Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lenten Announcement 2016

The communities had the Lenten announcement last week.  It was announced that Kiko Arguello will be meeting with Pope Francis next month regarding the Missio ad Gentes.  Kiko Arguello will also be visiting the communities in different countries, and he plans on having a convivience with the mission families who will be sent out by the Pope. One of his plans is to also visit the communities in Japan and have a convivience with them.  I wonder if he can stop by Guam on his way to Japan.

We also received some astounding news.  The NCW is making its way into the Middle East such as Bahrain and Qatar.  There is also the good news that the NCW is making its way into India, the second most populated country in the world. 


The NCW is making its way into the Muslim world.  A Catholic church has already been built in Qatar.  So, Christianity is making a headway into Muslim lands.  However, unlike the Jews, the Muslims are not yet ready to have a dialogue with the Christians. 

Apostasy was also mentioned in the announcement.  Christian countries like Europe need to be re-evangelized because many of them have turned away from the Christian faith.  The same thing is happening on Guam.  There are many people on Guam who are Catholic in name only.  Some of them go to Mass every day and pray their rosary every night; yet, these same people take contraceptives to avoid pregnancy, which goes against Catholic teaching.  These same people live with their boyfriends or girlfriends outside the boundary of marriage.  These same people do not see anything wrong with having common-law husbands or common-law wives.  The Guam Legislature who passed the same sex marriage bill is a good example.  Only two senators lived according to their faith and refused to pass the bill.  To live according to your faith means to follow Christ and Church teaching.  A person can go to daily Mass and pray their rosary every night.  But all that becomes useless when they use contraceptives to avoid pregnancy.  


  1. I would like to pick on the "nonresistance to evil" topic. It is surprising that the NCW demands a belief that is not part of the catechism. JW is not a good source of information anymore, because they lowered the standards below a threshold that is still acceptable. Let me apologize to Diana for people using all the bad language taunting her and ridicule her at JW. Although I do not write to JW anymore, I feel an apology is in order.

    However, Chuck's discussion at JW and in his own blog of nonresistance to evil is quite interesting. Is this, in fact, a tenet held by NCW? Based on what? How can you enforce such kind of belief? As Chuck emphasizes, nonresistance to an evil person is not the same as nonresistance to evil in general. If a person hits you, you don't need to hit back. But you should surely hold back his hand when he tries to hit your wife of your kid. It is your moral obligation to resist evil that threatens the innocent.

    Pope Francis condemns a lot of social troubles and environmental excesses that destroy communities and cause damages to the earth. Pope Francis is a real social warrior. If the Pope desires positive change in the world, then you have to resist what is negative. Who are you to deny that?

    Your reaction does not need to be like throwing rocks, it can be nonviolent. But still resistance should exists as a clear intent of fighting back against evil. That is what you pray for in all of you prayers. That should be also part of your life you live for. Do you agree with me, Diana?

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