Thursday, June 1, 2017

Justice For Victims?

Guam's sex abuse scandal was unique in that it was never started by the alleged victims or investigative news reporters.  Rather, it was started by people who opposed Archbishop Apuron. Ironically enough, some of these people who are crying "justice for the victims" do not appear to have much concern for them. As I pointed out earlier, the first person to accuse Archbishop Apuron was John Toves. Yet, the removal of Father Paul and Monsignor James was so important to him that John Toves admitted that he revealed his cousin's name through the social media without even asking his permission.  You can listen to John's interview below:

John Toves interview

If justice for the alleged victims was really the intention, why reveal the name of the alleged victim without his permission?  Why treat the alleged victim with such wanton disregard?  Even Rohr has shown no sympathy for some of the victims.  In one sentence, he cries out justice for the alleged victims.  Then in another sentence, he does the following (See the screenshots below): 

This is not the first time that Rohr has shown indifference to an alleged victim. He also discredited another alleged victim.  See my post here. One then has to wonder what is the real agenda?  What is the real intention?


  1. Intention? Consecration Of His Excellency Archbishop James Benavante Archbishop of Agana Guam.

    1. James desired to be Guam's bishop after Archbishop Apuron.
      Reason his friends started internal Church war.

  2. 77 sexual abuse claims now...and counting. Bishops, priests, teachers, scout leaders...where does it end? Who is next? Any deceased clergy or church leader seem to be fair game. I don't know how any court can handle these cases without the accused present or availability of any evidence. Can a claimant's accusation be enough to win a favorable court decision?

  3. All they want is money..... I will comment more later.