Thursday, January 14, 2016

End Of Conversation

To those who oppose the Way,

Time and time again, I have stated several times that the NCW has permission from the Vatican to celebrate the Eucharist the way they do.  The fact that you do not believe the NCW is not our problem, so the subject is closed.  Your only recourse of action is to write a letter of complaint to the Vatican, but you have no authority and no standing to dictate to the NCW what they should do.  You also have no authority to declare the NCW a "heretic" organization.  The NCW is recognized as "Catholic" by the Vatican and the RMS priests as "legitimate Catholic" priests, some of whom were ordained by Pope Francis.  There is currently a priest formed in the Redemptoris Mater Seminary who was appointed a Bishop by the Pope.  So, yes, that Bishop is also "Catholic."   

As I stated earlier, what binds the Catholic Church (the Catholic people) is not the uniformity of liturgical rites, but our baptism and our belief and faith in communion with the Pope.  The NCW is Catholic and follows the Pope.  The founder Kiko Arguello also follows the Pope.  We have already told you that the NCW has permission from the Pope to celebrate the Mass the way they do.  If you do not like the way we celebrate it, no one is forcing you to attend.  Therefore, this conversation of the Way not being Catholic or is not following the Pope comes to an end.  Simply write your letter of complaint to the Vatican.  

Cardinal Ratzinger (who later became Pope Benedict XVI) celebrate Mass in the NCW


  1. TIM ROHR Has a lot of hate for the bishop, for what ? he's the problem

  2. So you accuse Tim as having hate but he's been showing factual documents that have yet to be refuted by brother tony.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 6:03 pm,

      Actually, Tim has been inventing stories from those documents. For example, he says that the Certificate of Titles is useless because it does not mention the Declaration of Deed Restriction and therefore the property is not under the Archdiocese of Agana. This is only an excuse he made up.

      If the Certificate of Titles had the Declaration of Deed Restriction, he will simply invent another story saying the same thing.

    2. Dear anon, the documents we see at JW do not support anything Tim Rohr says. Just the opposite, the documents reveal that every single word, every single letter he says is made up out of lies. He is just such a cheap trickster!

      Let's see. He shows you a document with letter A on it. Then he claims it was a letter B. Ouch! Did he show you a document? Surely he did. But saying B is a big fat lie because the document had A on it and not B! Lol. That is how he throws sand into the eyes of the gullible.

      In fact, Tim Rohr does not need to be refuted at all. As Diana points out, he invents stories, he lives in an "alternative universe" that is a made-up, fake world of his own. He is an alternative Catholic as well, who does not need to respect church authorities, feels free to incite rebellion against and to cause damage to the Mother Church. Rather than refuting his delusions we should simply ignore him and his vile words!

      The price of being alternative Catholics living in an alternative universe, as JW folks do, is that they could end up in an "alternative heaven". Now, guess what could be the alternative heaven. Well, it is the hell, my friends, because the heaven of God has no other alternative!

  3. The notion that all rites in the church must be uniform is a fallacy since the existence of the various rites in the Roman Catholic Church allows for a variation of expressions of liturgical rites. Since the 1st millennium there has existed a variety of orthodox and unorthodox liturgical practices. The poor folks in the jungle are in for a rude awakening.

  4. To someone who doesn't know much about NCW, other than what he heard from a member who walked away (and that would be me).

    When was the statutes aproved?

    When was the liturgy approved (and didn't Pope Benedict XVI write a letter saying they had 2 years to cease doing various practices)?

    1. Dear Leonhard,

      If you have a problem, write to the Vatican about it.