Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Beautiful Quotes

“Reputation is what others think of us; character is what God knows of us. When you have spent what feels like eternity trying to repair a few moments of time that destroyed the view others once had of you then you must ask yourself if you have the problem or is it really them? God doesn’t make us try so hard, only enemies do.”  
― Shannon L. Alder

Much has been said about the Archbishop and the Neocatechumenal Way.  On March 6, 2015, Pope Francis gave his strongest support and endorsement of the Way when he confirmed our call, supported our mission, and blessed our charism. The NCW has the support and blessings of the Pope, which is everything we need.  

“There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who do not. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living.”
José N. Harris

The quote above is very true.  Life is very short.  It is too short to spend it on being angry and frustrated.  Therefore, we need to pray for those who are angry and frustrated.  We ask God our Father to forgive our sins as we forgive the sins of those who trespass against us.        


  1. WELL SAID DIANA :-))))))))

    1. What we are facing here is a small group of document hoarders. It is their fetish to collect and publish absolutely useless and insignificant documents that they got probably illegally or by stealing from the rightful owner.

      This is a horrible, horrible habit of serving and being totally devoted to a fetish! A fetish is like an idol, it has nothing to do with God. We just read that the same people had already penetrated the Vatican also in order to embarrass Pope Benedict and Pope Francis.

      Fetish means that collecting and demanding documents from others causes a special kind of joy and satisfaction in the soul and mind. Those who are addicted to it like this feeling so much that after a while they are unable to stop. They just keep collecting and demanding more and more absolutely useless and farce documents.

      You see images of addictive document hoarders in the Internet. Just give it a google search.

      The sad part is that the fetish causes them to neglect their families, their relation to people and their relation to God! No wonder you don't see any reference at JW to Christ. Never! They wasted the living grace flowing through the Holy Spirit in the souls of the believer. They wasted and dried it rendering it fruitless in their lives.

      These kind of people can talk about their fetish only and hoard nonsense on the top of nonsense. They are lost souls. They don't care about my Lord anymore. They forgot Him, they don't know and are not interested in coming to the Lord Jesus anymore.

      I feel sorry for them as they are supposed to be my neighbors and Christian brothers. But how can you find common ground with people who only want to talk about their fetish and document hoarding? Thank you very much, but we are not interested. Not at all! I'll pray for you though so that you may break out of the cage of your fetish and come back to Jesus Christ!

    2. Actually, it is you Anon at 12.55 who keep banging on about "fetishes". I think you're the only one that uses that word. Freudian, perhaps.

      In any case, no amount of wishful thinking will change the fact that the NCW is disobedient to the lawful instructions of the Church; that it is peculiar and uncatholic in belief; and that this coming Holy Week it will engage in a unauthorised separate Vigil Mass, and a weird Holy Thursday ritual which is misinterpreted to be about "forgiveness" rather than the institution of the priesthood.

      Oh, and by the way, if you are going to criticise people about "documents", how about you start with the Vatican, which has issued (among other things) encyclicals, Papal bulls, catechisms, rulings, investigations, permissions, discussion papers, and even Statutes of the Neocatechumenal Way! Don't forget that Kiko has 13 volumes (in excess of 3000pages!) of dubious teachings in "his" catechism too.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 3:52 pm,

      I guess you missed the news. Pope Francis has decreed that women can take part in the "washing of the feet" rite. This decree will take effect on Holy Thursday of this year. As you can see, the washing of the feet is not simply interpreted as the institution of the priesthood alone. You can read all about it in the following weblink:


    4. Wow, you are so ignorant! It is not about the priesthood of those who are having their feet washed, but it is the "example" Jesus gave of service in the priesthood. So as he washed their feet, so they are to serve others (as priests). The NCW thinks its about forgiveness - well, actually, Kiko explains it that way - but it is only another ploy to make the "community" and give it priority.


    5. Dear Anonymous at 9:01 am,

      This is what Anonymous at 3:52 pm stated:

      ".....a weird Holy Thursday ritual which is misinterpreted to be about "forgiveness" rather than the institution of the priesthood."

      And now you are backtracking. First, you say that the washing of the feet is about the institution of the priesthood, and now you are saying that it is not about the priesthood. For your information, Pope Francis explained that the washing of the feet rite has to do with the forgiveness and cleansing of sins; therefore, Kiko Arguello was correct in teaching the same thing. See the weblink below:


    6. There was no institution of the priesthood during the washing of the feet. All of that stuff came later in the development of the Jesus movement. Jesus did not thing in terms of bishops, clergy, laity. All were God' people, part of the Reign of God. Jesus did not have a blue print of what we know now as institutional, heirarchical church

    7. Dear Diana at 10.45 and anon at 1.06pm. You really need to learn what the Church teaches:

      "The answer is that the footwashing scene in the Gospel of John is not only meant to be an example of humble service, but primarily a record of the institution of the Christian priesthood and thus the Scriptural root of the sacrament of holy orders. "


      "He also establishes the special priesthood for his disciples, which is distinct from the "priesthood of all believers." Christ washed the feet of his Disciples, who would become the first priests.

      This establishment of the priesthood reenacted at Mass with the priest washing the feet of several parishioners."


      The action of washing the feet in John's Gospel is analogous to the action of Jesus in the synoptic Gospels wherein he instituted the Eucharist. These two events are connected insofar as they signify the ordination of the Apostles as his priests - as spotless lambs - hence the reference to Simon Peter needing to be "clean", as in the following exchange:

      6 He came to Simon Peter, who said to him, “Lord, are you going to wash my feet?”

      7 Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”

      8 “No,” said Peter, “you shall never wash my feet.”

      Jesus answered, “Unless I wash you, you have no part with me.”

      9 “Then, Lord,” Simon Peter replied, “not just my feet but my hands and my head as well!”

      10 Jesus answered, “Those who have had a bath need only to wash their feet; their whole body is clean. And you are clean, though not every one of you.” 11 For he knew who was going to betray him, and that was why he said not every one was clean.

      In NCW speak, th washing of feet is identified with forgiveness, which would imply that Jesus did not offer forgiveness to Judas. Rather, Judas was not ordained as the others were.

      The NCW distort this teaching, as they do frequently elsewhere, for the sole purpose of lifting up the community as an idol. This Holy Thursday, pay attention to the emphasis given by the community on this passage of scripture, and compare it with the teaching of the Church.

    8. Dear Anonymous at 2:51 pm,

      This is what I stated on February 10, 2016 at 10:20 pm,

      "As you can see, the washing of the feet is not simply interpreted as the institution of the priesthood alone."

      From my statement above, I already know that the "washing of the feet" rite has more than one interpretation in the Catholic Church. You only see one interpretation.

      You stated: "In NCW speak, th washing of feet is identified with forgiveness, which would imply that Jesus did not offer forgiveness to Judas. Rather, Judas was not ordained as the others were."

      Judas Iscariot was considered an Apostle and also an ordained priest, which is the reason why a successor had to be chosen to take his place. The successor of Judas Iscariot was Mattias (See Acts 1:15-26).

      It is YOU who distorts Catholic teaching when you preach that Judas Iscariot was not ordained as the others were. According to the Holy Bible (Capitaization is mine):

      Acts 1:24-26 Then they prayed, “Lord, you know everyone’s heart. Show us which of these two you have chosen to take over THIS APOSTOLIC MINISTRY, WHICH JUDAS LEFT TO GO WHERE HE BELONG." Then they cast lots, and the lot fell to Matthias; so he was added to the eleven apostles.

    9. Notwithstanding your partial reply, it remains unchallenged that the NCW treatment of foot washing as a rite of forgiveness rather than the institution of the priesthood demonstrates the heterodox teachings of the founder and the negation of the NCW members' Catholic sense.

    10. You are going in circles to cover your behind like a puppy when he loses direction. Lol.

      Your document hoarding serves no purpose. It is for your own enjoyment and satisfaction that nobody else finds meaningful or reasonable. This is exactly what is called a fetish, a form of idolatry. No wonder you are an idolator who want to destroy the faith in one true God.

      Addiction is an illness, a mental compulsion that you cannot deviate from. Like the drug user who cannot go without shooting himself in the arm. You'll never get it that people live happily without your illness, without the need of hoarding useless junk. It is only you who needs that, because it is the source of joy and satisfaction in your life.

      Why is the life of a document hoarder so useless? Because he will never know the important from the unimportant. Authorities who issue documents do so to give instruction. But you are not an authority who rules. You have no such function. Document hoarding became a bleak and boring fetish for you.

      You are the only one who causes this to yourself. You have earned it, so please enjoy it.

  2. Who's angry? I'm still laughing at you neos and the drama you brought to the island of Guam. Lol

    1. Dear Anonymous at 7:01 am,

      I can see the anger and frustration in you and the jungle. Almost,three years, and you have accomplished nothing.

    2. Yes Diana, you are right! I see the bluish anger in the words of our adversaries and the desperation that makes them lying about our pious ways every day. Here is someone from JW who is very angry with me, because I defended our Seminary and the seminarians:

      Anonymous February 8, 2016 at 9:23 PM

      He says: "What document is that, my friend - the fake Certificate of Title the archbishop says he has?" My answer: No, my friend, the Certificate is not fake, it is a legally obtained valid document, it does not matter how much you hate it.

      He says about the Seminary: [The Archbishop] "legally given it away to the NCW for the promotion of its cultic mission. Enjoy it while it lasts – WE’LL GET IT BACK. Just wait!" My response: I am sorry about your anger, my friend. I understand that you frustration is coming from the fact that you cannot take the seminary away from the seminarians and use the building for your own purposes.

      He says about the seminarians: "How many of these are “people of Guam”? It’s a harborage for immigrants! Maybe Donald Trump should also build a wall around the waters of Guam to prevent these “illegal immigrants” from coming in, posing as prysbeters-to-be!" My answer: you are choking of your anger and cannot even pronounce the words. You show your xenophobe heart. Our seminarians are not illegal immigrants! They have legal permission to study for priesthood.

      Our seminarians will be beloved priests who are able to convey the spirit of God to the faithful, unlike many of the complacent traditional priests whose sermons are good for lullaby only.

      He says: "We’ll complaint (yes, demand) until every last of your kind is rid out of here!" My answer: Good for you, my friend, that your hateful heart gives you this sense of power. Unfortunately, it is a delusional sense of power. We enjoy constitutional protection on Guam and you'll never be able to get rid of us.

      Good riddance. Please, calm down and be reasonable. You set your goals all wrong! But do not feel low, you still can right the wrongs. Humble yourself in the name of the Lord and He will raise you up. He promised so.

    3. AT 7:01 a-ngry - M-ad you mean TIM who brought oops is drama to the island of Guam. oops is that you Timmy LOL

    4. What anger do I have? I'm still laughing. Lol. A lot was uncovered in the past 3yrs too but even you have selective opinions about factual evidence. Lol

    5. Dear Anonymous at 2:45 pm,

      What I see is maniacal laughter that comes as a result of extreme frustration. We are praying for you.

    6. Nawh, no frustration here. Just pure laughter. Just ask joker's wild. Lol.


    7. AnonymousFebruary 10, 2016 at 2:45 PM

      What anger do I have? I'm still laughing. Lol. A lot was uncovered in the past 3yrs too but even you have selective opinions about factual evidence. Lol

      selective opinions and factual evidence??? Just like the Pharisees and Sadducees....or St. Paul in his early life huh??? If anonymous thinks he knows God....truly and spiritually...I'm LOL

    8. Dear Tim Rohr,

      "Still" laughing? That definitely sounds like maniacal laughter. A person does not continue to laugh for 2 days straight. You are in our prayers.

    9. Hi Timmy, just curious, are you going to chew on the certificate forever? You must have an awful lot of time to waste! Lol.

  3. Its a bad spirit that laughs at what is from the "Holy Spirit".
    As if your not adding to the drama? And you laugh.....I wonder why you would throw people under the buss....
    Thank you for that....
    40 days of even more prayers for Anon Feb 10 7:01....

  4. Just taking baby steps Diana. What you sow, so shall you reap. Karma is coming to town.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 12:10 pm,

      As a Catholic, I do not believe in Karma. God brings the sun and rain on everyone regardless of whether one is good or bad.

    2. "What you sow, so shall you reap"

      That's sounds reasonable from a Catholic perspective.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 4:23 pm,

      How very Protestant of you to look at only one sentence and ignore the other two sentences in the same comment.

    4. "How very Protestant of you to look at only one sentence and ignore the other two sentences in the same comment. "

      Hmm. Isn't that exactly what you did in your reference to "karma"?

    5. Dear Anonymous at 9:02 am,

      No, I did not. A Catholic says everything Catholic. A person who believes in all religion including Catholicism is one who comes from the Baha'i faith. They believe in Abraham, Moses, Krishna, Zoroaster, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and Bahá’u’lláh. They believe that all the religions of the world (including Christianity) comes from the same source are all one religion from the same god.

    6. Yes...wait for karma....we wait for Jesus Christ

  5. Bye Diana....may the angels especially Michael the archangel be with you during this Lenten season. Giving up all blogs for Lent....God bless....Bye...

    1. Dear Anonymous at 4:47 pm,

      God be with you and bless you and your family as well. Take care!

  6. "Such joy and such hope you give us with your presence and with your activity… Living and promoting this reawakening is what you call a form of “after baptism” which will be able to renew in today's Christian communities those effects of maturity and deepening that, in the primitive Church, were realized by the period of preparation for baptism." (Paul VI to the Neocatechumenal Communities, General Audience, 8 May 1974, in Notitiae 96-96, 1974, 230).





    it was true then...it is still the truth today