Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Liturgy

Throughout the centuries, the liturgies of the Catholic Church has changed.  If you do not like the way the NCW celebrates its Mass, then do not attend.  I certainly do not attend the Traditional Latin Mass, and I do not need to complain about a Mass I do not attend.  For those who are so bothered by the liturgy, you are only beating a dead horse. 

There are people who actually like the two hour Mass that we have.  In fact, you would be surprise to find that people actually stay for the entire Mass and do not leave before the blessings.  Our youth are very active in the Way, and they sit in the front, not the back. 

Not only do they participate in the Eucharist, but they are looking forward to World Youth Day, which is coming up very soon.  There are approximately 300 Guam youths going to Poland on WYD. 

Also, some are complaining that the celebration is being held on a Saturday night rather than on a Sunday.  The approved Statutes say that we can celebrate Saturday night; yet, that still becomes an issue???  If you have an issue with a Eucharist that you do not even attend, please take it up with the Vatican. 


  1. //

    ...It is the task of the celebration in the small communities — regulated by the liturgical books that must be faithfully followed, with the details approved in the Statue of the Way — to help all who follow the Neocatechumenal itinerary to perceive the grace of being inserted in the saving mystery of Christ which makes possible a Christian witness that can assume radical features. At the same time, the gradual growth in faith of the individual and of the small community should foster their insertion in the life of the large ecclesial community, whose usual place is in the liturgical celebration of the parish, in which and for which it is implemented (cf. Statute, art. 6). Nevertheless in this process it is also important not to be separate from the parish community, precisely in the celebration of the Eucharist which is the true place of the unity of all, where the Lord embraces us in the different states of our spiritual maturity and unites us in the one bread that makes us one body (cf. 1 Cor 10:16f.).


    NCW Statute Article 13

    § 3. For the celebration of the Eucharist in the small communities the approved liturgical books of the Roman Rite are followed, with the exception of the explicit concessions from the Holy See. Regarding the distribution of Holy Communion under the two species, the neocatechumens receive it standing, remaining at their place.

    The communities are meant to foster a return to the main parish..

    1. Dear Anonymous at 8:21 pm,

      And what makes you think that we are not returning? I and other NCW members have said that we are in the Sunday Mass. So, what is the problem? Why can we not attend BOTH the Saturday night Eucharist Mass and the Sunday Mass?

  2. "Throughout the centuries, the liturgies of the Catholic Church has changed. If you do not like the way the NCW celebrates its Mass, then do not attend."

    Let me assist you Diana111.

    non sequitur
    /nɒn ˈsɛkwɪtə/
    noun: non sequitur; plural noun: non sequiturs; noun: nonsequitur; plural noun: nonsequiturs

    a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.

    Let's start again. Throughout the centuries the liturgies of the Catholic Church have changed, always with the oversight and explicit approval of those lawfully entrusted with the care of the liturgy.

    The NCW has been given very explicit, narrow permissions to vary the rubrics of the Roman Rite, including moving the sign of peace and remaining in place (ie not processing) for the reception of communion. That's it. No more than that.

    So, if the NCW does other than what is prescribed in the liturgical books of the Roman Rite, taking into account those explicit concessions, it does so illicitly.

    Now saying, if you don't like it, don't go is problematic.

    Imagine if some arm of the Church taught that it is perfectly fine to have an abortion. This would contradict the Church's clear teaching and authority. Now, imagine that in defense of that position, the particular group said "it's ok, if you don't like it, don't have an abortion".

    Would that be ok in your mind? Would that satisfy you? Or would you (justifiably) be upset that some group within the Church was contradicting the clear teaching of the Church? Would you oppose that group and try to point out why they have no authority to say such a thing, and why their argument that its ok simply fails? I should hope so.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 1:37 pm,

      You stated: "Imagine if some arm of the Church taught that it is perfectly fine to have an abortion."

      This is the reason why, a person informs the Vatican of it. Once informed and the Vatican realizes that your letter of complaint is true, they will excommunicate the priest.....just like they excommunicated the Catholic priest who supported same sex marriage in Australia. So, write your letter of complaint to the Vatican.

    2. And that would satisfy you, would it? Imagine if these people were in your community teaching these things. Would you wait for years perhaps while the wrong thing was being taught - until the Vatican had the opportunity to address it? Or would you stand up for your faith and oppose the error in your own community.

      Furthermore, it is not the Vatican who is charged with maintaining fidelity to doctrine in the local Church, but rather, the Bishop. Therefore, the first course of action should be to seek that the Bishop address the error. You can see how hard that might be if the Bishop was also teaching the error.

      Finally, what if those that taught that abortion was great, also did some great work with the poor or with outreach services - and this caused some distraction, or rather, these same people were held up to be paragons of virtue on account of their good work. Perhaps in that case, the Vatican might see the good stuff but not the bad.

      In the end, it is YOU who are advocating the error that should be responsible for ending it. You have enough information already to know that the NCW does not have the permissions it claims to have. It is sheer bloody-mindedness that prevents you from standing up for the truth. One day, you will have to answer for it though. I pray you realize that before its too late.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 4:17 pm,

      With the kind of technology we have today, it should not take that long. The priest who was teaching heresy was excommunicated within two years. Complaints came in, and an investigation was conducted and then he was out. Simple. So, continue to wrote your letters of complaint.

    4. That's hardly the point. Whether technology "assists" or not, the fact remains that you defend the NCW alterations of the Mass without any formal justification to do so. And you are the ones best placed to deal with it. Simply address it rather than continually trying to pass the buck. It is your responsibility to have fidelity to the teaching of the Church, not some impersonal "Vatican".

      You are the ones doing these things, and you are the ones who are obliged to rectify those errors. You are only being pig-headed, which the last time I looked was not listed as one of the virtues.

  3. Dear Diana,
    Just listened to the interview with Mr. Gennarini you mentioned in your may 9 6:44 posting "".
    I agree with the lady caller at the end who felt Gennarini was presenting half truths re acceptance by the Pope regarding their Mass. Gennarini said the Mass was OK'd during the NCW audience in January 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI. He dismissed the fact that the Pope was not happy with it by stating it was the writer of the article that said that (and not the Pope.)

    In late 2011, when the NCW came to my church and I voiced my disapproval of their Mass, I personally was told that the NCW was about to receive very soon approval/permission from the Pope for "EVERY deletion and addition in the NCW Mass, including the way they do Communion." That meeting with Pope Benedict XVI that occurred shortly thereafter, in 2012, DID NOT PRODUCE THE DETAILED APPROVAL/PERMISSION FOR ALL THESE ALTERATIONS THE NCW WAS SO SURE OF RECEIVING. This NCW priest has no explanation as to why that written "approval/permission" wasn't received.
    To say that the Pope loves the NCW DOES NOT MEAN THAT HE APPROVES THEIR MASS. He, as Cardinal Ratzinger, in his book "Spirit of the Liturgy" shows his thoughts on kneeling - one of those alterations to the Roman Rite Mass that Kiko implemented. He states:
    Kneeling does not come from any culture - it comes from the Bible and its knowledge of God...(to kneel before) alone occurs 59X in the New Testament, 24 of which are in the Apocalypse, the Book of Heavenly Liturgy which is presented to the Church as the "Standard of her own Liturgy."
    "There is a story that comes from the sayings of the Desert Fathers, according to which the devil was compelled by God to show himself to a certain monk. The devil looked black and ugly, with frightenly thin limbs, but most strikingly, he had no knees. The inability to kneel is seen as the very essence of the diabolical."
    "There are groups of no small influence, who are trying to talk us out of kneeling. "It doesn't suit our culture" they say..It's not appropriate for redeemed man - he has been set free by Christ and doesn't need to kneel any more.. St. Augustine said that the humility of Christ and His love, which went as far as the Cross, have freed us and we kneel before that humility. The kneeling of Christians is an expression of Christian culture which transforms the existing culture through a new and keener knowledge and experience of God." (Page 184)
    "The man who learns to believe, learns also to kneel; and a faith or a liturgy no longer familiar with kneeling, would be sick at the core. WHERE IT HAS BEEN LOST, KNEELING MUST BE REDISCOVERED, SO THAT, IN OUR PRAYER, WE REMAIN IN FELLOWSHIP WITH THE APOSTLES AND MARTYRS, IN FELLOWSHIP WITH THE WHOLE COSMOS, INDEED IN UNION WITH JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF." (PAGE 194)

    How does one ignore what he has written in that book dealing with the Roman Rite Mass? How can one say the Pope loves the alteration after speaking so forcefully against it? And, that's just one the the NCW's alterations.


  4. Has archbishop made a statement about PDN ad?

  5. We have written. AND
    The Pope says we can charitably correct the NCW using the approved 2008 Statutes.
    To leave the NCW celebrating the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass illicitly would not be charity, just as remaining silent on the issues of abortion, euthanasia, assisted-suicide, same-sex marriages, etc. would also not be charity. Our evangelization of these peoples is to bring them into the fullness of charity.

    1. Just show one single official document stating that our mass is illicit. You won't be able. Why? Because you are talking about nonsense. You don't know what is the difference between a licit and an illicit mass. That is why you keep saying that this mass is illicit and that one is not.

      In lack of any official document stating what you say, you are actually end up lying. It is a lie what you say because there is no any single official document that states what you state. Why do you make up egregious accusations when you know it is a lie? Why don't you stop lying and why don't you accept the truth?

    2. Dear Anonymous at 12:11 pm,

      Write your letter of complaint to the Vatican.

    3. Diana, you are right. I wrote to Anon 2:40 AM that he doesn't know what is the difference between a licit and an illicit mass. It was addressed to this person.

      As I said, these noname liars who come here from the jungle to make egregious accusations against the Neocatechumenal Way should just stop lying and should accept the truth. We are Christians, Catholics to the core! These hired voices come here to make trouble, instructed by the Junglewatch blog, a nest of professional liars and slanderers. They are to destroy our Catholic faith on Guam.

      Let me repeat, they don't have any shred of official document stating that our mass is illicit. They are making up the charges out of nothing without any document or any basis to it. It is because they are liars. There is no such document because our mass is viewed by the Popes in Vatican as a beautiful mass for the 21st century Catholic Church! Those who accuse us will understand this one day.

    4. What do you meaan, a document stating that "your" Mass is illicit? That's simply stupid.

      What is licit is contained in the liturgical books of the Roman Rite. Outside of those books, it is "illicit". So, your sitting down to consume, the simultaneous communion, flowers on the altar, the regular use of echoes. Each of these are not permitted by the litrugical books, and are not provided for in your Statutes. They are therefore illicit additions to the liurgy of the Mass. Got it?

    5. Dear AnonymousMay 10, 2016 at 2:40 AM

      You say the NCW celebrates 'the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass illicitly'.

      Why then when the bishops of the Dominican Republic visited ad limina with Pope Francis, His Holiness spoke of several things about the NCW. One of which Pope Francis recognized that the NCW has restored in the Church the Pascal Night, the center of Christian life. He speaks of the Easter Vigil.

      The NCW communities lovingly fast all day Holy Saturday while preparing beautifully for the Easter Vigil. During the day, preparations start early with Morning Prayer. Then brothers and sisters divide themselves into groups to prepare for the readings for the Liturgy of the Word, to prepare for the songs, to prepare for the baptisms, to prepare for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Another group of brothers and sisters prepares young children to understand, anticipate, and also prepare their role during the Celebration. And another group prepares for the Agape, the feast, the banquet after the Easter Vigil. Our Easter Vigil starts around 10pm or so, and joyously finishes around 4am or 5am Sunday morning, completing the Celebration with an Agape.

      Each brother or sister has an experience of meeting Jesus Christ in their lives! And with joy and gratitude, they want to celebrate and proclaim that there is a God, He is real, that Jesus Christ is risen!

      Matthew 28:18-20. Then Jesus approached and said to them, “All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.”

    6. Dear Anonymous at 10:55 am,

      I understand what Anonymous 9:37 am is saying. You have always been saying that we are committing liturgical abuse. For example, placing flowers on the altar is considered liturgical abuse because it is written in the GIRM that flowers should be placed around the altar but not on the altar table.

      Nevertheless, according to the website below on the New Liturical Movements (which is Catholic):

      "In the case of the 1962 Missal, so far as I can see, there is nothing to prevent flowers from being even on the very altar itself, unless there are gradines present in which case they should be used instead."

      If you have a problem with the flowers being on the altar or anything you see in the NCW, please write your letter of complaint to the Vatican. Be specific in your complaint.

    7. So, you are effectively answering that the Church is wrong in its directions about flowers on the altar, and Shaun Tribe is correct. Shaun Tribe has more authority than the Holy See? And you call yourself Catholic?

    8. Dear Anon at 10:55 AM, I tried to explain it to you nicely. But you act as an arrogant twit. There is nothing illicit in the Neocatechumenal Eucharistic celebration. You keep lying about our mass, that you have no business to at all. Why do you keep lying about the wonderful celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ that we have every week satisfying the mass requirement? It is probably your education that you cannot say and confuse the licit from the illicit.

      It is illicit what you say because you cannot show any shred of document that says what you say. No wonder you are lying. There is no document stating that it is illicit or not. You are a hired tongue sent here to make trouble and harm the Catholic faith. You were sent here by your uneducated friends to make egregious accusations without any basis and without any credibility. You have no credibility whatsoever, because you lie. You serve the big liar who was a liar and a murderer from the beginning. Guess who I am taking about? Can you have any educated guess, my friend? So be vigilant not to fall into his trap.

      That's why you should not lie and accept the truth. Nothing is illicit outside the books, except if it is a malicious violation of the rules. Lying is a malicious violation of the truth, so why do you keep lying? It is very illicit what you do. You should go back to your jungle and tell them people over there that it is illicit what you do.

      You cannot make malicious violation of our shepherd, of our Pope and of the holy mass of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you keep doing that, it is a shameful act that you will be held accountable for. Please, get some decent education about what is licit and what is illicit before you bring here your malicious lies and illicitly egregious accusation against your fellow sisters and brothers in Christ.

    9. Dear Diana,

      It is no longer us that need to write to the Vatican. We've done our duty.

      It is NOW the NCW (primarily its Bishops) that need to contact the Pope.
      Your community is in need of the written "recognitio" for all your additions and deletions in "your" Mass. (This proof that the NCW alterations to their Mass is LICIT, was something that the NCW "tried" to get from Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus, in January 2012, and never did. (Note that the NCW already had the approved Statutes of 2008 which did not give this permission.)

      "Redemptionis Sacramentum" the instruction prepared by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments by MANDATE of (Saint) Pope John Paul II, in collaboration with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (Cardinal Ratzinger who would later become Pope Benedict XVI),)says: (note: my CAPS)

      "(28) ALL liturgical norms that a Conference of Bishops will have established for its territory in accordance with the law ARE TO BE SUBMITTED to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments FOR THE *RECOGNITIO*, WITHOUT WHICH THEY LACK ANY BINDING FORCE."


      Cardinal Arinze, who was the Prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, says in "Some Highlights of the Liturgical Renewal Initiated by Sacrosanctum Concilium":

      "It is normal for Bishops to form Diocesan or National Liturgical Commissions for the carrying out of the liturgical apostolate. Members of such bodies should strive to absorb the genuine Catholic faith and spirit and to avoid pushing private or personal agendas through the Commissions.......... When adaptations and inculturated changes by the Church in a country get so many that the ROMAN RITE is somewhat obscured, the FAULT may lie not just on the Bishops, but also on their Liturgical Commissions and OTHER liturgical experts who advise the Bishops."

      Would the NCW members not WANT this written "recognitio" for the many alterations in their Mass?
      One cannot HIDE the fact that this recognitio does not exist by glorifying the NCW on the things that it does that are commendable.

      Please accept this in charity. Shalom.

    10. Dear Anonymous at 12:18 pm,

      Actually, it was the 1962 Roman Missal that says it is okay to have flowers on the altar table. So, please write your letter if complaint to the Vatican.

    11. Dear Anonymous at 5:55 pm,

      Our Archbishop has been in contact with the Pope. Pope Francis said the he supports our Archbishop.

    12. "Actually, it was the 1962 Roman Missal that says it is okay to have flowers on the altar table."

      Do you use the 1962 Roman Missal in the NCW? I doubt it very much, as it is a missal used for the Traditional (Latin) Mass. But even if you did, it would still be incumbent on you to show where in that missal it is permitted to place flowers on the mensa. Go on.

    13. Dear Anon at 5:55 PM, you still cannot see that we easily look through your fake "charity". Lol. Thank you very much, we don't need it.

      There is no alteration of mass. It is only in the heads of a handful of arrogant twits who cannot accept anything that is better or different from their own dull ways. Are you recognizing yourself?

      Your "recognitio" stinks of self seeking self-righteousness. It is your business, not ours. We don't go for these kinds of things because we follow the Holy Spirit and not you. Do you understand, my friend?

      If we truly need something we could get it in no time with recognition and even standing ovation. We are a powerful network of communities with talented people all around in the Catholic church who will work hard for anything the Neocatechumenal Way really needs. We are not whiny individuals who should or would care about some stinky "recognitio" or any other of your artificial constructs. What for? Lol.

      When you keep lying and preaching your fake words of "charity", we recognize who you are. When you go after our shepherd, our Pope, our Holy mass and our Lord, we catch your hypocrisy easily. We show up your scalp high so that everyone can see how big liar you are. Even your kids can be silent no more! This will bring you down big time, crumbling and in deafening noise.

      Don't ever brag that you cannot be caught. The Holy Spirit knows everything and will reveal the truth when the time is ripe. When you lie with malice, the devil is moaning in you. He uses you to satisfy his desire. When you trash holiness, you cause the ancient liar's heart to grow fat and explode in joy. Are you a servant of him?

      My friend, if you want to get free, you have to shed your deceptive skin and malicious desires. Why don't you stop lying? Why do you want to harm us and the innocent? Why don't you accept the truth? We are your sisters and brothers in faith but we can help you only if you stop giving yourself to the satisfaction of the ancient liar who was also a murderer from the beginning. He is the divider and hater who infects your heart. The joy of the Spirit is much more worthy to pursue and you still have a chance to pursue what is right. Are you ready for that?

    14. Dear Anonymous at 12:42 am,

      I already did. Please continue writing your letter of complaint to the Vatican.




    1. Dear Anonymous at 5:19 pm,

      I have been telling them over and over and over. But I think they cannot read English. :-)

  8. I dont know who these people are who keep commenting on liturgical abuse.
    They should be encouraged to write to the congregation divine worship instead of bothering the way. The way respects the liturgy practices of the church.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:51 pm,

      What is puzzling is that they are bothered by something they do not participate in.

    2. Does abortion bother you? Do you participate in it?

    3. Dear Anonymous at 1:11 am

      Really? You are comparing murder to a liturgy???? Why not compare it to another liturgical rite? Let us be fair about it.

  9. Those who associate with Jungle community require our prayers.
    They need something in their life. I pray they will discover Jesus and His Mission to humanity.


  10. Diana what about the rights of black men women. Black lives matter. What are you doing to support black community of Guam? There is no ministry to black lives in NCW. Black lives do matter Diana.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:38 am,

      Blacks are always welcome to join the NCW if they want. The choice is theirs. The Church is not like a college that practices affirmative action.


  11. TO: Anonymous May 11, 2016 at 11:29 AM

    No matter how many nice things the Popes commend the NCW for, love of Christ, fasting, being prayerful, wanting to prepare for the Mass, etc.., the Popes STILL do not commend them for the liturgical abuses - the unapproved/unpermitted additions and deletions in their Mass - the alterations not listed in the approved Liturgical Books..

    The things that the Popes commend the NCW for are truly something that the rest of the Church should take notice of....loving Christ, fasting, being prayerful...are truly things we should ALL be doing.. I too commend the NCW for evangelizing in that way. But, again, liturgical abuses cannot be perpetuated or encouraged.

  12. Diana,

    RE: "Our Archbishop has been in contact with the Pope. Pope Francis said the he supports our Archbishop."
    I am sure that the Pope supports only those things that the NCW are doing right The Pope would never support liturgical abuses.

    In regards to:

    "Actually, it was the 1962 Roman Missal that says it is okay to have flowers on the altar table."

    Irregardless, we should be following the new revised Roman Missal.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 12:45 pm,

      Pope Francis dismissed the investigations of liturgical abuse conducted against the Way. That alone says it all.


  13. Dear Anonymous May 12, 2016 at 9:02 AM

    First let me say, the dialogue you use, does not belong on a Christian website.

    Re "Your "recognitio" stinks of self seeking self-righteousness. It is your business, not ours. We don't go for these kinds of things because we follow the Holy Spirit and not you. Do you understand, my friend?"

    Be careful when you claim to follow the Holy Spirit. 35,000 different Christian denominations claim the same thing.

    Re "If we truly need something we could get it in no time with recognition and even standing ovation. We are a powerful network of communities with talented people all around in the Catholic church who will work hard for anything the Neocatechumenal Way really needs. We are not whiny individuals who should or would care about some stinky "recognitio" or any other of your artificial constructs. What for? Lol."

    Be careful when you dismiss one of the three legs of the Catholic Church - Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium. (CCC) That "recognitio" that the NCW seemingly despises is part of the Magisterium's teaching.

    Re "When you keep lying and preaching your fake words of "charity"......

    Be careful of slanderous remarks.

    Re " When you trash holiness........

    Again, be careful of slanderous remarks.

  14. Dear Diana,
    Unless you have proof that the reason he dismissed the investigations of liturgical abuse conducted against the Way, was because he agreed with all the alterations to the Mass of the Roman Missal, you have nothing but an assumption.

    I give you below a website that shows Pope Francis with the same regard as Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus for the Holy Eucharist - distributing Communion on the tongue to those kneeling down in adoration of our Lord.
    Also, on this site Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus's reasons for asking those receiving communion from him to kneel and receive on the tongue - 2010.

    After Cardinal Arinze's retirement, Pope Francis appointed Cardinal Sarah telling him to "continue the good work of Benedict XVI re the liturgy."

    1. Dear Anonymous at 3:55 pm,

      In the first place, the investigations were launched because of liturgical abuse. If liturgical abuse was indeed found in the investigation, it would not be dismissed. Pope Francis takes his role as Pope seriously. If there were liturgical abuse, it would be careless of him to dismiss the investigation.

  15. Re: Diana May 13 4:08 PM

    Pope Francis never dismissed the liturgical abuse, that is why, in his own fatherly way, he keeps trying to correct the NCW. He's not out to excommunicate them, nor embarrass them, nor rake them over the coals. But I'm sure he hopes those who value his direction and love him, will concede and obey him. He's such a gentle man in that he carefully preserves the dignity of each member of the NCW by lavishly commending them in what they do that is right. If Pope Francis believed there was no liturgical abuse in the NCW, there definitely would be written "recognitio" for each of the alterations in the NCW Mass.
    But, there's not.
    You truly have my best wishes and prayers. Shalom.

  16. After twenty something years on the Way, and when I'm about to leave with all my family in missio ad gentes, I think I kind of start to see 'the big picture', or at least a wider one. All the discussions about the Way are about 'external' rites, about what is written on the books, rules. In the Way I've learned to pray, to kneel, to prostrate, to mean every word of Lord's Prayer, to pray the Rosary, love Mary as my mother, to not use the praying to try to buy God... but above all to live as son of God, a brother of Christ, to have a love relation. It seems that what all these people want is to avoid that we have a personal relation, of intense love with God. They want us to have a 'diplomatic' and distante relation with Him. It seems that they want to be the powerfull ones who knows everything and rules us all. The Way IS a gift from the Holy Spirit to our times, as the Church is a Gift to the World. The Way will eventually end or will transform... as the Church will. Rome and the Vatican will be gone in a few years, the Church will for sure return to the initial model: the church that will gather in homes. I believe that the mission of the Way is that, help the church transition to that. The missio ad gents are doing it in so many places for years, silently. But most of this criticals know nothing about that, because it's not written in 500 year old books. They have their mission too. Judas was upset with Jesus about the perfume that could have been sold by 300 coins... There will always be people upset because things are not like they want, like or understand. They just know theoretic things. Probably they have never felt loved by anyone, even less by God, that's why they are so bitter. IF the Holy Spirit, though the Way really helped us became christians, then our mission is to die for them, pray for them. And I still think that all these criticism should help us be humble and look to what we may be doing wrong.