Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kiko Arguello In Japan


Enthusiastically embraced the Japanese symphony creators of the Neocatechumenal Way 
Kiko Argüello - "The suffering of the innocent" (The Suffering of Innocent). it is made 7 May in the prestigious concert hall of the Tokyo Suntory Hall with the participation of the composer.

This gala concert dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the tragic earthquake in Japan, assembled set - 2006 students, who came from both the Tokyo and other Japanese. Among them were several bishops, many priests and nuns as well as the ambassadors of several countries.

First stage, decorated with icons of the Mother of God, spoke the Apostolic Nuncio Japan Archbishop Joseph Chennoth reading the letter he wrote on behalf of Francis Cardinal.  Fernando Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. After him spoke mayor Iidate municipalities that suffered most as a result of nuclear disaster.
Also commented the creator of the symphony, making a passionate profession of faith in redeeming power of the passion and resurrection of Christ and participate in this work His mother, Mary. It was the same time - in the context of the place, which in a certain sense for many Japanese temple art - great manifestation of the Church in Japan.

The song, composed of 5 parts (Gethsemani, Lament, Forgive Them sword, Resurrection)
It is based on fragments of the Book of Ezekiel (22, 1-2,7-9, 21, 1; 13-22) and the Gospel Luke (2, 34-35).  Orchestra, who had come from Spain and Italy (approx. 70 musicians) and local choirs conducted by Czech Tomáš Hanus.  Earlier symphony performed this week still in Fukushima and Koriyama. These concerts have accumulated so many listeners that it was necessary to prepare them for special screens outside meeting concert.

In preparation for these events he took part Polish priest Fr.. Matthew Parson, associated with the Neocatechumenal Way.  He lived for several months in Nara, where teaches the Japanese language. In an interview with KAI stressed that "our message for the Japanese is the beauty that has "power saving", as once he remarked writer Fiodor Dostojewski".  I admire the faith of those musicians who came to Japan for own money, to give witness to the beauty of God and of Mary "- said the priest.
Paul Janociński (KAI Tokyo) / Tokyo

Kiko in Japan


  1. Kiko answers to hatred with music! How beautiful. As one trade unionist used to say. "the easiest thing in the world is to get people to hate..." Tim Rohr and company are succeeding. Let us answer to this hatred with our meekness....

  2. Diana, is Pius going to be replaced? Tim is saying that Pius is going to be replaced by Fr. Paolo Benetton.

    TimApril 12, 2016 at 10:23 PM

    The latest word is that Pius is setting him up to take over as Rector of our own RMS and then push him into the list of candidates to succeed Apuron. That's good news and bad news. The bad news is obvious, he's a Kiko - and Pius' choice. The good news is that it is obvious that Pius has given up on David and Adrian. LOL. Out with the evening's trash.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:14 pm,

      No, Father Pius is not being replaced. Tim is making up more fairy tales. I do not know where he got this information that Father Pius is going to be replaced by Father Benetton.


  3. Someone must give Tim Rohr these fairy tales. He must have a source inside chancery. Some say lady who answers phone Liz. She is the informer.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:34 pm,

      I do not think it was Liz. I think it was Tim's delusional mind. A few days ago, he even said that the Archbishop was in Rome. The Archbishop never went to Rome.


  4. I met a guy from this silent no more catholic organization. The guy that visits guam every two months. How would they like it if we go to the airport when he arrives early morninng blasting his face. Silent no more is a loud mob. Sorry diana but it needs to be said. There are protestors not even from here making noise.

    1. Hatred is being activated and the only way to DE-Activate hatred is to show LOVE. and how do we love? By asking God to give us this grace.... we show mercy, compassion, and forgiveness! Persecution is good for all of us... it brings us closer to God. God ALLOWS all the suffering and tribulations to enter into our life because he is preparing for our deaths... so that we may be united with him in HEAVEN!