Friday, March 14, 2014

NCW Mass in Philadelphia

According to Father Neil O'Donogue, who has a Ph.D in Liturgy, he stated: 

If the celebration of the Eucharist is in a church or a chapel, then the altar is usually used, and if the Eucharist takes place in some other room of the parish, then a very dignified altar is prepared. They do not "sit round the altar in a ciricle, " but as in many churches, the assembly sits on three sides in an orderly fashion and the priest sits at the head of the assembly.

In the Way's Mass, everyone or the majority participates in singing the songs, and no one leaves Mass early after Holy Communion.  Guam's communities that I know of celebrates the Mass on church grounds. Some communities in the United States celebrate inside a chapel such as the one in the video:


  1. in Spain is the same way there not even in NC W

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Imagine that. In Spain, they celebrate Mass the same way as the Neocatechumenal Way celebrates it in the chapel....and they're not even in the NCW. When inside the church or the chapel, it is celebrated in this way. In Guam, since the celebrations are held on church grounds such as the church social hall or a classroom, the assembly is seated on three sides of the altar with the priest at the head. The altar looks more like a table rather then the high altar that one would usually see in Church.