Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Myths Vs Facts

Listening is part of effective communication.  With effective and proper communication comes the resolution of conflicts and a better understanding of the other person.  It also leads to peace and the truth.  This does not mean that all will come to an agreement, but it often leads to a peaceful co-existence. Accusations and judgments NEVER lead to peace or truth.  If you are here only to make an accusation, then you were never interested in hearing our side of the story.  You have already made up your mind.  An example of a closed mind is the anonymous person who made this comment, which I did not publish:  

1. Your way of administering the holy Sacrament of Penance is suspect. You kinda try to sing over the public confession you enforce on your followers, but anyone with a good ear can hear the words of every single confession. This is against the required confidentiality of the sacrament as instituted by the Catholic Church. 
Clearly, this person has already made up his/her mind and is not interested in hearing what we have to say.  This is simply an accusation.  No one can hear over the confession, and each person is not forced to confess.  

There are always two sides to every story.  Listening to only one side is not going to get anyone to determine the truth. Jokes Wild has opened up an excellent dialogue to dispel the myths or rumors about the Way.  According to Jokers Wild: 

What is more bothersome than the twisting of words and half truths if the jungle blog is that there are many people who believe it.
Ive met a whole lot of people who have judgments of the church and especially the NCW and most of the time their views are based on things that originated in the jungle blog. When I realize this I then take the time to sit down with them and tell them the entire truth, I clear the record. Most of the people share that it now all makes sense to them. Id like to share some common questions that I have received about the NCW.

1. Why do you do Public Confessions?
Answer: We dont do public confessions. Your confession is reserved to be heard by a priest. What does happen is that sometimes when we are given a WORD from scripture it brings us to our daily reality, our struggles, sin, mistakes. Many times though these things are shared because the WORD helps us through them. Theres a difference between a response/reflection/experience/testimony in light of a WORD from scripture and the sacrament of Confession.

2. Why do you sit and pass around the Body and Blood of Christ?
Answer: We dont. With special permission though, instead of forming a line, the priest approaches the communicant.

3. Why do you dance at your Mass?
Answer: We dont dance during the mass. After the Priest has exited the main sanctuary we form a circle and reverently celebrate what has just took place. Even though the Mass has ended, the celebration must continue because it is joyous to celebrate the resurrection, the passover. Many may have entered into the Mass(Eucharist) dead and grumbling and are now experiencing life because of the saving power of God working through the WORD and EUCHARIST. Those who dont want to dance usually join in by just clapping along with the music or playing their instruments.

3. Why do you abandon your family for community? Didnt they just have a party and you chose to go to community instead?
Answer: The community doesnt come first. GOD comes first before anything else. With that as a priority it is also better for me to work on my relationship with Christ rather than on social gatherings. I am only with my community 2-3 times a week, I still have the other 4-5 days to spend with my family.

4. Is it true that you are going to have to give all your property to the Neos?
Answer: NO! I dont have to give anything that I am not happy to give away. I also cant give the NCW any property because by their regulations they cannot own any real property. I have never been forced to give anything unwillingly.

5. Is KIKO your prophet?
Answer: In the context of biblical prophets, No! Kiko, the initiator of the NCW is just that, the initiator. I will admit though, when you have someone who constantly is helping you with good words of encouragement, courage, perseverance, you then have a tendency to rely on them for a word. I know that Kiko is only an instrument that God uses. Ultimately it is God doing all the miracles. We are always reminded to stay away from Kikoism. Kiko to me is the same as you having a priest whom you really learn from their homilies and actions. I also have certain priests whom always seem to hit the spot.

6. Why are the Neos forcing everyone to join? I am Catholic, I dont want to change.
Answer: Are you in a Neo community? No right? So I guess there wasnt any force. Im still Catholic, the NCW is just a gathering of Catholics who want to try and gain more faith. Joining the NCW does not change your religious affiliation. The NCW is approved by Rome to be valid for todays society.

More to come...

Sorry Diana but I just had to and maybe it would be good to publish a post on CLEARING THE RECORD or MYTHS vs FACTS.

-Jokers Wild   


  1. I am also copying and pasting the following comment under this post because it belongs here.

    AnonymousJuly 17, 2017 at 5:42 PM
    Thanks, but:
    1. The experience of the second scrutiny can be terrible and is essentially a public confession
    2. Up until very recently you sat to consume communion. Why was that your preferred way of receiving communion, and do you think you had the right to ignore the GIRM?
    3. If the Mass is Calvary, as many saints, mystics and popes have taught, then effectively you are dancing around the foot of the cross
    3 (again): Community = God
    4. The Initiator’s and leaders’ ready access to immense amounts of money indicate that many are giving substantial material assets to the NCW
    5. Kiko writes the tunes you sing, paints the icons you buy, designs the “tableware” you use, gives a teaching that required many thousands of corrections by the Vatican, and apparently can decide that Carmen is a great saint!
    6. To be a fully fledged NCW, you must disregard your faculty of reason and accept silly things, in order to be part of the group. For this reason, among others, the NCW teaches weird and silly things – like that God sends illness and death; or that Jesus throws mud in your eye…Pah!; or that its good to drink milk and honey symbolically during Mass – even though supposedly the real Christ’s blood has been poured out to drink already!

    Thanks for opening a proper Q and A dialogue Joker

    1. Dear Anonymous at 7:37 am,

      1. The second scrutiny is not a public confession. It is a question and answer period.

      2. The NCW is obedient to the Archbishop of Agana. When Archbishop Apuron was in charge, we obeyed him. He was more familiar with the Way and had been walking longer than me. When Archbishop Byrnes was in charge, he changed it. The NCW obeyed Archbishop Byrnes because he is the Coadjutor Archbishop, and the NCW has always been obedient to the Archbishop of Agana.

      3. The dancing around the altar does not take place until AFTER the Mass is over. As Jokers Wild pointed out, the final blessing was given and the priest left the altar. The Mass was over.

      3. The community is NOT God. That is already explained. Please do not let the discussion go around in a circle. We say that the community is not God, then it is not God. The community gathers together to pray to God and to praise and worship Him.

      4. The money comes only from the NCW members. We pay our own way when we have our retreats at the hotel. We help our mission families and seminarians using our own money.

      5. First of all, Kiko did not write all the songs. Secondly, it is not a sin to buy the icons Kiko painted. In the third place, the "tableware" we use belongs to the brothers in the community. It does not belong to Kiko nor designed by him. In the fourth place, what corrections would that be? And finally, where did the NCW call Carmen Hernandez a saint?

      6. The fact that there are members who left the NCW is evidence that we did not disregard our faculty of reason. The fact that there are some who bring questions to our catechists is evidence that we did not abandon our faculty of reason. If we do not understand something, we ask our catechists. We try to use the same kind of effective and proper dialogue with our catechists and with each other during our retreats. As for the rest of your comments, it would be best if you ask us rather than accuse us. No, we do not teach weird and silly things.

  2. Diana, it is not nice that you only published my 1st point of criticism of NCW practices. I sent you my comments to each 6 points, actually, each 7 of them, being number 3 used twice. I did not make accusation but I criticised your practices by stating very clearly the facts. Do you know what is criticism as literary genre? It has its own style and features. When you avoid facing the facts and rightful criticism, then this is a proof for me that you much to hide.

    You are not free to cut and paste comments without publishing. You took out some part of my comment for your own purposes in your opening post. You tore out this part of my comment from its context and placed it on display with distortion. It is an abuse of my comment, dear Diana.

    It is always easier to duck the real issues than facing them honestly and giving straightforward answers. If you have a tiny drop of honesty left in you, you'll publish my comment.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 7:36 pm,

      Jokers Wild opened up an honest dialogue. An honest dialogue is not a place for criticisms or accusations. You are not in the Way simply because you do not want to be there, and no one here is forcing you to be in it.

      As for the copy and paste, I copied only the first one exactly as you wrote it. There is nothing in the first one that even asks a question. It was all an accusation.

  3. Diana something is fishy at the cathedral because father Paul uses big cleaning companies to clean the cathedral because he is the one who complained about how the money is being used their it's funny because the two people who started this persecution are using the money for fishy things then helping

  4. God bless Carmen and biba biba Carmen on this her one year anniversary of her death and maybe she will be a saint one day of goods allows it

    1. Dear God is one: Please take the time to read your comments before you hit the "Publish" button. Your comments are hard to understand because you keep sending in strings of words without any punctuation. You also need to check your spelling as in your 4:55 PM comment "maybe she will be a saint one day of goods allows it." Yes, I know you meant to write "maybe she will be a saint one day IF GOD allows it" but your message lost its impact because of your carelessness.
      Please be more careful so your message comes through more clearly.
      Thank you.

    2. It was the auto correct that did it sorry for that