Thursday, September 22, 2016

Seminary Report Was Biased

Father Jeff called a press conference to speak about Bill 326.  Instead, he used most of the time in that press conference bashing the Neocatechumenal Way rather than speaking about Bill 326.  He was the leader of the ad hoc committee who was supposed to visit the seminary.  After hearing his press conference, I knew right away that the report was biased.  According to PNC news:


President of 'Catholic Families for Apuron' says RMS report is biased

Dr. Ricardo Eusebio also sits on the board of directors for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.
Guam - Redemptoris Mater Seminary Board of Directors member Dr. Ricardo Eusebio says he does not trust the ad hoc committee report on the RMS issued by Father Jeff San Nicolas yesterday. Dr. Eusebio says the report was prepared by a committee that is biased.

Dr. Ricardo Eusebio is a surgeon, a member of the neocatechumenal way, a member of the group I Familian Mangatoliku Siha Para Si Apuron or Catholic Families for Apuron and a board member of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.

We met with him today to get his reaction to Father Jeff San Nicolas' statement yesterday in which Father San Nicolas connected for the first time Archbishop Anthony Apuron to the neocatechumenal way. Dr. Eusebio says he has no response for such allegations from Father San Nicolas. But he does have a few words to say about an ad hoc committee report Father San Nicolas released to the media yesterday despite orders from his superiors not to do so.

The report is on the RMS and is 141 pages long. It confirms some of the suspicions many have had about the Yona seminary's practices and its strict ties to the neocatechumenal way.

"I don't think the people in that committee have in their best interest the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. I think their interest is to close the seminary and I think their interest is to make the seminary look bad. So why would I listen to a report in which the members forming an opinion in the report are biased?"

Although Dr. Eusebio admits he has not had a chance to read the full report, he responds to some of the allegations contained in it. For example, the report states that the RMS purports to follow on paper the Program for Priestly Formation when considering incoming seminarians, but by practice, they don't follow the PPF guidelines. As a result, “A major consequence of an inadequate evaluation process calls into question the quality, accuracy and overall integrity of any evaluation decisions which subsequently may lead to the progression of candidates to ordination who are not ready and do not meet the standards and expectations articulated in the PPF, nor have the concurrence of the faithful."

"The seminary has ordained 17 priests. Are you telling me that the 17 priests are not worthy of being priests? Are you telling me that Father Miguel who is completing his Ph.D in Rome is not an adequate priest? Are you telling me that Father Alberto who sits in the chancery, who is appointed by Archbishop Hon to be there is not an adequate priest?" questioned Dr. Eusebio.

Dr. Eusebio also points out that the seminary is accredited differently and therefore their educational standards will be different.

"The seminary here in Guam is one that is accredited by the Lateran University and so follows a different sort of path than somebody who is accredited by a university in the United States," he pointed out. "It's not like somebody enters the seminary at one stage and then four years, five years, six years, eight years later are ordained. For some it's 10 years, for some it's 15 years. It depends. It depends on their maturation. It depends on their spiritual formation."

Meanwhile, Dr. Eusebio also defended Archbishop Anthony Apuron, noting that proclaiming Apuron guilty is premature at this point in time.

"Even a criminal who has committed a crime, is accused of a crime in the court system is deemed innocent until proven guilty. Yet here we have the presbyteral council, Father Jeff assuming that Archbishop Apuron is already guilty and that he should be removed? I think it's a shame," he said.

PNC: "Do you have an opinion yourself on the innocence or guilt of Archbishop Apuron?"

"I think he's innocent until he's proven guilty. That's the right thing to think."


  1. That's right! Do not reelect those who voted for Bill 326-33!

    1. This is interesting. All the accusers of Archbishop Apuron are living off island on the mainland. Except Sondia who is a PDN employee. This explains all the bias, lies and manipulations in the articles published by PDN.

      Now, when these accusers rob the Catholic church from its assets and reap millions and millions of dollars from us who gave the money to our church, then what will happen to all these monetary resources? I tell you what! All this money will be shipped out of the island, to the mainland.

      This is the very essence of the Rohr-Klitzkie-SNAP alliance, to siphon money out of Guam, to make the poor even poorer here, but also make the rich even richer there on the mainland. Nice plan, Tim, Bob, Joelle and all the gang. You guys are truly geniuses!

      The only problem is that I don't know why I have to puke...

  2. Where can we read this seminary report.

  3. If only Dr. Eusebio read the entire RMS evaluation document. Why can't NCW/RMS not admit that there are deficiencies in the seminary. We all know that there is no psychological evaluation for example when one enters the seminary. They do not go to a professional agency to evaluate that. The closest they can get is the 2nd scrutiny in the community.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 7:43 pm,

      The second scrutiny is probably the best psychology test because the brothers personally know you whereas a professional psychologist simply relies on subjective tests and instruments that measures only a small part of a person's character. The brothers, in the community, on the other hand, can see the strengths and weaknesses of the person as they relate to him in an actual field setting.

    2. The brothers see what the scrutinized person wants them to see. Conducted test by legit testing centers looks at it objectively, even the ones you are trying to hide.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 6:53 am,

      Tests cannot see what you are hiding. All subjective tests are interpreted by the tester who do not know you. In the second scrutiny, everyone knows your character because they have interacted with you.

  4. What? Bob Klitzkie had to say this:

    "There cannot be a declaratory judgment on a bill [by the Supreme Court]. There could be a declaratory judgment if the governor asks for it or if the legislature asks for it, dealing with their own powers and authority. Those kinds of declaratory judgment available at the Supreme Court are not available to private parties," he stated.

    Just tell me, please, if this makes sense to you. Klitzkie basically claims that nobody can challenge the legislation he formulated to Frank Blas, now called Bill 326-33, especially not the Supreme Court! What? Does he want to limit the Supreme Court? Where does this guy live? In the jungle??

  5. It makes sense Ric.

  6. No it's a point of law. For example, the Supreme Court cannot give an opinion on a law unless there is a case contesting it. That's what Klitzkievmeans by the whole not available to private parties. He doesn't mean it's not reviewable. So quit being so dramatic and focus.

    1. Who are the private parties? There are no private parties here.

    2. The Governor, by his vested highest office on island, has an obligatory duty to submit legislation to constitutional testing, especially if there is strong suspicion of violation of the constitution.

  7. Junglewatch is promoting the anti-Catholic president Joelle Casteix on its own website!

    The adamantly atheist and anti-Christ lady not only mocks the Apostolic Administrator who was appointed by Pope Francis but she also claims this: "Catholics want the bill signed. In fact, Guam’s Catholics have been the driving force behind helping victims, exposing Apuron, and finding justice."

    Now, this is a big fat lie! Her lie is worthy of an amoral political activist who cannot see beyond her own dirty agenda! Guam Catholics don't want the bill signed! We are abhorred by Bill 326-33 and requested Governor Calvo to veto it! We have submitted 4500 signatures to support this request.

    It would be better if Joelle Casteix would not lie flat out into our faces and Junglewatch would not promote big fat lies on its website!

    1. Joelle Casteix is the president of the West American Chapter of SNAP.

      Joelle became active in SNAP in 2002 and has been a spokesperson and leader in events in California and across the country.

  8. If this bill becomes law without constitutional scrutiny, then the U.S. may declare Guam a constitutionally unprotected territory. This would bring down not only the Catholic church but trade and commerce, as well. Merchants will be unwilling to deliver to unprotected territories.

    Then, the price of thing you buy every day may shoot up to double or triple, especially the food prices. This might have a detrimental impact on the whole population. So please, be reasonable, when you cry with the wolves who want to push our Governor into signing!

    For the sake of the people who call this island their homes, for the sake of the poor and needy, there is no other choice than veto!

    Of course, when Guam will suffer, those foreign legionnaires who came here to torture its good Catholic people and inflicted mortal wounds on the helpless, these hired tongues like the Rohr clan and the Klitzkie mafia, will wash their hands, escape Guam immediately, shipping their goods away from the island, yelling, screaming and never ever looking back.

    Guam people, do you want this to happen to you?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:46,
      Do you always have such a paranoid outlook, and is it always so dramatic?
      Who are you listening to that puts these extremely desperate scenarios in your head?
      This one bill, should it be signed into law, will not result in what you just described. Take a deep breath and settle down!

    2. Oh yeah?! You turn the whole island into blood, sweat and tears because of your greed and selfish money-hunger, that prompts your ugly desire to pillage your own Catholic Church! You are robbing the helpless and defenseless from the only shelter they can get from us, the Catholic Church!

      So do you think we should be silent and bowing down before you? No my friend! We won't do that ever! We will stand up for the people of Guam, for our Catholic sisters and brothers in need. This is the great divide between you and us! We are the ones who follow Christ. Get it already?

    3. 4:28PM--
      ummm...nobody's asking anyone to bow down before anyone. If there is any bowing down it will only be to Jesus Christ, our Lord.
      And highly unlikely that the island will turn into "blood, sweat and tears. Please do continue to stand up for our Catholic sisters and brothers in need, as should we all.

      You say this is the "great divide"....and then go on to say you are the ones who follow Christ.
      Well, I also follow Him.

    4. No, my friend. From now on, we are standing on different sides of the great divide. You cannot do anything about it! You made this abyss unbridgeable by coercing a flawed law on the legislature, on the governor, on the people of Guam!

      You are the one who are raping the innocent, do you understand me, my friend? You are the one who is yerking out millions and millions of dollars because of your blind fury, greed, jealousy and hatred, from those who are innocent. From those who were not even born 40 and 60 years ago!

      It is you who raised your hand against the school aged, the young, the future generation, who will be deprived from the cares and services of our beloved Catholic church.

      There is no way back for you from here, my friend. You shut the wagon door on yourself. There is this great divide between you and us forever now... We are the ones who follow Christ. Get it already?

    5. Here you go again with the dramatics. Very colorful and descriptive words exaggerating your points to pull at emotion. (Your writing teacher will be very proud!)
      You attack, you pit us at opposite sides of an "abyss" that you say is unbridgeable. You accuse me of horrendous acts and go further to tell me why I do them? (Yes, you JUDGE me!)
      Oh, and then you address me as "my friend"?? You are confused.

      I am confident in my heart and soul of where I am with Christ. You can rant and rave all you want, and tell me I'm not.....but it will not make any difference. He knows, and I know.
      That is all, my friend. Get it already? Peace. :-)

  9. Where can I read this Seminary report?


  10. Is it not obvious why an affiliation to a Pontifical University in Rome is preferable to the secular WASC system of accreditation for a Catholic Institute of Theology in the formation if seminarians?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 7:05 am,

      I agree. Father Jeff, on the other hand, recommend the secualr WASC. And the fact that he disobeyed his superiors shows that his formation is lacking.

  11. History shows that priests who show disobedience towards their bishops lack human and spiritual formation. Fr.Jeff directly disobeyed his superior. He placed his own ego before Archishop Hon showing pride.
    Disobedience causes division. Disobedient priests are a burden to our church. Praying Fr.Jeff asks forgiveness of his brothers.

  12. what is disobedience?
    what is Obedience?
    Obedience is a relative term.
    It can mean anything in todays world.

    1. Disobedience is betrayal! It is like treason in war time. The most serious crime!