Tuesday, January 24, 2017

CCOG Questions Investigation Over Apuron

Archbishop Apuron left Guam sometime in the last part of May of last year after Roy Quintanilla came forth accusing him of sexual abuse.  The Vatican later placed the Archbishop on leave last June after former altar boys accused him of sexual abuse in the 1970s.  CCOG has also been questioning the investigations into Archbishop Apuron.  According to news report:
In November, his successor Archbishop Michael Byrnes, said a canonical trial had been initiated.
But the Concerned Catholics of Guam President David Sablan said they hadn't heard anything about how it is going.
"We're concerned about the time it's taking because most of the facts are very clear. But I think there are others in the Vatican who are very supportive of Archbishop Apuron and if they are trying to cover up this whole mess that he has been involved in here in Guam then they would be complicit in basically what he has done to harm the church here."
Obviously, CCOG President David Sablan feels that the facts were already laid out in the jungle and that it should not take the judges too long to decide that the Archbishop is guilty.  The fact that the canonical trial is taking this long is actually good news.  Why?  Because the three judges are not relying on so-called facts from the jungle.  After all, the jungle has been known to bring forth accusations against any bishop they do not like. 

For example, when Archbishop Hon lectured Father Mike Crisostomo and Father Jeff for disobedience, the jungle was upset about it.  They were so upset that Tim Rohr even came out with an accusation against Archbishop Hon.  According to Tim Rohr:
This guy is tricky. Hon will get his revenge on us and here is how he is going to do it. He's going to bring up an accusation of sex abuse against Fr. Mike Crosostomo. He's going to use someone who "makes his bed with whoever will sleep in it." Stay tuned. This is one evil dude. 
Below is a screenshot of that accusation: 

Tim Rohr also went further and publicized his accusation in the media.  He went on air in the Patti Arroyo talk show on September 26, 2016 and said that Archbishop Hon has someone in line ready to accuse Father Mike Crisostomo of sexual abuse.  You can listen to it in the weblink below:  

K57 Interview with Patti Arroyo 

The question is.....how did Tim know who this "someone" was when Archbishop Hon had no idea who he was?  If Archbishop Hon was supposed to have this person in line ready to make such an accusation, why is it that Hon did not know the person and Tim did? By the way, whoever this person is, he never came out to make his accusation against Father Mike. 

Therefore, the three judges on the canonical trial will not swallow everything the jungle says.  This is why the canonical trial is taking long, and that is actually good news.  However, this brings us now to Archbishop Byrnes.  It is already obvious from some of the postings and comments made in the jungle that they are not pleased with some of Archbishop Byrnes' decision.  So, what accusation are they going to bring forth against Archbishop Byrnes?  


Under this thread, Jokers Wild suggested that the person may have come out, which may explain why Father Mike was not transferred to the Yigo parish. First of all, the intention of this OP is not on Father Mike or on the unknown person.  The accusation was made against Archbishop Hon.  Tim Rohr accused Archbishop Hon of setting up someone to bring a false charge of sexual abuse against Father Mike.  That was the accusation. 

Furthermore, the accusation was not made at the time Father Mike brought up the moratorium.  Why?  Because on the exact same day, Tim Rohr made the following post on his blog, which can be found here.  According to Tim:
Hearing that something bad happened to Fr. Mike Crisostomo yesterday. Hon, I guess you want violence.
Below is a screenshot shot of that post:

Rohr was referring to the fact that Father Mike was scolded by Archbishop Hon for refusing to read his letter.  If you read the thread under that particular post, Father Efren posted explaining how Father Mike was treated by Hon.  The post above was made on the exact same day that Rohr posted his accusation against Archbishop Hon.  All you need to do was look at the dates of the two posts.



  1. Praying Archbishop Mike Byrnes brings healing peace. Kind of a low energy kind of guy. Good man ....low energy.

    1. probably why he was chosen for the job!

    2. A charismatic bishop's energy is coming from the Spirit. If you say its low, then you say the energy of the Spirit is low. Your choice of word. I'd say its rather high energy devotion to Jesus Christ!

    3. Low energy? What does that even mean, that he isn't willing to act? That only shows that he is a man of God. The greatest figures in the bible were unwilling to act, always patient allowing for God to act. King David, had multiple opportunities to overthrow Saul, but refused to because although Saul was irrate and no longer obedient to God David saw him as an anointed one. Yet David was the only King able to unit all of Israel.
      Christ never acted against the Roman empire even though so many wanted him to do so. The zealots and so many other jews. However he knew that the real enemy was not men it was the devil who lies to men. It is the same here, the enemy, although manifesting through groups like CCOG, and JW is still the devil. That is why one must never be hasty to take action and always look for the route that God presents. The route that will save the most people both from CCOG or NCW.
      One could say CCOG, JW, is more vulnerable because they do not have experience of Christ, so as soon as things don't go their way they will deny Christ, the Church and God. The NCW like Christians, are strengthened by persecution and an opportunity to show the dying of Christ in our flesh. Although not all, the younger can be scandalized.
      In all, what I am saying is that Byrnes is wise to be acting as he is, as well as the church is wise to be acting with patience and time. Acting can destroy people, one must be positive of all facts before taking action.

    4. Archbishop Byrnes will return to Guam and will cool off the expectations of the war mongers.

    5. JW is after Byrnes because of the Alpha charism. They want cardinal Burke to debunk Alpha so they can also debunk Byrnes for promoting Alpha. Wretched people.

    6. Dear Anonymous at 8:25 am,

      Archbishop Byrnes has already on island. He arrived on Monday, January 23rd.

    7. Looks like Cardinal Burke is their flagship red hat. JW receives direct instruction from the Burke crowd. Actually, Cardinal Burke is one of "Dubia" Cardinals who want to get Pope Francis on trial because of what he said in Amoris Laetitia. It is a plot against Pope Francis. These people, including Burke, have no clue of what mercy is and how it works through the Catholic faith.

      Cardinal Burke wants to take revenge on Pope Francis, because he was reassigned to the Knight of Columbus. It is his sour grape that he is so hostile toward the Pope. He must be one of the wild men of Vatican who disrupt normal business at the top level of the Catholic hierarchy just for the sake of scandal... Crazy! No wonder JW blindly follows the same strategy. This is the mill of the devil's go-around.

      It is so easy to look through these bigots once we learn whose puppets they are. Transparent and absolutely predictable! They have nothing new to say to anyone anymore, just the same old stuff over and over again. They will be swallowed up by their well deserved place in obsolescence.

  2. They'll do ANYTHING to achieve their goals, which is noted on their protesting boards and letters of complaints.

  3. Romans 1; Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle. What ever energy anyone can claim that comes within themselves is a lie.

    The energy Paul exhibited through his human nature was to kill and yet the Spirit...the energy of the Spirit transformed a killer into a Saint.

    David Lujan? who is David Lujan?...who is rohr? Waste of time thinking..talking about it.

    The question that begs to be answered?

    Are we called to be the servant of Jesus Christ?

    Are we called to be APOSTLES?

    YES or NO?

    1. The question is what is it to be a servant of Jesus Christ?
      Christ loved his enemies to point of dying on a cross for those he wanted him dead. Like so many other martyrs who died praying for their murderers not fighting against injustice and oppression.
      St. Stephen was stoned by St. Paul. If St. Stephen had not prayed for those who where killing him why might never have had one of the greatest Saints in the Church.
      If one can see this as the attitude of Christ any man with a bit of intelligence can deduce that the actions of CCOG and JW are not that of Christ, not even remotely.

  4. The question is why is it not in media? Why because Fr.Crisostomo is not on Tim Rohr hate list? Evidently is a PLOT! HMMMMM.

  5. "Has someone in line ready to accuse" hmmm really?! Sounds familiar...imagine it...just wait until the ads run a while...then in May we'll begin. All too
    familiar indeed. Praying God blow open the terrible scheme of lies against an innocent man (I believe)

  6. I will assume that Dianas intention was not to draw attention to Reverand Crisostomo but there are some interesting news floating around. Rev. Crisostomo was supposed to have taken up residence at OL of Lourdes, yigo, as Pastor but that move was halted because apparently the guy that Ror is referring to as someone who "makes his bed with anyone willing to sleep in it" did come out and has always been talking about it publicly, so the accusation was already there. This is why the transfer never happened. Both the Rev. and the "guy" have been on the down low since. If you may recall, this was all happening around the same time that the Rev. began this bright idea to suggest a moratorium on the NCW. Well whatever happened to that we dont know, only that archbishop Michael said the contrary in his interview upon his initial arrival.
    Brothers, firstly, you need to know that nowt only does ror have a problem with the NCW celebration of the Eucharist but he also disagrees with all the Sunday Masses that are celebrated in all parishes. The only Mass that he agrees with is the Mass held at the Friary on Sundays around 11am, the Tridentine(Latin) Mass. He is a Radical!
    Secondly, you must also know that the only information that ror drags to his blog are from other radical traditionalist blogs and from anti-NCW websites. All other sources are considered NCW friendly in his eyes.
    Ror, has already laid out the pattern to follow. He is not satisfied with anyone who shares a different view that does not conform to his. I say, his view, because most of what he has to say is not what the church teaches or is not the entire message that the church wants to get across. Ror only presents half truths, why? because in almost all the cases, the other half is the most important. I can get into this more later but Diana has been good at releasing and pointing out the entire truth seen beyond the eyes of ror.
    When a person has a problem with even the Pope, this is when you have to be weary of following his thoughts.
    If I were to predict anything new happening it will be that the Sunday protesters will be carrying a new sign soon, "Get out Byrnes!".
    Pray the Church! Pray for our Priests!

    -Jokers Wild


    1. If a person did come and accuse Father Mike of sexual abuse, Archbishop Hon would have removed him in accordance with the sexual abuse policy. But that did not happen. Father Mike was not placed on leave and continues to be a pastor of the Toto Church. I do not know the reason why he was not moved to the Yigo parish, but I doubt it has anything to do with a sexual allegation. Also, see the UPDATE to this OP.

  7. Has anyone ever heard of the story of the boy who called wolf? The boy calls for help against the wolf when no wolf is there so many times when the wolf finally really comes no one believes him.

    The tragic consequence of what is happening here is that when someone will really say he is a victim of abuse no one will believe him.

    More bodies on rohr's conscience for having falsely accused our bishop.

  8. The sequence of events makes sense. On Sept. 24th, Rohr heard something bad happened to Fr. Mike and declared war on Hon. Fr. Efren comes in and explained how Hon humiliated Fr. Mike cuz he didn't read his letter. And then Rohr makes an accusation against Hon, accusing him of setting up someone to bring a false accusation against Fr.Mike. Diana is right that all this took place in the SAME day. Something fishy about this.


  9. fishy business going on.

  10. Byrnes taking RMS to court Diana. Oh yes he gonna shut RMS down kick Neo out for good.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:03 am,

      Actually no.....he is taking himself to court. As the successor to Apuron, Archbishop Byrnes always had the RMS. RMS only has one member. That member is the Archbishop. So, if someone is looking for the authority of RMS corporation to sign some papers, that person is Archbishop Byrnes. I do not think Byrnes is well-informed of that fact. The plaintiff and the defendant are the same person, which I think is hilarious. This is the first I have seen someone bringing a lawsuit against himself. 😁

      As the Archbishop, he can shut down the Seminary if he wants. That is his right. But he will also be going against what he said in the Guamanian Magazine regarding the seminary and the Way.

    2. Why would he shut it down?

    3. you're wrong. sorry. there was a transaction. the courts need to rule that it has been rescinded/returned.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 3:48 pm,

      There never was any transaction. There was only a DECLARATION of deed restriction. The Declaration of deed restriction was never a deed. Declarations don't involve any transaction.

    5. Diana, it is the right of Archbishop Byrnes to close RMS. It is his right only. I think it best closed as it led the church into debt dividrd our church. producrd bad fruits. Only Byrnes can decide.

    6. Dear Anonymous at 11:50 am,

      The Archdiocese was already in debt before the seminary existed. And it was not the seminary that caused the division. It was greed and envy that caused it.

  11. will pay archbishop byrnes to shut down seminary. Shut it down and abuse cases will go away.

    1. Thank you anon at 12:12 am

      Sounds to me like you are openly saying the abuse cases are false and only exist as a method to shutdown RMS.
      How many lives have been destroyed by CCOG, JW, ETC, trying to destroy an organization that is in it's path of self interest. An organization (NCW) who's only purpose is to bring people to Adult faith and thereby making people's life's joyous and happy.

  12. While the rest of the world is begging for vocations and opening redemptoris mater seminaries, Guamanians, and i really hope it's only a few of them, wantto close their seminary down. Pay foreign priests. Leave churches without resident priests.

    I cannot but ask, what is wrong with you? Instead of feeling proud that you have 2 seminaries ordainningpriests that graduate cum laude from roman universities, with a building and library that can rival in beauty and majesty any institution in the world, you want to sell the property to settle debts? Are you going to say the same when you have to sell the cathedral?

    The only thing that can explain your desire to close a seminary is either you are working for the devil or your IQ is below 80.

    1. The problem is not a spiritual or vocational one. Those who don't want RMS is not because they care for Catholicism and it's values. It is a problem of financial gain. RMS is a property where certain parties wanted to gain financially from such a luxurious property, they could care less about priests.

    2. Dear Anonymous at 12:50 am,

      I agree with you in that they saw financial gain in the Yona property. Perhaps now, Archbishop Byrnes understands why Archbishop Apuron placed a deed restriction on it.

    3. my dear diana, I believe that your readers are combining the yona entities as one and the same, by that I mean, yona property is the (1) the land itself and (2) the rms (building) itself, together its the yona property.

      apuron (as bishop) was the person that placed a deed restriction (in perpetuity) on the building which houses the rms, as in to be an rms seminary in perpetuity, remember rms the building is just part of yona.

      so the only way the rms can stay in perpetuity, IS if the person that placed it in perpetuity (deed restriction) STAYS in charge/owner of the property (yona). which is why byrnes (as bishop) was able to do as he did (bishop is owner). remember rms the building is just part of yona.

      now for the other part of yona "the land", again it is why byrnes has that lawsuit, he wants to ensure the title of the yona property is free and clear, as in the ONLY OWNER OF RECORD is the archdiocese of agana a corporation sole.

      think of "neighbors" the movie, as in apuron the "yona" owner got upset with the rms, but he can't kick them out of the building because of (deed restriction), what to do.

      apuron the "land owner" a caring and generous like he normally is, gives all musical band and groups access to the land, as the owner, he says play as loud as you want, make all the noise you want, as owner of "yona property" he can do what I want within the law.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 8:12 am,

      You are incorrect. RMS is not a building. It is also not the Yona property. It is a corporation. It is a seminary. There are many different Catholic seminaries. RMS is only one of them. Byrnes owns the property, the building, and the RMS corporation. If he gives up the RMS corporation, he also gives up the RMS seminarians. He cannot own people, and the RMS seminarians will find another RM Seminary. And Byrnes will be left with only the Yona property with an empty building.

      The only thing the deed restriction does is restrict the use of the property so that RMS can stay in perpetuity and prevent the property from being sold.