Friday, February 5, 2016

Going Around In Circles

An anonymous commenter made the following comment, which can be found here.  According to the anonymous commenter: 

The reason we still question AAA is coz he hasn't been straightforward with us. The certificate of titles, for example , is a sham. The deed restriction wasn't listed on it, and it should be there coz it's an encumbrance. The certificate of titles should list all encumbrances, Diana.
I already responded to him/her, but I will make a post on this comment.  The Pacific American Title conducted a title search AND an encumbrance report. Their encumbrance report showed that the Declaration of Deed Restriction was NOT an encumbrance at all, which is the reason why it was not recorded in the Certificate of Titles. According to the Umatuna that was published in April 18, 2015 (the bold is mine):
First the Ownership Report - An ownership and encumbrance report was completed in 2014 by Pacific American Title, which confirms that the lots on which the seminary sits, identifies the owner as the Archbishop of Agana.  Therefore, contrary to rumors, the title deed has always remained in the hands of the Archdiocese [1]. 
The Pacific American Title (a company that does title searches) was fully aware of the Declaration of Deed Restriction, which was also stated in their report.  If the Declaration of Deed Restriction was indeed an encumbrance as Tim Rohr claims, the Pacific American Title would have said so in their ownership and encumbrance report........after all, this is THEIR expertise and THEIR profession.   

If Rohr feels that the Certificate of Titles is a fraud and that a crime has been committed, why is he not reporting the information to the police? 


  1. I believe Tim Rohr is trying to create drama so as to build up traffic to his blog. He seems to be very prideful of the high number of page views. He actually may not want the conflict to end. As long as there is conflict, his blog is relevant, Rohr is "relevant" to his followers and he keeps getting monetary donations to his blog.

    1. Anytime you're able to get people to believe something is true without proving it you are then able to influence other things they believe in to, like right and wrong and good and bad.

      People follow..maybe trust rohr because like St. Thomas....they want to see before believing. They put their trust in other people; in themselves, in everything but Jesus Christ.

  2. Gee! Timmy erased his last post about the deed restriction being an encumbrance. Wonder what story he's going to create now?

  3. "If Rohr feels that the Certificate of Titles is a fraud and that a crime has been committed, why is he not reporting the information to the police?"

    That's a good question!

    1. Tim isn't going to the police because he has no substantial information. His goal is to fool the people so he and his friends can get money from them. This was taken from Junglewatch.

      KATFebruary 5, 2016 at 10:17 AM
      The pastor of New Covenant Life was taken to court for alleged wrongdoing. Why can't we take the VG and AAA to court and have them prove us all wrong? Just saying.

      TimFebruary 5, 2016 at 1:32 PM
      We can. Donate to the CCOG and attend the LFM fundraiser. See top right.

      AnonymousFebruary 5, 2016 at 2:05 PM
      If you believe a crime was committed, you can file a report with the police and it won't cost a single cent.

    2. Dear Anonymous at 5:12 pm,

      The Anonymous commenter who wrote in the jungle is correct. A person does not need to donate to CCOG or contribute his/her money to LFM's fundraiser. All they need to do is report the crime to the police, and it will not cost them a single penny. After all, there were also a couple of people who were arrested for issuing fraudulent driver's licenses on Guam.

  4. Sweet Lord, Ash Wednesday is coming next week!!! We have no time bickering.

    Please, repent all of you who hate us and ask forgiveness from the Lord for your hatred!

  5. Has Tim Rohr, Chuck White and others associated with them, have they published any of their letters, evidence, proposed court complaint, or written testimony for anyone to read? Especially those that were submitted to the Vatican? I went one time to the Jungle Watch blog and have not gone there again. Too much negativity. So I don't want to go hunting, for what I mentioned above, on their blog. Or can you point me to a link where I can read these?