Thursday, April 16, 2015

Honorary Degrees For Initiators Of The Way

The Catholic University of America (CUA) has announced that they will confer honorary degrees on Kiko Argüello and Carmen Hernandez, the initiators of the Neocatechumenal Way on Saturday, May 16th, 2015.

The conferral of the honoris causa by the only Pontifical University in the United States was proposed several years ago and was decided following Pope Francis' meeting with the Neocatechumenal Way on March 6th.

During that meeting, in which 250 families were sent in mission, the Holy Father defined the itinerary of Christian formation as "a true gift of Providence to the Church of our time."

Argüello and Hernandez introduced the Neocatechumenal Way in the United States in 1974, following an invitation by the then head of liturgy of the diocese of Brooklyn, Msgr. James Donegan. Following an invitation to speak on sacred music, the late Cardinal Terence Cooke welcomed the initiators, allowing them to visit the parishes in New York.

Currently, the Neocatechumenal Way is present in 82 dioceses and 350 parishes with about 1000 communities throughout the United States. About 1.5 million faithful follow the itinerary of Christian formation throughout the world.

This is the third honoris causadegree conferred upon Argüello who received an honorary doctorate from the John Paul II Institute of Rome in 2009 and an honorary doctorate in Theology from the University of Lublin (Poland) in 2013.

The conferral of the honorary degree from CUA on Carmen Hernandez as well, according to a communique released by the Neocatechumenal Way, "underlines her fundamental contribution to the formation of the theological-catechetical synthesis of the Way."

"Without her existential and profound knowledge of Scripture, of the renewal of the Second Vatican Council and of the history of the Church, it would not have been possible to create this itinerary of Christian initiation," the press release stated. (J.A.E.)


  1. This is really good news.

    It just shows how much Kiko and Carmen are appreciated in the Church. They are doing such excellent work.This doctorate is given only to those persons who have contributed substantially to promote Catholic theology.

    First Rome, then Lublin (Poland) and now Washington DC. Wonderful...

    1. Horrible really horrible news.

    2. Dear Anonymous at 6:12 pm,

      I think it's great news. Good things have been happening in the Way. First, the NCW received a very strong support from Pope Francis. After that, Father John Wadeson was cleared of child molestation charges, and now this. :-)

    3. You were so fast to drop Fr. Wadeson when his history was brought up in Junglewatch. Now you act like you championed him. Give us all a break. Tim publicly defended him more than you did.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 9:14 am,

      It was Tim Rohr who threw Father John under the bus.

    5. Ok, then copy and past where Tim did, cause all he did was point out what was fact. Tim did not accuse him. He only pointed to the fact that he was credibly accused and faculties stripped in L.A., and that AAA did not let this be known to the public. Now what?

    6. Dear Anonymous at 4:54 pm,

      Don't you remember. The whole Father John Fiasco started when a disobedient priest leaked out a recording from a closed meeting with Archbishop Krebs. When Father John heard about it, he wrote an email to all his brother priests encouraging them not to give up on reconciliation. The letter was addressed to the priests and Father John was basically telling them not to let Satan divide them. That letter was also leaked out to Tim Rohr who mistakenly thought that Father John was calling him Satan. Father John never called Tim "Satan". And in his blog, this is how Tim Rohr reacted: He stated the following:

      "And YOU Wadeson! And to think that just recently on this blog I stood up for you. To think that I have been filtering out comments on this blog for nearly a year about the mysterious circumstances surrounding your sudden incardination and about your name being on a certain list. And you are going to call us, and ME in particular, SATAN?"

      Tim Rohr knew about Father John's past just as the Arcbishop did, but it was not the Archbishop who let publicized Father John's past. That was Tim Rohr. He did that in anger when he mistakenly thought that Father John was calling him "Satan." Both Tim and the Archbishop knew that Father John was never arrested nor convicted of any crimes. And after Tim threw Father John under the bus, we see him making all kinds of excuses about how he believes that Father John is innocent because he was aware of what was going on in California at the time. That was Tim's guilty conscious speaking.

    7. But it was the Archbishop who incardinated Fr John Wadeson - not Tim rohr. It is the Archbishops responsibility to get it right, and he failed.

    8. Anonymous 9:14 AM are you TIM Rohr ???? sure does sound like you

    9. You miss the whole point, it was not about Wadeson, it was about hiding the facts. And the facts were that he was credible accussed, and that neither he or AAA were man enough to come out with the truth. He could have cleared his name earlier. It all starts with AAA and Wadeson; stop blaming others for their mistakes.

    10. Wether in anger or not, doesn't change the fact that it was AAA's and Fr. Wadeson's duty to come clean years ago.

    11. You speak as if abuse was always handled correctly at that time. There are many cases that have slipped through the cracks.

    12. Dear Anonymous at 11:51 pm,

      I do not know what country you are from, but in our country a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The Archbishop was aware of Father John's past just as Father Adrian said in the news report. He was aware of it and he incardinated him. So, how did he fail? All the things that Father John was accused of were allegations. There is no such thing as true or false allegations......simply allegations. And allegations does not mean that the person is guilty. Why? Because in our country, a person is innocent until proven guilty.

    13. You miss the whole point, it was not about Wadeson, it was about hiding the facts. And the facts were that he was credible accused, and that neither he or AAA were man enough to come out with the truth. He could have cleared his name earlier. It all starts with AAA and Wadeson; stop blaming others for their mistakes.

    14. Dear Anonymous at 8:10 am,

      I did not miss the point. As I said, the Archbishop knew of Father John's past; yet, he made the decision to incardinate him. He does not need my permission or your permission to do this. He's the Archbishop.

      You say he could have cleared his name earlier? I will say again, in our country a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If you do not like that system, you can live in China where they believe that a person is guilty until proven innocent.

      And by the way, he has already been cleared, so what now is the problem???? When he was not cleared, you complain. And when he's cleared, you still complain.

  2. According to the University of Lublin, Kiko Argüello was awarded the honorary doctorate
    • “for his valuable contribution to the renewal of the Church, carefully following the indications of the Second Vatican Council,
    • bringing back Christians who have strayed from the ecclesial community to the sources of faith that come from the Bible and from the liturgy,
    • in having initiated, with Mrs. Carmen Hernández, a post-baptismal institution, an extremely precious work for today's world, known worldwide as the Neocatechumenal Way.”

    “This form of Christian initiation, enhanced by the beauty of the new aesthetic, places today a work of evangelization and re-evangelization, all over the world;
    • it prepares the missio ad gentes;
    • actively intervenes so that Christianity and Judaism can come close to one another,
    • defends the values of life and human dignity, marriage and the Christian family. "

  3. It is good to sit back and just watch how people respond to recent events unfolding in the Church on Guam.

    There are quite a few like rohr, white and their followers that cannot accept the Spirit of our Lord working in the NCW, the Arch Bishop, Father Pius, Father John and the RSM.There are others in our Church communities that also cannot accept the same Spirit working in the NCW through their parishes.

    For whatever reasons they have to justify or deny the Spirit......who knows and who are we to judge?

    Only God knows...only God judges.

    Mark Chapter 3

    'In truth I tell you, all human sins will be forgiven, and all the blasphemies ever uttered;

    29 but anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven, but is guilty of an eternal sin.'

    30 This was because they were saying, 'There is an unclean spirit in him.

    Thanks be to God


  4. We are not judging their hearts, we are judging their actions.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 8:34 am,

      They are judging their hearts. I have heard the jungle folks call Kiko "evil", and some of them are even hoping he would die soon. And these folks have never even met Kiko to make those kinds of judgments.

  5. Their actions flow from their hearts....

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:08 am,

      That is not quite true. A person can be doing good things for the wrong reason and vice versa. A person can go to Mass every Sunday (a good thing) to fulfill an obligation (a wrong reason and a bad thing).

      A person can be consistently late for work (a bad thing) because he had to drop his elderly mother to a caregiver's center (a good reason). Actions don't always conform to what is in their hearts. Motives and reasons as to why they behave or commit certain actions comes from the heart. This is why the Bible tells us not to judge because only God can see the heart of the person.

  6. Just a simple question.

    Did Tim Rohr include in his income the money he received through his blog?

    Just wondering!

    Did he put in his statement all the money he got through his blog?

  7. we all are wondering ? he says the donations are pouring in , is he tax exempt

  8. Has anyone ever gone into the JUNGLE only to be attacked by MOSQUITOES? Yep, thats all they are, irritable mosquitoes. They wont kill you, unless they are carrying diseases but even with that, we have a healer. Has anyone ever gone into the JUNGLE and realized that the floor is usually bare dirt? Yep, its because of all the tall trees overgrown and fighting for who can be at the top, fighting for that light, thereby selfishly choking it all up and killing the smaller plants underneath. Has anyone ever seen an Albino Tiger? Yep, they are rare, small in number. A genetic strain that presents itself every so often. At one point in history referred to as a freak of mother nature. Yep, because of this difference, they stand out and often receive all the attention of onlookers and those just passing by.

    Ist all plain and simple folks.

    Fr. Pauls response: Removed the sex offender off the "official" payroll but continued to have him fulfill all his regular duties.
    -Is this real OBEDIENCE? Doesnt look so.

    Msgr Benaventes response: No Im not. "Give me time to respond to those allegation", in other words, "give me time to fix the situation, cover things up.
    -Delloite and Touche cant even audit because there was inconsistent record keeping and unorthodox methods of financial management.

    RMS response: The RMS has authorization to use the facility perpetually but it still belongs to the Archbishop and this Archdiocese.
    -The RMS can use the facility as long as they exist on Guam. This can change any day. It is very possible that the RMS may want to relocate to another place in the Pacific Region. There are many other places that is overseen by the Catechist Genarrini. Why not Hawaii? Why not Saipan? Why not New Zealand? Samoa? Kiribas? This is only thinking with the logic of those who assume that Archbishop is a puppet of Genarrini. Why Archbishop? There are many other places in this region that because of size, would make more sense for Genarrini to make present an RMS.

    Fr. Johns response: What I have to say to explain the history behind those allegations would not matter to those who oppose my presence so to save the Archbishop time I will just remove myself.
    -There was nothing for the Archbishop to reveal or have reason to hide Wadeson. Fr. John was never convicted of any crime and even the supposed list of abusers was in error and had never been corrected.

    Fr. Luis' response: I made a mistake, I apologize and I will remove myself as a Pastor of a Parish.
    -The only mistake Fr. Luis made was that he placed himself in a compromising situation. There was never any sexual charges placed against him.


    PS- CCOG has no idea what they are doing. Theyre just doing things. Chickens with no heads. Thinking they can run the Diocese like a Political Campaign. lmao