Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pope Francis With Two RMS Priests

 Pope Francis asked two of the new priests that he had just ordained at Saint Peter’s Basilica to join him at the window of the apostolic palace for the noontime Regina Coeli prayer and bless the crowd with him. This happened last Sunday April 26th when he ordained 19 new priests, nine of whom came from the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Rome.

Both priests are from the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.   Father David Tisato is a thirty-one year old seminarian from the Redemptoris Mater of Rome and is originally from Chievo in northern Italy. Before joining the Redemptoris Mater Seminary, he was a promising professional soccer prayer.  The other priest is Father Elias.  Both are seen here with Pope Francis joining him in prayer and to bless the crowd.  :-) 

Imagine that!!  Of the 19 priests that Pope Francis ordained that day, the priests he asked to joined him at Saint Peter's Basilica were from the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.  Biba for the RMS and Biba for the NCW!!!  :-)  More good news are on the way!! 

The story can be found here.  The video of the two RMS priests with the Pope can also be found in the weblink. 


(Taken from Google translation)

" Who has the mission of leadership in the Church is called to take on the mentality of the manager but not that of the servant, in imitation of Jesus who, stripping himself, has saved us with his mercy.In this style of pastoral life of the Good Shepherd are called also the new priests of the diocese of Rome, I have had the joy of ordaining this morning in St. Peter's Basilica. And two of them will overlook to thank you for your prayers and to greet you . "
With these words yesterday Pope Francis presented to 50 thousand faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square for the recitation of the Regina Coeli (which replaces the Angelus from Easter to Pentecost)two young men he had just ordained priests in the Basilica along with 17 other new priests.
It is the first time in history that a Pope invites two newly ordained priests to appear with him at the most famous window of Rome. The Ansa has called it an "unprecedented initiative" , and even the media and commentators have paid attention to 'unpublished fact. Why this change? RomaGiornale is able to "unlock" the delicious backstage , anything but planned and everything in style "Franciscan".
11:30 am on April 26, "Good Shepherd Sunday", and in St. Peter's Basilica has just ended the Mass of ordination of 19 seminarians at the hands of Pope Francis . The new priests, the Pope and the concelebrants are in the sacristy for the exchange of greetings, cards and the latest advice from the Pope. As Francesco ago to leave the sacristy, one of the neo-priests, Father David, the approaches with discretion and throws himself impetuously in a request to the limit of shamelessness: "Holiness, the gift would make two of us to be able to accompany the Apostolic Palace to pray the Regina Coeli?" . The Pope looks a little 'crowded out, but the answer is its pragmatic: " Yes, if there is room in the car. But you have to hurry to change you while you're still in the vestments. "
In no time at Don David and brother Don Elijah (trained at the Diocesan Seminary "Redemptoris Mater" of the Neocatechumenal Way) bless and greet friends and acquaintances and have suffered in the car with the Pope's secretary, Msgr. Georg Geinswein, direct from the Basilica to the Apostolic Palace. When you reach the elevator that leads to the upper floors the two are waiting for the Pope; certainly invite him to come first, but he does the same, and clearly worth more than the Pope's invitation. The two priests find themselves in a small lift tight between the Pope and his secretary.It is Francis broke the silence: "Of course you have a face ...". "A nerve, Holiness" ,concludes Don David. "Yeah, just a straight face - says the Pope - but you have to have this insistence in asking even with the Lord." "Like the importunate widow in the parable," gloss Don elias. "Exactly, like the importunate widow, "says the Pope.
Joints in the study overlooking the square , room assistants go to the Pope to drink, and he also runs his own glass to the two priests, who drink more and more skeptical about what they are experiencing. The Pope goes over the text to read from the window and gives unexpected provisions Don David and Don Elijah: "So, when I read this piece here, you are standing next to me and recite together the prayer" . The priests spend the minutes of the speech before the prayer wondering how best to keep clasped hands, but also pondering in their hearts to prepare for that moment so special.
Here come the words of the Pope for the two priests, overlooking heart pounding Square full of flags and banners . At the end of the play, at the time of the blessing, the Pope approaches to Don David and says, "Now bless you too." For the two neo-priests is the pinnacle of emotion: priests who are not from one hour poor and find themselves, to have had an instant flash of courage, to solemnly bless a crowd of 50 thousand faithful with the Holy Father at the Apostolic Palace.
Returning to the Casa Santa Marta Pope greets again the two new priests and inquiring about how to continue the day. Don David is almost tempted to tell whether by involvement of the Pope would be possible to steal an invitation to his table, but he remembers the family , friends and relatives who are waiting for him in the streets to celebrate with him and dare not over. For that day emotions enough already to remain indelible for the rest of life.


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  2. No jungle comment is a good sign; maybe just maybe they are opening their eyes and seeing in reality a different Spirit working in people.

    Can you imagine the Jews response to St. Paul proclaiming the Word of Jesus...a the Gentiles? We all know what the Pharisees and Sadducees thought of Jesus when he walked the earth.

    A lot of denial; a lot wasted lives

  3. It has been very quiet in the jungle, and I am surprised that not a single junglefolk has made a comment.

  4. Yes, it is hotorical also that the Presbyters are the first to appear at the window without the priests cassock. Why do RMS not wear the cassock? Business suit not respectful.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 8:20 am,

      Is a business really all you can see????? How sad. They wore the plain priestly garb because they are humble and do not want to attract attention away from the Pope, who takes the lead in the prayer and blessings. :-)

    2. Archbishop wore his cassock to see the pope. It is correct.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 10:01 am,

      The two priests who were ordained are NOT bishops. I think it is very petty to argue over clothes. Honestly, I think you are jealous because the Pope chose two RMS priests to accompany him to the window of the apostolic palace. :-)

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      You are extremely sensitive and easily take offense where there is no offense. Saying that the jungle is quiet and that they have not made any comments is not an offensive remark. It is not even name-calling. :-)

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      Calm before the storm? Open your eyes and see how many children are being serviced by CPS Guam; how many fathers are in jail or DOC; how many families are being torn apart by family violence on Guam.

      oh excuse me.......maybe that doesn't involve you or your sense of Christian priorities. Maybe we're to busy with our own sense of righteousness.

      Time for another prayer session with 50 righteous catholic's. Try praying inside the Church....may increase your numbers.


  6. Guam Catholics call for bishop's resignation.

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      I think you mean CCOG and the jungle are calling for the Archbishop's resignation.

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