Thursday, June 16, 2016

Power Struggle

An anonymous person made the following comment, which can be found here.

It is very strange that Rohr announced in the jungle that they, the lay people of Guam, have a duty to force Vatican to act. How is this so?

Now, the jungle, the CCOG and the LFM all feel they have the duty to drive Vatican officials and the Curia into action on Guam. Great! The grand design of these rebellious church groups:

1. overriding whatever Vatican or Archbishop Hon is trying to do,
2. taking control of the events and
3. forcing a decision favorable to them.

It is truly about power and control! About who is in control of the Catholic Church at the highest level in Rome.

Local church groups of Guam are wrestling out power from the hands of Vatican and its representatives. They are blackmailing top Catholic Church leaders by producing scandal after scandal, an incessant campaign of alleged sexual abuses. They are not shy to parade a stream of alleged sexual abuse victims in the local media day after day.
Is this decent? Is this admissible? Is this the impression Vatican allows to be projected into the world about church affairs? Well, absolutely not!

Guam became like an experimental lab for anti-Catholic activities. SNAP and its shameless allies try to find a venomous poison that could instantly kill the church. If the adversaries of church unity and peace prevail, then their victory will send a loud message to every part of the world. The message will be this: the Catholic Church and Vatican can be pounded into submission by clever covert tactics. No church official will be safe anymore as the gates of made-up and concocted sexual abuse charges will be opened and the whole church will be inundated with scandals.

It is not to be taken lightly, folks. If the adversaries of church leadership are victorious here on Guam, then the enemies of the Catholic Church will find a wide avenue of opportunities everywhere on the earth to strike and cause more damage to everything we know as Catholic.

This is why we turn to Archbishop Hon and to Vatican with open arms and high hopes. We pray that they do not allow the adversaries of the One Holy Catholic Mother Church to prevail.

The person who made this observation is correct.  According to KUAM news, Archbishop Hon has rescinded the decrees passed by Archbishop Apuron in order to promote reconciliation and communion with all Catholics especially those who are against the decrees.  He will soon learn this coming Sunday that it really does not matter whether he rescinded the decrees or not.  According to the jungle, CCOG and LFM will continue their protests at the doorsteps of the Cathedral this coming Sunday. And in response to Archbishop Hon's removal of the decree, Tim Rohr, wrote: 
Also, while I suggested this in my version of today's decree, many of us find it ABSOLUTELY SCANDALOUS that Archbishop Hon spent seven days "consulting and reflecting" on the blatant abuse of power by Apuron and his cronies at the 11th hour of their Gotterdamerung. In stating so, Hon gives credence to the what should have been absolutely and immediately discredited. 
I hate to think that it was my letter to the pope that actually motivated the new Apostolic Administrator to take what appears to be a grudging action and rescind what never should have seen the light of day in the first place. Unfortunately it appears to be so. 
As anyone can see that even with the decree rescinded, Tim Rohr expressed his ingratitude.  In fact, he found it insulting that it took Archbishop Hon seven days to reflect on it.  This was the same problem that Archbishop Apuron faced.  No matter what he did, positive or negative, he was condemned for it.  When he spoke up, he was called a liar for speaking up.  When he remained silent, he was condemned for not speaking up.         


  1. Anti church desire only one point.
    Retirement of our beloved Archbishop of Agana.

    1. Beloved? By who?

    2. Archbishop Apuron is beloved by all those who do not hate him. The haters, however, hate what they bear on their own soul.

    3. Anti Church? I thought that the Catholic Church was church and the NCW is supposed to be a branch. However, they came in and took over the Catholic Churches on Guam, which have long been established, and now these churches are the Anti Church! Hmmmmm

    4. Dear Anonymous at 1:48 am,

      Actually, they would be the ones against the Catholic Church. The NCW is not a branch. It is part of the Catholic Church.

  2. Power and control means managing church resources, funds and wealth. That is why these Jungle related groups are shunning Archbishop Tan and ignore him in his efforts in attaining peace and unity among the Catholic faithful. They want all control for themselves so that they can reap great financial benefits of their power grabbing schemes.

    This is all money talk. CCOG is a business oriented investment organization going for the money of the Church by any wicked means possible!

    1. Great financial benefits? Maybe they prefer to decide that the Church's money go to things like cleaning up cemeteries, fixing up their churches and paying the bills, fixing the Cathedral's video feed to get it broadcasting again, etc., instead of paying stipends/health benefits for incardinated newly ordained priests who are no where to be found.

    2. And the NCW is what?


    3. Let there be peace and let begin with us.

    4. I find this entry so ironic. The NEO is striving to take control of the same financial resources. It is difficult to start a new religious institution. So the leaders of this NEO are smart to covet the wealth of another financial established religious organization.

    5. Dear Anonymous at 9:25 am,

      The Vatican already said that the Way is fine.....meaning that we are not another established religious organization.

    6. So, by all means take the money of those who are not Neo. This organization (or whatever you want to call it) has caused a break down of this Catholic family. Why do the Neos dissociate themselves from rest of the Catholic followers? Why hold separate celebrations? I attended one of these so called masses as a husband proclaimed his personal challenges in front of a whole congregation. This tactic to recruit is an emotional ploy seen in many fanatical cults. I then refused to attend a so called retreats. Even though I was curious to observe the human response to achieve comfort (or receive a pardon) for their personal negative life choices/challenges. Receiving this unconditional pardon is ridiculously costly. Even more unbelievable is the arrogance of these Neos once they finally feel they are pardoned for their "sins" and how judgemental and condemning they are towards others outside of their inner circle. I will stick to lifting my transgressions to the Lord and accepting his forgiveness. I don't need another imperfect human with hidden guilt approval, to move on and enjoy this life my God has given me. I seek his approval only, my faith is in him, I trust him and the intellectual sense he has blessed me with. I pray that Neos find the acceptance of our Lords forgiveness only. I am cautious of this layman who established the Neo...he has all the characteristic of a Jim Jones. The rhetoric spouted on this blog is so UN-Christ like. "Joy is prayer; joy is strength: joy is love; joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls." Mother Teresa
      Take care and God Bless you always.

    7. Dear Anonymous at 10:37 am,

      There are many things you addressed in here, all of which have already been addressed in this blog had you been reading it for the last couple of years. The NCW does not separate themselves from the parish. What you have is an additional parish Mass if you wish to attend it, despite that it is an hour longer.

      You also stated: "I will stick to lifting my transgressions to the Lord and accepting his forgiveness. I don't need another imperfect human with hidden guilt approval, to move on and enjoy this life my God has given me."

      We are not Protestants. The Sacrament of Reconciliation was instituted by Christ in which the faithful goes to the priest for confession. Although it is okay to go directly to God for confession, it is preferable for Catholics to confess their sins to a priest just as it is instructed in the Holy Bible.

      It is your choice to leave the NCW. No one is going to force you to stay. So, take care and God bless you as well.

    8. Diana,

      I don't mean to upset you. I am just dialoging with you. I am who I am. I find it better to be honest then be politically correct. I am find this struggle in the Catholic Church saddening. And I am trying to understand this segregation among the Catholics. So, I revised my reply and sending it you.

      Well, there is nothing sinful about being a Protestant or Baptist. We are Christians too, who God loves as well. Your response is reaffirming experiences and opinions of individuals in the NCW.

      Did you notice in your response you said, “ It is your choice to leave the NCW. No one is going to force you to stay.” Not Christ like at all. Our God never would instruct us to slam the door on anyone’s face. Plus, you defend the NCW more than the Catholic Church. Freudian slip? This is another indication of a break down in the Catholic Church on Guam. Aren’t you one family? I am confused by this occurrence.

      No one forces me to do anything. I inquire information about the NCW. I observe, read, inquire, and gather evidence before I make up my mind about anything. At least I was open to attending your mass. Which to my surprise, was not in the main church. Not one time did you answer my questions of segregation between Catholics not in the NCW and those who are in the NCW (in relations to religious celebrations).

      Nor did you answer why this organization takes more finically from the Catholic Church then…well Christian Mother, Nights of Columbus or other counter parts under the Guam Catholic dioceses umbrella.

      I hope that you do not think all Christians beneath members of the NCW. Or not worthy of receiving God love and forgiveness just because we are not NCW or Catholic.

      Take time to consider my questions without anger. After all we are Christians.

      Well I sincerely wish you the best. Good Bye

    9. Dear Anonymous at 3:01 pm,

      We do not close the door on anyone even if they leave, but we do not force anyone to stay. The NCW is an organization in the Catholic Church. There are many organizations in the Catholic Church. If I wanted to speak of the Opus Dei, which is part of the Catholic Church, I will say Opus Dei. This does not mean that the Opus Dei is not Catholic. I am simply,referring to an organization within the Church. No Freudian slip at all.

      We do not take any money from the Church. In fact, we help build the Church up though voluntary work, fundraising, mission, and ministry.

    10. Diana thank you for taking the time to answers my questions. Thank you for sharing your insight and point of view.

      The more I can understand the different points for view on the NCW congregation verse Catholic congregation, the more I will be able gain empathy for this break down within the Catholic Church on Guam. I will pray for the Catholic Church on Guam to becomes one strong entity (a family) again.

    11. This is untrue! There are no such things as NCW congregation or Catholic congregation. Where did you get this? Are you perhaps a member of a Protestant denomination?

      Fyi, NCW is a Catholic itinerary for the rediscovery of our baptism. We are fully integrated into and part of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church, by the way, is not only a "congregation" but the One Holy Mother Church!

  3. Who is Archbishop Tan?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:59 pm,

      I think he meant Archbishop Hon.

  4. How can you keep disclaiming all the charges against Apuron by these victims? Rest assured that there will be at least two more to come out.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:36 pm,

      You can rest assured that the truth will come out. An investigation is needed.

    2. The more alleged victims come out with their fake testimony, the more the patterns of their uniformly designed fairy tales will be exposed. Deconstructing one of those stories will suffice to deconstruct all! Lol.

  5. Guam made New York Times!
    Times of London.
    Our island in New York Times.
    We have arrived Diana!

  6. The Truth has come out. This time it hasn't fallen on deaf ears. Isn't that correct Diana? Hello? Diana?

    1. Go ahead and prove that yours is the truth! We are looking forward it. However, if you can't prove it, then how can you claim it to be true? Is this not contradicting common sense?

      It is common sense that will reveal truth in its fullness. That won't be yours to brag about. Lol!

    2. Dear Anonymous at 8:31 pm,

      The truth will come out but you will not be bragging about it, and neither shall I.

  7. Rohr says:

    "However, the really sad thing at this point is the performance of the Administration [of Archbishop Hon] sent here to fix the problems.

    Pretty soon, this war is going to get much bigger than me. And I'm just going to just sit back and watch."

    This is exactly the manner of dictating to Vatican officials and coercing a decision for his own favor. A sense of insane power hunger and power grab: your name is Rohr.

    1. "This war is going to get much bigger..."

      What? War? What kind of war?! I am not sure I understand this. Who is fighting whom? Why? For what purpose? What I see is a media campaign waged against the Archbishop of Agana. An assault of a series of alleged abuses and unsubstantiated charges.

      How is this a war? Whose interest is this? How is this going to be bigger? Is this not against the Archbishop of Agana? Is this against Archbishop Hon and Pope Francis also? Is this war waged against Vatican and against the One Holt Catholic Church?

      I am seriously confused. Why to make a war here? Why to extend the war and why to make it bigger? Why to cause more damage, suffering and destruction? Why? St. Michael the Archangel who fights against the lies and snares of the devil, pray for us!

  8. Blackmailing and dictating to Archbishop Hon in the Jungle:

    F. Leon GuerreroJune 17, 2016 at 1:03 PM

    "You better believe this holy war of ours is going to get bigger if things don't change very soon. Not that we want it to, but we are left with very little choice here. Every minute that Archbishop Hon employs and administers with the consultation and advice of Adrianne and Quitugua, the "natives" get more and more restless.

    My advice to you is to get out of that chancery or wherever you're staying and free yourself from the influence of the NCW that you are surrounding yourself with."

    1. "This holy war of ours is going to get bigger."

      Wow, what is this? A declaration of war? Against whom? Against Archbishop Hon? Why is he singled out? What do these people have against the administrator appointed by Rome? Why are they hating and threatening Rome, Vatican and Pope Francis? I am confused.

      They call it a "holy war"? Really? How is it holy to spread unsubstantiated sexual abuse charges against a man of faith?

      These alleged victims all had a chance to talk to their parents and bring forth their complaints right away when it allegedly happened. But they did not talk to their parents. All these accusers had a chance to speak up when Fr. Apuron was appointed to be the Archbishop of Agana. But they remained silent. All these people who make these outlandish charges could have come forward when the Guam legislation created a 2-years window of opportunity for hearing sexual abuse charges. But nobody ever had come forward! Why?

      Why these people did not talk to their parents? Why these accusers remained silent when the Archbishop was appointed? Why these alleged victims did not come forward when the window of opportunity was opened for them? Is it possible that they have never had the idea, and could have never predicted that they would come to make a media show on demand of the war makers in 2016? This does not make any sense, folks. To say the least, something is very fishy here...

      Now the war makers call this a "holy war"? How is this holy? Is this holy as the jihad is "holy" in the eyes of the jihadists? Are we facing here a group of Catholic jihadists who are going into a "holy war" to disrupt, divide and terrorize the Catholic faithful of Guam? Is this really a "holy war" or perhaps a war of the devil? How is this war going to be made bigger and bigger? How and for what purpose?

      St. Michael the Archangel, protect us in battle against the lies and snares of the devil!

  9. First of all, The Neo Catechumenal Way is NOT an "CLUB" nor is it an "ORGANIZATION". We must be clear brothers! Just because we are in The Way does NOT mean that WE by ANY MEANS is/are better than others, nor does it mean that WE are holier than thou! We are in the way because most if not all has seen first hand how God saved us and our family. I first of all am thankful for the Archbishop for allowing the way to come to Guam. I'm thankful for Fr.Pius as well, for coming to an island where he knows of no one and preached the word of God (like in the Gospel, "you shall be fishers of men"). Those of you brother and or sisters who are in THE WAY, SHOULD NOT RESPOND WITH ANGER! SHAME ON YOU! We instead, shall respond with love and peace! This is what being a CHRISTIAN IS ALL ABOUT.... TO LOVE! The moment you allow yourself to judge, is the moment you break Christianity! Because to judge is not to love! Courage brothers and sisters.... God is with us all.... He is even with The CCOG, Apuron, Tim Rohr, and the rest of the faithful! We ARE ALL his children, no one is better than the other! PEACE

    1. Dear anon, you are scolding us for speaking up against all these false charges made in the blog of Rohr and in the media. Why would you do that?

      I am not responding with anger to the accusations of Rohr, the Jungle, the SNAP, the CCOG and the LFM! I am not angry but I am confused and curious. I would like to understand what is going on here. Why is it necessary to destroy my church, my community and the faithful of Guam Catholics for the purpose of individual and egotistic goals?

      I am responding with love and peace. I have love and peace in my heart whenever I think of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am asking where is the love and peace of those who

      - announce war,
      - wound and maul people, and
      - assassinate characters

      for fun on demand of the war makers? I am aware that I am no better than anyone else on this wide earth. I am falling short in everything I do in the eye of the Almighty. This gives me love and peace towards my fellow sinners who are suffering with me in the prison of sinfulness.

      But I still would like to know
      1. why should we need Catholic jihadists to fight a jihad of intimidation and terror?
      2. why these Catholic jihadists fight against my own Catholic Church and against my own Catholic community?

      As children of God, we have to embrace those who sin against the church if they repent, but for the love of Christ we should not embrace their war they wage against everything holy and we should not embrace their sin.

    2. So if you weren't in the "Way", God wouldn't have saved you and your family? So before Fr. Pius came to Guam, no one preached the word of God? No one preached about love and peace? No one preached that God is with us all? So you're saying we didn't have a shepherd leading the flock on Guam before Pius and the Way came? Thank you for proving Archbishop Apuron has been a failure!

  10. The Church will not die so long as she fights for truth. Your ways are to stay silent and hide corruption. The truth is never easy. I didn't want to believe it either until piece by piece everything fit. Everything that Apuron did fell into place and he got himself exposed. I always thought that God had a plan to let Fr. Paul endure so much suffering caused by Apuron. If Apuron did not expose his vicious ways into throwing a fellow priest away, he would have never been caught. His victims would have lived in fear and regret because Apuron had the power to shut them up. He had the support and respect of the people back then even for myself till this day. We love the Archbishop enough to save him from himself, from his ego, and from his pride. He thinks because he has neo influence he can still bury his past and have the vatican officials under kiko back him up. If the people don't trust their bishop, what good is he then? This is why I stop putting faith and trust in mankind, but to Jesus only. Because not even Archbishop Hon or Apuron are worthy of that.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:16 pm,

      You stated: "If Apuron did not expose his vicious ways into throwing a fellow priest away, he would have never been caught. If Apuron did not expose his vicious ways into throwing a fellow priest away, he would have never been caught."

      This does not make any sense to me. If I were to commit murder in my past, does this mean that I will never be caught as long as I remain good to other people??? The truth will be known soon. The Vatican will investigate and determine from the investigation whether Archbishop Apuron is guilty or not guilty of the sexual allegations.

    2. Diana at 11:33pm -- there are many crimes that go unsolved, so yes--some people are never caught. But, for the most part, the ones that are caught usually are inherently evil and believe they are above the law--and continue to do bad things. Perhaps this is what 9:16 is saying.

      In Chamorro "Ti mamaigu si Yu'us!"

  11. Anonymous @ 9:16- The Lord took precious moments in choosing ALL Priests, Popes, Archbishops, Cardinals, Seminarians, and etc. The priest in fact, represents (or should represent) Jesus Christ. It is true that we are all humans and WE ALL fall into temptation. For every action there is a reaction, thus consequences. We or at least for myself, I have only heard a 1 sided story. I have yet to hear from Archbishop anything else but him denying all allegations. Just because one falls, does not mean that we should loose faith in the others. Continue to place your faith in God and leave your heart open. You never know what the Lord has in store for you and me and everyone later in the future! :)