Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Archdiocese Assembles Expert Lawyers

So far, all the six cases of sexual allegation filed in federal court involved Father Louis Brouillard. According to the Guam Post:

Archdiocese assembles expert legal team

High-powered attorneys, including those from a law firm that has represented the Vatican, is joining the Archdiocese of Agana’s legal team to defend sex abuse cases in federal court.
Britt Evangelist, an associate from the San Francisco-based law firm of Swanson & McNamara LLP, has been retained to be co-counsel for the Archdiocese of Agana, according to a petition filed Jan. 27 in the U.S. District Court of Guam. The petition asks the court’s permission for Evangelist to join local attorney John C. Terlaje as co-counsel.
Information on Swanson & McNamara’s website describes the law firm as an expert in international law, and which has been hired in past church-related sex abuses cases to work without other attorneys in cases involving the Holy See and the Vatican Bank.
The Holy See is the universal government of the Roman Catholic Church and operates from the Vatican in Rome, and the pope is its head, according to the State Department.
Allegations of abuse
The months-long controversy involving more than a dozen allegations of sexual abuse of altar boys by former Guam priests initially played out in the local court, until last week.
As of last week, eight local judges recused from hearing some of the sex abuses cases because of a conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest, Guam attorney David Lujan’s law firm last week shifted six of the cases to the federal court in Guam.
Tim Rohr, a widely followed Guam commenter on Catholic issues through his blog, said that the significance of this transfer of venue is that these cases in federal court are now on the Vatican’s radar.
Swanson & McNamara is applying to be co-counsel for the archdiocese’s defense in at least one case, filed by Lujan’s firm on behalf of at least one former altar boy, Leo B. Tudela.
Paul Gaspari, from another San Francisco law firm, Weintraub Tobin Chediak Coleman Grodin, also seeks to be co-counsel for the archdiocese.
Other former Guam priests were accused in sexual abuses cases filed in local court, but the six cases filed in federal court all involve Louis Brouillard.
Brouillard statement
The retired priest issued a signed statement, released to the public in October and apologizing to Tudela and other victims, which said there may have been 20 or so other young boys under his authority in Guam who were molested.
The six recently filed lawsuits in federal court sought $30 million in damages combined.
The Archdiocese of Agana is an entity under the control of the Holy See, based in Vatican City, Rome, and as such constitutes a citizen of a foreign country for purposes of diversity jurisdiction, according to the lawsuits Lujan filed in federal court.
'Prayers as a penance'
Brouillard’s statement last October stated he told other priests and the leadership of the archdiocese of the abuses.
One of the lawsuit states that Brouillard, in his statement, was told to "do better and say prayers as a penance.”
District Court Judge Joaquin Manibusan approved the applications for co-counsel.


As of last week, eight local judges recused themselves from hearing some of the sex abuse cases because of a conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest.


  1. Rohr bragged a while ago that he was an "attack dog" for the Archdiocese during the time of the Guam Senate's legislative act against sexual abuse in 2010-11. Very simple logic that the archdiocese, including successive archbishops, is either

    1. guilty in covering up abuses or
    2. not guilty.

    In case of guilt, the "attack dog" is also responsible for aiding and abetting sexual abuse by helping to cover it up. In this case former "attack dog" for the archdiocese, Timothy Rohr, is culpable by law. In case the archdiocese is NOT guilty, what are we talking about? Then why are all the lawsuits?

    Following the very logic of CCOG, they should immediately sue Rohr based on Public Law 33-187! THe "attack dog" must pay just like everyone else involved. The law states clearly these charges can be brought about without any time limitation! The only alternative CCOG has is withdrawing all the charges against the archdiocese and the archbishop.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 8:36 am,

      Archbishop Apuron did not cover up anything. When news of the scandal broke out in the States, he asked the public to come out and let him know if they have been abused by a priest. When someone came forward about Father Ray, an investigation was conducted. Father Ray was found to be guilty and Archbishop Apuron defrockef him. The bishop who did the cover up was Bishop Flores.

    2. That's right, Diana! This is exactly one more reason for CCOG to withdraw all charges against the archdiocese and the archbishop. Simply because it is so illogical!

      If CCOG does not withdraw the charges, then the only logical act is to sue Rohr, and include him in the lawsuits as defendant, as well!

    3. I am aware that CCOG won't do the right thing. They escape all human reason and rationality. They simply cannot pull their act together and do what is logical. An epic fall is coming that CCOG keeps asking for. A well deserved place to fade away in obscurity.

    4. why would you want to change this law when the Archdiocese did nothing to protect children. Its really ridiculous for Archbishop Byrnes to want change this law.

    5. Are you out of your mind, my friend? Do you say Ab Byrnes did not do anything to protect children? This is a very serious allegation. Do you have any proof? Are you ready to stand at the court?

  2. Tim Rohr is simply lying. This show how desperate he is because he cannot find any holding against the NCW. All the hateful efforts of CCOG, JW, LFM combined cannot make a dent on the Catholic community life of Guam.

    Rohr became so frustrated, he is lying the stars off the sky. He always claims he can prove anything he says by documents. But it is a big fat lie! He cannot prove anything. The lawsuits are falling apart. His documents show anything, but NOT WHAT HE CLAIMS! Period.

    Just read how frustrated he is in lying his way to the bottom of hell:

    TimJanuary 31, 2017 at 11:58 AM

    The bishops protect their own, but especially in Apuron's case. His case is tied to the wicked underbelly of the Neocatechumenal Way and their pervert protection program. Their may be some officious language being used, but he is being purposely kept under wraps not for the good of the Church in Guam, but because of the potential harm to the NCW.

    1. Ha! I love it! So now all the church is corrupt! Timmy, what are you doing?? Do you realize the implications of what you are saying?

      All bishops protect each other and the ncw. Now you say it is because all bishops are corrupt. If so then you cannot absolutely cannot remain part of a church where all the leaders are corrupt! If they are all corrupt then there is no Holy Spirit in the church, Christ has left it and you better create your own!

      However there is the possibility that the reverse is true. Could all the bishops instead be in the right and protecting the ncw because it is good? That scenario makes you totally in the wrong. It means that you are corrupt! You are fighting against what is good! Use logic man!

      At this point I think we can safely say that you may be exhibiting paranoid traits. There are pills for that. Maybe if you take some medication you will stop seeing boogeymen everywhere and begin some much needed self-criticism.

    2. Yeah, paranoia is a serious problem with mentally processing data, facts and information according to the reality!

      This means a paranoid collects the same data, sees the same facts and hears the same information, but cannot make any sense of it. His interpretation is just irredeemable unreal. That is why whatever a paranoid says is distorted and does not even resembles to the truth!

      It is enough to have one short look at Jungle Watch and you'll see how a paranoid mind works among the like minded.

    3. Yes, you accuse Rohr of lying. And Eusebio accuse Mother Dawn of lying. Archbishop Hon said she laid out the truth. He said he knows it. Did you read his notice? It was in U Matuna and Guam Post.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 6:05 PM,

      Mother Dawn is part of Junglewatch Nation, and Archbishop Hon received $25,000 from CCOG to help get property returned that was never given away in the first place.

    5. Hope Hon doesn't read this. Whew.

    6. How are these two things connected ??? She has nothing to do with CCOG, does she?

    7. Dear Anonymous at 10:05 PM,

      Anyone who gives confidential information or leaked documents to the jungle is supporting the jungle. Mother Dawn gave confidential information to Tim Rohr.

    8. I think people will believe an enclosed nun over Eusebio.

    9. Dear Anonymous at 1:53 am,

      Mother Dawn didnit have any documents to show. She only told a story. Dr. Eusebio had the emails between the donor and the Archbishop.

  3. There is no way to prove anyone is part of Junglewatch 'Nation'. So doubtful Sister Dawn belongs. Silly.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:01 pm,

      Mother Dawn was the one who went to Tim Rohr in 2014 and revealed to him who the donor was. She could have gone to the Pacific Daily News three years ago, but she chose Tim Rohr. That can only mean that she was associated with him.

    2. Mother Dawn Marie of Jesus is an enclosed Nun. Enclosed Nuns do not associate with the outside world.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 1:31 am,

      By revealing confidential information to the jungle, she has associated herself against the Archbishop and the local Catholic Church in Guam.

    4. Could Sister Dawn have led David Lujan to Archbishop in CA? She is there. Quite near, actually. Not to be trusted.

  4. Do you know her? Have you asked her this exact question? Otherwise conjecture, Diana. Eusebio revealed confidential emails which were not writted to him. What do you think of that?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:40 pm,

      What made you think that Dr. Eusebio did not get Archbishop Apuron's permission to release those emails publicly?

    2. Then that means Archbishop revealed what was confidential. This we knew.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 11:26 pm,

      What was confidential was ALREADY revealed by Mother Dawn three years ago when she told Tim Rohr that it was the Carmelites who gave the 2 million dollars.