Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Group Pushing Petition To Veto Bill 326

It is a huge embarrassment for Archbishop Hon and the Church that they did not oppose Bill 326 when it was introduced into legislation at the Guam Legislature.  Two public hearings were held on the bill, but only Dr. Zoltan Szekely was there to oppose it.  Dr. Szekely is also a member of the Neocatechumenal Way.  

Also, a group has been formed called I Familian Mangatoliku Siha Pari Si Apuron ( Chamorro for "Catholic Families for Apuron") as a result of Archbishop Hon's lynching of his brother bishop (Archbishop Apuron) and the neglect in opposing Bill 326.  This group was formed by Dr. Rick Eusebio, who is also a member of the Neocatechumenal Way.  The Catholic Families for Apuron are currently pushing the petition to veto Bill 326.  This group is hoping to convince Governor Calvo to veto the bill.  

And what was Father Jeff doing?  He held a press conference and the first thing that came out of his mouth was badmouthing the Neocatechumenal Way and entertaining the very same people who pushed the passage of Bill 326.  It is clearly obvious that he is biased against the Way, and it appears that his priorities as a delegate is misplaced.  His prejudice against the Way have clouded his judgement. His main priority should be on Bill 326.

 So, Father Jeff, this is my advice to you:
Cardinal Filoni is from the Congregation of Evangelization, and he has spoken.  If you have a problem in identifying where this congregation is....then please check your Vatican Directory.  Perhaps, then you will realize that this Cardinal in the Vatican is Catholic and is in a much higher position than YOU; therefore, he is not interfering in the local church.  The Church of Guam is part of the universal Church.  Furthermore, the reason you are in tears is simply because of your pride.  Being a delegate can sometimes get to your head that you start thinking you are an authority above a Cardinal. The truth is...you are not even a bishop.      
God bless Dr. Zoltan Szekely for standing up in opposition to Bill 326 and Dr. Rick Eusebio in his efforts in pushing the petition to veto Bill 326.  According to KUAM news: 
It appears a new group has surfaced in support of Archbishop Anthony Apuron. Called I Familian Mangatoliku Siha Pari Si Apuron (Chamorro for "Catholic Families for Apuron"), president Dr. Ricardo Eusebio addressed a letter to apostolic administrator Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai today, calling him out for public lynching.
According to Dr. Eusebio, statements made by the church continue to attack, discredit, and smear Apuron and violate the common law that every person is innocent until proven guilty.
The organization has also chimed-in on Bill 326, stating the legislation clearly and unfairly targets the Catholic Church. Although Catholic Families for Apuron also wants justice for victims of child sex abuse, they do not believe justice is accomplished by the proposed legislation.


  1. St Francis was not even a priest but he had authority and was tasked with rebuilding the CHurch. Your arrogance is showing again Diana.

    So far, everything you have claimed has been show to be wrong. I've just finished reading the Seminary Visitation report, which once again vindicates every criticism that has been levelled against the RMS.

    You are losing. You just can't admit it. You think, just like all the diehard NCW members, that you are the true Christians and therefore will always win your battles in the Church, because you believe God is on your side.

    Well, we have seen how wrong you are. And this isn't over yet. When Apuron is removed as Archbishop, when he is defrocked, shen he is found to have actually abused those children, when the NCW is discovered to have enabled and protected him, when the RMS is closed, when the NCW facilitators in the Vatican have been disciplined - then you will see.

    And then Dr Ric and his friends of Apuron will look even more ridiculous than they already do.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:36 pm,

      St. Francis NEVER built a Church. The Church was already built by Christ and it is impossible for any man to rebuild it. Please get that correct. It is very embarrassing for Catholics to say the Church was rebuilt by St. Francis when in fact it was Christ who built the Church.

      As for the seminary report, what did you expect? After all, the report was done by a man who has already shown his prejudice toward the Way.

      When Monsignor David was removed, you did not hear us complain. When Father Adrian was removed, you did not hear us complain. When Father Pius was removed as rector, you did not hear us complain. Now Archbishop went against Pope Francis in trying to remove Archbishop Apuron, now you hear us complain. If Archbishop Hon was not blinded by his hatred, he would have realized what Bill 236 was about.

    2. Diana, did I understand correctly? Did Father Jeff say that he is disobeying deliberately Cardinal Filoni, his head at the Vatican? How can he expect us to obey Hon? Please tell me.

    3. So Apuron 'defied the Cardinal Filoni', they told us.

      And Jeff can defy Cardinal Filoni, who is the prefect of the Congregation for evangelization?

      What is happening?

    4. The Church has become a free for all... Anyone can obey whoever he chooses!!! This crazy. What seminary did Father Jeff go to?

    5. I really hope Filoni gets into the mix on all of this. Hon has already blown his career. I'm sure there's room for another.

      See, Diana: we TOLD you RMS isn't part of the Archdiocese, otherwise Filoni couldn't have any say at all. But that's a bonus for you, since now you won't lose it. So quit complaining.

    6. 11:36pm: What is so wrong with the NCW that you oppose it? Have you even gone to their celebrations? Have you even talked with the people who have been in it for several years or even the catechists or priests? Are you judging based on rumors and gossip?

      Also, didn't the saints have special gifts that the church needed at the time for "renewal". St. Francis' simplicity gave way to a spiritual poverty that encouraged people to "put God first" and rely on him in a very radical way in this world. Mother Teresa was reaching out to the poor and unwanted to "love thy neighbor as thyself". St. Therese, the Little Flower, also had the heart to see that even the smallest of tasks were so important to do with love because God is also very much concerned about the details of his work. He puts care into the details. The list goes on.... In every age God works to make himself known among his people. The saints help people to recognize that.

      Also, the NCW has done a lot of good for a lot of people. It's helped to save marriages. It's helped to open people's hearts to God. And to put a stopping block in that work just because you don't agree isn't right.

      Dialogue with the other should occur with RESPECT FOR THE OTHER. The openness of both parties to be able to understand. If two do not agree bring a brother. If that does not work, bring it to the church. If that does not work, bring it to the judge. It seems that we are all going to the judge at this rate.

      Unless there is respect for each other, there can be no open dialogue of understanding.

      Just my opinion....

    7. Dear Anonymous at 5:51 am,

      He said he is disobeying his superiors. By that, I am assuming it is Archbishop Hon. He was instructed not to give out the seminary report, and he disobeyed. He gave it out. Perhaps, someone should have looked into the seminary where he was formed. :-)

    8. Dear Anonymous at 5:53 am,

      Archbishop Apuron did not defy Cardinal Filoni's. It was Archbishop Hon who went against Pope Francis when his first action was to get Archbishop Apuron removed as Archbishop of Agana. According to Father Mike Crisostomo, he said in the Patti Arroyo talk show that removing Apuron was Archbishop Hon's first act when he arrived as Apostolic Administrator.

      Now, Father Jeff went against Archbishop Hon's instruction not to give out the report. This is the example that Archbishop Hon set. The clergy is not blind.

    9. Dear Anonymous at 7:17 am,

      RMS belongs to the Archdiocese. Have CCOG bring it to court so it can be settled once and for all.

    10. Dear Diana at 9.51am

      If the RMS belonged to the Archdiocese, Card Filoni would not be able to prevent visits authorised by the delegate, who has ecclesial authority for the activities in the Archdiocese. Your reasoning is wearing thin.

      Have you read the visitation report? Its pretty damning, and doesn't support your assertion.

    11. Dear Anonymous at 10:15 am,

      I heard Father Jeff's biased comments about the Way, and that came first before he gave the seminary report. So, his prejudice explains the report. In other words, any report of African Americans by the Ku klux Klan is unreliable due to its prejudice against African Americans.

    12. Its funny that not so long ago you were so adamant that we should obey Hon who was sent here by the Pope. Let me remind you:

      "It was Pope Francis who sent Archbishop Hon in his place to bring unity to the Church in Guam. Therefore, any defiance against Archbishop Hon is also a defiance against Pope Francis, the Vicar of Christ who sits on the chair of the Apostle Peter....Any defiance against the Pope is also a defiance against Christ and His Church.
      ....Pope Francis has asked the people of Guam for his trust and prayers when he sent Archbishop Hon to be our Apostolic Administrator ...Rome has spoken!!! So, we allow Rome to do what they came here to do. And it will be on Rome's terms! "

      Now you are openly defying him. Has the Pope withdrawn his nomination of Archbishop Hon? Or is it simply that you are a hypocrite who doesn't like what Hon is doing?

      Are you going to correct Ric Eusebio for his defiance of Christ and his Church?

    13. Dear Anonymous at 11:14 pm,

      You follow the bishop as long as he 1) does not tell you to do something immoral such as kill a person, and 2) clearly does not go against the directive of Pope Francis. He can disagree, but he should not disobey. Encouraging the clergy to vote for Apuron's resignation is disobedience.

    14. Aha, now you are using the very arguments that your opponents used at the time of your original posts - the same that you rejected!

      In the quotes (above) from your previous article you said:

      "Therefore, any defiance against Archbishop Hon is also a defiance against Pope Francis"

      *Any* defiance, Diana.

    15. May I ask how you come to see that Hon is disobedient to the Pope?
      Hon was sent here to help Guam while Apuron is absent. While here he found out some things and, compounded with what he discovered the last time he was here, apparently came to the conclusion that it would be best for Guam if the Pope declared the Arch Diocese of Agana 'Sede Vacante'. (Of course, he recommended to Apuron himself to resign since he knew some things would come out about him that couldn't be hidden, but Apuron didn't respond.)
      If anything, Hon was being obedient by trying to help fix things here!
      So now, who's being disobedient?

    16. Dear Anonymous at 1:31 pm,

      That is incorrect. I never rejected what they said about blind obedience. I never advocated for blind obedience.

    17. Dear Anonymous at 2:26 pm,

      According to Father Mike Crisostomo, the FIRST act that Archbishop Hon did was encourage the presbyterial council to vote in removing Archbishop Apuron as Archbishop of Agana. It was Pope Francis' decision not to remove Archbishop Apuron's title. Archbishop Hon can disagree with this all he wants, that is fine. But the moment he enters into WORKING at getting Apuron removed, then he has crossed the line and is disobedient.

      I often give my son who hates his house chore as an example. My son is tasked with throwing out the garbage every other day. He has expressed his dislike, which is fine. However, the moment he feigned illness to deliberately get away from doing his chore is disobedience. To help our son, his father has opted to do the chore with him so it becomes a father-son thing to do. In that way, he still becomes obedient in taking out the trash. There is also a change in his attitude.

    18. Dear Diana at 2.50pm. First of all you said "Any Defiance".

      Secondly, here's a comment you made back in July:

      DianaJuly 8, 2016 at 9:41 PM

      Dear Anonymous at 7:43 pm,

      You stated: "I hate to break it to everyone, but absolute obedience applies only in matters of faith and morals."

      This is incorrect. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

      CCC 1269 Having become a member of the Church, the person baptized belongs no longer to himself, but to him who died and rose for us. From now on, he is called to be subject to others, to serve them in the communion of the Church, and to "obey and submit" to the Church's leaders, holding them in respect and affection. Just as Baptism is the source of responsibilities and duties, the baptized person also enjoys rights within the Church: to receive the sacraments, to be nourished with the Word of God and to be sustained by the other spiritual helps of the Church.

      The Catechism above says nothing about "faith and morals." You are obligated to obey and submit to the Church leaders. The ONLY time you can disobey is when the Church leader tells you to do something IMMORAL such as stealing, killing, etc."

      Lets review what you said:

      "You are obligated to obey and submit to the Church leaders."

      Hon is the designated Church leader here in the Archdiocese.

    19. Dear Anonymous at 3:20 pm,

      That is correct. We obey the bishops and Pope except when they ask us to do things that are immoral. Christ even told his disciples to obey the Pharisees because they sit in the chair of Moses, but he also told them not to Imitate what they do because they were hypocrites.

      As I stated in July, the ONLY time you can disobey is when the Church leader tells you to do something immoral. Disobedience to the Pope is immoral.

    20. Diana 3:17,
      That's a bit of a stretch! Hon was sent here as the eyes & ears of the Vatican onsite. No, the Pope did not remove Apuron at the time, but he surely could make recommendations---which he did. And having a petition signed by local clergy would justify his stance.
      Disobedience would be if the Pope told him not to do anything of the kind....do you know for a fact that Pope Francis instructed him to do nothing?

    21. Dear Anonymous at 5:52 pm,

      If my son went and got a petition so he would not do his house chores, I would see that as disobedience. Pope Francis made the decision that Archbishop Apuron will remain Archbishop of Agana. If Archbishop Hon has an issue with that, he should take it up with the Pope himself, not with the Presbyterial Council. If the Pope insists that he still remain the Archbishop of Agana, then the topic of discussion is closed and Archbishop Hon should not even attempt to petition the clergy to remove Apuron.


    If you want to learn disobedience, enroll in a stateside seminary.

    Since the beginning of the Way, the only ones complaining have been those stateside formed priests. Complaining of the pettiest of things. Like the archbishop hosting the seminarians for Sunday evening prayers and dinner. Really? Really!

    Its getting so pathetic that even in their attempt to criticize the RMS of not forming priests for "parish life" they have obviously failed in this aspect also. They have forgotten their pastoral role. Which is not contained to their respective parishes but is inclusive of the entire island church.

    So a long time ago I warned Rohr of the pandoras box that he was treading into. Accordingly there is much more to be revealed in the coming weeks.

    -Jokers Wild

    1. Amen Joker wild.
      Disobedient Priests joining force.

  3. It was not one priest that wrote the report. The committee included a neo, diocesan and a capuchin priests. The seminary has a deficient priestly program.

  4. Father Jeff feels sorry because the alleged victims of Apuron suffered terribly. Does he feel sorry for the members of the neocatechumenal way who are being under constant and unfair treatment? Did he feel sorry when Father Pius was unceremoniously kicked out from the seminary?

  5. Father Jeff, probably at the instructions of Archbishop Hon, defied publicly his legitimate superior, Cardinal Filoni.

    Can I defy Archbishop Hon?

  6. Oh Diana! Honestly is Hon going against the pope because he's encouraging the removal of Apuron? How is that going against Pope Francis? Besides, our pope is the only person that has the authority to remove him.

  7. As far as the seminary report, would you say the priest are getting a U.S. Certified education?

    1. The report says it's not US accredited. But so what?

  8. I do not normally write comments. But I am livid at the amount of lies that are being leveled against the Way.

    The report on the seminary was written by one person, namely by Father Jeff, aided and following the instructions of Hon. The Capuchin priest did not even step once in the Seminary. The Jesuit priest went there only once, I believe.

    The report is dishonest

  9. The report on the seminary is very dishonest, intended to mislead,

    In the Appendix, they put in the legal opinion of Bronze which has been commissioned by CCOG and which has been discredited by all legal experts. If they wanted to be impartial why did they not include also the opinion of Mgr Arrieta, the secretary of Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts AND the legal opinion of Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP specializing in civil-religious issues and who helped most of the catholic dioceses establish corporation sole. These two entities said just the opposite. WHY this dishonesty? Why this partiality?

    I was told that Father Jeff repeatedly said that Hon does not want to close the seminary. Does he still believe that?

    1. Yes, why did they not include the opinion of Arrieta and Lewis Roca? In fact, why have we never seen these at all? Is it because they are not authentic?

    2. DearDiana,
      What is 4:55 talking about: Mgr Arrieta, the secretary of Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts AND the legal opinion of Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP. Are these documents that should have been included in the report??