Friday, June 9, 2017

Be not afraid

Fortitude is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is having the mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, and danger.  Courage brothers. Christ, our brother, never said that we would not suffer.  He said that we would be persecuted just as He was persecuted (John 15:20).  All manner of malicious lies have been told about the NCW and its founder. This is a white persecution we are facing.  

However, rejoice and be glad!  This persecution and suffering brings us closer to Christ. This persecution is our opportunity of bringing us closer to holiness.  The NCW already has its first martyr, Benedict Daswa, in South Africa. He was murdered because of his faith. Our suffering is being taken up by our brother and Lord Jesus Christ who always walks before and beside us.  So, rejoice and be glad.  Continue to pray for those who persecute us.  Pray for them and forgive them.  

Remember the Apostles who were once fearful men.  With the gifts of the Holy Spirit, they were able to face adversity and all kinds of persecution.  They were able to go to their deaths, singing with joy.  With God's grace, they were able to love their persecutors.  We pray and ask God for this same grace.  So remain strong and steadfast in faith brothers.    


  1. See, this is why we can't take you seriously. You say that the NCW is not a movement or organisation, that it is an itinerary of formation - a "way" of becoming Christian, and then you say:

    "The NCW already has its first martyr"

    which of course is a meaningless statement if the NCW actually is simply a method of formation.

    You're all over the place about your own identity, let alone where you fit into the scheme of Catholic teaching and so on.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 12:33 pm,

      The truth, my friend, is that you wish to deny anything good to the NCW and apply everything bad to it. You want Benedict Daswa to be recognized as a person not walking in the Way so you can destroy all identity of the Way. Nevermind the TRUTH that he was walking in the Way. That is the TRUTH you wish to ignore.

      If he had been a Martyr of the Franciscans, you would have no problems with that. You either recognize the NCW as part of the Catholic Church as the Pope does or you remain outside of the Church. The choice is yours.

    2. Diana, the NCW has its own identity and special features inside the church. It goes without saying that, very soon, it will also have its own canonized saints.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 2:58 pm,

      So does the Legion of Mary, the Franciscans, Opus Dei, the Eastern Catholics, and many others, but they are still part of the Universal Church.