Thursday, January 26, 2017

SNAP Exposed, Executive Director of SNAP Resigned

David Clohessy, executive Director of SNAP (Survivors Network of those abused by Priests) resigned following a lawsuit filed in Illinois on January 17th. According to news report (the bold is mine):
The lawsuit by Gretchen Rachel Hammond names Clohessy and other SNAP leaders as defendants and alleges that "SNAP does not focus on protecting or helping survivors — it exploits them."
The group, which more than any other is responsible for revealing the scandals that have continued to rock Catholicism in the U.S. and around the world, "routinely accepts financial kickbacks from attorneys in the form of 'donations,' " Hammond alleges.
In exchange for the kickbacks, SNAP refers survivors as potential clients to attorneys, who then file lawsuits on behalf of the survivors against the Catholic Church. These cases often settle, to the financial benefit of the attorneys and, at times, to the financial benefit of SNAP, which has received direct payments from survivors' settlements."
Hammond, who worked on fundraising for SNAP from 2011 until 2013, said she feared reprisals from SNAP leaders over her objections to the lawyers' payments and suffered serious health problems as a result. She said she was fired in 2013, allegedly because she confronted her bosses over their practices with victims' attorneys and that the dismissal has hurt her career. 
The lawsuit was first reported by National Catholic Reporter.

Does this news have anything to do with Guam?  Yes.  You see.... the sexual abuse ad, which targeted Archbishop Apuron and published in the PDN by Tim Rohr and CCOG, was actually FIRST published by SNAP on November 8, 2015.   It was Tim who gave the ad to SNAP to be published in the Bishop accountability website six months before he put it in the PDN.  

After SNAP published the sexual abuse ad, Tim copied the ad he gave to SNAP onto his blog on November 10, 2015, which you can see in his Junglewatch blog here.  Below is a screen shot of the junglewatch blog. Notice the dates SNAP and Tim had the sexual abuse ad posted against Archbishop Apuron:  

With the help of Tim Rohr, SNAP targeted Archbishop Apuron by publishing the sex abuse ad first in November 8, 2015.  Rohr and CCOG then placed their sex abuse ad six months later in May, 2016.  We know that Tim was against the Archbishop because Father Paul and Monsignor James was removed.  But why would SNAP be interested in accusing Archbishop Apuron?  Could it be because as the news article pointed out: "In exchange for the kickbacks, SNAP refers survivors as potential clients to attorneys, who then file lawsuits on behalf of the survivors against the Catholic Church. These cases often settle, to the financial benefit of the attorneys and, at times, to the financial benefit of SNAP, which has received direct payments from survivors' settlements."  

Will SNAP get any "kickbacks" from the Guam's lawsuit against the Archdiocese? They can because they were involved in publishing the sex abuse ad, which Tim Rohr provided for them.  There is also evidence showing that Tim Rohr knew these alleged victims before November, 2015.  Why?  Because this is what Tim Rohr stated in his blog on August 19, 2015:
To clarify, there is no accusation against Fr. Jack. The reference to his name appears to be related to the fact that the alleged victims may have confided in Fr. Jack at the time since he was Apuron's assistant when he was in Agat.
You can find the above statement here.  Below is a screen shot of Rohr making that statement.  Again, notice the date: 

However, it was not until late May to June 2016 when it was made public that two of the alleged victims (Roy Quintanilla and Walter Denton) stated that they confided in Father Jack.


  1. Tell you what, let the courts decide the cases and the truth shall come out. It sure will settle any debate on guilt and innocence.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 4:20 pm,

      I agree. I think this is why the canonical trial is taking so long. Archbishop Apuron has always claimed that there was a conspiracy to remove him. And Tim Rohr has even provided evidence on his blog that the Vatican has indeed been looking into his blog. So, it would not be surprising that the Archbishop's attorney at the Vatican would be searching his blog. Who knows? Maybe it's the judges sitting on the canonical trial looking into Tim's blog.

    2. You wanna know something? If you click on that Flag tracker, you can change your location to any place in the world. Choose a country, then a city or town. The next time you visit JW, the live feed will show your new location. I could be in US, but the feed could read India. Point of this post: While I don't doubt people from Vatican are reading the JW blog, how can we really believe the "actual" number of viewers viewing from different parts of the world?

    3. Dear Anonymous at 5:01 pm,

      Did you not know that Tim has always claimed that his blog is all about the truth? So when he published a post of all the flag tracker showing Vatican City, Tim has stated that the Vatican is visiting his blog. Are you now going to tell me that Tim's posts are no longer about the truth?

    4. I've done it, that's how I know. Even though the "YOU" shows my flag, the main feed shows the flag of the country I selected. With that being known, the system can be manipulated. Therefore, the total number of viewers from around the world may be questionable. If the numbers are false, then who in the world would be spend the whole day and night trying to manipulate the system? You would need a team to do that kind of tedious work.

    5. Dear Anonymous at 1:41 pm,

      Why don't you tell that to Tim Rohr?

    6. I'm sure he or someone from among his followers are reading this.

  2. That's true. Tim did publish the number of times Vatican City has been coming into his blog in a post. You can also see what country is logging into his blogsite on the side of his blog.

  3. SNAP is gonna get benefits and kickbacks from the lawsuits!!!! So much for justice for the victims!!!

  4. Manipulation = SNAP = manipulation = Tim Rohr = manipulation = David Clohessy = manipulation = David Lujan = manipulation = Lou Klitzlie = manipulation = Junglewatch = manipulation = Joelle Casteix = manipulation = David Sablan = LFM = manipulation = CCOG = manipulation!


  5. Amazing work Tim Rohr SNAP.

  6. Hammond became concerned about SNAP's operations when she was not allowed to participate in an internal audit of SNAP by an accounting firm. As development director, Hammond expected to be involved in the audit, but she was not.

    She was also barred from attending SNAP programs, such as survivors' meetings, group therapy sessions or counseling sessions, the court filing says. "When [Hammond] asked Ms. Dorris when survivors' meetings were last held, Ms. Dorris responded that she did not know," the filing says.

    According to the lawsuit,
    Hammond grew suspicious of SNAP's methods when she was not permitted to participate in an internal audit of SNAP by an accounting firm and was barred from attending survivors' meetings, group therapy sessions or counseling sessions to help generate material for grant proposals.

    She also was given access to a list of lawyers who regularly donated to SNAP but was told to never tell anyone that lawyers donate to the organization, according to the lawsuit.

  7. Gotta love how the truth is slowly coming out. How these small inconsistencies slip through the cracks. At this point people who still back up Rohr are just caught up in the euphoria of the situation and don't have an honest intention to seek the truth.

  8. Maybe the jungle might be exposed "wow"

  9. Diana I saw the paper of the lawsuit and the person who signed the document was hon

    1. Dear Anonymous at 6:43 pm,

      Yes, I also saw it. That lawsuit was signed by Archbishop Hon. Archbishop Byrnes was in Detroit at that time. Hon made some false statements in that lawsuit. CCOG gave Hon $25,000. Some of that money probably went into filing for that lawsuit.

  10. Maybe you should ask Archbishop Byrnes is the signature on the law suit justified. I doubt Archbishop Brynes would be that stupid to have someone sign on his behalf. I'm sure he read the documents before hand.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 8:57 pm,

      I have a feeling that someone left out the part where they were supposed to tell him that there is only member in RMS Corporation, and that member is Archbishop Byrnes himself. So, if Archbishop Byrnes, Coadjutor of the Archdiocese of Agana and corporation sole wants RMS Corp. to give up interest in the Yona property, he will have to ask himself. 😁

    2. diana, if I may this "Archbishop files lawsuit over seminary land", Published 6:02 p.m. ChT Jan. 25, 2017 | Updated 9:56 p.m. ChT Jan. 25, 2017.

      please keep in mind documents relating to this property dates back to when the archdiocese bought the place, that being said, since then any and all names that was ever listed or related to those documents, can lay claim to it.

      so in theory any entity unknown to byrnes can place a lien on the property, for an example, apuron could have borrowed from a private investor and used the property as collateral. this lawsuit gives any unknown (to byrnes) entity to come forward if they have any claims regarding the property.

      byrnes wants to ensure that this property is free and clear, and the ONLY OWNER OF RECORD is the roman catholic archbishop of agana, a corporation sole.

    3. I wonder if jungle&co will finally shut up, lay down their arms and come back into the fold when the law suit reveals what ncw etall have been saying from the start is true: only the bishop owns the seminary property.

      I doubt it but no harm in hoping. But will they then apologize for all their horrible actions? How will they take back the slander? The divisions, the hurt, the suffering they have caused? How will they make reparation for their violence to individual people? Will they allow an audit of their finances?

      Will they take back the money they have paid the "victims" to accuse our bishop? Will they show the same transparency that they have demanded and gotten from ncw?

      But even more to the urgent, will we be able to forgive them and welcome them back as brothers knowing their evil actions? I can't forgive them, but I am praying God gives me his forgiveness.

    4. Anonymous January 28, 2017 at 8:18 AM, I'm sorry that you won't be able to forgive us, but I'm sure that others will, anyways please continue the prayers.

      the offer was too great to refuse, when we accepted, we signed a non-disclosure document, and that is all I'm allowed to say.

      what I can say which is not in the document is they were a lot of people in line waiting to enter, later I heard that they ran out of printer ink due to the amount of people.

    5. You are very optimistic if you think anyone will forgive your evil actions. At least it will not be easy and it will not happen from one day to the next. Because if people like you the church in Guam has suffered such horrible scandal that it might never recover.

      You might want to start making reparations and telling the truth because when you die and face God your non-disclosure agreement will be worth as much as used toilet paper.

  11. Archbishop Anthony is Archbishop of Guam.Come home Archbishop we love you.

  12. Dear Diana, it is becoming clear that, after many years of bitter animosity toward us, anti-NCW hate groups are unable to make even a dent on the community form of Catholic life on Guam. Why? One bottom reason is that these groups are hopelessly ideological, while our communities live the practical life of the believer. This seems to be a minor distinction but, in fact, this is the one thing that makes a huge difference!

    Let me explain. Ideology is a man-made system of rigorous doctrines that override all human subtlety and feature. Its concern is to disregard people as they are and, rather, lock them up into boxes sorted out by their ideology. Thus, the intention of anti-NCW groups is to lock people out of all spiritual benefits. Practical life, on the other hand, is free of all ideologies because it deals with people as they are. Our communities look at the believer as a creature of God, as sisters and brothers who want to lead each other to greater spiritual benefits. We don't care about the boxes, as a community, we care about our relation to Jesus our Savior.

    Anti-NCW hate groups wage warfare and fight their heart out in order to force their ideology on others. Our communities, on the other hand, look at them as our sisters and brothers in Christ. We are curious about the reason of their great anger and bitterness. This can be seen, for instance, in the debate over the distribution of the Eucharist. Another difference is that people led by ideologies are cruel and ruthless in destroying others because they worship ideology and no God. People in the communities, on the other hand, have compassion toward each other because, even as sinners, we see Jesus in the faces of our sisters and brothers.

    Traditionalists want to force their lifestyle on others, claiming that only those things from before Vatican 2 can save the church. This is a false ideology they follow. We in the communities see the practical fruits of the Spirit among us, so we believe that Vatican 2 was good for the Catholic church! We are living in an era that greatly benefits from Vatican 2. However, we do not force any particular lifestyle on anyone!

    Hate groups accept the liberal strategy against the Catholic church in relation to sexual abuse. It is the “Michael Jackson solution” of the problem, who famously offered 20million dollars to the parents of a handicapped kid who used to rest in his bed. Then all charges against Jackson disappeared and he could continue his lifestyle till death. Hate groups want the Catholic church to do the same, bribing abuse victims into silence through court settlement. However, this would not solve the problem, only gives an easy way for the church to get out of troubles. Hate groups ally themselves in this matter with extreme liberal anti-Catholic groups on the mainland as the corrupt SNAP, etc. Traditionalists are fooled into believing that this serves the interest of the church. Their false ideology leads them astray again.

    Ideology destroys the better half on men. It makes you a vicious and wicked defender of artificial rules up to the point of maiming and killing others. Our practices in the communities are the opposite. We care about the soul of our sisters and brothers. It is a well established fact that believers who are part of a community are less inclined to a sinful lifestyle than those out. Our Lord Jesus taught that we are His communities, therefore we should have His compassion toward each other. This a simple practical way of life that hate groups will never be able to recognize. Fire and water cannot be mixed. You are either there when your sister, brother or family member needs you or you are not there because your only capability is fabricating your outdated ideologies. Your choice!

    1. An ideology is a system of theories, concepts and objectives.
      A religious ideology is a system of theories, concepts and objectives that underhandedly takes advantage of people's religious allegiances.
      Let's say, for example, that Jesse James wanted to steal people's money.
      If, instead of robbing banks he became a preacher, set up a church and convinced people that it was their god given duty to give him their money, he would be using a religious ideology to steal their money.

      Entrepreneurs develop economic ideologies to help them acquire the wealth of the masses and conspire with Power Seekers, who develop political ideologies that help them control the activities of the masses.
      Organizers of "the word of God" use religious ideologies to help them achieve those same two objectives.

      With the appearance of organized religion, religion began to go astray.
      Organized religion constructed a light veil and then a cumbersome curtain between people and the greater power.
      With the advent of religious ideologies, religion completely lost its way and took its converts with it.
      Today, religious ideologies are so deceit-intensive that the term religion is a misnomer.
      Religious rites are fraudulent, faith has been prostituted and the claims of legitimacy (having a "hotline" to "God", the source of their "authority") is a sham.
      It is unfortunate that people are insecure enough to fall for such a con game.

      Remember: Religion has neither an economic nor a political objective.
      Religion has a humane objective.
      Religion seeks to make individuals good because good individuals make the world better.
      It's that simple.

    2. True religion, that is faith in Jesus Christ, makes you free. But ideology enslaves you by making your religion a tool for worldly purposes.

  13. Hate groups worrying to say the least. unfortunately hate groups well funded via private donations.