Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Handling Protesters On Church Property

A commenter made the following observation under the thread of my last post. According to his/her comments, which can be found here.  

Folks, this is getting serious. The JW puppet master admitted what he is doing:
"Tim January 17, 2016 at 2:55 PM

The idea is to make a loud bang so the whole world can see and hear the monstrosity of evil that Kiko Arguello through the likes of Pius the Putrid has set upon the world. Believe me, we are accomplishing far more here than Rome could or would ever do. So join us. Make some noise."

All he wants is making a loud noise and creating a monstrous scandal! Exactly as Diana pointed out, he is becoming so desperate that he would do anything, literally anything, to get some media attention. It looks like, he would not even refrain from inciting lawless activity against the church!

Now, he sends his puppet minions to provoke violence in the churches. I quote from the Laity Forward flier: "Rid the practices of NCW out of our churches!" This is their demand, a direct call for violence, folks. By simple logic: you can rid of your own practices peacefully, but you cannot rid of the practices of others without violence! They want to rid of the practices of the NCW that had been repeatedly approved by the Popes and the Curia. Getting rid of us cannot be done without force, without violence, because we will stand up for our rights!

That is why this is becoming serious, folks. Inciting violence based on religion is against the constitution! Any anti-constitutional activity must be reported to and monitored by the police. This gang is truly approaching a law enforcement action.

I am deeply surprised and saddened that former Senator Bob Klitzkie would allow his wife to be associated to this kind of lawless activity.
Protests occurs in worship centers across the United States for many reasons. Hate groups, for example, have set up protests across from mosques where Muslims worship in the U.S. Numerous protesters have also disrupted Catholic Masses in Vegas (See the weblink here).  Fortunately, these kinds of disruptions are not happening here; however, the incident at the Chalan Pago parish on Sunday is not far from it simply because the protest took place on Church grounds without the permission of the parish priest.  The protesters in Vegas went INSIDE the Catholic Church and distributed pamphlets.  Nevertheless, what happened at the Chalan Pago parish is very similar to the Vegas-style protests because it took place on church grounds.    
The following website offers some safety tips for parish priests to protect their parishioners from violence by protesters.  
Step 1: Call Police
This is the single most effective step your ministry can take to avert problems.
Use their expertise. Law enforcement agencies are trained on tactics and strategies designed to cool hot situations, including protests, demonstrations and riots.
Give them time to prepare. Get police involved ahead of time, if you can. With enough advance notice, local law enforcement can contact demonstration leaders beforehand to establish ground rules for the event. For example, police can require protesters to stay off church property or to demonstrate in a place where they won’t interfere with people or traffic.
Minimize conflict. Only law enforcement officers possess the legal authority to deal with the most dangerous elements of a disruptive group. Laws in every state allow officers to arrest demonstrators for even the slightest assault on the officer, effectively removing these potentially dangerous individuals from the demonstration. Allowing police to deal with protesters outside your ministry allows you to focus on the people inside your ministry.
Step 1 is the most effective step.  The police can require protesters to stay off Church property.  Unlike Vegas, Guam is a small island where people can identify to the police the members of the LFM who were there protesting.  Even a SENATOR should know that all protests should always be done on public-forum areas (such as the sidewalk)!!!  They can also remove and arrest any potentially dangerous individual from the protest.  You can read the rest of the tips in the following website:  

Handling Protests At Church  


  1. Yep. Since they brought their protest on church property, they can be arrested for trespassing. They didn't come to worship God.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:39 am,

      I agree. They did not even go there to pray their rosary. Distributing pamphlets is a form of protest, which appears to be the only thing they did according to the jungle.

    2. There were no signs up that said anything about trespassing.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 5:46 pm,

      There are no signs in my home saying "no trespassing" as well. But common sense should tell you that you cannot simply walk into my property and hold your protest without my permission.

      In the same way, the Church is not a public place where even gay activists can come in anytime they want to and stage their protest without the permission from the parish priest. Protests are to be held in public areas. Those protestors can be charged with trespassing.

    4. Were these people holding up protest signs or handing out flyers? There is a difference. The NCW or Jehovah witness can walk up to my door and leave a pamphlet or flyer on my front door. On the other hand I can answer the door and either accept the pamphlet or flyer if I wish.

    5. Dear Anonymous at 10:08 pm,

      According to the weblink below (capitalization is mine):

      "Are there SPECIAL RULES for medical centers or places of worship?

      YES. You may not physically obstruct or intentionally interfere with the staff members, patients, or building of a medical clinic offering reproductive health services. THESE STATUTES ALSO APPLY TO HOUSES OF WORSHIP. In addition, some cities have "bubble ordinances" that bar demonstrators from approaching patients WITHOUT PERMISSION within 100 feet of a health care facility. Check your local regulations to learn more."


      There are REASONS as to why houses of worships have rules. As I said, even gay activists cannot protest inside church property without permission.....and that includes any kind of demonstration including the distributing of pamphlets. They would need permission from the parish priest. The same holds true for LFM who obviously violated those rules.

    6. Best you look up the word protest

    7. Dear Anonymous at 11:08 pm,

      According to the weblink below, the forms of protests include:

      1. Speeches
      2. Picketing and Leafleting
      3. Marches and Parades
      4. Sound Equipment
      5. Civil Disobedience

      Of the five forms of protests above, LFM is guilty of the second one - Leafleting. According to the website:

      Picketing and Leafleting

      Picketing or handing out literature on a public sidewalk is legal as long as the activity does not cause traffic problems or hinder pedestrian travel. However, protesters cannot force people to accept their pamphlets or otherwise coerce passers-by to engage with them. You do not need a permit to picket or leaflet on a public sidewalk.

      The First Amendment also protects your right to sell religious or political literature, but this activity may be subject to some “time, place and manner” restrictions as outlined elsewhere in this pamphlet.

      You also have the right to canvass and leaflet door-to-door at private residences. Nevertheless, there are some restrictions to this practice. For example, one cannot leaflet at a residence with “no trespassing” or “no soliciting” signs. Additionally, if an individual does not leave private property after being asked to do so, he or she can be arrested for trespassing. It is also illegal to put material on which no postage has been paid in residential mailboxes. Some additional restrictions may apply if you are soliciting donations.


      Therefore, to clarify what "Protest" means......IT ALSO MEANS TO DISTRIBUTE PAMPHLETS. An ILLEGAL protest is distributing pamphlets WITHOUT THE PERMISSIN FROM THE PARISH PRIEST.

  2. Someone is getting more and more insane foaming at the mouth right now at JW. Perhaps it is time to get a bucket of ice water on his head just to cool him. We could give him this treatment by being silent for a couple of days. Just freeze all blog activities for 3 or 4 days.

    That would frustrate them with no end and would explode their delusional minds into cursing the hell out of their insane souls. But that kind of shock treatment might as well become the beginning of healing for their sickness. Lol.

    How about that, Diana?

  3. Who are these rude people in Junglewatch?
    What exactly do they hope to achieve?


    1. From what I understand jungle's intention is to early retire Archbishop Apuron.
      Not sure as to reason for desiring to retire him early.

    2. The reason is blackmail and dirty politics. JW is dehonesting anyone and everyone they just mention every day. JW publishes the ugliest kind of innuendos and provocations. Tim Rohr is using and allowing curse words, sleazy terms and obnoxious name calling all the time. That is how you recognize JW people.

      It is a deliberate intention to inject as much venom into the minds of people as they can. I mean poisonous venom that could kill an entire herd of buffalo! It is such a shame that these vulgar people call themselves the "Guam Catholics".

      Somebody should collect the ugliest pages and comments on JW and edit it to make a "Black Book of Tim Rohr". Lol! Then the Black Book should be distributed to the misled silent protesters at the Basilica and everywhere so that they learn what kind of ugly stuff they are foolishly promoting. Ouch!

  4. I would also like to add that those protestors can be charged with unlawful solicitation in addition to trespassing.

  5. Diana is right. They were there in the hopes of provoking violence. This is why we have rules regarding protests. People are people. Fr. Edivaldo did the right thing by not saying anything bad to them. But what if a parishioner who supports the Way or even the priest get out of hand. This is what those protestors are looking for. Tim admitted that he's looking for a Big Bang to get Rome's attention, and he doesn't feel any remorse if someone calls the cops to have LFM removed. Tim is looking for Rome's attention even if it means violence. That is how much his hatred for the archbishop has grown. From Junglewatch:

    TimJanuary 19, 2016 at 2:50 PM
    Great. Yes, let's have the cops. Imagine the photo op! Imagine Rome's reaction to a front page picture on the PDN with cops beating back Catholic protestors in front of a Catholic Church. LOL Bring it on, fools.

  6. So bring it on.....