Monday, March 16, 2015

Pope: You Make The Church "Sick"..........

I published the following article back in March 1st, but I think it is worth repeating.  You make the Church "sick" if you do not support your bishop. 


Vatican City - During his weekly general audience on Wednesday Pope Francis said that a Church which does not foster communion with the bishop is unhealthy.

In his remarks to the crowds gathered in Saint Peter's Square on Nov. 5, the Pope called on Christian communities to “nurture a sincere and profound communion” with the bishop, “starting with the priests and deacons.

“There is no healthy Church if the faithful priests, deacons are not united around their bishop,” he said. “This Church not united around their bishop is a sick Church.”..............

Turning to the reading of Paul to Titus read out during the audience, Pope Francis acknowledged it is “not easy” to practice the “many virtues” which Saint Paul commends to bishops, “because we are sinners.”

He therefore asked for prayers that they “can at least hope to be closer to the things that the Apostle Paul advises for all Bishops.”

Of all the “ordained ministries” to which Christ gives rise “in order to build up the Christian community as His Body,” the Pope said the ministry “of the bishop stands out.”

“Assisted by priests and deacons,” the Holy Father said “it is Christ himself who is present” in the bishop, “and who continues to take care of his Church, ensuring his protection and guidance.” In their “presence and ministry,” he added, “we can recognize the true face of the Church: she is our Holy Mother the Hierarchical Church.”

He explained that “the Church exercises her motherhood” through her bishops, priests, and deacons, sustaining the faithful from Baptism until death.

This motherhood is “expressed in particular in the person of the bishop and in his ministry,” the Pope said.

“As Jesus chose the Apostles and sent them out to preach the Gospel and shepherd his flock,” he said, “so the bishops, their successors, are placed at the head of the Christian community, as guarantor of their faith and as a living sign of the presence of the Lord among them.”.........


  1. Good question for the comfortable Catholics on Guam.....Are you in communion with your Bishop? Yes or No?

    1. we are not. We do not want to lie, steal and cheat the faithful.

  2. Catechism of the Catholic Church 883
    *the college or body of bishops* has no authority unless united with the Roman Pontiff, Peter*s successor, as its head.* As such, this college has *supreme and full authority over the universal Church: but this power cannot be exercised without the agreement of the Roman Pontiff.*

    The Bishop*s power can be exercised when he*s in agreement with the Roman Pontiff. When the Roman Pontiff says Recognitio is needed for alterations in the Mass, the Bishop must provide his people with the Recognitio. No Recognitio - no permission for the NCW Mass*s additions and deletions.

    We must pray for conversion. How sad it is for our brothers and sisters to be deceived. We say this humbly and without insult.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 12:39 am,

      The catechism you quoted does not say that the Archbishop must provide the evidence. It is only YOU who says so. The Catechism of the Catholic Church actually says that the faithful must trust and respect their Bishops.

  3. “There is no healthy Church if the faithful priests, deacons are not united around their bishop,” he said. “This Church not united around their bishop is a sick Church.”..............

    We can also say, there is no healthy Church if the faithful priests, deacons, bishops are not united around the Bishop of Rome. This Church not united around the Bishop of Rome is a sick Church, too.

    The Church protects its teachings. Recognitio is one of its safeguards. We should be happy that the Church has such safeguards in place, so that we delight in pleasing our Lord with the best Sacrifice of the Mass we can offer.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 12:55 am,

      YOU can say that, but that is NOT what the Pope said. The Pope specifically said that the Church becomes unhealthy if the faithful priests and deacons are not united around their Bishop. The Pope said this because he recognized the hierarchy of the Church includes the Bishop. You, on the other hand, do not recognize that hierarchy.


    2. Exactly Guam is not a healthy church because the bishop is not united with his priests.
      It is very reason we need a new bishop on Guam.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 9:48 am,

      You are twisting the Pope's words around. It is the priests and deacons who should follow their Bishop, not the other around. The Bishop is higher than the priests and deacons.

    4. Not required to follow into any movement or 'itinerancy:

    5. Dear Anonymous at 8:05 pm,

      They are required to keep their promise of obedience. Deacon Steve and others were asked to join the NCW, and they did. They were also told that that they can leave the community, and they did. All of them were ordained including Deacon Steve who chose not to be in the NCW. The late Deacon Eddie, however, chose to stay. The NCW is not for everyone. And the Archbishop did not withhold ordination to those who chose to leave.