Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You Raise Me Up

Dear Brothers and Sisters walking in the Way

Christ said that we will be persecuted, and persecuted we are. Take courage!. Be glad in these sufferings and persecution for it only brings us closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. Do not hate those who hate you, but love them. Remember that Christ also love the Pharisees. Do not persecute those who persecute you, but pray for them. Do not let the old man in us get the better of us. Remember who you are.....the sons and daughters of the living God. Peace be with you and with your spirit! :)


  1. Thank you.

    This is what many of the brothers need to hear.

  2. Without you Lord we are not able to please you.

  3. Thank you, Diana. Indeed from time to time, we need to be reminded of the moment when He found us and have since raised us up...

  4. Hello Diana and other people

    I am from Australia and have just joined the NeoCatechumenal way this year

    So far I have not had any opposition and hopefully there won't be any problems

    I joined it because I wanted to be apart of a Catholic Community with a higher level of community (more interaction, fellowship, caring for each other etc)
    than other Lay associations which may only meet once or twice a month which I found to be rather isolating

    Kind Regards

  5. Very nice movie clip Diana. Enjoyed watching.

  6. Hi, Diana
    I'm from Portugal, and from time to time I pass by your blog. I've just read this blog post and I sometimes think about your blog specifically and after all this years, I would love to know from you what you think about it. What are your intentions with it?
    I'm not trying to lecture you or anything. From what I see, lots of times this kind of websites just creates a place where the "enemies" come to bash and and all the negative stuff.
    I don't know what's going on with Way in Guam. I've just read a few line of some blog posts and I've noticed that something is (or were) going on (something negative) and if you cannot present here full statements from all the parts involved, you are creating 'fake' motives to be persecuted. Not because you want, but because this will become out if your control.
    I, personally, think that the blogs, twitter accounts, facebook account can be helpful to ease the contact and so on, but we should keep the "privacy of our homes" to ourselves.
    What is said on the announcements are for the ones who are there. If there's brother who could not attend, we should find a way to gather them somewhere and transmit it to them personally.
    Once again, this is my opinion, from my experience. Once again, sorry if my 'speech' make you feel I'm trying to hurt you or something like that. Not my intension at all.
    My 'advice': think where in this blog you putting love for the brothers in the Way, the Church and the Evangelization of the world. On the other hand think about how this blog can be hurting all of those I've refered.
    To finish it up: feel free to continue to do whatever you think you should do.
    May the Peace o Jesus be with you.

    1. Dear Blue,

      Your comment was made under this OP. This OP encourages the brothers to have courage despite the persecutions. Despite the persecutions in the NCW here, Christ will raise us up. And He is doing that. This blog exists to help those who are not walking in the Way learn a little bit about the NCW. Contrary to what our persecutors say, we are Catholic and follow Catholic teaching.

      What is said in the Lenten announcement about apostasy and secularization is the truth. Of course, the enemy will come out to bash me because they do not like the truth. They prefer to mislead people into believing that the NCW is not Catholic. What is said about apostasy and secularization in the announcement is not something new. Even the Pope has spoken about this.


  7. Thankyou Diana. I am walking in the Way .
    Please keep courage do not delay.
    From time to time I come across this blog along with JW Blog.
    Amazed to read one of JW supporters being named servant of God.
    Signed Ven. Servant of God. What does this mean.? Thank you.

  8. Thank you for this website. I am a returning Catholic for a year and was introduced to the NCW 3 months ago by my priest. It has been the most amazing step I have ever taken. The word is fresh and new. The Lord is amazing and I am madly in love with Him. I love my community and am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me as I follow His steps. kas

  9. God is God
    God is Love