Monday, June 27, 2016

Making Mountains From Molehills

First, some good news.....Father Luis Camacho has been exonerated by the Holy See.  Many thanks to Bishop Ballin who brought the matter to the Vatican.  As many of you already know, Father Luis Camacho was arrested for custodial interference.  The allegation of sexual misconduct never came from the police.  It came directly from the jungle.  This accusation has now been declared unfounded and Father Luis has been exonerated from any allegation of sexual misconduct.  However, the jungle is not happy about Father Luis' exoneration.  Rather, they are complaining and even spreading the rumor that Rome is not to be trusted.  According to Tim Rohr:
NOW do you see why I said STOP asking Rome for help?
Yet, he forgot that he was the one who told his troops to make a noise loud enough to get Rome's attention in the first place.  Now that Rome has sent an Apostolic Administrator, they do not want Rome's help????  The jungle is even saying negative things about the Vatican.  If one cannot trust or turn to the Vatican for help, then who is one supposed to turn to? 

Tim Rohr is even making a mountain out of a small thing regarding the error of Mr. Sondia's name in the press release.  He is even calling the error a "crime".  According to the jungle:
The "correction" refers to the original media statement dated June 26. But the correction itself is dated June 26. It appears there is an attempt to make this look like a "clerical error" that they caught right away. 
However, the email header for the correction says it was sent out today, June 27, at 1:23PM: 
Almost 12 hours after I posted about the error this morning:
The COVER UP becomes the Crime! 
Seriously Archbishop Hon, we've endured years of people dressed like you lying to us. We don't want to believe you are lying to us, so we are just believing that these lies are coming from the same people who have always lied to us and you are being used by them the way they used Apuron. 
And all this....... because of an error in a person's name?  Making an error of the person's name is now considered a "crime"?  How easy it is for Tim to call others a liar and forget his own false statements.  According to the jungle:
The Diana's like to say that I have been trying to remove Apuron for 3 years. Au contraire. I have never called for his resignation. Ever since I learned of his threat to Fr. Paul to make him "suffer a more arduous and painful closure to his assignment," I've had one goal: to make Apuron suffer the same. I don't want him to retire or resign. I want him to stay in place and slowly roast in the fire of the hell he created. Come on back Tony. It's just beginning. Courage,
As anyone can see, Tim Rohr claimed that he has NEVER called the Archbishop's resignation.  This is a FALSE statement made by Tim Rohr.   According to KUAM news dated August 5, 2014:
Guam - In Tumon, local blogger Tim Rohr spoke before island Rotarians. Rohr writes Jungle Watch, a blog that covers issues involving the island's Catholic community. Even prior to the removal of Monsignor James Benavente Rohr has been highly critical of Archbishop Anthony Apuron for his controversial removal of Father Paul Gofigan last year from the Santa Barbara Church.

Rohr said, "My only hope is that the archbishop for his own health resigns ASAP."
You can even hear it from the mouth of Tim Rohr in Youtube:

A man who is inconsistent in his stories is a man who has something to hide.


  1. Father Luis' exoneration is just Bishop Ballin's words Diana. No proof of authenticity. Just like all things neo.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:54 pm,

      Look at Bishop Ballin's words carefully. He is using the name of the Holy See. He said the Holy See investigated his case and that he is happy to report the results of that investigation. I do not hear the Holy See coming out to disagree with Bishop Ballin.

  2. If the accusation against Father Luis for sexual misconduct was unfounded, pray tell why did he immediately tender his resignation and then immediately shipped off island by Archbishop Apuron? Is that the action of an innocent man? I think not!

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:58 pm,

      Because he was arrested for custodial interference. Any arrest on a priest is already a scandal.

    2. It was the actions of Archbishop Apuron which confirmed that Father Luis was guilty of much more than custodial interference. He wouldn't have been so quick to accept his resignation and get him off the island as quick as he did. Archbishop knew it was more than just custodial interference Diana.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 9:08 pm,

      If he was arrested for stealing, the Archbishop would still accept his resignation and have him shipped out due to the scandal. There never was any mention of sexual misconduct from the Archdiocese. The jungle was the first one who mentioned a sexual misconduct. In fact, they even mention the sexual act.

  3. I'm not in the NCW, but I was actively following the Jungle blog. I was able to see the inconsistencies myself, and have concluded that Mr. Rohr is seriously losing it. He seems, to me, a mad man I'm done following this drama.

  4. All things with Rohr aside, the statement didn't say what Fr Luis was cleared of, but to say he was cleared of sexual misconduct is a problem since he was caught red-handed by the police. The bigger issue with Father is that in the Middle East, any semblance of misconduct there would put the Church in jeopardy. Whether Father is actually cleared of anything is one thing, but the big picture here is that things need to be clean if the Church will do its work in Qatar and elsewhere.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:59 am,

      Where in any of the police report or news report did it say that he was involve do in sexual misconduct.

  5. Yup....the only thing to do is sincerely pray for him from the bottom of the heart.. he is stuck in the bonds of sheol.....

  6. That is how they labeled John the Baptist crying the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord. Tim is doing the same... he is H
    John the Baptist of Guam

  7. Even if we dont know how to pray....
    The advocate of the Holy Spirit and the prayer of "Our Father" is a start.
    Even better if two or more is gathered in His name....

  8. No way im gona be baptised by Tim Rohr's preaching.....sorry.....
    Im already baptised by the church's teaching instilled in my parents..
    Rohr calls people bad John the Baptist in my eyes...

  9. 4:02pm..Read your bible... John the Baptist and Jesus himself have used stronger words to call out the religious leaders of his time... you brood of vipers...

  10. The way you comnent.... "you brood of vipers..." and reading your bible tells me your in the Neo....
    I have no arguement with you... we're the same.... sinners....