Saturday, June 10, 2017

Apuron, Running Away?

Some people believed that Archbishop Apuron ran away.  This information came from Tim Rohr.  This is false.  These are the facts.

On May 13, 2016 Archbishop Apuron responded to a sex abuse ad that was placed in the newspapers by Tim Rohr and CCOG.  The media release is found here.  According to the media release (the bold and underline is mine): 
After keeping silent for a long time, since those who are orchestrating this campaign are inducing people into scandal, confusion and grave errors with the malicious intent to injure the archbishop, the church in Guam and many other people have been insulted and harassed, the Archdiocese of Agana is in the process of taking canonical measures with the Sacra Rota - the competent canonical tribunal - and filing civil lawsuit against those perpetrating these malicious lies."
It was on May 13, 2016 that Archbishop Apuron has stated that he will be seeking a canonical tribunal. This media release came BEFORE Roy Quintanilla went public.  It was a response to those responsible for the sex abuse ad published in the PDN. Thus, he had already informed the people of Guam his intention before he left to Rome. He never ran away.  He went to Rome with the intention of pursuing a canonical tribunal just as he said in the media release.   

Tim Rohr, on the other hand, did not believe there was a canonical trial; therefore, he accused the Archbishop of running away. This accusation was made without any substantial evidence.  Rohr made the following comments in his blog (the bold is mine):
He's in the area. I have "hard copy" evidence. He's not in Rome defending himself at his canonical trial because there's isn't one.
 TimDecember 6, 2016 at 3:20 PM
If we hated Tony, we would have signs that say GO TO HELL, APURON. Apuron is a public person by virtue of his office. He abused that office to amuse and satisfy himself. "Defrock" is short hand for "Remove him from office," the office of the priesthood which he has soiled and stained.  
BTW, Apuron is NOT undergoing a canonical trial for sex abuse. That's they myth they want us to believe. His "trial" is more about the 30 year thick file in the Vatican on him that existed long before the sex abuse stuff showed up.  
Apuron's trial for sex abuse will be played out in Guam courts.

It was Archbishop Apuron who went to Rome, requesting for a canonical trial. The alleged victims never asked Rome for a canonical trial. Rather, they pursued the passage of a bill that would allow them to bring a lawsuit against the Archbishop and the Archdiocese for 5 million dollars.  An anonymous poster also explained it very nicely (spacing is mine): 
AnonymousJune 10, 2017 at 12:07 AM 
Dear Anon @ 2:48 pm 
A canonical trial is the very definition of facing those who are accusing you. Being accused of sexual abuse is a very serious matter. So serious that even when cleared innocent people have a tendency to keep believing that the accused is guilty. Because it is considered such a heinous and public crime, and it is a defamation of character. Apuron did the correct and wise thing. He sought council, he fought those who he believes to be falsely accusing him and he sought the help of a 3rd NON PARTISAN party. The Catholic Church through a canonical trial. This is the very definition of facing your accusers. (A guilty person would not seek help from the Catholic Church or a trial he would disappear. form the face of the earth) 
Also you should read the bible. Christ always fights back with the truth. He turns over the tables at the temple. He constantly denounces the pharisees as liars and he calls them race of vipers. He constantly calls them hypocrites and makes them look foolish. When the pharisees try to defame him and say he has a demon inside he tells the the pharisees they worship their father the devil. 
It is only after all these efforts of speaking the truth, when the pharisees will not convert and have decided to remain in their sin and kill Christ, that Christ surrenders and allows them to kill him while at the same time asking his father to forgive their faults. 
So Apuron is definitely following in the footsteps of Christ and must fight against what he believes to be falsehoods until it is time for him (Apuron) to be a Martyr. Presuming he is innocent. 
Apuron believes that there is a plot against him by a large collective group of people with power and money. If this happens to be true, then facing that collective group and allowing them to have their way with him would only hurt him, the Catholic Church (as it is already doing), and many many faithful. 
So NO, Apuron is not running away, he is fighting the correct way. He is fighting the way you should fight against organized malicious intent. Malicious intent which is obvious by the way the jungle does not make allegations but condemns Apuron as if accusations where automatically and infallibly true and honest. Organized malicious intent made obvious by the relations between accusers, victims, Rohr, the Jungle, CCOG, lawyers, Snap the list goes on. Conflicts of interest shown between Rohr's Real-estate business and his relations to the Yona property, Seminary and his more than obvious hate towards the NCW. Even their involvement and strong presence of putting out the unconstitutional law lifting statutes of limitations. Allowing them to sue the Catholic Church not the individual for millions.(Coincidence? You be the judge) 
What is hilarious is that after all these FACTs (not ethereal ideas and accusations) they still claim to be fighting for justice and victims and people believe them. 


  1. Awesome post, thank you, Diana! I pray for Archbishop, the alleged victims and all involved, for truth and justice to prevail.

  2. "The alleged victims never asked Rome for a canonical trial."

    I had no idea that the "alleged victims" had the option to ask Rome for a canonical trial!! I learned something new thanks Diana.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 12:31 am,

      It is better than demanding the Vatican to defrock him without due process. After all, a Catholic cannot make DEMANDS on the Holy Father, but they can always make requests.