Saturday, June 3, 2017

Historical Timeline 4

On August 19, 2015, Tim Rohr was interviewed by Patti Arroyo. You can listen to that interview below:

Tim Rohr interview

During the interview, a call came in from Mae Ada. Does she have any connections to the jungle circle? Yes. She is a member of LFM and has also been seen carrying a "Defrock Apuron" sign.  Although she never identified the person on the talk show, the alleged victim was later identified as Walter Denton in the jungle.

Nevertheless, Tim Rohr wrote about Mae Ada' s call in. You can find that post here.  According to Tim Rohr (The bold is mine):

John Toves called Patti Arroyo this morning, repeated his allegations against Apuron, and invited Apuron to sue him. 

But there is bigger news here. During Patti's follow up call to me, a "Mae" phones in and relates first hand knowledge of what most people know as the "Agat boy(s)."
However, a comment by Rohr showed that he was already aware of this "bigger news".  Tim posted this comment on his blog (the bold is mine) Note the time and date:

To clarify, there is no accusation against Fr. Jack. The reference to his name appears to be related to the fact that the alleged victims may have confided in Fr. Jack at the time since he was Apuron's assistant when he was in Agat.
Below is a screenshot of the above comment: 

NOTE:  It was not until May 17, 2016 (9 months later) when the public finally learned that Roy Quintanilla stated that he confided in Father Jack.

On June 10, 2016, Tim Rohr spoke again on the Patti Arroyo talk show.  In this interview, Rohr admitted that he worked with a group of people for three years, 24/7, and who invested over a hundred thousand dollars to work with people who claimed to be victimized by Archbishop Apuron.  You can listen to the interview below:

First of all, this interview with Patti Arroyo (dated June 10, 2016) does not match what was written in Rohr's Orchestrated account in his blog dated June 21, 2016. For example, according to Tim Rohr (the bold is mine): 
I found out that Walter had already sent his account to Rome. I didn't know how he got around to doing this until I heard Walter talk of it during his interviews here with the media a couple weeks ago. According to Walter, he had approached a lawyer friend of his who had instructed him to write "the nuncio" and to be as detailed as possible. 
However, in the interview with Patti Arroyo, Rohr admitted that he was the one who was involved in getting Walter's letter sent to Rome. So, one question is why the inconsistency in his stories?  

Finally and most importantly, who is this group of people that Rohr worked with for THREE YEARS, 24/7, and who invested over a hundred thousand dollars? Yes, you heard correctly.  Tim Rohr stated that he worked with a group of people who did the work, provided the money and power. So, who were these lay people who did the work and provided the money and the power?  How was the money provided and used? 
About 2 months later after Mae Ada called in, we saw that Tim had given a sex abuse ad to SNAP who then posted it on their BishopAccountability website on November, 2015. According to the ad (the bold is mine): 
Jungle Watch 
If you or someone you know was the victim of sexual abuse during these periods and at these locations, you no longer have to remain silent. In addition to the Vatican office of the Promoter of Justice (linked in the sidebar) we are in touch with SNAP and attorneys willing to assist you confidentially.
You can contact me directly at or you can have a third party get in touch with me and I will put you in touch with our legal people.......... 
Below is a screenshot of the ad published in the jungle, which you can also find here.

As you can see, the jungle and SNAP were working together.  It was only recently that Rohr tried to distance himself from SNAP simply because SNAP is currently facing a lawsuit.     


  1. Good write-up Diana....starting to make sense,maybe the law should look in to this, a hundred thousand dollars ???? to try to get rid of are Archbishop, money talk,fake talk.

  2. Good write-up Diana...make sense, a hundred thousand dollars??? may the law needs to look in to this?? that's a lot of money, to try to get rid of are Archbishop,Tim Rohr needs to get investigated!!

  3. We need an investigation to look into these people Tim was working with. Where did the hundred thousand dollars come from and where did it go?

  4. $100,000? Richard? Monsignor James?

  5. Jungle nation silent on Archbishop Flores.
    Focus on Archbishop Anthony.
    Aim to remove our beloved Archbishop Anthony.

  6. I was hoping that I would quit reading negative remarks here. I thought this blog was about the Neocatechumenal Way and the good it has brought about in the lives of people.

    Instead, I see a debate going on. I see the trashing of people. Let us be Christ like and focus on the good.

    The more you publish the negatives, the more ammunition you give to those who do not accept.

    Let go! Let God!


    1. Dear Anonymous at 4:57 pm,

      This blog also aims to clear up misconceptions, so people become aware of these fabrications against us.

    2. Anon.4:57. Diana hasn't published anything negative. She only pointed out the contradictions and inconsistencies in Toves' and Rohr's testimonies. Their credibilities are now questionable. Guam needs an investigative reporter to do some digging.

    3. 5:37pm: Guam does need balanced reporting. If this is current her intent, then perhaps she should create a sister blog called "Jungle Watch-ER: Exposing Inconsistencies in the Jungle about Guam's Sex Abuse Scandal and the State of Affairs of the Church". Moderator/Admin can be her fictional sister Athena so that here she can actually discuss the NCW.

    4. Then the title of you blog should be changed. I took this big as your prospective of your experiences or news of joy about the Neocatechumenal Way.

      Let go and let God!

      -disappointed and now moving on

    5. Dear Anonymous at 7:44 pm,

      It is my blog, and It is as I wanted it to be.

    6. Dear Anonymous/Disappointed at 4:57 PM and Anonymous Disappointed and Now Moving On at 7:44 PM, if you look through the posts you will see that this blog has a lot of news about the Neocatechumenal Way. You just happened to check it out at a time when Diana is trying to discredit Tim Rohr and the jungle. When she's not focused on Tim and the jungle Diana shares a lot of good news. The only problem is: When Diana shares good news about the Neocatechumenal Way she doesn't get as many views or comments as when she uses Tim and his jungle as the focus of her OP.

      Please don't give up on Diana. Go back and look at the old OPs and you'll find the kinds of OPs your heart desires. Skip over anything that is labeled "Jungle Cleaning" because all those posts just generate a lot of negativity.

      God bless you!

    7. 4:57 P-Misinform, you must be talking about Tim and his jungle ''Diana'' keep the Good work up>>>>>>> may ''God'' be with you +

  7. Thank you Diana for this blog.
    Our much loved Archbishop Anthony unfairly driven out by a mob. Archdiocese remains same. Our local priests fail to evangelize, engage in petty games, hang out in expensive places,Parishes empty, hundreds leave Catholic Church to Join born again. Our Church and its local priests are brain dead useless. NCW present a sense of Unity. Most important to have unity of priests.


  8. Really? "brain dead useless?
    prepared to say this to Archbishop Byrnes? Unkind.Local priests deserve best to eat in Hyatt. They are our local priests. NCW not local priests. They are invaders of our Island.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 4:38 pm,

      The RMS priests are not invaders. They are diocesan priests and belong to our Archdiocese. However, I also find that many of our local priests have become comfortable staying inside the church building while many Catholics leave to join other Christian churches. Guam used to be an island with 98% Catholics. Today, the Catholics on Guam stand at 85% and many of them are cafeteria Catholics and seasonal Catholics.

    2. Dear Anonymous at 4:38pm,

      'NCW not local priests. They are invaders of our Island.' So are you saying only local priests can validly serve in our Catholic churches on Guam? So Co-Adjutar Archbishop Michael Jude Byrnes cannot validly celebrate Mass in Guam since he is from Detroit, Michigan? So the locally incardinated priests from Philippines and South Korea cannot validly celebrate Mass in Guam? So Saint Pope John Paul II did not validly celebrate Mass in Guam 1981 since he is not a local priest? And I guess Blessed Luis Diego de San Vitores from Spain did not validly celebrate Mass in Guam 1669? And what about Jesus Christ, born in Bethlehem, son of God, 2nd person of the Holy Trinity?

    3. priests wishing to be considered local must follow rules.

    4. Anonymouse at 11:20am.

      You are too funny. I guess we cannot invite any more off-island priests to Guam since they are 'not local priests. They are invaders of our island'!!!

    5. Dear Anonymous at 11:20 am,

      The only thing the priests should follow is God and His Church. He follows God's Church through the Bishops in communion with the Pope, the Vicar of Christ.

  9. @anon 7:44 You come to this blog for comments and opinions concerning the Neo and the church. I bet you that you also read whats in the Jungle blog. Its likely that you have been there if your reading blog here. Your comment if anything, should be directed at jungle watch which you would assume blogs about jungle animals and jungle life.....
    All comments that I have seen here are related to the Neo and the church, negative or positive, has an impact on how I view the issues we practice faith... you sometimes have to see negative to experience the possitive..

    Thanks Diana for all you do....

    1. GOOD WORK DIANA :)))))))))

  10. Diana I think somebody is coming back and being restored his faculties because pope Francis was talking about unity and then forgiveness during the Pentecost mass in Rome

  11. Great post Diana!!! Tim can't get his stories straight cuz everything was a planned conspiracy to remove AB Apuron. 🙄