Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Setting The Record Straight

The following was sent to me by a sister who was falsely accused by Tim Rohr of being the Archbishop as she was posting in the jungle.  The person who was falsely accused as the Archbishop has disclosed her name in this post.  She was the anonymous poster whom Tim Rohr accused as being the Archbishop. 

Hello Diana,
 I was very saddened and upset after reading comments from,  particularly from Mr. Tim Rohr who used the word “a- -“ in his comment towards the Archbishop.  Days ago, with these emotions, I went on Jungle Watch for the first time and ended up getting into a dialogue with Mr. Rohr.  I wish I had NEVER gone on the blog and I NEVER will again.  What came of our dialogue was a downward spiral of negativity, attacks and blatant offensive talk towards our Archbishop in the comments.  The MOST DISTURBING is that those commenting, including Mr. Rohr himself, assumed I was Archbishop Apuron!  On the blog there were comments, particularly: JUST CONFIRMED THIS IS FROM APURON’ and another who confirms, ‘I’VE KNOWN THIS MAN SINCE HIS HIGH SCHOOL DAYS. THIS IS OUR ARCHBISHOP’.  The other comments are just plain derogatory and get lower and lower.
 I learned of this blog from Jungle Watch.  I figured Mr.’ Rohr and his followers’ (as quoted from the PDN) obviously read your blog since they reference it a lot.  I wanted to honor Mr. Rohr’s request to reveal who I am, since he honored mine in placing our dialogue on his Jungle Watch Home Page.    
 I do want to ‘shine a spotlight’ as heard from Chuck White on PNC:                                                                  -I went to listen to a catechesis in my parish.
-I started an itinerary of faith formation which has:
+led me to open the Scriptures
+led me to appreciate and have a greater love and reverence for Jesus Christ, His Church and the Sacraments
+led me to discover the richness of the Magisterium, the documents of the Pope and the Catechism of the Catholic Church
+led me to Prayer and to discern God’s Will in my life

 People can speak and attack, they can say things out of context and repeat hearsay BUT no one can take from me what I am living and experiencing….THE PEACE AND JOY OF LIVING IN THE GRACE OF GOD!  For this I am grateful and I will shout it from the mountain tops!

 This Way has also led me to discover my vocation.  I am NOT  the Archbishop nor a priest.  I could never be a priest because I am a woman.  My name is Melannie San Agustin a homemaker and mother of twelve children.  CONSIDER THISSo many people thought I was the Archbishop and they attacked but it’s just me. They were wrong in their assumptions.  They said they confirmed it but how could they?  One said he has known him since high school and it was definitely him but it was just me. Very simply…they were wrong and are wrong about a lot of things. 



  1. The dialogue between her and Tim Rohr is found in this weblink below:

  2. Courage Melanie, because it is something good...that's why they attack nobody attacks you if you do something bad or stupid, for that they praise you...

  3. The persecution is necessary for our conversion. Our response sometimes certainly is not like a lamb going to slaughter and its only the Spirit that is working within us that opens the eyes to this reality. As Jesus instructed his disciples and as St. Paul followed those instructions in Acts 13:50-51, dust those feet and move on. You are chosen and have a predestined meeting with someone that needs the message from the lamb.

  4. Melanie good job. Little Tim know your a mother of 12 who take Christianity seriously. I personally pray for the Archbishop Apuron. Aside this subject, I wrote to the Pontifical Delegate regards to the issues that we are facing.

  5. Sorry, but if you don't identify yourself, the recipient is entitled to speculate all they like on who you are. All the NCW use exactly the same language anyway, so its perfectly understandable.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 7:33 p.m.,

      I was also accused of being a priest in the jungle. I told Tim that I am not a priest. He refused to believe me nor give me the benefit of the doubt. Instead, I was accused of being a liar. Even now, some of them are still falsely accusing me of Father Adrian. So no, it is not understandable. And no, not all the NCW use exactly the same language as those found in the jungle. The language in the jungle is deplorable.

    2. So put speculation to rest. Many others have used their real names to stand up for their beliefs. You all still behind rocks, what courage is that? You model yourselves after Jesus but he never preached behind a bush.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 9:22 p.m.,

      That still does not give you or anyone justification to judge us as "liars." It is actually "unchristian" to judge a person as a liar. Furthermore, certain posters in the jungle actually stated that they CONFRIMED Melannie to be the Archbishop. How did they confirm??????? We also have a right to choose to remain anonymous or to reveal our names.

    4. Well, Diana, you hide behind an alias that is not you. Essentially this alias that you created is a false person. Therefore it is not true, not real. Therefore it is a lie about your identity. So yes, we can call you a liar all we want. You have concocted this false image, everything about this character is fake. How can you preach about truth or honesty or even obedience when you don't even have the "courage" enough to put your real, true identity to your work? It's really so sad. Christ was not a coward. But you are.

    5. AnonymousAugust 6, 2014 at 7:33 PM

      And where are you hiding? Behind the rocks as well? Still Anon? If you are so right and feel like you are the truth, then, reveal yourself... Itll inly do you good, after all, you are right? riggghttt?

    6. Oh Diana! I thought I was the only one. They too thought I was Father Adrian months ago lol. Ive written the Delegate myself. Joy!

    7. Dear ANONYMOUS at 12:50 a.m.,

      And of course..............this is coming from someone who also chose to be ANONYMOUS. Now, what is wrong with this picture????

    8. Dear Antoine Tajalle,

      Yes, and some of them are still accusing me of being Father Adrian. Anyone can see from the dialogue that it was Tim Rohr who threw the FIRST insult by claiming that she was ignorant of the history of the Catholic Church....when in the first place Melanie was never discussing about Church history. She was making an analogy of what is happening in our local churches to biblical scriptures. So, not only do those in the jungle throw the first insults, but they do not listen.

    9. Hello Diana,

      you're anon yourself

    10. Dear Anonymous at 8:10 a.m.,

      I never said that I wasn't.

    11. David G., many people choose anonymity because they, like myself, either used to be in the neo and/or have family and friends who are still in the neo. So to avoid confrontation with the likes of you, we remain anonymous. If not for ourselves, then for our loved ones. A man I know of left the neo and later learned that almost all in his community and his catechists were saying vicious and false things about him: he's under the devil's influence, he doesn't care about salvation, blahblahblah. That is what people fear. So it's understandable that we choose to be anonymous.

      On the other hand, nearly all you neos hide behind anonymity while you talk about the fruits, throw vile and slanderous insults, spread and encourage lies, and don't even accept real, documented truth when it is put before you. Bur you've got the archbishop on your side, and you claim to have Jesus, too. So let me ask:

      What are YOU afraid of?

    12. Dear Anonymous at 4:38 p.m.,

      The reason why most people remain anonymous on our side is because we have seen what your side is capable of doing. The Archbishop's tires were slashed. People who revealed their name like Zoltan were threatened with their jobs. In other words, we have more things to worry about than a little gossip.

  6. AnonymousAugust 6, 2014 at 9:22 PM believe me, people will start coming out the bush soon. Stay tune for a serious rude-awakening.

  7. To many of us anonymous, our awakening was set motion some two thousand years ago when a man was nailed to the cross. He was and still very much in front and the center of our lives. By all means...please come out of the bush. The view is better...he is beautiful

  8. Anonymous or not Anonymous? This does not really matter. What matters is the Spirit. Spirit of love or Spirit of hatred. Christians never recognized and acknowledged themselves as individuals, but always as a community, people where killed because of the name of Jesus Christ; in fact we do not know the name of the thousands of individuals that were killed (martyrs) during history. We know they were Christians, with one Spirit, the Holy Spirit. When you are too much focus on yourself you begin to think to be god. So then your entitle to judge everyone, Archbishop, priests...etc. It is useless to go out publicly with a spirit of malice and arrogance. I identify myself as Christian, I WANT TO BE CHRISTIAN (maybe I am not yet), but I want the SPIRIT of Christianity not the label of Christianity. The Spirit is visible from the words that are spoken or written. That's why all sins or all blessings come out of the mouth (heart) of men.
    Thank you Diana to give us a possibility to express our thoughts.

    1. "So then your entitle to judge everyone, Archbishop, priests...etc. It is useless to go out publicly with a spirit of malice and arrogance."

      So then what happens if someone does harm, is it "useless" to judge them as harmful? Is there "malice and arrogance" to judge someone who does harm as being harmful?


      "Christians never recognized and acknowledged themselves as individuals, but always as a community, people where killed because of the name of Jesus Christ; in fact we do not know the name of the thousands of individuals that were killed (martyrs) during history."

      Many people were killed in the name of Jesus Christ and we don't know their names either. Popes, Bishops, Priests, and such have condoned killing people using God as justification. Should we turn a blind eye to the harm a person or people can do, merely because they do so in the name of God?

    2. Dear Anonymous at 1:29 a.m.,

      When tyrants were killing Christians, they went into hiding. Even the Jews went into hiding during World War II as Hitler went on his rampage against them. What did you think happen to those who spoke out against Hitler?? If you want to fight those who are killing people, then become a soldier in an army.

      On the other hand, what was done to Father Paul, Monsignor James, and Aaron Quitugua were not physical harm. Father Paul lost a parish, and he is taking his case to Rome. Monsignor James lost his duties. And Aaron Quitugua was told "no." Father Paul and Monsignor James are still priests. As for Aaron Quitugua, being told no is not the end of the world.

    3. Are you really saying that someone needs to die or the world needs to end before we should challenge those who cause us harm?

      We'll all end up dead or penniless if we let everyone walk all over us as you have just argued.

    4. Diana, if the Archbishop was on the level, things wouldn't happened. He allowed himself to be persecuted by not being truthful. It is kind of hard now to follow a Shepherd like him. As for now my family and I have decided to leave the NCW. We now put out faith in God to help us through all this. If it is his will for us to return, then he will guide us back.

    5. Dear Anonymous at 7:42 a.m.,

      No, that is not what I am saying at all. Judging a person is wrong, In the jungle, all you hear is that the Archbishop is a liar. The Archbishop is this or that. They attack and demean the person. They mock the Archbishop's homily, and regardless of what the Archbishop does.....good or is still being mocked. That is really all they do.

    6. Dear Anonymous at 7:44 a.m.,

      The Archbishop was already accused of being untruthful by the jungle before he could even say anything. The moment that Monsignor James was fired, the jungle already had wind of it. Tim Rohr learned from someone the REASON Monsignor James was fired. The Archbishop have not yet come out into the public to tell the reason why Monsignor James was fired. It was ALREADY publicized by the jungle, and already the jungle was calling the Archbishop a liar for something the Archbishop has not yet gone public on. So, if anyone went public FIRST, it would be either Monsignor James or those on his side.

      Tim Rohr never gave the Archbishop a chance to explain his side. Tim Rohr was always the one explaining for the Archbishop and going public first. The Archbishop was already branded as a liar before he even had a chance to go public and explain or even show the audit report from Doulette. And when he did, they bring in their own finance committee to speak without any paperwork to back themselves up. All we're hearing is their words. The stage was already set up before and after.

    7. Diana you should see the remarks that was made to the Archbishop. The jungle continue to throw MUD. Which remind me like Emperor Nero, a fire broke our in Rome and destroyed the City. Nero was quick to blame the Christian and have a reason to kill the Christian. The Neocathecumenal way is the escape goat for their reasoning. What happen to Blessed Diego is happening today. Tim Rohr and Chuck White is the modern day Choko.

    8. If we can't judge the good or bad of a deed, then we're left with anarchy and chaos.

      All sorts of dark deeds become acceptable: tyranny, the holocaust, the persecution of Guamanian and Filipino priests.

      You further reason that because people aren't dead and life goes on despite the doings of the Archbishop, the situation is acceptable.

      Life is all about judging! Make the wrong judgement and you can burn your hand or crash your car into another. But we can't judge the Archbishop, why not again? Is he God?

      I'm making a sincere attempt to understand your point of view, a "The Way" perspective.

    9. Dear Anonymous at 10:15 a.m.,

      The problem is not judging the good or bad DEED. The problem is judging the MAN. There's a big difference. Under this thread, I provided the weblink of the diologue between Melannie and Tim Rohr. Those in the jungle thought that Melannie was the Archbishop, and under that dialogue, these are the comments you find in the jungle:

      AnonymousAugust 4, 2014 at 8:53 PM

      Another "fruit cake",

      AnonymousAugust 4, 2014 at 10:16 PM

      Sounds drunk. I wouldnt meet him.

      AnonymousAugust 4, 2014 at 10:17 PM

      Scary Tim! It sounds like a raving lunatic wanting to get you.

      AnonymousAugust 4, 2014 at 10:19 PM

      All show, no go! Another frustrated, brainwashed Kikobot. He realizes his world is crumbling around him and is in denial. Careful with this one Tim, could be Desoto kind.

      Now tell me, do these comments sound like they are judging the DEED? I do not see any comments in here addressing the Archbishop removing Monsignor James. When the jungle suspected that Melannie was the Archbishop, these were the comments that Tim Rohr published.

    10. Diana - I suggest you rise above those sorts of posts. The Internet is filled with people who misbehave behind anonymity. Heck, I myself choose not to submit my name (for various reasons) but I also choose not to turn any of my arguments into a petty attack on someone else as a person.


      In an earlier post, Elia alluded that the criticisms of the Archbishop are nothing but "malice and arrogance" and that those who criticize are self-centered. She further stated that Christians should not be individuals and suggested that any criticisms come from a place of hatred.

      These are what my retorts addressed. I have no control over Rohr's actions and how he administers his blog. While I agree with much of his criticisms, I don't care for the level of discourse he allows in the comments. So we're in agreement there. But as I said, my discussion is on your board with someone who posted a comment I didn't agree with on your board... no mention of Rohr's blog from me.

      Elia's commentary was a thinly veiled attack on people who criticize the Archbishop, worded with phrases like "spirit of hatred" and "malice and arrogance". If you read my post, I didn't post any characterization or mischaracterization of either Elia or you. I don't know you and how you carry yourself outside of this board. I imagine we'd get along just fine if our paths crossed in the physical world.

      That said, I disagree with you, the Archbishop, and the Neo... without any arrogance, malice, or self-reverence on my part. I'm just a concerned Catholic commenting on your board and trying to be respectful about it.

    11. Dear Anonymous at 4:14 p.m.,

      When Elia alluded that the criticisms of the Archbishop are nothing but "malice and arrogance", he/she was criticizing the DEED. However, when one says that the person is self-centered, then one judges the person.

      When one says " Christians should not be individuals and suggest that any criticisms come from a place of hatred"......... that is an opinion that anyone can agree or disagree with. Personally, I do not see all criticisms as coming from a place of hatred. There is such thing as "constructive criticisms." Constructive criticisms is used to benefit the person in performing better at their job or task. The above comments I copied and pasted from the jungle under this thread is not constructive criticism, but definitely criticism based on malice and arrogance.

      I understand your stand and respect that. People can disagree and still get along. I know that in my community, I have come to disagreements with my brothers on certain things, but we get along fine.

    12. Diana wrote: "When Elia alluded that the criticisms of the Archbishop are nothing but "malice and arrogance", he/she was criticizing the DEED."

      I don't know how much more *PERSONAL* you can get when you call someone malicious and arrogant!

      Elia is not referring to a specific criticism. She wanted to attack all criticism en masse by judging those who raise the criticism to be malicious, arrogant, and self-centered.

      She is JUDGING me.

      You justify the her blanket attack by quoting people from Rohr's blog. How is that being reasonable?

      When I posted my previous reply, I was hopeful that you would try and raise the level of discourse. Instead, you approved and defended Elia's judgement of me, the person.

      And I'm the one filled with malice, arrogance, and self-reverence.

      And our conversation is further sidetracked with the divide widening.

    13. Dear Anonymous at 10:35 a.m.,

      I am sorry that you feel that Elias' was judging you. I interpreted his/her post differently than you did Elias said that it does not matter whether a person remain anonymous or not. What matters is the spirit....the spirit of love or the spirit of hate. He/She stated the following:

      The Spirit is visible from the words that are spoken or written. That's why all sins or all blessings come out of the mouth (heart) of men.

      Your previous post showed no malice at all. Your comment posted on August 6th, at 7:33 p.m. stated the following:

      AnonymousAugust 6, 2014 at 7:33 PM
      Sorry, but if you don't identify yourself, the recipient is entitled to speculate all they like on who you are. All the NCW use exactly the same language anyway, so its perfectly understandable.

      This is what Elias was alluding to. The words that comes out of a man's mouth determines whether it comes from a spirit of love or a spirit of hate. The recipient is not entitled to speculate all they like on who they are especially when they already said they are not the archbishop or a priest. And not ALL NCW uses the kind of language that the jungle have displayed. I admit that such comments have come my way from both sides of the camp, and I try to filter out the derogatory ones.

  9. Great Job Diana!!

  10. to Melanie, Diana and all of you in the I am not a member of the Way but a Catholic...I continue pray for our Archbishop and our Church to be united. However, his actions lately are highly questionable and without sense. His people are trying to make sense of it...but impossible to understand. He is an avid supporter of NCW...and he defends it so much that it becomes very suspicious. His questionable actions and out of character comments created all this problem....and the fact that he is pushing for all Churches on guam to accept the NCW.... and many other questionable actions that are well documented..puts the NCW at the crosshairs. the NCW if done correctly and with an open mind and good for some...but not for all. It is only one of the many charisms in our Church today that can help some Catholics with the journey of their faith. Since you are NCW members....please speak to the Archbishop and maybe put some sense into him...or his advisors....because if you agree with what he has done with Mons.James, Fr Paul, Fr. Efren, Aaron, and others involved...and words that have come out of his mouth about other priests and sexual allegations with other men....then something is really wrong. I continue to pray for peace...I believe that this tough journey will make our faith in Jesus and our Church stronger than ever!

    1. You said: and words that have come out of his mouth about other priests and sexual allegations with other men....then something is really wrong." What words? Give facts.

      "Ubi Petrus, ibi Ecclesia"

    2. The facts are clear! The decisions taken by the Archbishop regarding these two priests do not have anything to do with the Neocatechumenal Way. Fr. Paul was asked to resign because he was harboring a sex offender (I made a research this guy is also a murder). Msgr. James was moved from the Cathedral because of bad administration (letter of delloite guarantees it). The Archbishop has all the authority to do this. This is very normal in other dioceses, priests are moved constantly.
      Regarding the Way in all the parishes I ask, What is the problem? The Way is a Christian Initiation recognized by the Holy see valid for the present time. The Way can be use as an instrument to reach those that have abandon the faith (secularized people). Does this mean that everyone have to enter in the Way? Absolutely not! The Way never imposed itself as the only reality. It is true that those in the Way are full of zeal (thank God); and they really reach out, they are not afraid to go out in the streets. The reality is that today the parishes are dying (just look at the numbers). New Evangelization is needed. They will say terrible things about us, and you know it is OK. Sign of authenticity.

    3. I don't think you'll approve this, but I'll try.
      Ella says that "decisions taken by the Archbishop regarding these two priests do not have anything to do with the Neocatechumenal Way. Fr. Paul was asked to resign because he was harboring a sex offender." But here's what was said in "Revenge vs Justice" (

      DianaJune 28, 2014 at 9:05 AM
      Dear Anonymous at 8:42 a.m.,

      Tim Rohr wrote on my blogsite in March when he invited to meet with him. From his comment, I see a lot of emotion in it. From his comment, I also see that it has more to do with the Archbishop than it does about the Way.

      As for the priest, he is supposed to be obedient to the Archbishop. He took a vow of obedience. THIS MEANS THAT IF THE BISHOP TELLS THE PRIEST TO OPEN HIS PARISH FOR THE WAY, THE PRIEST SHOULD OBEY THE BISHOP (my capitalization)

      AnonymousJune 28, 2014 at 9:13 AM
      Good point Diana. Exactly. Great insider view.

      AnonymousJune 28, 2014 at 1:13 PM
      Anon @ 8:42AM, I don't think the audio "disappeared" right away. That came later. The audio was not replayed as it was supposed to be. An older episode was played and people were calling KOLG asking where the episode was. Tim Rohr was not "looking for it" the day after the show. Besides, if, as your folks claim, the Archbishop did nothing wrong, why should he be worried about Tim "PLANTING" (your word) to black-mail him? Only people with things to hide worry about being blackmailed.

      BTW: Diana, I THOUGHT THE "OBEDIENCE" ISSUES ABOUT FR. PAUL HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH OPENING HIS PARISH FOR THE WAY but because he supposedly did not fire an employee as directed? (He actually did, but that's another matter) DID YOU JUST REVEAL THE REAL REASON FOR FR. PAUL'S REMOVAL from Sta. Barbara? Thanks for that Insider's View!!! (my capitalizations)

      DianaJune 28, 2014 at 2:45 PM
      Dear Anonymous at 1:13 p.m.,

      The case has already been taken to Rome, so I would let Rome be the one to take care of it.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 11:01 a.m.

      It was Father Pius who set the record straight in the news report. Father Paul was removed for disobedience. He did not remove the sex offender from employment when he was told to. Monsignor James was removed due to financial mismanagement.

      You only brought up TWO priests, but there were actually THREE priests that were removed. Father John was also removed due to allegations of sex abuse 41 years ago. Why didn't you mention this? Could it be because you know that Father John was a "neo priest", which would defeat your argument?? Your argument of blaming the Neocatechumnenal Way as a cause is no longer applicable because a "neo-priest" was also removed. You can no longer play the "favoritism" card.

    5. Diana - when the Archbishop informed Fr.Wadeson's removal. The last word he said before he left the island....... "Archbishop" you are my Archbishop and I will OBEY. The next morning he left. Did he fight back, did he say ill things to the Archbishop? NO! He did not even say ill things to Tim Tohr, but the letter from Umatuna published directly to Timothy Rohr.

      He did not fight back, he was not bitter. THE JUNGLE WON either way. You got what you want and YOU will get your money and you will get everything you want.

      Archbishop words few days ago, he is ready to die for Jesus Christ. Your (JUNGLE WATCH) earthly intention will be given. If the Archbishop do DIE, are you going to do the same to the next Archbishop? Are you going to disobey the successor if you don't like his office? THE DAMAGE is done, 2 priest disobey and a ROGUE priest who acts like a Judas in the Chancery. CATHOLIC CONCERNS,Tim Rohr, Chuck White, Art Ilagan,Gerry Taitano, Richard Untalan and Rivera.

      You have won! Your intentions is not unity or building bridges but to destroy what GOD built. I remember Diana mentioned Blessed Mother Teresa's accuser end up being ill and died with Cancer. Hope you don't get one. God is powerful and he will use the bow on those who wickedly seek to destroy that God created. Pray you don't get EXCOMMUNICATED. You fear DEATH? Wait till you get through the MERCY THRONE. One of the BIG boys who are in the steps yesterday in the Cathedral know this by heart.

      LA PAZ

  11. From 7:44 AM. Diana, we have brought up our children in a home where honesty is upheld. On Saturdays, as we gather at the breakfast table, we discuss how our week was. If there was a problem, we corrected it. If there were likes and dislikes we talk it out.

    We have always been a very open minded family. We do try to see the views of our children as well as having them see our views. This has kept us close knitted aside from our Catholic Faith.

    I am not from the Agana Cathedral Parish. I belong to Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish in Agana Heights. After hearing last night's news broadcast, it seems as if Msgr. Benavente was not given the time frame to complete his report as asked by the Chancery. The August 15th dateline should have been afforded to him before he was cast out. Why? I do not know.

    I don't think I can live with myself, knowing that there is so much unjustice going on. I would stand up for any brother or sister in the WAY if I thought they were right. Right now I cannot stand up for anyone. Until then, like I have said, my family and I need to keep our distance from all this mess. Our faith in the Catholic Church has not changed any. We will continue to pray that whatever the truth is, it be brought to light so that we can begin anew with much forgiveness which leads to healing.

    God be with you all! Peace and Joy to you!

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:01 a.m.,

      It is very difficult to resolve problems when someone decides to go running to the public first. The opportunity for Monsignor James and the Archbishop to resolve the problem was never given the chance and opportunity because someone already made the situation public.....and I am not blaming Monsignor James for going public first. I do not believe that both men went public first. Someone else did and thereby destroyed any chance for unity. See the weblink below:

    2. From 9:01 a.m. I am tired is listening to sides. I am not defending anyone...I just want to hear the truth. Plain and simple. Like I said, we live to speak the truth in our home.

  12. @917. If you really want To hear the words that Archbishop has said about sexual relationships go to junglewatch, there is a recording about a priest on Guam.

  13. this point it doesnt matter who goes public first. Documents are laid out for all to see...and his words were heard by all the world...not just hear. If these are not true....then he should say it to all of us who are concerned.....not Fr.Adrian or anyone else who wants to speak on his behalf.

    As Archbishop or leader, one of the main job is to keep the whole Catholic Church in Guam united and working together.

    Clearly this is no longer the case....and so the Vatican is taking note of this.

    His actions and words are out character and questionable to the office he holds.

    I see many bishops speak in front of the media to clarify issues within their diocese....he should do the same...this diocese is smaller compared to many out there.

    Surely, he can speak and defend his actions.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:11 a.m.,

      What I posted has nothing to do with documents going public. It has to do with the agenda of the jungle. WHY did the jungle speak out FIRST with accusations???? Why the hurry to get out to the media and the public FIRST before the Archbishop does?

  14. Yeah a local priest wickedly record it with out him knowing it. In civil law with out permission a law suit will be filed!

    1. In civil law it's called defamation!