Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Canon Law 1369

I found the following canon law very interesting regarding the use of public media against religion or the Catholic Church.  I found the canon law in the Vatican website.  The word "Church" according to Catholic teaching has never been applied to a stone building, but to a people or a gathering of an assembly.  The Archbishop and the NCW is PART of the Catholic Church. It is always best for a person to observe the Church's doctrines and teachings.  Allegations of so-called liturgical abuses is not more important than respect toward our Church leader.  Remember that Christ told a man to leave his gift at the altar and reconcile with his brother.  God favors reconciliation more than the gift at the altar.   

Canon Law 1369  A person who in a public show or speech, in published writing, or in other uses of the instruments of social communication utters blasphemy, gravely injures good morals, expresses insults, or excites hatred or contempt against religion or the Church is to be punished with a just penalty.

Canon Law 1369


  1. Right on the money Diana! I'm not well verse in Canon Law or never will be but good search. I love the part =======> excites hatred or contempt against religion or the Church is to be punished with a just penalty. This hurts em but it also hurts all of us.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 3:38 p.m.,

      Tim Rohr is a Traditional Catholic who attends the Latin Mass. He is still our Catholic brother. So, yes, what hurts him also hurts us.

  2. Diana, this is a great post, fits most recent events we read about! What you found describes exactly the wicked depravation of Jungle blog. We have been exposing here their lies and the low morality of their stealing documents and illegally posting without permission. Jungle blog is an immoral rat hole, hosting hatred and vituperation against the Catholic Church.

    We have shed light on their shady anonymous business, where they impersonate well known persons and make comments on their behalf without the persons even knowing about it... Could you have any better evidence about their vicious manners? The owner of Jungle blog supported and published all this trash by his own will. He smeared Fr Adrian and allowed Janet B's slanderous role playing and impersonation of Deacon Harold. Even Mary Lou openly lied about me writing on Jungle Watch. Well, I have never written and won't ever write on their trash site!

    These Jungle bloggers are just exhibiting such moral corruption in their posts and vituperation against Church authorities, including Archbishops Apuron, Tagle and Krebs, that speaks about their morale a lots. They thought they could use these authorities for their own selfish purposes. Well, they can't! They have been employing Masonic tactics quite openly, despite our several warnings. Masonic aim has always been to "attack the head" that is the Church leadership and hierarchy. Exactly what you see at Jungle blog day and night. This is more than revealing...

    Now they are mad as hell because the Nuncio did not follow their script. Jungle blog masterminds wanted to shovel down their own agenda on his throat. But you cannot play this kinds of childish games with the Nuncio! He is much smarter than that... Jungle bloggers are so disappointed now, they are fuming insane anger and sheer madness. This is effectively the end of a year long fruitless struggle at Jungle blog. Now, time is overstepping them forever and render their rants moot for any further discussion.

    "12 A scoundrel and a villain
    goes around with crooked speech,
    13 winking the eyes, shuffling the feet,
    pointing the fingers,
    14 with perverted mind devising evil,
    continually sowing discord;
    15 on such a one calamity will descend suddenly;
    in a moment, damage beyond repair. "
    (Proverbs 6)

    "26 Though hatred is covered with guile,
    the enemy’s wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.
    27 Whoever digs a pit will fall into it,
    and a stone will come back on the one who starts it rolling.
    28 A lying tongue hates its victims,
    and a flattering mouth works ruin. "
    (Proverbs 26)


  3. Jungle Watch and the timmies suffered a major defeat by the firm standing of Archbishop Krebs for rule and order in the Guam Church. Authorities must be respected and hatred eliminated.

    We need to seriously pray for unity, that these folks return to the Catholic Mother Church,
    -- the church of Archbishops Apuron, Archbishop Tagle and Archbishop Krebs,
    -- the church of Popes Paul 6th, John Paul 2nd, Benedict 16th and Francis and yes,
    -- the church of Kiko Arguello, Carmen Hernandez and other charismatic leaders and
    -- the church of the NeoCatechumenal Way and other Catholic charisms.

    Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. James 4:10

  4. Well, Diana, we are not worthy...thank you for scouring the code for us when you are so busy with work and stuff.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:21 p.m.,

      Tim Rohr and his followers need to know the truth of what they are doing.

      Tim Rohr was already given a warning by the Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem to cease his scandalous activities against the Archbishop of Guam. If he continues he will no longer be a member of the Order.

    2. Diana at least you did not steal a copy and post it here. You want a xerox copy? Hahahaha kidding laughter is good.

  5. To the Anonymous Posters,

    There were two anonymous posters who copied and pasted posts and comments from Junglewatch and wanted me to review it. I did not publish your comments because the copy and paste material is too condescending.

    You asked my opinion of Father John's letter. In his letter, he never called Tim "Satan." Satan is the enemy of both God and man. Our fight was never against each other. Some of us have posted in the jungle to reach our Traditional Catholic brothers there to help them understand the Neocatechumenal Way. I was one of them, but I stopped posting there once they started accusing me of being a priest. At any rate, this is what Father John said at the conclusion of his letter:

    "The real battle we are fighting is not against each other, but against Satan and all his wiles. He is the one who can fool us all to make us turn against each other."

    He is correct. The battle is not against a man or men, but against Satan, who is a fallen angel. The Church must strive for unity. Reconciliation is possible and healing must begin with the clergy through effective communication. And it should be behind closed doors. Once healing begins inside the clergy, the healing can filter down to the laity.

  6. "God favors reconciliation more than the gift at the altar."

    What is the "gift at the altar" exactly?

    In the Catholic Church, the gift at the altar is the body and blood, soul and divinity of the Only Begotten Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Not sure what it is in the NCW.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:26 p.m.,

      It is the same thing in the NCW because we are part of the Catholic Church. What did the Church teach you? The gift at the altar is COMMUION.

      God favors reconciliation more than the gift at the altar because reconciliation is what honors that gift at the altar.

      In other words, without reconciliation, one cannot be in communion with God and His Church. This is why the Church tells us to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation FIRST if one is in grave sin before going to the altar to receive Holy communion. The Church also teaches that if you are not in communion with the Catholic Church, you should not receive Holy Communion. One would need to be reconciled first.

      Jesus says the same thing. He told a man to leave his gift at the altar and reconcile with his brother first and then return to the altar to offer his gift. Are you going to tell me that it is okay to receive Holy Communion even if you have committed a grave sin?? That would be a dishonor to the Body and Blood of our Lord at the altar.

  7. Im not sure if any of you remember seeing Tim say that he has respect for Father John Wadeson and then all of a sudden when Fr. sends an email discouraging the leaked information....Tim is all up in his face......wishy washy!

  8. The other blogsite that some mistakenly thought was mine also has cited some pertinent canon laws. You should take a look at canon law 1374. This law is important to priests because priests are capable of leading the laity against the Archbishop as we have seen here in Guam when a priest photocopied a letter of the Archbishop and distributed to his parishioners in order to incite them to go against the Archbishop. His website is found below: