Sunday, January 29, 2017

Agana Parishioners Targeted

Archbishop Byrnes has no power and authority to remove Archbishop Apuron. Only Pope Frances has the authority to remove him.  Archbishop Apuron has claimed that he is innocent and is currently fighting for his name and reputation.  However, as the protests drag on, one can already see the frustration of the Junglewatch Nation.  According to an anonymous poster in the jungle:
We don't stop the masses with the picket line--that is not the intention; but we would like the Faithful who go to the 9:30 AM mass not to cross the picket line--via the front entrance or via the side entrances--to show their support to rid our Church of incompetent leadership and others who have abused and tried to fool us; as well as misusing our Church resources. SILENT NO MORE! There are other masses the Faithful could attend at Agana Heights, Sinajana, Mongmong, Toto, Ordot. Support the picketers by attending mass at these other parishes until Archbishop Byrnes and the Vatican removes Apuron as our Archbishop and that includes even in name only; and also to ban all his songs on the KOLG radio 90.9 FM. It makes me sick to my stomach to hear him sing our Chamorro songs of devotion and others. Really, this Archbishop loves himself only. Remember when he met Walter Denton in Washington state at a Guamanian gathering? Instead of apologizing to Walter for what he did to him, which is what Walter was seeking, instead Apuron offered him one of his CD's!! What a narcissist! No wonder why he thinks he has done nothing wrong. A
As one can see, there has already been a suggestion in the jungle to target the Agana parishioners who attend the 9:30 am Mass.  By preventing and intimidating parishioners from attending Mass at 9:30 am, they would no longer be conducting a peaceful demonstration.  They will be infringing on the rights of people to freely worship in their church. 


  1. Go inside the church, not outside Picketing the Church,remember it's god's House ''+''

  2. Do not cross my picket line or else....

  3. Many people in the Jungle are claiming that Archbishop Byrnes is protesting in front of Cathedral in support of Defrocking Archbishop Apuron before his mass.

    1. protesting? lol. they wanted to beat him up.

    2. Looking forward to reading the bloggers from this site to start bashing Archbishop Byrnes when he starts dismantling the RMS. It will come to fruition in Gods time.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 7:42 pm,

      You have not been paying attention. The deed restriction was removed, and you do not see us bashing Archbishop Byrnes. It was the jungle who bashed Archbishop Byrnes after they read the Guamanian Magazine.