Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cardinal Pell Acquires Top Lawyer

The following article was brought to my attention by one of the anonymous posters.  In a democratic society, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. We do not live in a communist society in which the accused is presumed guilty until proven innocent.  What is sad that there are some people who believe that the Church should not defend itself.  Some even believe that any clergy who was accused does not deserve to get top lawyers.  This is a rule that the Catholic Church should bear in mind and follow: “Remember that what will always be of service to the Church is the truth. Pursue the whole truth, and you are pursuing what is best for the Church.” (Bill Donohue). You can find the article here.  

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the latest round of attacks on Cardinal George Pell:
Cardinal George Pell has acquired the services of one of the most respected lawyers in Australia, Robert “The Red Baron” Richter. One prominent lawyer from Melbourne called him “the Rolls Royce of criminal defense lawyers.” We are delighted to learn of this development, though many others are clearly chagrined.
From reading the accounts of various professional victims’ attorneys, it is clear that some believe Pell is guilty until proven innocent. Others think he does not deserve first-class defense lawyers, while others question the motive of Church officials who are coming to his defense, including Pope Francis.
Due process and basic civil liberties are at stake, but given the hysteria in some quarters of the media, it is not surprising that Pell is being treated unfairly, to say the least. Moreover, some are using his case to make a larger point: The institutional Church is guilty as charged.
Among the worst is Marci Hamilton, a professional victims’ advocate who specializes in attacking the Catholic Church. She is busy lecturing the pope to “publicly discipline the cardinals and bishops who relentlessly take church funds and use them to pay lobbyists to continue the cover-up by fighting such reform.”
In other words, the Church—unlike all other institutions, religious and secular—should not defend itself. It should just lie down and allow rapacious lawyers to cannibalize it.
Let me be very clear about this: Any bishop or cardinal who does not use Church funds to pay for top notch public relations firms, and blue chip defense lawyers, is doing a disservice to priests and the faithful. There is no cover-up involved when such services are acquired. On the contrary, the scandal is not buying the best that can be afforded.
Cardinal Pell is being accused by ex-cons—both of whom have been arrested for violence—and who now claim that he inappropriately touched them while horsing around in a swimming pool. When did this happen? When John Travolta was rocking out to “Saturday Night Fever.”
Cardinal Pell deserves better and is entitled to the best defense in the land.


  1. Alarming that two convicts are the ones accusing Cardinal Pell. Due Process of law essential to follow.
    Same applies to Archbishop Apuron due process system must be followed. His due process clouded by blogs.
    Clouds created thick fog making it difficult to see clearly truth from fiction. Inclusive state of affairs. Moral path is to follow due process respect law. Evidence weak.

  2. As Bill Donohoue points out: "Cardinal Pell is being accused by ex-cons—both of whom have been arrested for violence—and who now claim that he inappropriately touched them while horsing around in a swimming pool."

    The same cannot be said of those who accused Apuron. Walter Denton (rape victim and survivor), Roy Quintanilla and Roland Sondia (sexual molestation victims and survivors) are upstanding citizens in their communities.

    As Tim Rohr pointed out: When Pell was accused he flew from Rome to Home BUT Apuron flew the coop at Home to take refuge in Rome.

    Also: When Pell was first accused years ago, he stepped aside and allowed the investigative process to run its course BUT whenever Apuron was accused he attacked his accusers and threatened lawsuits. Apuron NEVER authorized an investigation on the accusations against him to take place. (Yeah, yeah I know "Apuron went to Rome to request a canonical trial" BUT unlike Pell Apuron never came back home for an investigation to take place.)

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:50 am,

      Like Cardinal Pell, Archbishop Apuron said that he is innocent. He did not abuse anyone. Cardinal Pell also said that he was innocent and that he did not abuse anyone. That is no different than what Archbishop Apuron said. But it is only Archbishop Apuron whom you see as "attacking his accusers" and calling them "liars."

      Archbishop Apuron did not run away. Before he left, he told the people of Guam through his press release that he intends to pursue a canonical trial. See the weblink below:

      The fact that he still holds his title as Archbishop of Guam is evidence that even the Pope did not remove him from his position. The Pope was the only one who has the authority to remove him, but he chose not to.

    2. Diana, presumed innocence is in secular law that has nothing to do with the way the Catholic Church operates. In canonical law the Holy Spirit is somehow invoked and involved in the juridical process. When the Holy Spirit tells one is guilty then one will be judged with no regard to secular law. Pope Francis did not completely remove Apuron because he was waiting to the result of the canonical trial. Once the Spirit present itself at the canonical court, the fate of Apuron will be determined.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 6:41 pm,

      Then what was the purpose of obtaining testimonies from the accusers?

    4. Not for secular reason.

    5. Diana the one thing that ecclesiastical law and secular law have in common is the gathering of evidence in matters before them.
      Just like in annulments testimonies from individuals known to the parties are gathered to help support the decision as to whether or not a valid marriage exists.In this case there are several matters to be considered by tribunal.
      It's not just a matter of the sexual abuse but also the issue of financial mismanagement against Archbishop Apuron. The former nuncio Archbishop Balvo had written letters to Apuron about missing financial reports. So I'm sure the tribunal will be looking over a lot of documents (not just the ones from the accusers).
      And when all is said and done there won't be enough to find Apuron guilty. But I think the Vatican will take into consideration what Archbishop Byrnes said about Apuron's return being a disaster for the archdiocese. I think he will be assigned to another diocese away from Guam like Byrnes was assigned to Guam far away from his home.

    6. Dear Anonymous at 2:26 pm,

      If Archbishop Apuron is found not guilty, I am hoping that the Pope will allow him to return to Guam as the Archbishop of Agana. If found not guilty, the truth needs to be told. That is the only way for trust to be restored.

    7. You are definitely dreaming about Apuron's return to take the helm again.


  3. Archbishop Apuron Not Guilty. New facts .....

    1. What are the facts and what do you mean by not guilty


  4. Evidence against Archbishop Apuron weak. Lack of detailed evidence to convict. The Verdict not guilty for there was no crime. Archbishop Apuron loved his country for this he was persecuated.

    1. Yeah not guilty biba Anthony apuron Anthony we love you Anthony we love you Anthony we love you biba

    2. Anonymous @ 2:59 PM: The tribunal in the Vatican can find the Archbishop Guilty or Not Guilty BUT they cannot "convict" him.

    3. Impossible to form a conclusion on Archbishop Apuron. Archbishop Apuron not guilty.


    4. There is no court in this world who will Find Archbishop guilty. For there was no crime. Archbishop Apuron loved his Island its people and its church. A vicious campaign was raised againat an inocent man to gain power position money.

  5. It is undeniably true that four years of attacks on Archbishop Apuron have left their mark on a community, our very awareness,our decisions to be Catholic can only mean we must prepare for truth. This Church that we live is of our own making. We allowed our church to be owned by a blog. The fault is not in our stars but in ourselves.

  6. 3.8 million loan for the cathedral and 1.2 million for Saint Thomas Aquinas School during Guess who's time there. Is anyone wondering about this? The interior renovations, as a few parents pointed out at St Thomas look nothing close to 3.8 million! Why isn't this making headlines? Look into this and what about his family complex in Dededo across the Santa Barbara Church. Watch the KUAM coverage on the finances of the Archdiocese, listen well, the presenter himself mentions these millions of dollar loans from the Cathdral and St Thomas. Ask them what year the loans were acquired and under who's time frame. Next thing to do is ask st Anthony church what's happened to their finances since the new governance, not a single penny left? Yet again, spent on renovations, true, but what else? A new car is seen in the driveway, quite elegant too, finance council says parish money was also used for it. Seriously folks, you are not getting to the root of the issue in your diocese. Ask around, the priests will tell you.

    1. Root problem James.
      James richard roar.
      Set up.

    2. Central to Financial issues.
      Monsignor Benavante is present.
      Cathedral loan debt.
      Aquinas school loan debt.
      Financial issues surround all places he served.
      St. Anthony's going same way.
      Spend money take loans leave.
      Archdiocese wake up. This guy has a problem.

    3. People need to wake up and stop being victims of brainwashing and manipulation. The jungle has taken advantage of all those poor old people and the not so old who really have no clue what they're fighting for.
      This will go down in history as a time that the church suffered its own self destruction.
      I warned everyone long ago that this is what eventually will happen. The people have left the church. There is no other group within the Catholic church that is missionary in its nature. No one will ever bother to go back out to find the lost sheep.
      So I agree that because of the current situation, the NCW will not see a growth in its numbers anytime soon but give it time. In a few years the NCW will still be around and God will continue to work through their missionary zeal. The NCW will be the instrument that God will use to reach the peripheries, the lost. Those who left the church will return and things will flourish again.
      Archbishop Byrne's can't get rid of the NCW. Byrne's has control over this diocese but he doesn't have control over a group of Catholics who want to meet and discuss their relationship with God. Byrne's can restrict what happens in the church but he can't stop people from loving God.

      -Jokers Wild

    4. Anonymous at 12:09 AM: First you wrote "3.8 million loan for the cathedral and 1.2 million for Saint Thomas Aquinas School during Guess who's time there." Then you wrote "The interior renovations, as a few parents pointed out at St Thomas look nothing close to 3.8 million! Why isn't this making headlines?" It's possible that it's because the $3.8 was at the CATHEDRAL and not at St. Thomas.

      Then you continue your comment with the observation "Next thing to do is ask st Anthony church what's happened to their finances since the new governance, not a single penny left? Yet again, spent on renovations, true, but what else? A new car is seen in the driveway, quite elegant too, finance council says parish money was also used for it." Those renovations and purchases couldn't be made without APPROVAL from the parish finance council. And of course parish money was used WITH THE APPROVAL of the parish finance council. What's your problem with that?

      So I'm just curious: If Msgr. David C. Quitugua did the same things would you be bellyaching on this blog? OR are you attacking Msgr. Benavente because Archbishop Byrnes chose to replace Msgr. Quitugua in the Presbyteral Council and in the College of Consulters with Msgr. Benavente?
      I think Diana has said that complaints have been filed with he AG's Office and at GPD and yet nothing was done. Don't you think that if the complaints had some foundation Msgr. Benavente would be behind bars by now? OR did Diana mention it as a way of dissing the AG and GPD?

      Just Curious

    5. Dear Just Curious,

      I will remind you that Anonymous 10:23 am corrected himself/herself regarding the mixup between the cathedral and St. Thomas money. See below at Anonymous 12:11 am.

      Furthermore, it is already a known fact that Monsignor James took money from the Cemeteries fund to pay for his anniversary party without any approval from the finance council.

    6. And we can't make it be about us like a person told me move on because Gpd is gpd

  7. Correction: 3.8 million on cathedral and 1.2 million on Saint Thomas school. Shocking numbers!


  8. 1. Richard pays Rohr to blog.
    2. Accuse Archbishop Apuron.
    3. Sell Church property.
    4. Financial gain.
    5. Corruption.

  9. Just saw the top 3 'non-essential' properties proposed to sell to help pay off diocesan debt. The 'non-partisan' Archdiocesan Finance Council will gleefully move full-steam ahead to sell the seminary. Shameful and tragic. There is a great need for priests and selling the seminary property doesn't make sense.

    Why do people think the RMS seminary and the Neocatechumenal Way are evil? Why the vicious hatred?

    What's next on their agenda? They will be emboldened to make our diocese the 'jungle catholic church'.

    Unity? Reconciliation? Oh, I forgot. This is the Year of Reparation. Reparation for who?

    1. Anonymous at 4:44 PM, you ask "Reparation for who?"
      I say: Reparation for ALL who have committed sins of COMMISSION (sexual abuse of children) and for those who have committed the sins of OMISSION (failing to protect the children from sexual predators).

      I recall Jokers Wild told a commenter in another post that "Guam is small. You already know who is the delegate to the NCW, dont ask." Along that line it can be said that "Guam is small. You already know WHO are abusing the children" can be applied to many many people who kept quiet ever since the first priest sexually abused a child.

      Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know about someone who was sexually abused. I heard stories about Fr. Louis taking pictures of naked boys but I didn't say anything because as far as I was concerned it was "hearsay." Nobody who actually had his picture taken told me about it. I heard from friends who heard from other people that Fr. Louis got his kicks from taking pictures of nude boys. A part of me wonders if something could have been done sooner to stop him if I had told a church authority. But because there were many degrees of separation and because I did not know of any abuse first hand I kept quiet for years. Mine was a sin of OMISSION and I need to make reparation.

      I believe there are many more sins of OMISSION than sins of commission among the Catholics on this island so we ALL need this Year of Reparation to try and heal our church.

    2. Dear Anonymous at 4:29 am

      I believe it was already known at the time that Father Brouillard was sexually abusing boys. That is the reason Archbishop Flores shipped him out of Guam. One retired police officer even admitted that Father Brouillard escaped prosecution because he left the island. However, an investigation still needs to be conducted even in the scandal of Father Brouillard. Why? Because Brouillard admitted to sexually abusing boys. He NEVER mentioned girls. Yet, if I am not mistaken, there are about three or four women accusing Father. Brouillard of sexually molesting them.

      Then, there are the other priests who are deceased and accused of sexual molestation. Some of these priests were never moved off-island. There is also speculation that Archbishop Flores may be innocent. But we will never know the truth unless a thorough investigation is done.

    3. The investigation is indeed a really good thing that needs to happen. Let the stones fall where they should and then we can move on.
      A while ago I drew attention to a pattern that I was noticing. I noticed that our clergy were vocal only on certain issues and where hush hush on the topic of sexual crimes. Why is that? One must wonder.
      As Anon mentioned, we all knew of the stories and just kept quiet. I heard of the Fr. Louis taking pictures a long long time ago, years. I heard of the gay parties in San Francisco with our then local seminarians, heard it from former seminarians who took part in them. Is it possible that because of these skeletons, things were quiet? Who knows?
      So here we are today in a situation that says the nCW is a cancer, lets get rid of them. You are fooled.
      Almost all of you have never been in the NCW to begin with and yet you talk. Almost all of you have no clue about the miracles that God has done through the NCW and yet you ridicule and question its authenticity.
      The church that you and I were raised in, the local catholic church has been nurtured and influenced by many orders and religious through the years. This is why you feel that anything new or different is wrong but it really isnt. This is why your work in getting rid of the NCW is in vain. You just cant. You are seen through the eyes of Rome as just a bunch of gullible folk who have been misled by a radical traditionalist.
      While you throw mud on the NCW, we look to Rome and tell you to do also. On the other hand, the other guy, the jungle blog tells you DONT LOOK TO ROME. Now you tell me who belongs to what church? The ones who respect the authority of Rome or the one who says ROME CANT DO THEIR JOB?
      Pinch yourselves rather slap yourselves if you can. Do what is needed to fall out of the trance that you have been placed in to think you are fighting a good fight. Come back to the Church! God Loves You!

      -Jokers Wild

    4. Jokers Wild: Based on information from Michael Rose's interviews about his book "Goodbye Good Men" the gay parties in San Francisco with our then local seminarians that you heard about from former seminarians who participated in these events was the norm back then. Unfortunately as the Church tried to be more "relevant" to the world Michael Rose reports that orthodox candidates to the priesthood were rejected when they expressed opposition to female priests, contraception and homosexuality. Candidates who supported Church teaching were labeled as "sexually disordered"or "rigid." At the same time seminaries welcomed candidates who supported the idea of women's ordination, the practice of artificial birth control and openness to the gay lifestyle.

      So yes, many of our current priests may have participated in those gay parties as seminarians BEFORE their ordination. There is no doubt that if they did participate they are probably embarrassed to admit it. The question is: Did they continue homosexual activities AFTER ordination?

      I have heard people say that because Archbishop Apuron was seen in a 3-way- homosexual activity with another priest and young boy during his seminarian days he should not have been ordained. But based on Michael Rose's book, young Anthony Apuron was EXACTLY the kind of seminarian that met the criteria of his time.

      The Church throughout the world (starting with the USA) has had to deal with the consequences of the rejection of orthodox candidates to the priesthood with the rise of clergy sexual abuse accusations. Guam is "behind the times" so to speak and we're feeling the effects because our island is so small.

      While you and Diana and most commenters on this blog attack Tim Rohr I can't help looking at him as following the example of St. Catherine of Siena a layperson who took action to help our Church at a time of crisis. His methods may be very different from hers but like St. Catherine Tim Rohr is not waiting for Rome to fix what's broken in our Church. After all, it was St. Catherine who was finally able to get the Pope to return to Rome.

    5. Dear Anonymous at 1:20 pm,

      Tim Rohr is in no way like St. Catherine. Rohr wants nothing to do with Rome. Tim said so himself. St. Catherine, on the other hand, dealt with Rome. She dealt directly with the Pope. Rohr believes they should have absolutely nothing to do with Rome and that even the Pope is corrupted along with the entire Vatican. Rohr is much closer to Martin Luther who also believed that Rome was corrupted.

    6. No surprise that you focused on the comparison of Rohr to St. Catherine, Diana @ 3:27 PM and judged him as being closer to Luther than to a saint.
      No surprise that you ignored the first part of the comment made by Anonymous @1:20 PM about why Apuron could be excused for his homosexual activity.

      BTW: Even Pope Emeritus Benedict said that the Church seems to be on the verge of capsizing these days so Tim Rohr's POV is not so unusual. We have a Pope who says a lot of things that people find confusing (like cohabiting couples have more sacred unions than those who marry in Church) so people aren't sure what to believe anymore.

      In the words of St. John Chrysostom: “I do not think there are many among Bishops that will be saved, but many more that perish.” -Extract from St. John Chrysostom, Homily III on Acts 1:12.

    7. Dear Anonymous at 8:22 pm,

      It is already well known to most people that I believe in the rule of law that a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law; therefore, it was not necessary to say anything about Archbishop Apuron. Archbishop Apuron have always denounced homosexuality and even opposed same sex marriage; therefore, I highly doubt that he was involved in any homosexual activity.

      Where did Pope Francis ever say that cohabiting couples have more sacred unions that those who marry in Church? Please provide the evidence.

      The Church that Christ built have stood for over 2000 years, not because of bad bishops, but because Christ is the Head of the Church. Christ never built his Church for righteous people. He built it for sinners and out of this Church came many holy saints. There were many saints who pointed out that there will be some bad priests, bishops, and popes, but Christ is still the Head of the Church.

      “It is better that scandals arise than the truth be suppressed.” –Pope Saint Gregory the Great, Father and Doctor of the Church.

      And the truth is being suppressed.


    9. Rohr is no St.Catherine of Siena.
      St.Catherine devoted her life to God as a third order Dominican. Her spirituality evolved out of a deep love for God and love for the Pope.
      Tim Rohr amounts to modern day Martin Luther.

    10. Dear Anonymous at 10:40 am,

      See my response in the following weblink:

  10. Merciless heartless inhuman monstrous campaign against Archbishop Apuron an innocent priest persecuted suffering consequences of an evil anti establishment campaign against him.Campaign for financial reward of afew.

  11. Grant O'Lord, We bring before you Our Servant +Anthony. Grant him health in body,mind and spirit.
    O God, the Shepherd and Ruler of all the faithful of Agana, graciously look down upon your suffering Servant +Anthony whom you appointed shepherd of this Church of Agana Guam. Grant, we beseech you,that,both by word and example, he may being help to those who are in his care,so that together with his flock, he may accept with love his persecuation, his suffering, the evil campaign against him, that he may come to eternal life.
    This we ask through our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives, who reigns with you,in the unity of the Holy Spirit one God, for ever, and ever, Amen.
    Lord Bless your Servant +Anthony.
    Lord Bless your Holy Church, protect her from all evil, grant her a quiet night and a perfect end. Amen.

    1. Sad day for Guam church when they neutralise RMS Seminary. Very sad day. This is what they are doing.

    2. To be clear: The Yona Property is NOT the Seminary. It's just WHERE the seminary IS. RMS can move to a smaller place. The seminary doesn't need to be there. It can be anywhere. The NCW communities can buy the property and keep the seminary there if that's what they want.

      Again the Yona Property is WHERE the RMS is; it is NOT RMS.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 1:22 pm,

      Dear Anonymous at 1:22 pm, 

      The NCW cannot buy the property because it is not allowed to own any asset. So, even if we did, the property would be given to the Archdiocese so the priests can be diocesan. The property would then be re-sold.

    4. No, that's not right. The NCW could buy the property through any of its Holy Family Foundations, the same way it holds other assets.

    5. Can someone please explain why a house of formation is "non-essential" to the mission of the chuch when it seems to state otherwise in canon law:

      Can. 232 The Church has the duty and the proper and exclusive right to form those who are designated for the sacred ministries.

    6. So the problem Tim Rohr has with the RMS is found here:

      Can. 237 §1. Where it is possible andexpedient, there is to be a major seminary in every diocese; otherwise, the students who arepreparing for the sacred ministries are to beentrusted to another seminary, or aninterdiocesan seminary is to be erected.

      ---> §2. An interdiocesan seminary is not to be erected unless the conference of bishops, if the seminary is for its entire territory, or the bishops involved have obtained the prior approval of the Apostolic See for both the erection of the seminary and its statutes. <---

      Did Archbishop Apuron obtain approval?
      Are the statutes being followed?

      If any of these answers is no, what happens to the RMS and how does that affect the NCW on Guam?

  12. Without yielding to the temptation to transplant acquired models, spread the news: "what is most beautiful, most grand, most appealing and at the same time most necessary” (Apost. Exhort. Evangelii Gaudium, 35). It is the good news that must always be in the forefront, otherwise faith risks becoming a cold and lifeless doctrine. To evangelize as families, experiencing unity and simplicity, is already a proclamation of life, a beautiful witness, for which I thank you so much. I accompany you and encourage you, and I ask you, please, do not forget to pray for me. diana remember what pope francis said last year when he sent the mission families last year but byrnes this year is doing what the pope warned us in the way not to fall into temptation and he has fallen big time because like how it is said one cant live on bread alone but god

    1. One can't communicate on emotions alone, but by grammar and the correct punctuation.

    2. Thank you God is one.
      We pray for Unity of the Church.
      We pray for those who caused division because of their blindness to the work of the Holy Spirit.

  13. Mission for Peace bugun.
    There can only be Peace in this world when nations enter into dialoge of mutual trust understanding.
    The NCW can live in peace and unity with all Catholic groups.
    Let us all work together for Peace and Unity of a nation.
    Let us all respect each other and Journey together as the one Body of Christ United under the See of Peter. This is our road to Peace.
    Let us unite together under our Holy Father Pope Francis and bring peace to our shores.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 3:22 pm,

      That is good and well, but how do you establish peace when the goal of the jungle is to destroy the NCW?

    2. I believe that the time is nearing when we must stand united for the Unity of Mother Church and the mission of peace. Jungle fails to understand that our Catholic Church is Unity in Diversity. Some will discover the presence of Our Lord in NCW Communties. Others will seek a deeper union woth Christ in Opus Dei. Others in their Parish communties. The spiritual path we travel is self determined bit we travel diverse under the See of Peter United with the Supreme Vicar of Christ Pope Francis in total Obedience to him.
      I cannot join NCW community but I can embrace NCW spirituality as a spiritual path that has helped others. We are all different but united together we can build the kingdom of God. A kingdom of peace, a kingdom of love, a kingdom of truth beauty goodness. Yes it is all possible when we bring peace to our world.
      The Jungle must now open their minds hearts to peace and to the unity of the Church to the See of Peter. Together we can bring peace to Guam. We can live in peace. Lord, Make us instruments of your peace. Where there is discord let us bring harmony.
      Where there is respect we can bring peace.

    3. The work of Jesus will never be destroyed Diana. When God is on your side, when you stand by the truth no one in this world can destroy you.Not even Rohr will destroy the NCW.Is he more powerful than God. No.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 4:12 pm,

      I was actually referring to peace rather than destruction. I do not think the problem or the division was between the NCW and the parishioners who attend the regular Mass. The problem is the junglewatch nation, who are few in number. My question is how do you obtain peace when the jungle does not want peace. It takes two to establish peace, not one.

    5. Looks like Pope Francis is helping to build peace between the NCW and the rest of the chuch since he has tackled one of the issues some people have had with the NCW:

  14. And even to close the seminary because like how pope Francis says it the church is not a bureaucratic Church and it's not about the walls of the church he says it beautifully God needs to be let out not to make God stay in the building because making it be about the building making it be about the building itself and not God

    1. Huh? @3:59p You make no sense.

  15. Dianna did you see what Tim put on his blog he is now threatening the pope and whoever is working with us they are going to be sued for helping the way how desperate is That he knows he wants to get rid of the way badly here and he knows that the way and everything that is we do approved even how we did communion was approved by the pope

  16. Diana it clearly showed who byrnes is really for I just got the umatuna siyuos and guess what guess whose back as patrimony of the church Monsignor James and byrnes even put him on both councils for the church it shows that he only cares for money and is a corrupt person we need archbishop Anthony back as archbishop of Guam again immediately

  17. Never attack priests.

    One should never attack a priest,
    even when he's in error,
    rather one should pray
    that I'll grant him my grace again.
    He alone fully represents me,
    even when he doesn't live after my example.
    When a priest falls we should extend a helping hand
    through prayer not through attacks!
    I myself will be his judge,no one but I!
    Whoever voices judgment over a priest
    has voiced it over me;
    child,never let a priest be attacked,
    take up his defense.
    Never again accept
    an out-of-the-way word about a priest,
    and speak no unkind word about him,
    even if it were true!
    Every priest is my vicar
    and my heart will be sickened
    and insulted because of it!
    If you hear a judgement againat a priest, pray.

    1. According to your opinion; Jesus was misguided when correcting his Apostles. Priest who are not missionary should be reminded how far Jesus walked; but of course we cannot according to your logic remind all priest how comfortable they are.

    2. Dear Anonymous at 12:54 pm,

      Priests and bishops should not be attacked, insulted or mocked with unkind words. However, they should be corrected with charity when they make an error.

  18. Another fantastic write up by Donahue regarding Cardinal Pell. The War Against Cardinal Pell

    July 20, 2017
    To read Catholic League president Bill Donohue's account of the controversy over Australian Cardinal George Pell, click here. If can't be accessed, check out the Catholic League website for the 13 page article.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 2:10 am,

      Your link does not work. Can you provide the web address of the link?


    3. What does the case against Cardinal Pell have to do with the case against Archbishop Apuron? There is nothing common! Beans and peas do not mix. Sheep and goat do not share the same judgment and fate.