous at 9:10 pm,

      You can tell Father Anonymous that my response is in the following weblink below;

    3. Diana is a "no-name accuser". Shouldn't she also "come forward with openness and honesty", if she "believes in [her] truth"?

    4. Dear Anonymous at 11:03 pm,

      My new entry post above is my "expressed opinion" as a laity to a priest and the Catholic faithful for the good of the Church in accordance with canon law 212 and CCC 907.

  3. This is for you Diana not publication. We are going to remove him. Operations ready.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 8:36 am,

      I went ahead and publish your comment anyway so everyone would know that the division is coming from you and not from the NCW. My response to your comment is this: "You have been trying to remove him for almost three years already, and it has not GET REAL.


  4. Who exactly 8.40am do you intend to remove?
    For what reason do you intend to remove the subject?
    By what means do you intend to " remove him"
    Are we to assume him is Archbishop Apiuron.
    What is your motive for wanting Him removed?
    Final question
    who are you?

  5. AT 8:36 AM are you the pope or is that a threat


  6. My family attends Mass Weekly. We are not in the way or any Catholoc organization on island.
    However, we notice great division within the church structure. Question is Archbishop unable to
    Reconcile heal our divisions. It is on this matter that I would question Archbishops position to spiritually lead us. In two years he made no effort to heal divisions. Divisions deepened. This action of allowing division led to a situation where it is now impossible for him to reconcile the church. He should step down to allow a new bishop to be appointed. A bishop who will reconcile the church.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 8:32 am,

      It takes two people to reconcile, not one person. If the other side is not willing to reconcile then reconciliation is not going to happen. The other side does not even want to pray the Golden Jubilee prayer TOGETHER with those who pray it. Those who refuse to pray the Golden Jubilee prayer are the ones who do not want to reconcile. Praying together is one way of reconciliation. But as you can see, those who sit and refuse to pray the prayer will not reconcile, and the Archbishop cannot force them to pray together with him.

  7. Your are correct takes two for Reconciliation to occur. The one thing lacking is the Contrite spirit of the Archbishop. Many attempts from us to discuss our differences are countered by either stonewalling or lies. Where is this spiritual mans contrite spirit?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 1:00 pm,

      The Archbishop has not been stonewalling you. He has already answered your questions. It is you who keep asking the same questions over and over. For example, your question as to who owns the RMS property has already been answered. The Certificate of Titles were publicly shown, but you continue to call him a liar regardless of what the Archdiocese says. Once a person has already made up their mind about something regardless of what the other has to say......that is not reconciliation.

      Reconciliation involve listening, which is lacking on your part. Reconciliation involves participation to do things together, which is also lacking in your part. The Archdiocese put forth a Golden Jubilee prayer of Reconciliation where we both can pray together, but you remain close-lipped while we pray. A special Mass was offered where all were invited to celebrate together, but you refuse to attend. We are not going to force you to pray with us nor force you to attend the special Mass.

    2. Diana, the reason we continue to ask the archbishop is because the Certificate of titles are no good. You need a title search. Tim is a real estate expert, and he said that a certificate of title doesn't show ownership, so the archbishop is still lying to us.

      TimJanuary 23, 2016 at 2:43 PM

      LOL. If Certificates of Title was all one needed to prove ownership then there wouldn't have to be a title search when properties are bought and sold. But hang on to this. It's going to be fun.

      Meanwhile, it does appear poor Diana is not in Tony's inner circle, or she's just as big of a liar as he is, because privately he continues to stab Msgr. James in the back.

      LOL. Some reconciliation. NOT.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 12:08 am,

      See my response in the following weblink: