Sunday, June 14, 2015

Archdiocesan Annual Appeal Shows Increase

Compared to the last recording, the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal showed an increase.  The following can be found here.   

The following contributions have been made to the Archdiocesan Appeal as of June 10, 2015.

ParishTurned InPledgeTotal
Agafa Gumas, Yigo – Santa Bernadita Chapel3,300.00
Agana Heights-Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament250.00
Agat – Our Lady of Mount Carmel2,603.00350.002,953.00
Asan – Nino Perdido Y Sagrada Familia3,403.00720.004,123.00
Barrigada – San Vicente Ferrer & San Roke7,665.00760.008,425.00
Chalan Pago – Nuestra Senora de la Paz y Buen Viaje2,166.00
Dededo – Santa Barbara3,939.0016,800.0020,739.00
Harmon – St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church3,801.00
Inarajan – St. Joseph410.00
Maina – Our Lady of Purification536.00
Malojloj – San Isidro545.00
Mangilao – Santa Teresita3,137.41
Merizo – San Dimas100.00
Mongmong – Nuestra Senora de las Aguas625.00
Ordot – San Juan Bautista150.00
Piti – Assumption of Our Lady1,515.00
Santa Rita – Our Lady of Guadalupe4,956.00
Sinajana – St. Jude Thaddeus2,633.00
Talofofo – San Miguel100.00
Tamuning – St. Anthony & St. Victor3,210.00500.003,710.00
Toto – Immaculate Heart of Mary150.00
Tumon – Blessed Diego Luis De San Vitores2,130.00
Umatac – San Dionisio300.00
Yigo – Our Lady of Lourdes14,977.79
Yona – San Francisco De Asis425.00


  1. don't understand, your link (umatuna) is the same as whats shown "Compared to the last recording" what last recording? (dates are the same) amounts are the same

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:50 pm,

      I remember that it was recorded with a total of only $12,000. On June 7th, it was recorded to be at approximately $98,000. The number has been increasing.

  2. How much was the Annual Appeal expected to collect?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:44 am,

      I do not think the Archbishop set a number this year, but we are hoping the Annual Appeal will continue to increase. The Annual Appeal goes to the two chaplains who ministers to the hospital and to DOC, the two seminaries, and other costs to the clergy. Times are hard for everyone, but it is good to see many people still contributing to the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal.

      The jungle is loosing its credibility with people. Right now, the jungle is frustrated that the Annual Appeal continues to rise.

    2. Diana, you meant 'HE'...right?....who is WE? You and the bishop? only you both in this together???

    3. Diana, the increase is brought on by the pledge...or what each parish must 'owe' to the chancery...right?

    4. Dear Anonymous at 11:49 am,

      I already answered who "we" is. See my comment below. The Archbishop does not know who I am.

    5. Dear Anonymous at 11:51 am,

      Some parishes published "pledge" booklets for their parishioners. In the pledge booklet, they can choose to donate ten dollars, twenty dollars, fifty dollars, or one hundred dollars. I have seen the pledge booklet. Those who use the pledge booklet turn in the money together with the ticket in the booklet.

  3. Is the pledge for Dededo – Santa Barbara correct? It seems like a lot compared to what has actually been collected?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:34 am,

      Actually, I am much more impressed with Yigo. Dededo is the largest village, but Yigo pulled in almost $15,000, and this is without a pledge. If Yigo can pull in this amount (without a pledge), Dededo should be able to pull in more.

    2. The problem could be that some people do not or cannot honor their pledge. Many parishioners are not well off and might not have extra money for the appeal. The archbishop offended many parishioners with what he did to Fr. Paul. If you do not support the NCW, it's hard to contribute to the archbishop's appeal as so much money is needed to fund the RMS which is for the exclusive formation of NCW presbyters. Perhaps he can ask other NCW parishes in the states to help with his appeal. It's a financial dilemma for the archbishop.
      Eleanor Aguon

    3. Dear Eleanor,

      It has nothing to do with the NCW or Father Paul. People have never contributed much to the Church. Most people contribute $2 to $5 on Sunday Masses. That is not enough to pay the electricity bill of the parish. The Archdiocese website shows the contributions of the people in the past years, and the amount has fluctuates from year to year.

  4. Wasn't the appeal supposed to end at Pentecost?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:39 am,

      Yes, but because times are hard, the Appeal was extended. Times are hard for everyone even for people working for a living.

  5. Replies
    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:42 am,

      Yes, "we." I was referring to me and my husband. My husband supports what I do for the Church.

    2. Oh, so your husband isn't walking with you??

    3. Dear Anonymous at 12:51 pm,

      He is with me in the community.

  6. Hi Diana,
    Are the collections given at the Saturday Neo liturgies given to the chancery or are they used solely for Neo projects/activities?
    Did the Saturday liturgies also pledge to the archbishop's appeal? If so, were they counted with the parish totals? A Neo acquaintance told me that at the Saturday liturgies the collections are quite generous.
    Perhaps the Saturday liturgies could help increase the archbishop's appeal as his appeal does fund the RMS for the exclusive formation of Neo presbyters.
    Eleanor Aguon

    1. Dear Eleanor,

      We do not have any collections during the Saturday Eucharist. Our collections are done during reconciliation and given to the parish. The NCW have also contributed to the Annual Appeal, and the money is given to the parish.

    2. Hi Diana,
      Thank you for the info regarding collections. How often does the NCW have reconciliations? I was told that when the NCW has their convivances (sp?) at a hotel venue, a black trash bag is passed around to collect the money needed to pay for the venue. Is this correct? Is there a reason why the NCW does not have a collection at the Saturday liturgy? Are they held at the parish?
      Eleanor Aguon

    3. Dear Eleanor,

      We have reconciliation four times a year. That is when the NCW makes a very serious collection, and the money goes to the Parish. We do NOT have our reconciliation in the hotels.

      When we have our convivences at the hotel, we pay the hotel. If we have it at a Catholic school, we pay the Catholic school. And no, not all Saturday Eucharist are held in the parish.

  7. So is there an "ending date" for the Appeal? Just wondering.

  8. Diana, maybe instead of calling in the priests like Pale' Mike the archbishop should try and find out how 8 girls running for Liberation Day Queen were able to raise $78,548.75 in less time than the Appeal with 28 entities (26 parishes and 2 groups) was able to raise $100,024.00.

    My gosh, that's an average of $9,818.59 per candidate and $3,572.28 per Archdiocesan entity!

    As a matter of fact, the winner was from Santa Rita. She raised $27,797.75 to become Liberation Day Queen while the parish only turned in $4,956.00 for the Appeal.

    No question about it: there is money out there. I think the archbishop should try to find out what the Liberation Day Committee did to access those funds so he can do the same for the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal.