Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The following comment was made by Timothy Guile.  His comment was addressed to Tim Rohr, but his comment was not published in the jungle.  Therefore, I am publishing his comment as a post.  As usual, he raised some excellent points.  His comment can be found here (the spacing is mine):
May I add one more comment to this thread? Below is a posting which I submitted to Junglewatch, but I am not sure it will be accepted for publication. I addressed the comment to Tim Rohr, and so the "you" and "your" in the text refer to him, not to you, Diana. Here follows the comment: 
In your recent posting you have mentioned Mr. Gennarini in connection with a series of crimes whose definitions appear below. (You do not mention others by name although I suspect you could have.) I take written, public words very seriously. If you do too, it seems you are under some obligation to act on what evidence you have for these crimes. I have indicated, for each crime, where you might submit your evidence.

Money laundering is the transfer of money obtained from criminal activity into “legitimate” channels to disguise its illegal origins. If you have evidence of this, you should submit it to Federal Prosecutor Limtiaco.

Land grabbing is the seizing of land, often unfairly, illegally, or deceptively, by a nation, state, or organization. It is the acquisition of valuable or strategic territory for much less than its actual worth. If you have evidence of illegal, unfair or deceptive acquisition of the RMS property, then this evidence should be submitted to Attorney General Barrett-Anderson.

Usurping of power is the encroachment or assumption of the use power properly belonging to another; or the interruption or disturbance of an individual in his or her right or possession. If you have evidence of such usurpation, you should submit it to the proper authority, possibly Attorney General Barrett-Anderson.

Human-trafficking is the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery. If you have evidence of this crime being of having been committed on Guam, you should submit it to Federal Prosecutor Limtiaco. 
Immigrant-scamming (or immigration fraud) is generally grouped into two types: immigration-related document fraud and immigration benefit fraud (i.e., benefit fraud involves misrepresentation of a material fact to qualify for a specific immigration status or benefit). Should you have evidence for either type of immigration fraud, you should report it and submit evidence thereof to the Consumer Protection Unit under Attorney General Barrett-Anderson. 
However, if you do not have evidence for Mr. Gennarini (or others in the NCW) having committed any of these crimes, then I understand all the accusations in another light. They are mischaracterizations of Mr. Gennarini’s (and/or others’) behavior, and they indicate the level of your anger and indignation. I know anger, indignation and frustration too. But if your accusations come not from evidence, but rather from raw emotion, you may be liable for libel, and it is not Mr. Gennarini who will need legal counsel, but rather you. Also since calumny is regarded as a sin (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2 ed., paragr. 2477: remarks contrary to the truth, harm[ing] the reputation of others and giv[ing] occasion for false judgments concerning them.), and if you have sinned against charity and justice, you will be in need of a priest as well.

It is true that Tim Rohr has made accusations against the Archbishop, the NCW, and RMS of human trafficking, money laundering, and many other things considered as crime.  Yet, he never reported any of it to the police or to immigration officials.  If he had reported his evidence to immigration officials, that would certainly put an end to the division.  According to Tim Rohr (the bold is mine):
Along comes Kiko and says "I'll give you numbers." I've got all these boys from third world countries who will lick your behind if they have to for a ticket to the first world; and in return for hosting them you get to count them as vocations "from" your diocese. 
The bishops pant and slobber shamelessly at this piece of human trafficking meat thrown to them like a dog by Kiko the animal trainer, and say "Yes, Yes, anything Kiko. I'm a worthless piece of prelate who doesn't have the spiritual guts to inspire my own vocations so sure, here's a seminary all for you."

Tim Rohr also claims that there is money laundering in the RM Seminary.  So, why did he not go to the police with his evidence?  If he had reported his evidence to the police, that would certainly put an end to the division.  According to Tim Rohr (the bold is mine):
In answer to Chuck White's question, the Seminary is used as a pass through to funnel money to individuals who would raise questions if they were put on the archdiocesan payroll. So long as the seminary does not show more than $50,000 in income, as a 501c3 it does not have to file a tax return which would be public information because of its non-profit status. This is why Archbishop Apuron is arguing to keep the seminary finances separate from any archdiocesan financial report. On another note, and as mentioned elsewhere, how does Fr. Wadeson function as a "formator for a seminary in Guam when he lives in San Francisco? Actually, that's not "another note". That's the same note. Effectively it is money laundering. 

One then has to question......with all this evidence he claims to have, why did he fail in his obligation and responsibility as a citizen to report the crimes???


  1. Great evidence that he is blowing up hot smoke. Simple word for Rohr.. failed!

  2. These people have no concept of evidence whatsoever. One should know what constitutes an evidence and what does not. But they don't know what evidence is good for. It is like being fascinated with the word itself but not knowing its meaning. When they are abusing their own mental capacities, they don't even realize how great stress is engulfing their minds.

    The ramblings at JW are dissimilar to court procedures. Those laughable "evidences" they scratch from the dirt will be scorned by decent people and thrown out of the court of law. They think the money they raise will save them. But that is wrong! $100K to be thrown into the faces of the judges won't get them a favorable decision. Lol.

    Jungle folks have serious misconceptions here that ripens them for a hard awakening.

    1. Evidence? You want evidence? How about you write to the Vatican and complain? Because that's your standard answer when we ask for "evidence".

    2. Dear Anonymous at 3:13 pm,

      Please stick to the OP.

  3. From the jungle:

    AnonymousMay 4, 2016 at 11:19 AM

    Let's create other Churches separate from this Archdiocese with only consists of Diocesan and Capuchin priests. We can do it without this Archdiocese.
    Benjamin Santos

    What? Separate churches? Well, this is simply not the right thing to tell to Guam Catholics. Jungle people went crazy!

    1. Anon 1:12 PM there is a name for that.....Protestant

    2. Separate churches? Did you even discuss this with the priests you think may be interested in this? Once again, someone speaking out loud without knowing what he is talking about. So easy to pipe dream. 99.99999% most likely will never happen. I do not think these priests want to be separate from the Roman Catholic Church. Get serious.

  4. And once again, history repeats itself.