Sunday, September 18, 2016

More Inconsistencies

An anonymous poster wrote the following under the thread "Playing The Devil's Advocate":
Has no one ever read the crucible? What is happening to Apuron is nothing new in history. There's a guilty party who is trying to cover up a misdeed and so he organizes a witch hunt. As in Salem 400 years ago the innocent will be victim to mass hysteria, the manipulated will spin incredible stories and the mastermind of this lie will get away with murder.

Since when do people not question the statements of children? Especially when those children have grown up into adults with an ax to grind. So if I question their veracity I'm not being "sensitive" to their pain? Oh boo-hoo. A man's life, his reputations and his good name are at stake. Not to mention the damage done to the church. Those "victims" better be prepared to be asked much more invasive and detailed questions than any I've read here. And if they cannot answer I call them liars.

There are indeed some inconsistencies in the testimonies of the alleged victims.  Because they have been very open in speaking to the media and talk shows, an attorney can easily spot those inconsistencies.  For example, let us look at the following inconsistency between Doris Concepcion and her son John Quinata.  

In his testimony in the hearing at the Guam Legislature in support of Bill 326-33, John Quinata stated: “We tried to tell my mother but she would not listen-she would not believe it was possible.”  You can find Mr. Quinata's testimony here.  

However, in Doris Concepcion's statement to PDN, she said that she only learned of her son's molestation on his deathbed before he went in for surgery, and she held this secret for 11 years.  According to the Pacific Daily News dated May 30, 2016:  

“I didn’t know (about the molestation) until my son was 38 years old when he passed away, and that’s when I found out,” Concepcion said.

 So, which is it?  Furthermore, John Quinata stated that when he was about 8 years old, his brother came home in a lot of pain and could not use the restroom.  The question that will be asked is how was it that an 8 year old child was able to see that his 9 year old brother was in pain and could not use the restroom and the mother was not able to see it?  If my child was in pain and unable to use the restroom, I would bring him to the hospital.  Why was Joseph Quinata (whom his brother said was in pain at that time) not brought to the hospital?  These are only a sample of the inconsistency in their testimonies. And yes, all this information was forwarded to Rome and to Archbishop Apuron. 

Archbishop Apuron is going through a canonical trial.  He has sworn an oath before the Pope.  His sworn testimony to Pope Francis was that he is innocent of these sexual allegation charges.  He swore before Pope Francis that he did not sexually molest anyone.  The canonical trial is only part of the process that Archbishop said will occur.  The second part will be a civil trial.  As the anonymous poster pointed above, the name and reputation of a man is at stake as well as damage done to the Church.  So, those who are involved should be prepared to explain the contradictions and inconsistencies in their testimonies which they gave to the Guam Legislature, KUAM, PDN, the Patti Arroyo talk show, the Jesse Lujan talk show, and to the rest of the social media.  

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