Thursday, June 15, 2017

Why Investigations Are Needed

There are always two sides to every story.  On one side is the alleged victims while on the other side is the accused.  In a democratic society, the accused is always presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Although our justice system is not perfect, the principle that the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law is sound and righteous.  It follows a sound rule of law.  Determining the truth is what matters.  

Investigations should be conducted to determine the truth.  Our Constitution was designed to protect the due process of the accused and investigations are conducted to determine the truth.  That is the principle that every democratic country adheres to.  Why?  Because the possibility exists that the accused may be innocent. According to the National Catholic Register (the bold is mine):
In a 10-page declaration submitted to the Los Angeles County Superior Court in 2010, Los Angeles attorney Donald Steier said his own investigations had revealed that many claims of clerical sexual abuse were completely false. 
According to a Newsbusters report, Steier, who had worked on more than 100 cases involving Catholic clergy in Los Angeles, told of a retired FBI agent who estimated about half of the claims made in clergy cases he investigated were either false or so greatly exaggerated that the truth would not have supported prosecution for child sexual abuse.
Steier also alleged in his declaration that the advocacy organization SNAP (Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests) makes available so much detailed information about alleged perpetrators and their methods that such reports, in effect, provide a “blueprint” for anyone who wants to make a false claim of sexual abuse against a priest. 

It is already on record that Tim Rohr and the Junglewatch Nation were working together with this same advocacy organization SNAP. This organization has a "blueprint" describing sex abuse in detail for anyone who wants to make a false claim against a priest.  And SNAP is currently going through a lawsuit for taking kickbacks.  Since the last four years, Archbishop Apuron was the subject of a non-stop crusade organized by a group of Catholics who TOGETHER with SNAP worked to remove him as Archbishop of Agana. 

Tim Rohr admitted that he was the one who chose David Lujan to represent the alleged victims.  According to Tim Rohr:
I had already arranged for Apuron's victims to come forward and even found them legal protection.  
Below is a screenshot of that statement: 

As anyone can see, these alleged victims did not come out of their own accord. As a matter of fact, the sex abuse ads published in the newspapers did not even have any influence on convincing these alleged victims to come out.  Why? Because these alleged victims already met together with Tim Rohr long before those sex ads were published in the PDN on May, 2016.  These alleged victims came forward surrounded with the media, their lawyer, and their family and friends.  All of them had their written testimonies ready to be read to the media.

The question then should be asked.......why publish a sex abuse ad in the first place?  What was the purpose of publishing the sex abuse ad targeting the Archbishop when Rohr already had the alleged victims arranged to come forward just as he claimed in his blog?      


  1. The whole eternity we spend in the heaven or hell is just a blink of eye for God.

  2. It cold be that Tim was told by his contacts that there were more victims and to explore the possibility to encourage to come out and not be afraid.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:12 pm,

      All that needed to happen was an alleged victim (which he already have "arranged") come forward. That alone can motivate others to come out. Just look at the Bill Cosby case. There was no sex abuse ad targeting him. All it took was one woman to come forward, then others came forward.

      It appears that the sex abuse ad was purposely published to mislead people into thinking that the ads were the ones that brought the alleged victims out.

  3. Diana, it is very normal to publish an add asking for help. This is common practice in all major cities of Europe America. It is only asking for help.The purpose of adds is to bring healing to Archdiocese.
    I kept a copy of the add framed it in gold hangs as a piece of art in house.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:20 pm,

      Since when has it been common practice to put out an ad targeting only one person, namely the Archbishop.

    2. What's wrong with a simple ad? You Diane presume it to target just one person yet the one ad has brought out a treasure trove of abuse in this diocese. You can't even deny that FACT......

    3. Dear Anonymous at 3:52 am,

      Did you read the OP? What makes you think that all those allegations are true especially since one has been found to be false?

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  5. diana did you see ccog now wants deacon frank out of the archdiocese for defending the archbishop last year

  6. Investigations are needed to explore the truth. I still question why did it take them over 40 years to come forward? Some say because "No one would believe them." I wonder why did they all decide to come forward when a law was created. I honestly believe that these accusers are in it for the money. Look at Lujan the other day. He said he does not care about the canonical trial because he is in it for the money. This man is greedy and only wants money. Of course he wants to settle out of court because other than Fr. Brouillard, he can not prove his case because there is no evidence.
    Yes, Diana there is two sides to the story. Look at last week. Rohr's daughter gave her opinion to PDN about a friend who was convicted of a crime but she is explaining her story of him being innocent. I believe that Archbishop Apuron is being condemned without due process. I'm not sure how the canonical trial works but they received testimonies from those who accused him, John Toves and Stephen Martinez. But I think they should get testimonies from you diana and myself. This is all a plot to destroy our Archdiocese and the Archbishop at whatever costs.
    Lets look at some of the evidence. Here are a few. At the beginning, those who accused Archbishop Apuron asked in their statement for the following:
    To restore the two priests (Monsignor James and Father Paul)
    That they don't seek money (now they do).

    Those that accused Archbishop asked for the same thing. That they want Archbishop to put the two priest back at Santa Barbara and Cathedral. Why did the accusers asked for this in their statement? Because they are connected. Tim Rohr, CCOG and LFM all wanted this because Monsignor James and Father Paul needed their help to get the bishop out.
    Connected because James' Godfather is Dave Lujan and Paul is close to them.
    Today, People believe the media when they say Archbishop is a child molester, but I correct them because I tell them "he is not guilty." Archbishop is innocent until proven guilty. But to those who accuse him, "Where are your physical evidence, other than your word?"

  7. Yeah Anonymous at 6:05 PM>>>>>>>>> TELL IT LIKE IT IS>><THE TRUTH!! RIGHT ON RIGHT ON